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First Name Thibaut
A.K.A TalysAlankil
Alarielle (formerly)
Hometown Brussels, Belgium
Date of Birth November 10th 1992

I'm TalysAlankil, real name Thibaut. A long time ago, I was around the wiki as -Alarielle-, but gender bending usernames are only funny for so long, so I changed it. Mostly I reside on the French Kingdom Hearts Wiki these days, where I'm a sysop admin. So if you need me for something, you can find me there. Or just social network.

About me[]

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I started playing Final Fantasy with FFX, which got me into Kingdom Hearts. I've been keeping up with the series ever since, and have also played most of the older games as well since then. Outside of that, I play a bunch of video games, mostly RPGs. The Guild Wars franchise is another huge part of my life, for instance.

Aside from games, I'm a computer engineer from Belgium, and I ambition to be an author someday. I also run a media criticism blog, The Snark Theater, as a hobby I hope to turn into a proper side gig at some point in the near future.

Work on the wiki[]