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Welcome to Technobliterator's domain!
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I am Technobliterator (テクノブリテレータ, tekunoburitere-ta?). I mainly work on writing articles for lore, gameplay, and BTS content, as well as technical/template needs (proficient in wikitext, CSS, Lua, Python, and JS). The main topics on the wiki I am interested in are FFVI, VII, IX, X, and XII, though I can help out in other topics too. Finally, I'm one of the admins, and users of Intangir Bot.

My Final Fantasy background

This robot avatar is a recolored Omega from Final Fantasy V—a great game with a really addicting job system!

I got into the series with Final Fantasy VII, recommended to me by my cousin, and have loved it ever since. I was actually a latecomer, as I first played that game around 2009 or so after buying it on PlayStation Network. It remains one of my favorite videogames. Few quick things about my views on the games:

  • Final Fantasy VII is stellar for the materia system (a really genius leveling-up mechanic), setting, cast, and soundtrack. It's up there in my top five games in the series, for which there is no particular order.
    • I loved Final Fantasy VII Remake also, for recapturing all these elements, and going above and beyond with characterization, soundtrack, and a battle system I believe to be the best in the series.
  • Final Fantasy VI is something I played much later, and I actually played it first on mobile. It blew me away with such a wonderful and inspiring story it has for what it is, and similarly just has a brilliant cast and soundtrack.
    • I think people don't get Final Fantasy VI credit for just how far it was ahead of its time. At a time most videogames really didn't have much in the way of story at all, Final Fantasy VI not only has a story, but one that really holds up well. It's a pretty powerful tale about overcoming struggle and nihilistic thoughts, and finding something to hold onto and preserve through all of life's hardships. This is told through characters that, while unevenly developed, are better-written than a lot of games that came decades later; women who are complex and believable people that can be both strong and distinctly feminine, and men who portray positive traits of masculinity that are still alloewd to be vulnerable, and never shamed for such. I think the constraints of the time and hardware it was released on are the only things holding this game back, and I really hope it can get a remake it deserves, because I'd love for this masterpiece to resonate with more people.
  • I first played Final Fantasy XII on emulator after many other games, but it took a spot as my tied favorite easily. I think it has the best setting and overall gameplay of the series, and I'd love to see them expand on that.
  • Final Fantasy IX is a game I think closest to perfecting the Final Fantasy formula: it has such a beautifully moving story and cast (I love the theater setting!), with really well-composed music and a mostly well-designed combat system too.
  • Rounding off my top five is Final Fantasy X, which I think has a really fun endgame, but I mostly respect for the narrative themes and setting.
  • My favorite characters are also a tie, between Kefka Palazzo and Tifa Lockhart, and Auron as a close third.
    • Kefka is just a really compelling villain to me because his nihilistic views are terrifyingly believable, and his boss theme and quotes make him really memorable. Tifa is compelling to me for precisely the opposite reason: she's really inspiring and also complex,, because you see how much the losses she's suffered really define her entire outlook, but that her real strength is overcoming her flaws through all this. Auron, I just think is completley badass and just a fascinating person, an example of someone who's had their optimistic worldview shattered can still strive to do good.
  • The music is so good! I've been to a few Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concerts in-person, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is the first time I've ever purchased a soundtrack for a videogame. The music is so great because it both enhances what's going on on-screen while also being great to listen to outside of it. Though the Final Fantasy VII series has my favorite overall soundtrack, there are plenty of other incredible tracks throughout.
  • I love the series for its wide variety of unique settings with incredibly memorable characters and stories, its addictive and unique gameplay, and the incredible music that I always go back to.

For more of my thoughts on the series (yes this trend is almost as old as the wiki itself):

Top 5s per category
Name First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Overall game Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy IX
honorable mentions: FFX, FFXIV
Console era SNES era PSOne era PS2 era PS4 era NES era
2D game Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy III
3D (single player) game Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X
Progression system Materia system (FFVII) License Board (FFXII) Job system (FFV, Tactics, etc.) Sphere Grid (FFX) Magicite system (FFVI)
Battle system Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy Tactics
Job Monk Ninja Black Mage Paladin Dark Knight
Overall soundtrack Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VIII
Normal battle Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy V Let the Battles Begin (FFVII/Remake) Final Fantasy VI Fight Is On! Duscae (FFXV)
Normal boss battle Turks:Reno (FFVII Remake) Force Your Way (FFVIII) Airbuster (FFVII Remake) Decisive Battle (FFVI) Esper Battle (FFXII)
"Special" boss battle DANCING MAD (FFVI) Battle on the Big Bridge
various, fave is FFXIII-2
One-Winged Angel (FFVII Remake) JENOVA (FFVII/Remake)
honorable mention: FFXV imperial fight theme
Esper Battle (FFXII)
Character theme Terra's Theme (FFVI) Tifa's Theme (FFVII Remake) Those Chosen by the Planet (FFVII) Auron's Theme (FFX) Golbez' Theme (FFIV)
Location theme Cosmo Canyon (FFVII) Besaid Theme (FFX) Jahara Plains (FFXII) Kingdom of Baron (FFIV) Under Her Control (FFVIII)
Vocal theme Melodies of Life (FFIX) Opera (FFVI) Kiss Me Goodbye (FFXII) Hollow (FFVII Remake) Eyes on Me (FFVIII)
Overall character Kefka Tifa Auron Terra Gilgamesh
Protagonist Terra Zidane Zack Cloud Noctis
Antagonist Kefka Ardyn Golbez Judges Kuja
Male supporting Auron Sabin Barret Balthier Kain
Female supporting Tifa Celes Aerith Rydia Aranea
FFIV character Golbez Kain Rydia Yang N/A
FFVI character Kefka Terra Sabin Celes Edgar
FFVII character Tifa Barret Aerith Cloud Zack
FFIX character Steiner Garnet Zidane Vivi Beatrix
FFX character Auron Yuna Rikku Jecht Tidus
FFXII character Balthier Ashe Basch Judges Fran
FFXV character Ardyn Gladio Aranea Ignis Prompto

Final Fantasy Wiki info

I joined this wiki properly at the end of 2013 (even if my first few edits were in 2010, and were basically meaningless). Became an admin a few years later. Quick background on me:

  • From 2014-2018, I was mostly responsible for templates (navboxes, infoboxes, and Lua). I both helped with a shift in converting wikitext-based templates to Lua, and a major shift in implementing Portable Infoboxes and rewriting the code to make the site more modernized, future-proof, and mobile-friendly.
  • From about 2017-2020, I led a few major overhauls of the site's policies and structure, including renaming all pages from Title Case to sentence case, revamping the category system, some big layout changes, and codifying a separation of lore from gameplay pages. This culminated in a rewrite of most of the policy pages led by me, and approved by the community at large.
  • Beginning in 2016, I revamped the site design, including the main page, and made incremental changes to site design throughout the years. I also introduced a tradition of revamping the skin for big releases.
  • From 2019 onwards, I became much more invested in writing lore content for the games, and ended up rewriting articles to reach the highest possible standard. Some of the ones I am most proud of: Tifa Lockhart, Barret Wallace, Jessie Rasberry, Sector 7 slums, and Final Fantasy VII Remake script.
  • Been writing gameplay content since I joined:
  • I've made some substantial contributions to some real-world pages. I was historically opposed to pages on real-world topics outside of game pages, believing BTS content should go in articles for existing things but not have their own pages. I mostly changed my mind when trying to write the Tifa Lockhart page and realizing I had too much to write for Britt Baron without bloating Tifa's page. Some of my proudest pages: Britt Baron, Final Fantasy series, and Final Fantasy VII.

I really love this community and I've been very happy to contribute to the wiki for my favorite videogame series. It's such a fun hobby because of all the research you can do on the games, able to scrutinize them and learn new things about them that you'd missed when you first played them. I'm very happy to have had an impact on this site, and be able to give back to the community in a way.

See my workplace of doom for a few things I am working on or testing. My main sandbox is here.

Hey all! Final Fantasy and Ratchet & Clank are my home wikis, but you can find me around as an admin on many. I'm a member of the unofficial New Wiki OrderNew Wiki Order team, where I help wikis with the team in a larger capacity. I was also both a VanguardVanguard (while the team was running) and early Fandom Wiki Representative (early on, until IRL issues got in the way), so I'll be able to help a lot with your wiki's HTML, CSS, and portability. Aside from that, I'm an occasional contributor/lurker all around.

Among other things, I can help in particular with pywikibot, Lua, CSS, JavaScript, and portability, as well as all your MediaWiki needs. For pywikibot, the bot account I use on most wikis is Botobliterator.

Feel free to give a shout on my talk page or find me on Discord at Technobliterator#1311 if you need anything!

My Wikis

The following are just a few of the wikis I have a big presence on.

Final Fantasy Wiki (sysop) Joined the site in 2013, and performed several overhauls of the site, including changing layouts, renaming almost all of the pages, redoing the infoboxes and navboxes from scratch, and writing many of the articles
Ratchet & Clank Wiki (bcrat) Was my first wiki in 2009, but I didn't become really involved until taking over as bcrat years later; now responsible for rewriting a lot of the pages, as well as for creating the infoboxes
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Wiki (founder) Founded the wiki in 2018 due to my love of Insomniac Games and of Spider-Man, and helped shape how the wiki looks
Jak and Daxter Wiki (bcrat) Basically learned most things on this wiki, and these days am still involved with how the site looks
Kingdom Hearts Wiki (bcrat) I do a few things here and there, but don't have as large of a role as on other places

Wiki history

On most wikis I have a large presence on, I have been responsible for:

  • Writing/rewriting pages for topics that interest me
  • Major design aspects of the wiki (the theme/skin, the main page, infobox/navbox/template design, etc.)
  • Creating and maintaining the biggest templates, either using Lua or wikitext (or Portable Infoboxes)
  • Large pywikibot jobs to reorganize the wiki, whether it be page names, links, categories, files, or other large overhauls
  • Performing maintenance of the SpecialPages

I joined Fandom (known then as Wikia) in 2009. As a huge geeky teenager with a Ratchet & Clank obsession, I was looking to build the best information resource on the web, until I found that one already existed: the Ratchet & Clank Wiki. I was very bad when I started there (it wasn't until around sevem years later that I became a bureaucrat and rewrote most of the wiki), until I joined the Jak and Daxter Wiki, where I learned most of the ropes. Later, my love of the Final Fantasy series took me to the Final Fantasy Wiki, which became my biggest job (and challenge) yet. I became an administrator at least a year or two later.

After this, I joined the Community Council, and then the Vanguard team. Later, the Jak and Daxter Wiki team formed an unofficial group, which we facetiously named New Wiki Order; as we'd polished and improved almost every aspect possible on the Jak and Daxter Wiki (which had otherwise stagnated due to no new games), we decided to take what we'd learned polishing an old wiki and take it to wikis that hadn't had the chance to apply the same attention to detail as they were a bit preoccupied on covering every new release. This meant taking over templates, Lua modules, CSS, and policies that we'd worked on. One of these wikis was one I founded, the Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4 game) Wiki. I was hugely excited that my favorite videogame developer since childhood were making a game based on my favorite superhero since childhood, so I had to get on that!


My first ever videogame was Crash Bandicoot: Warped, on the first PlayStation, which I honestly loved a little too much. Later, my parents bought me a PlayStation 2, my first ever videogame console. I played a few games, but it was Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando where I completely fell in love with the hobby. The game is a real blend of genres, so I got to experience bits of everything. Became obsessed with the series, along with Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Later, my cousin showed me two games from his childhood that I once again completely fell in love with: Final Fantasy VII and the first Metal Gear Solid. Needless to say, I went on to play every mainline entry of both series, and still replay the games all the time to this day. Final Fantasy became my favorite series, with Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XII being my two favorites, while Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater easily became my favorite game of all time.

Other fandoms

My favorite genre of music is hip hop, with a focus on West Coast hip hop from the pre-2000s (2Pac, Dr. Dre, etc.). While I do like other styles of music, hip hop is what I always end up coming back to. Not only do I love it sonically, but there's something powerful, authentic, and defiant about it, and the ability of its artists to tell stories is unique. Outside hip hop, in particular I love Daft Punk and Bob Marley. I'm also a big fan of musical theater, and love performing on stage.

As far as films go, I grew up with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, along with Star Wars. While I don't get the chance to watch a whole lot of films, I do enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mostly due to Guardians of the Galaxy. My favorite films are The Matrix, Terminator 2, Empire Strikes Back, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pulp Fiction.

For TV, I have watched a small amount of shows. My favorite show by far is Futurama, not even close. I also really love Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Star Wars The Clone Wars and other animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a few DC animated shows here and there. Harley Quinn was hilarious! So really, anything lighthearted with good humor, but also with a compelling message and theme beneath the surface, is good for me.