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Zidane Dissidia CG render.png
Name Terra_Homing
Job Class Student
Hometown London
Date of Birth 18/12/1990
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blond
Age 18
Height 5'8
IQ Honestly? No idea.
Weapon Mage Masher
Spells Holy
Summons Terra Homing...
limit breaks Jump

T'is foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none would suffer in this world!


Final Fantasy: two words that will always strike a chord with me. Thing is it’s not the same anymore. The magic’s worn off, and the characters have stunted. I don’t know what happened but sometime after ten Square began to lose their way. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dissidia but every time I play I can’t help thinking, was Terra this weak originally? Would Tifa say that? THAT’S NOT KUJA’S VOICE!

Yeah I’m a fanboy but I never thought I’d become one of those bitter, nostalgic gamers but somehow it’s creeped up on me. Ivalice isn’t Spira. Lightning aint Squall. And what happened to the music? I didn’t even realise it happening but now I look at the new games with trepidation. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Final Fantasy is a small part of my life, but once upon a time I loved it. Escapism at its best. Enjoy it while it lasts kids. - my youtube page.

Favourite playable characters[]

Of the Final Fantasy games I've played these are my favourite characters to play as. As you can see Vivi takes centre stage :). Although I should point out that I hate XII and Balthier wins narrowly because his design is coolest.

BlackMage-ff1-psp.pngIngus-Ninja.pngRydiaDS.pngAnthology-TerraCG.jpgFile:Kh2-tifa render.jpgSquall Leonhart CG Render.pngVivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX render.png

FFX HD Yuna Render.pngYuna Gunner.jpgBalthier-ffxii-render.pngLlyud RW.png ZidaneAlt2.png

Song(s) of the week![]

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My favourite part of any FF game.

Story of my username![]

This is where it comes from

When I sign up to a website I normally go with a really boring username, usually 90JCR for my date of birth and intials but everyone around here had an FF inspired name so seemed like a chance to be creative :).

Everything I wanted was taken, though I think I went for Bahamut, Lionheart, Vivi.... In the end I decided it had to be from FF9, so I was thinking about the best bits of that game and I came up with a bit of a random idea... I was thinking about Mount Gulug when Eiko almost gets her Eidolons extracted, that was a cool scene right, where the moogle tranced? So I'm named after Madeen's attack.

I'm actually really pleased with it now especially since I found out terra homing was supposed to be terraforming, someone said the attack name always seemed nonsensical and I think that suits me perfectly. I started to use it on other websites but someone already has it on youtube >:(.


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Best Heroes Zidane Squall Locke Tidus
Best Heroines Tifa Terra Yuna Ashe
Supporters Vivi Auron Freya Cait Sith
Villains Kefka Kuja Sephiroth Seymour
Summons Madeen Leviathan Odin Siren
Places Cleyra Forgotten Capital Kefka's Tower Tomb of the Unknown King
Bosses Evrae Adel Braska's Final Aeon Rikku


FFIX logo.png

This is a list of the contributions to this wiki that I'm more or less proud of:

  • I've finished a Final Fantasy IX walkthrough go here to find it.
  • Started List of Final Fantasy IX Items
  • Started List of Final Fantasy IX Abilities
  • Started Final Fantasy IX allusions
  • Pathetic attempts at linking.
  • Tifa's father page, clearly my finest hour...
  • Uniformed the shrine pages
  • Created a page for Hippaul!
  • Thought Bubble page - that took hours o_0
  • New Game Plus Page - Forgot to catergorise >_<
  • Mt. Gagazet - Yeah I didn't start that page and there have been several users before me but I spent about a f*cking hour trying to improve it, that's commitment people... so yeah be thankful for that, or don't see if I care...
  • Started an Final Fantasy X-2 walkthrough go [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy X-2/TH|here]] to find it.
  • Logbook. Although it's not finished

Talk Bubble(s)[]

The novelty wore off multiple talk templates...



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