aka It says it up there, TheMoonclaw

  • I live in a place where there is air to breathe
  • My occupation is Amazing super special awesome picture finder!!!
  • I am Female


I suppose I should add something to this page....let's see....

3 fun facts about me:

1 - I have never actually played a Final Fantasy game...confused? Well, it's like this, I watch my brother play (and I also level his characters for him on occasion,) and then it's like a movie to me! I get the story and I get to back-seat play, too.

2 - I collect pictures. If you've seen me on here, then you know that already! Why? I'm not sure...I think it's fun, I guess. I also do graphic design and artwork on the computer as a hobby.

3 - I am a Christian. Why is that relevant? Well, it's relevant to me, and this is my profile, so there you have it.

There, this page is no longer empty. I've instead filled it with unless information that very few, if any, people shall read!

~The Moonclaw~

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