Hi, Unregistered people! I'm Tetraninja321. I'm a FFX, IX, IV, III, XIII-2 and VIII Expert.

Final Fantasy VII Fan-Optional Boss
Sleeping Swordsman's Soul
N/A (N/A)?
Level HP MP
99 800,000,000 68,000
Attack Magic Defense
999 999 255
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
255 999 255
0 9,999 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
- - - - -
Location Final Fantasy Wiki
Steal N/A
Item drop 99 of every item and materia,
Morph N/A
Abilities Attack, Ultimate Illusion, Omnigash, Supernova, Wall, Shadow Flare, Dispel, Heartless Angel, Game Over, Yellow Light of Death.
Enemy Skill Shadow Flare
Status immunity Manipulate, Sense
Manipulate Couldn't manipulate.
Other information

-Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
A very dangerous foe to enconter it has an appearance rate of 1/999 on the world map after Mideel is destroyed. Cheating or Hacking won't work against this guy(If you still cheat or hack he uses Game Over or if you are playing the PSN-Version on PS3, he will use Yellow Light of Death.)

TN321 is telling you about his experiences with FF[edit | edit source]

My first FF was VIII. I got it from my mother's friend when I was 5-years old. I played it until the clock said 00:00 again. My favorite OST is 8's.

My favorite Summon(Or so I call them because of the Command) is Diablos

I have completed all of FF Main series.

Completed games list(FF)[edit | edit source]

All are PAL unless noted otherwise.

  • Interlude(PSP) and AFTER YEARS(PSP)
  • CRISIS CORE(PSP) & DIRGE OF CERBERUS(PS2) + Watched Advent Children(DVD).
  • X-2(PS2)
  • Revenant Wings(DS), Tactics(PSP/US), TA(GBA), TA2(GBA), Vagrant Story(PSN) and Crystal Defenders(PSN).
  • XIII-2(PS3)
  • Type-0
  • Ring of Fates(DS) and Echoes of Time(DS)
  • Dissidia(PSP) and 012(PSP)
  • 4 Heroes of Light(DS)

ARENA[edit | edit source]

Feel free to enter my arena and vote for your favorite or suggest a fight at the arena's nomination page.

Talk Bubbles[edit | edit source]

Currently Playing[edit | edit source]


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INFORMATION[edit | edit source]


Previous Works[edit | edit source]

  • FFX with Expert Grid.
  • FFIX: Treasure Hunter Rank S.
  • FFXII: Almost every mark slain.
  • FFTA2: Everything done.
  • FFXIII-2: 159 Fragments(Monster Prof missing red chocobo).

Honorary Mentions[edit | edit source]

  • KH-series
  • DQ & DQM-series
  • Chrono Trigger:Everything done.
  • Chrono Cross

Random Stuff[edit | edit source]

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I wonder...

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To do list[edit | edit source]

  1. Correct the incorrect and add new info.
  2. Protect the Wiki from Vandalism!
  3. Keep the arena going!
  4. Welcome newcomers!

USERBOXES[edit | edit source]

There's only userboxes from here on for more info about me go User:Tetraninja321/Page 2.

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