Name Terra_Branford
A.K.A Rydia of Myst
Job Class Red Mage
Race Half-Esper, Half-Human
Age 21
Height 5'8
Weapon KurenaiRyu
Spells Firaga, Thundaga, Terraform
Summons Siren, Shiva, Bahamut Zero, Yoshi (SMRPG)
limit breaks Great Aether, Apocalypse

About MeEdit

Hello, thank you for viewing my page. You can refer to me as Terra_Branford, or even just Terra, although at some places I'm known as Rydia of Myst. Obviously, my namesake comes from my favorite character in Final Fantasy VI, Terra Branford. I started playing the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy X, although my first Square-Enix RPG was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I was brought into the series for a kind of funny reason. I saw a picture of Yuna, from Final Fantasy X, on a cover of a GameInformer and I thought she was pretty. This brought me and my friend to rent it, along with a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts. I loved it so much that I bought it, a PlayStation 2, Kingdom Hearts, & Final Fantasy X-2. Not long afterwards I bought Final Fantasy VII, since it was hailed by many as the best in the series, followed by Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX. Sadly, I've never owned my favorite Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VI, but I'm hoping for a 3D remake someday, like what they did with Final Fantasy III & Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS.

Outside of Video Games, I am an artist, although I rarely draw fanart, as I prefer to draw my own characters, although some are based on existing characters. For instance, I have a character named Téras, but she prefers to be called Terra, after Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI. She dresses similarly to her as well. If you'd like to see some, check out: Don't count on me using any of my own art on this site as I don't think my artwork is good enough to be used as an avatar, plus I can't color well. I frequently search the internet to find pictures, not all of which clean as I've found that some great artists draw hentai, or just nude art, and I sometimes find new styles or techniques for my art. I just wish I had PhotoShop and knew how to use it well so I could edit clean versions of these pics for uses on clean websites, such as this one.


Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best
Battle System VII X VI IV
Class Red Mage Fighter Black Mage Summoner
Male Protagonist Zack Squall Cloud Locke
Female Protagonist Terra Rydia Aerith Yuna
Villain Kefka Sephiroth Ultimecia Golbez
Temporary Character Sephiroth Beatrix Seifer Banon
Sexiest Female Character Terra Rydia Tifa Yuna
III Character Cloud of Darkness Refia Sara/Aria Luneth
IV Character Rydia Kain Cecil Rosa
V Character Lenna Faris Krile Bartz
VI Character Terra Kefka Celes Locke
VII Character Zack Tifa Aerith Cloud
VIII Character Squall Rinoa Quistis Irvine
IX Character Garnet(Dagger) Vivi Freya Zidane
X Character Yuna Paine Rikku Lulu
XII Character Ashe Fran Penelo Balthier
Overall Character Terra Rydia Zack Squall
Music Terra's Theme Dancing Mad The Dreadful Fight Advent One Winged Angel

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