I am a new member of the wiki (obviously), and am somewhat of a fan of the FF seires... though I can only play 1-9 and the Tactics spinoffs. I will admit this is because I use emulators. I don't like FF7. it can be attributed to EXACTLY 2 characters. Yes, I am defying all those fanboys. My faovurite FF game is 5, though that can be attributed primarily to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is awesome and we all know it. I don't see why they've not used Clash on the Big Bridge outside FF5 (to my best knowledge.)

Other interests.... well, I have been a long-time Sonic fan, and my favourite game music is the music to Doomsday Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. as it so happens, only the music associated with Gilgamesh (Clash on the Big Bridge has ever come close to that. I actually made this account for the Kongregate wiki, and forgot they carried over xD. I can't believe I forgot this *facepalm*, but if you couldn't guess from ny name, I'm a Doctor Who fan. I don't really have anything more to type.

If you have any suggestions/thoughts/etc., leave them on my talk page. as long as it's not about any PS2 onwards game, I can run 10 at decent speed in a lot of areas (provided enemies don't use things lie Fire, or Demi.... and I avoid Slow/Slowga)

...not to mention I liek MUDKIPZ! lol.

FF game achievementsEdit

  • FF1 - First game I killed Omega in. Yes, even before I killed FF5's.
  • FF2 - Emperor dead without Blood Sword.
  • FF3 - nothing yet
  • FF4 - Killed Zeromus EG on the first try, with only the LT Grimoire. I had to use all 3 Megalixirs I picked up on the way down to him, though. And I had to avoid the Brachioraidos (fortunately I could run from the one that caught me)... and VERY little of the Ruins equipment used. The game seemed to hate one of my White Magse, though. When I tried a reflected holy once, her reflect ran out RIGHT BEFORE IT WAS F**KING CAST. One hit kill... and every Holy that got reflected off of Zeromus EG hit her as well >_>. You'd think she'd survive the holys considering SHE ONLY TOOK 3 DAMAGE FROM THE FIRA-BLIZZARA-THUNDARA TRIPLECAST.
  • FF5 - Only noteworthy thing would be Sealed Temple, but I've not completed that yet
  • FF6 - Killed everything new to the GBA version except Omega Weapon
  • FF7 - tolerated the game. It's my least favourite game in the series
  • FF8 - persisted against Bad Breath. that attack is f**king OP.
  • FF9 - nothing special here, yet.

Talk TemplatesEdit

Here is my talk template made because of my achievement in FF4A (see above.)

Here is my HTttG based one. 42.

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