You have THIS MANY brain cells.
Name 陈淑玲.
A.K.A TSD, TheSwordofDoubt, Sword, Doubt and SOD.
Job Class Alchemist.
Hometown Singapore.
Date of Birth 20th September 1995.
Age 16.
Height 158 cm
IQ Never bothered to find out.
Weapon Items. It may sound stupid, but still.
Spells Black sky, Holy and 1000 needles.
Summons Phoenix, Carbuncle, Anima and Eden.
Limit breaks Are you ready for... HYPER MIGHTY G-ULTRA MIX!!!!!

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.

Frieda Norris

TheSwordofDoubt(henceforth known as TSD), would like you to know that as you load and read this page, curious and hungry for information, she is Watching you. She is Watching you very closely. She is Watching you from her darkened lair(she should really get some better lighting), on only one of her fifty-seven screens, for one is all she needs. She is surrounded by her three faithful cats, and is still nude from her last interrobang with her current prisoner in the basement. She would ask him how he feels about being locked down there, but so far, all he's done is cry and cringe.

No matter. All her goals will be achieved in the end. In the meantime... she is Watching you.

About Her[edit | edit source]

TSD finds it difficult to describe or define herself, but for completion's sake, she shall try, whether you are a friend or a foe.

If you are a foe, TSD would like to inform you that your mother was an llama, and that your father was a particularly drunk and desperate stag, who took off like a startled faun the moment he found out your mother was pregnant with you, and promptly got shot by a poacher. She also offers you the use of her personal shotgun, but you can't touch it.

If you are a friend, TSD warmly welcome you and invites you to be bosum buddies with her. She also feels that she should warn you of her overwhelming, fuck-all insanity, and utter fucking lack of regard for fucking ratings.

She recently returned from an adventure which has consumed her for the past year, and the grand story shall be told at a later date.

Just in case you are wondering, this is not the same TSD this wiki first survived. This is, indeed, TSD, version 2.0. Version 2.0 comes improved with 50% more bullshit tolerance, 20% more insanity, 10% more irreverance, 5% more nudity, 10% more Doing Nothing, and 5% more test tubes.

Don't worry -- Version 2.0 also comes with 100% more rage. However, the effects of the other additions have yet to be seen.

Links to whatever[edit | edit source]

'Cuz this is MAH united links to WHATEVER!

Final Fantasy X-2/Walkthrough/TSD[edit | edit source]


If you searched for a Final Fantasy X-2 walkthrough on this wiki, you would find another walkthrough by Azul. I have decided to do my own (because it is my favourite FF game), and I hope that you will like it. I'm adding 'TSD' to the end of the title, because I can. I'm writing it now, but keep in mind that I can't guide you through everything. So just for now, enjoy it as I write it. Making irregular progress

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Just kinda bored. =D

1. I have attended all girls' schools nearly all my life.

2. I am a very inconsistent person, always breaking the very few promises I make(the reason why I make so few promises is because I know that I will break them.).

3. Mainly they are about homework. I hate homework.

4. Regarding my clothing, my mom and I hold a 'You buy, I wear' policy.

5. I don't have a life and rarely speak to my classmates-or at all. I'm not a very verbal person. I only like to talk when I'm alone.

6. I once put my mother's son, who is older than me, in the hospital.

7. Most of the time when I'm talking I'm voicing my thoughts, except the bad ones. =D

8. I rarely smile when I'm with other people, only doing so when I have to, but I smile a LOT when I am on this site, as evidenced by all the '=D' on this page alone.

9. I have contemplated murder several times, but the people still stay alive.

Just like my master, one of the things I have said here is a lie. Go ahead, try and guess which one!

Answer: It's solved, the false one is no. 6. Now on to a new one!

Trivia 2.0[edit | edit source]

Here's a new one for you guys to knock your brains out over.

1. I wasn't born to Singaporean parents, but instead to Russian. So my accent is a bit thick, but my teachers used to say that I was very good at English. I'm technically a Singapore citizen, though.

2. I live in a terrace house.

3. I hate the PAP because of its hypocrisy.

4. I have my own computer, but I'm not using it as of the moment.

5. I hate drama lessons.

6. I hate school.

7. I hate my form teacher, who is an unjust bitch, and deserves to die the way I've written in my Random Rants. Now if only Death Note was real...

8. I had no choice whatsoever when I chose Girl Guides as my CCA.

9. I live in the dark.

10. I still have a little rabbit plushie that was given to me when I was a baby and keep it on my bed.

11. The way I type doesn't reflect the way I speak in real life.

Yes, once again I'm bullshitting you on one of those trivias. Get to cracking it!

Answer: No. 1. I made it really easy, didn't I?

Word Bubbles[edit | edit source]

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