Name Bobby
AKA TBD, Blue, Dragoon
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Job Class Holy Dragoon
Date of Birth September 28th, 1987
Favorite Animal Snow Leopard
Weapon Wild Rose
Spells Hastega, Slowga
Summons Leviathan
Limit Break Witty Commentary
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

About Me![edit | edit source]

So you're on my page! Welcome! I'm TheBlueDragoon, or as my friends in real life call, Squall Storm, or just Storm. So you probably wondering who I am. Well, there's really not a whole lot to me. I'm just a guy who came to be wrapped up in this game we call life. I write, I make Let's Plays on Youtube, I watch anime and I go to college and so forth. My biggest hobby, ever, is gaming. Its what I live for. Few things excite me as much as a brand new RPG that I've never played. Besides Final Fantasy, I also HIGHLY enjoy playing Persona, Rogue Galaxy, Breath of Fire, Earthbound, Golden Sun, Pokemon, Azure Dreams, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts and many many other RPG series. Those are just some of my favorites. My current addiction is Atlantica Online. Its a free to play MMORPG that boasts a unique battle system for MMOs. Its a turn-based, strategic party based battle system. I've made a lot of great friends there. If you're on Atlantica, look for my character on the Mycenae server. Look for JadeArgus, leader of the WyvernRiders guild. I went off on a tangent though. More about me... I'm almost 24, and I'm founder and president of my college's anime club. My dream is to be an author, much like Tolkein and Brooks. I love writing fantasy romances. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Speaking of love, I just recently found my perfect match. Her name is Naomi. She is the single most perfect girl I've ever met. We haven't been dating long, but she makes me so happy. Anyway, I've rambled long enough! If you want to know more, go to my talk page! Later!

Awards[edit | edit source]

The A.J. two Chocobo Award!
The A.J. two Chocobo Award!

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Sceada: I feel I have to thank you my friend...
This crystal shard has been given to TheBlueDragoon by MirrorshardSceada as a thank you for taking him to the third place in the Contest of Peons by voting for him 6 times. Thank you very much for this!
If you ever are in need of MSS' help, you are more than welcome to ask him.

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Other Sites I'm On[edit | edit source]

Youtube For my Let's Plays of various games

Fanfictions For the fics I've written over the last couple of years, some Final Fantasy, some Naruto.

Tables and Other Stuffs[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII
Male Protagonist Squall Tidus Zidane I like them all
Female Protagonist Yuna/Rinoa Lightning Garnet Too hard to say
World Spira Gaia (FFIX) FFVIII FFI
Dragoon Kain/Fang (Too hard to choose) Freya Cid Highwind Kimahri
Black Mage Lulu Vivi FFV Cast Kytes
Villain Ultimecia/Seymour Kefka Kuja Sephiroth
White Mage Yuna Garnet (Although she focuses on summoning) Rosa Minwu
Soundtrack FFX FFIX (Very close second) FFVII FFI
Summoner Yuna Garnet Rydia Eiko
Thief Zidane Rikku Locke Leila (FFII for those out of the loop)
Bubbly Ditz Vanille Rikku Penelo Selphie
Summon Leviathan Alexander Diabolos Don't Have a Worst

Zappo![edit | edit source] This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: September 9th 2010 Eidolon: Leviathan
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Complete your Final Fantasy X-2 fanfiction

Leviathan in Final Fantasy XIII (for TheBlueDragoon)[edit | edit source]

Life's a beach and then you die!


See the Gestalt Mode And Summoning sequence here.
For battle information, see: Leviathan (Final Fantasy XIII)

In Final Fantasy XIII B.D.'s Eidolon is Leviathan (リバイアサン, Ribaiasan), which appears as an aqua sea serpent with wing-like fins near its head, an upright tail fin, and swept-back horns. B.D. first faces him as a boss in Sulyya Springs, as a test to prove his strength to him.

In normal mode, Leviathan focuses on the Ravager and Medic roles, casting water, wind, and ice spells and keeping B.D. healed.

B.D.'s Gestalt Gauge increases by driving up enemy chain gauges and casting buffs on allies. In Gestalt Mode, Leviathan turns into a large sailboat. Its body curls into a wedge shape and the end of its tail forms the middle with the back fin serving as the rudder. The upper half doubles back over lower the half below and takes a sharp turn to serve as a mast, flattening into a small deck. The wing fins twist around to serve as sails and the top portion of the neck and head detach and reattach to the deck to serve as a jet ski-like wheel. B.D. jumps on as a wall of ice forms around the field and a shallow layer of water fills it.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability ATB Cost Description
Tail 1 Deal physical damage to one foe. Launches Staggered foes into the air.
Blizzard 1 Inflicts ice magic damage on one opponent.
Blizzara 2 Inflicts ice magic damage on opponents within a small radius.
Blizzaga 3 Inflicts ice magic damage on opponents within a large radius.
Water 1 Inflicts water magic damage on one opponent.
Watera 2 Inflicts water magic damage on opponents within a small radius.
Waterga 3 Inflicts water magic damage on opponents within a large radius.
Aero 1 Wind-elemental magical attack against target foe. Stops foe movement briefly.
Aerora 2 Wind-elemental magical attack against target and nearby foes. Staggered foes get lifted up in the air.
Aeroga 3 Wind-elemental magical attack against large area of foes. Foes get hit in the air.
Curaga 1 Restores major HP to one ally.
Esuna 1 Removes the most recently inflicted status ailment on one ally.
Arise Auto Revive ally from KO with full HP. Instantly dismisses Eidolon.
ATB Charge Auto Accelerates ATB gauge when recharging.
Penetration Auto Ignores target's Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water resistances when attacking.

Gestalt Mode[edit | edit source]

Ability ATB Cost Move PS3/360 Description
Ram 2 Up X-button.png/A Deal physical damage to a small area, launching staggered foes into the air.
Deluge 3 Down X-button.png/A Deal multiple hits of non-elemental damage to a small area.
Water Spout 2 Left or right X-button.png/A Deal multiple hits of water magic damage to one opponent and surrounding foes.
Whirlpool 4 Circle-button.png/B Deal water-based physical damage to a large area.
Tsunami All Triangle-button.png/Y Deals massive water-elemental damage to all foes.

My user Arena[edit | edit source]

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