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Yes, I'm using Serge from Chrono Cross. He has a double ended blade and purple eyes. He's the only one I could find good Dissidia Art for. At least he somewhat matches my character. So stfu about it and enjoy.

A fine soldier, who despite his pure-heartedness, is very naive.


Xero Terrion is one of the Warriors of Cosmos in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. His enthusiasm for ending the conflict may lead the others to see him as overzealous. He fights with the Twinblades he received as a gift from the Queen of Intera, but otherwise is proficient in the use of magic.

Crystal and AttireEdit

Xero's outfit is similar to his original Final Fantasy XV appearance. He wears a red bandana over his blue hair. His eyes are purple, the same shade they changed when he was first forced into Trance. He wears a grey shirt under a tank top of a lighter shade of grey, with the collar being brown and seemingly composed of multiple straps. His belt bears the insignia he signs with as the buckle. His shorts are ocean blue with circular patterns at the bottom. He wears gloves and red socks in his grey sneakers. In his alternate outfit, Xero's shorts are recolored grey and his shirt orange. He loses his bandana and his eyes become brown, reflecting his appearance at the beginning of the original game.

Xero's Manikin version, Decietful Summoner, is grayish-purple.

Xero's crystal is a reference to the Water Crystal of Final Fantasy XV, being a shade of blue-green, twisted, and fine at the ends. This is a direct reference to Xero's homeland, Craal, which was home to the Water Crystal.


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Xero's role in Dissidia 012 is unknown. He is seen in screen caps talking to Toren about the reason Cosmos summoned them (if Toren was summoned by Cosmos at all). He is later seen with Lightning, asking her if it's really so hard fighting for what's right, Lightning then responding that that's not why she's so doubtful.

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Xero is described as a Persistent Pummeler, able to start another Bravery attack directly after one finished, skipping his post-attack animation. In contrast, however, his HP attacks have a large cooling time, leaving him vulnerable.

Bravery attacksEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Obtained Description Image
Double Edge Ground 20 (10) 180 Initial Slash several times at opponent.
Spellblade Ground 20 (10) 180 Initial Infuse blades with Water magic, then attacks and knocks foe forward. Can be charged for greater damage.
Additional Effect: Chase
Brine Ground/Aerial 30 (15) 200 Level 23 Launch waterballs at opponent. Pressing circle again will launch more. Up to three can be launched. If hits, then charges at opponent to attack with blade.
Bloodlust Aerial 40 (20) 220 Level 50 Slash a few times, then launches opponent down. If a Wall Rush occurs, then follow up by launching opponent up with water magic. Can easily start a combo with itself.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Plummet Aerial 20 (10) 120 Level 56 Dive into opponent, striking multiple times. By holding Circle-button, the attack can be held longer until reaching the ground or a Banish Trap.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

HP attacksEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Obtained Description Image
Waterja Ground 40 (20) 360 Initial Shoot water up from underneath opponent. Must be charged for at least two seconds. Perfect homing unti attack is launched.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blade Rush Ground/Aerial 40 (20) 360 Level 22 Attack several times, leading up to launching the opponent down.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Deathblow Ground/Aerial 50 (25) 380 Level 45 Slash at opponent multiple times, and end with a water-magic-imbued uppercut.

EX ModeEdit

Xero's EX Mode is his Trance form from Final Fantasy XV. During EX Mode, Xero gains the abilities "Glide" and "Unnatural Boon". Glide lets him fly through the air, while Unnatural Boon doubles the power of all magic attacks.

Xero's Ex Burst is Frostbringer. The player must press a series of buttons as they scroll across the bottom of the screen, each button corresponding to one of Xero's attacks. This is similar to how Cid's Limit Break worked in Final Fantasy XV. Pressing every button correctly will have Xero stab the opponent as his blade grows brighter. Xero will then quickly pull the blade out, casting the Ultima that was charging in the blade. Missing a button will cause Xero to instead cast Deluge.


Xero is able to equip Rods, Staves, Daggers, Swords, Helms, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
The Seafarer 50 ATK +45 BRV Boost on Block +10%. Trade: 17480 gil, Mythril, Great Serpent's Fang x3, Faith Shard x2
The Inferna 88 ATK +74 BRV Boost on Block +15%. Trade: 29840 gil, The Seafarer, Beastlord Fang x5, Faith Crystal x3
Dawn Seekers 100 ATK +83 BRV Boost on Block +20%. Crtitcal Hit Rate increases. Trade: 43570 gil, The Inferna, Spellbook x5, Faith Orb x5


  • Xero's exclusive weapons, The Seafarer and The Inferna, are weapons obtainable in the original game. The Dawn Seekers is named after his theme.
  • Xero's magical abilities are based on the Water Crystal, which is located in his homeland, Craal.
  • The scene in Final Fantasy XV in which Xero is forced into Trance is referenced twice. Xero's eye color before being given his powers by Cosmos is brown, and changes to purple the next time he is seen. Also, when going starting his EX Burst, he yells "Kneel before me", which is what he said before facing the party in the original game.
  • Xero's EX Burst is a reference to Cid's Limit Break, "Flamebringer", in Final Fantasy XV.


  • Despite the fact that his weapon can split into two blades, it hasn't been seen to split during the course of the game.
  • Though he thus far hasn't been seen in a Final Fantasy XV arena, the beach area of the final dungeon Distret Island has been confirmed as the representative arena for said game.
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