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Summons Yojimbo
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My sword shall be your angel of mercy

The Nemesisx

So Unidentified visitor, you have stumbled upon my profile, well then go right ahead and take a look.

My Top 5 FF[]

Check out my Top 5 FF's of all time and have your say too

The Interdimensional Rift Arena[]

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IRC nicknames[]

  • The Nemesisx
  • Nemesisx
  • Nem

My Final Fantasy Experiance[]

Final Fantasy I[]

For the first Final Fantasy game in the franchise, i must say it was good for what its worth. All though itself felt more like an infusion of The Legend of Zelda with Pokemon, why?, well for starters your thrown into the game with no clue what to do what so ever and it stays that way for the remainder of the game, you have to figure out where your going next on your own much like The Legend of Zelda on the NES and the dungeons reminded me of those god forsaken caves in the old hand held Pokemon games such as Victory Road, Dark Cave ect. I raged over the amount of random enemy encounters while getting lost within those dungeons so many times. Overall, fun game and very easy once you get enough cash together to buy weapons, armour and spells. Downside is that you can only save outside of dungeons excluding the memory card, no Phoenix downs or places to use tents/cottages within dungeons.

Final Fantasy II[]

Not as hard as people make it out to be, i must admit, the leveling up system made things a bit more challenging but if done right you can come out on top. Dueing the final boss battle with Emperor Mateus of Hell my party members Stats are as followes:

Firon= 1064HP, 143MP, Attack 13, Defense 84, Strentgh 53, Endurance 38, Intelligence 66, Sword and Sheild level 9. Bolt level 9, Flare level 2, Ice level 5, Poison level 5, Fire level 6.

Maria= 1010HP, 96MP, Attack 98, Accuracy 9, Defense 85, Strength 17, Endurance 47, Spirit 72, Bow and Arrow level 9, Holy level 8, Ultima level 1, Cure level 10, Life level 5, Esuna level 6, Shield level 5, Shell level 5, Blink level 5.

Gus= 2590HP, Attack 116, Defense 117, Strength 43, Endurance 84, Axe level 10.

Leon= 1429HP, Attack 169, Defense 112, Strength 55, Endurance 48, Sword level 9.

I had Blood sword, Aegis Shield, Genji Helm, Black Robe and Power Armlet equiped to Firion. Yoichi's Bow, Ribbon, White Robe and Genji Gloves to Maria. Rune Axe, Diamond Helm, Genji Armour, Diamond Gloves to Gus. Blood Sword, Masamune, Diamond Helm, Dragon Mail and Genji Gloves to Leon.

End of the day, it took only two to three turns to kill Emperor of Hell. Plot wise it realy needed to be expanded upon, for the NES era of FF it has the most interesting story but doesn't compare to IV, VI, IX, ect. Character development lacked heaps as well but what annoyed me the most is Leon's role. He is just shown to go from escaping the Imperial army with his freinds to a massive prick of a traitor. They never bothered to explain WHY he was with Mateus. My theory goes a little something like this-

Leon only sided with the Emperor so that he could get close to Mateus and assassinate him out of revenge for murdering his parents and causing the world war. He went by the Dark Knight attire to hide his identity from his freinds. After Mateus died he proclaimed himself Emperor of Palamecia so that he could end the war before any remnants of Mateus's army could make a final attack against the Wild Rose Rebellion but unfortunatly because Leon has spent too much time in Palamecia the cursed kingdom began to corrupt his mind and he drew swords against Firion but after Mateus's revival he was able to break free from the tainted corruption of Palamecia and thats how he re joins the party.

Final Fantasy III[]

Currently playing it on the DS, i have just completed the Tower of Owen or what ever it's called.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Ok now this is where it all begun for me, FFIV was the first FF game i ever played (i bought it on the FF Anthology for the PS1 from Video Ezy), when i was a kid i used to run from battles and never trained because i hated training (still do today, level grinding is a NIGHTMARE!) anyway i got as far as Antlion and got owned from his counter so i stopped playing it then years and years later i return to the game and finished it.

Overall i loved the story, Golbez was an epic villian an yet all that time he was being mind controlled by Zemus, to think he was a victim to a more powerfull threat, Cecil, Kain, Yang, Rosa, Rydia and Edge were the best party members around in terms of skills and personalities. Cecil haveing to redeem himself, Kain being a bad arse, Rosa and Rydia are tied and Edge for being that comic relief oh and not to mention Yang being a beast. Cid and Tellah were not bad either when it comes to personality but not skills, Tellah's lack of MP was his downfall but the worst characters were Palom, Porom and EDWARD!, THAT LITTLE COWARD, GAH I HATED HIM oh and FuSoYa was meh seeing as he was a short lived party member. I can keep goining on and on about this game but instead i shall leave it for another day.

Final Fantasy V[]

Ok i bought this on the anthology pack alongside IV thus makeing this my second FF game ive ever played, FFV was not too bad but it hardly interested me, the job class system was a pain in the arse, it's one thing to level grind but to level grind a job class, just give me the game shark now.

Ok so after all these years, and when i say years i mean since over 10 years i have finally finnished Final Fantasy V. I must say Neo Exdeath to me is by far the hardest final boss i have ever defeated, that damn Ultra Gust pissed me of so much. Now the characters never realy interested me, Galuf would be the only one that actually stood out with Faris coming in second. Exdeath was some what cliche villian, well his motives were anyway but being an evil tree in a suit of armour is new so can't realy claim that to be a cliche and Gilgamesh would be by far the most awesome character of the game. Theres a reason as to why he keeps appearing in future installments.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Lets see now, where to start, FFVI did have a great story, i very much enjoyed the change of theme from the world of balance to the world of ruin, each character had his or her own personal story thus makeing them all equally main protagonist in a way aside from a few characters, Kefka was a great villian, no doubt about it although fan boys have overated him along side Terra and FFVI but in the end they are great overall. I was surprised at how easy the final boss battle with Kefka was though, i literally smashed this guy and his tiers over and over with a mid 40's level party and a level 63 Celes, too easy!, gotta looooooooooove Ultima, i just spammed the hell out of that move upon his arse.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Haveng clipped the one wing of Sephiroth (WITHOUT useing KOTR, Level 4 limits or mastered materia) i now sit back and think over the game. To me VII is far too overated, this everyone knows and the sad thing is the overatedness has made me create a massivly high expectation of the game which like VI, has not live up to.

It's a good game, deff my 5th in the top 5 favs now but its not THAT good and yes i admit Sephiroth is an awesome villian but not the best one, the game had great character development, bad translations which made me lol "This guy are sick" lol wut? haha. Easy leveling system but annoying sidequests which i skipped, i still have Emerald and Ruby weapon to kill and many other little things here and there to do but i will leave it for another time.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Hmmm a bit of a love/hate feeling towards this game, i guess you need to have a required taste to be able to appreciate it, i stopped playing it at the near end of Disc 3 due to me haveing to do tons of sidequests but when i came back to it i begun to appreciate it more, it had a strong love story for a FF game, a confusing yet somehow interesting plot and mind boggling but yet fun to customise junction system, ah yes the Junction system. You see at first i hated it, drawing magic, ect, it felt like a slap across the face but i grew to understand it and with the aid of the GF's it became easier.

Most of the characters were under developed, apparntly it was ment to be that way lol but what annoyed me the most is that Sorceress Adel was not the main antagonist, instead we get Ultimecia, who is ok for a villian but i would have prefered the plot being tweaked up, lets say....Have Adel possess Edea from her tomb, trying to free herself so that she could exact revenge against Laguna and all those who betrayed her 17 years ago and yes she does look like a man but i like to think of it as her demonic powers changing her physic and finally Laguna, one of my favourite characters, shame i could not play more of him, hopefully Square Enix creates a prequel to FFVIII, perhaps call it FFVIII-0.

Final Fantasy IX[]

I was straight away hooked into this game, it had an interesting story and some strange yet wonderfull characters. One of my favourites would have to be Steiner, he was great in battles (he was the last one standing against Necron, when he entered his trance mode he delivered the final blow, allowing me to finnish IX) and had a funny personality. I never bothered with the sidequests thus i never got Ark, oh well.

Garland was an awesome villain, when ever he spoke i just kept on picturing Christopher Lee's voice. Kuja was another grear villian as well, it was a change to have a narcissitc snob of a villian that became sucicidal and finally went good at the end which led me to pity him. Zorn and Thorn were annoying as fuck, glad we get to kill those two and Queen Brahne, she got what she deserved to.

But what i hated the most was the Terrians, sure we never see them but how dare they try to merge their world with Gaia, kudos to Kuja for blowing them all like, good riddance and last but not least Necron, i wish they had made more of an effort on creating a bigger background to this final boss, a part of me thinks that he should not have been in it and leave Trance Kuja as the final boss but the other part thinks it was wise that they did include Necron so that Kuja can turn good and save the party.

Final Fantasy X[]

My second favourite FF game, the sphere grid was INCREDIBAL, it made training so much more fun, the story was so great, it was sad at some parts but it realy hooked me in, the whole Final Summoning being a false tradition, Yu Yevon being the controller of Sin thus makeing the teachings of Yevon to be a complete lie and Seymour, what a great villian, his motives to save Spira was so wrong but you cannot help but feel sorry for him.

Tidus was a great change from the usual depressed heroes who i shall not name, Lulu was one awesome goth plus her being a black mage suited her, Wakka is a bad character to use for battles but i like his personality, Khimari was a cool design to, not many people tend to like the big blue lion but i do, Yuna's mumbling kinda annoyed me, i don't know about the rest of you but i kinda felt like saying SPEAK UP, I CAN'T HEAR YOU YUNA! but aside from that i can't complain, her summons helped me out countless times, i used Yojimbo to 1 hit kill Overdrive Sin and Jecht so pretty much i bribed my victory.

I enjoyed Rikku's personality, she seriously reminded me of one of my freinds haha plus she comes in handy dueing that battle with Evrae and finaly, leaving the best for last....AURON!, he was my favourite character, everything about him screamed BAD ARSE!, the whole dream Zanarkand was confusing at first, second play through made more sense though.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Ok i can only say one good thing about this, the eternal calm, seeing how Spira had changed after Sin's ultimate defeat was very interesting but the rest was horrible and on a side note, Brother is Yuna's cousin yet he has the hots for her.... Oooookkkkk thats...thats.... disturbing oh and the intro to the movie, oh god i had to mute the tv and turn on my in built tetris game, i just sat their playing it till the intro ended and finaly Shujin and Vegnagun. Shujin was a joke and Vegnagun was allright but it's design was disgusting, a giant bug looking robot, it should have been a dragon or a behemoth design.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Pfft online FF, no thanks, read my Fan Fic, that should be FFXI.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Hmmm well it had its ups and downs, the story got confusing and some characters were lame, like Vaan for instance, Basch was perhaps my favourite, the battle system was ok and i enjoyed the world of Ivalice, the Espers were cool to like Zeromus, Maetus, ect and fighting Gilgamesh was great to, i never finished the game though, i can't even remember how far i got, probaly half way or something.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Never played and from what ive herd its not that good so i doubt i will be playing it any time soon.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

I might write another Fan Fic to replace this "online" game.

My Final Fantasy Story[]


How much would you sacrafice to save the world....

TFF Tag Line

If your into the whole fan fiction and the gripping stories FF always bring them your gona love this (hopefully)

My FFIV Walkthrough[]

I can proudly say that i have completed this walkthrough: Walkthrough:Final Fantasy IV/The Nemesisx

Other Wikia's i use[]

FF Q&A userpage Im sure most of you know me due to my hunt for killing the trolls there, which was a success, now it has become perhaps the most strictest answers wikia around

Fallout wiki userpage I am, hereby, a Chat Moderator for the Fallout Wiki aka Nukapedia so most of my time when im on the laptop will be patrolling the wikia chat room.

Mortal kombat userpage One of my favourite Fighting games aside from Tekken, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. I don't realy do any edits here but im usually on the chat room

Fallout sandbox wiki userpage I have become inactive here, place died and became shit so i don't care about it anymore.


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Female Supporting Character Rosa Rydia Lulu Selphie
Female Love Interest Rosa Tifa Rinoa Garnet
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II Character Maetus Firion Leon Princess Hilda
III Character Xande Luneth Noah Cloud of Darkness
IV Character Golbez Cecil Kain Edward
V Character Exdeath Gilgamesh Galuf Faris
VI Character Shadow Kefka Locke Gau
VII Character Vincent Red XIII Sephiroth Aerith
VIII Character Laguna Adel Seifer Selphie
IX Character Steiner Vivi Zidane Amarant
X Character Auron Kimarhri Lulu Brother
X-2 Character Kimarhri Lulu Wakka Shuyin
XII Character Basch Balthier Ashe Vaan
XIII Character Vanille Sahz Serah Hope


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IV Song Battle with the four fiends World Theme Zeromus Palom and Porom
V Song Evil over lord Exdeath Clash on the big bridge World Theme Boss Battle
VI Song Dancing Mad Awakening Terra Veldt
VIII Song Man with the machine gun Succession of Witches Maybe i am a lion Eyes on Me
X Song Otherworld To Zanarkand Seymour's Theme NONE!
Boss Battle Theme Battle with the four fiends Seymour's theme Force Your Way FFI
Final Battle Theme Otherworld One Winged Angel Zeromus FFIII


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IV Eidolon Bahamut Leviathan Mist Dragon Chocobo
V Summon Phoenix Bahamut Golem Remora
Guardian Force Eden Odin Gilgamesh N/A
Aeon Yojimbo Bahamut Anima N/A
Overall Bahamut Yojimbo Leviathan Chocobo

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