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The True Form of Despair
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Blood Type -O.
job Class Dark Knight/Dark Dragoon.
Hometown Venezuela.
Date of Birth 7/7/1994.
Age 15.
Race Human/God.
Weapon DeathBringer and Lance of Chaos.
Spells Sanguine Sword, Shadow Blade, ShadowFlare, Darkness, Dark Supernova, Dark Holy, Dark Wave, Soul Eater and Triple Jump.
Summon Zodiark, Knights of the Round, Bahamut and Eden.
Limit breaks Cero Oscuras.
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

To leave behind a companion, injured or fighting, it is the most painful thing that you will face in your life. You are going to hate yourself and that enemy that force you to do it; you will want to curse the destiny and your own weakness. But when someone more valuable than you is in risk, is the only decision to take


People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "Reality." But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts... their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?

Itachi Uchiha

You need to know about him, the man who risked everything to protect the shinobi world, the leaf village and the most important to him...his little brother, you need to know the truth about Uchiha Itachi's life!...even in hell, he thought only of his little brother...crying his bloody tears, he killed his emotions, he exterminated his kinsman to save his village...but he couldn't kill his little him, his life...was more important than the village...up until the moment of his death, no, even trough death itself, he was trying to give him more power...he let him defeat him, and take revenge of the Uchiha Clan to turn him into a hero in the eyes of the leaf...disease was fating away at him from the inside and he knew his time was short, he took of all kinds of medicine just to keep himself alive...all for his beloved little brother...all so he could fight him and die at his protect peace in the leaf village and most importantly, his little brother...he lived as a fugitive, as a traitor and as a criminal, praying for the release of death...he traded his pride for disgrace...and his love for his hatred and even still...Itachi die with a smile on his face...

Truth about Itachi

Hello, Kiddies, I am TenzaZangetsu (but you can call me just Tenza, or Zangetsu or TZ) and welcome to my user page, you can describe me as a self centered narcisist with delusions of grandeur and you will be probably right on that one but I am also total badass. After a discussion with a few staff members, I come to the conclusion that I don't care about getting credit about my edits or not, from now on, I'll be doing things to my way and if you're not cool with it, I don't care.

I might sound like a jerk right now but I'm always there to help everyone. If you treat me nice, I'll treat you nice, simple as that. I also tend to leave this place out of nowhere, isn't because I want, it's because of texts or punishments. I haven't explain my username yet, sorry. In the Anime Bleach, the main character, Ichigo, use a Bankai named TenzaZangetsu, I found the name so cool because it means "Heavily chain cutting the moon", cool, huh?

The sticker in one of the corners is the game that I'm currently playing.

Right now I'm working in my Final Fantasy IV: The After Years' Walktrough.

TenzaZangetsu 17,957 (UTC)  -   "It is because of your heart that you will die.":
This is my talk bubble, featuring a custom sprite of Kain made by the Ninja of Wind and Gustav.

This is my signature, I use the colors dark red and black, the colors of Ichigo using Tenza Zangetsu. --TenzaZangetsu (UTC)

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100px "Let's make the Goers Goners!"
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that TenzaZangetsu has completed Jeppo's Challenge #3!After the game the Luca Goers decided to make a hasty exit from the stadium. Not because they got beaten so badly by your Aurochs, but because they were being chased by several hungry Garudas. Look at how their little legs go!Congratulations!

I thought this was one of the tougher challenges, rather than the time consuming ones, so you deserve it. Jeppo (Talk) 00:44, 17 June 2009 (UTC)


You have been given the Monk award!

In recognition of your efforts to upload and organize the various image and sound files hosted here on the Final Fantasy Wiki, {{{staff}}} has given you the "Monk of the Wiki" award on October 2009. Congratulations, keep up the good work!

¡Felicidades!. Faethinte audio 05:27, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Walktroughs Edit

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough Edit

FFX logo

My second Walkthrough, this one I am really going to complete. This isn't a total Walkthrough, I'm going to talk about how defeat the bosses and how Sphere Griad works because that's all you need to know to beat this game. Oh, and of course it's going to have the Monster Arena. Here it is, my [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy X/TenzaZangetsu|Final Fantasy X Walkthrough]]!. To be Completed

Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough Edit

Final Fantasy Tactics Lion War logo

My first Walkthrough and my greatest work in the Wiki, If I leave, this will why people is going to remember me and my greatness. This one is about one of the greatest Final Fantasies in the series and besides, it was a good start for me as a Walkthrough Writer, I give you my first Walkthrough, my Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough!. Completed!

Co-Walkthroughs Edit

This are Walkthroughs that I have been doing with other users, mostly support:

Final Fantasy II Walkthrough Edit

I'm doing this Walkthrough with Naruto195 and DarkShuyin, this is going to be the first walkthrough with three users in it, it was a great idea. I give you, [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy II/Naruto195|Naruto195's FFII Walkthrough supported by TenzaZangetsu and DarkShuyin]]

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Edit

This one it's 1stclasswarrior's and I have been supporting his Walkthrough by correcting his grammar and adding more information. This Walkthrough is about one of the best Final Fantasy in the series but not the best one. I'll give you [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VII/1stclasswarrior|1stclasswarrior's FFVII Walkthrough supported by TenzaZangetsu]]!

My future projects:

  • FFII/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFIII DS/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFIV/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFIV DS/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFV/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFVI/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFCC/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFVII/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFIX/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFX/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough
  • FFXII/TenzaZangetsu's Walkthrough


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