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Hey people out there, my name on this wiki is Sephiroth (please don't call me Sephy or SS) and as of now, I am more active thanks to the hlidays and the lack of games to play until Christmas. I'm really trying to find stuff I'm good at because I love the wiki, but there's so much other stuff to do. Anyway, here's a load of sections of random bullshit:

Favourite Movies[]

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Undercover Brother
  • Deuce Bigalo, European Gigalo
  • Beetlejuice
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

Favourite Video Games (not neccesarily Final Fantasy games)[]

The Series[]

My reviews of the series and related games:

  • User:Super Sephiroth/Final Fantasy IX Review

Video Game News[]

Oh, fuck this. The guestbook didn't work. I've had it up for months. What a waste of good coding. So I've changed to describig awesome video games. None of them will be Final Fantasy, all of these are inferior to said game series. So the first one shall be coming soon... Here it is:



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Rather sorry about the "Stuff" section, I only just realised my brother had stolen my account details. I've successfully changed them now.

I have always believed that Sephiroth's soul was split, but into 4 parts. Loz was the strength, Yazoo was the attitude and personality and Kadaj was the cruelty. I am the part of Sephiroth's badassness. I merged with Sephiroth and now am me.

I am now the only active bureaucrat over at Blue Dragon Wiki, so I need to spend more time there.


Im writing walkthroughs now. I'm not trying to prove I'm better than BlueHighwind, I do it because its what I can do best for the wiki.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy VIII/Super Sephiroth[]

FFVIII logo.png

This is my first walkthrough. NO one had written a walkthrough for this game and completed it when I began. Its the first complete FF8 walkthrough the wiki had. Please enjoy.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy XII/Super Sephiroth[]

FFXII logo.png

As there isn't much else I can do, I'll write a second walkthrough. It won't have the early mistakes my Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough had and as this game is so awesome, why not write a walkthrough for it?

Game Progress[]

Final Fantasy[]

  • Party: Knight, Black Wizard, White Wizard, Master
  • Level: 99
  • Location: Near Melmond for some reason...
  • Achievements: (Nb: This is the PSP version): All spells acquired, all weapons acquired, all optional dungeons complete, game complete

Final Fantasy II[]

  • Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
  • Level: My stats are at a godly status due to power levelling in a secret location
  • Location: Palamecia
  • Achievements: (Nb: This is the PSP version): Ultimate weapons all gained, all spells learned and maxed out, game complete, Soul Of Rebirth complete (saved in different file)

Final Fantasy IV[]

  • Party: Cecil (Paladin), Kain, Rosa, Rydia and Edge
  • Level: 99
  • Location:Lunar Subterrane

Final Fantasy VII[]

  • Party: Cloud, Vincent, Cid
  • Level: 99
  • Location: Highwind (Northern Cave)
  • Achievements: All materia found and mastered at least once, all characters unlocked, all optional bosses and side-quests complete, all ultimate weapons equipped, all ultimate limit breaks found and equipped, game complete, own a 3rd Mystile, Death Penalty kills anything with one shot. I don't use KOTR because of its strength. Serious overkill, man
  • Party materia:
  • Cloud: i)Ultima Weapon: Bolt+All, Ice+All, Slash-All, Ultima
                     ii)Edincoat: Bahamut ZERO, E. Skill, Long Range, Chocobo Lure
                     Accessory: Touph Ring
  • Vincent: i)Death Penalty: Fire+All, Quake+All, Restore+Revive, Manipulate
                       ii)Wizard Bracelet: Ice+All, Bolt+All, Sense, Master Magic
                       Accessory: Ribbon

  • Cid: i)Venus Gospel: Hades+Odin, W-Summon+E. Skill, Master Command, Steal
                   ii)Ziedrich: N/A
                   Accessory: Touph Ring

Final Fantasy VIII[]

  • Party: Squall, Zell, Quistis
  • Level: 100
  • Location: Ultimecia Castle
  • Achievements: Ultima and Omega Weapons slain, all 16 Junctionable GFs acquired and junctioned, all stats maxed out, all weapons upgraded to highest power, all limit breaks at full power and all techniques acquired, Gilgamesh, Boko and Phoenix all acquired, all characters level 100, all sidequests complete, 1 of every Triple Triad card.

Final Fantasy IX[]

  • Party: Zidane, Vivi, Eiko and Steiner
  • Level: 99
  • Location: Just before Necron
  • Achievements: All Blue Magic acquired, all abilities mastered, all ultimate weapons equipped, game complete, Frog Drop on full power, all Eidolons for both summoners acquired, Chocobo Hot & Cold complete.

Final Fantasy X[]

  • Party: Tidus, Yuna, Auron
  • Level: N/A
  • Location: Inside Sin
  • Achievements: All characters completed the entire Sphere Grid, all Celestial weapons at full power and equipped, all optional aeons acquired, Ultima and Omega Weapons slain, game complete, all sidequests and minigames complete, all Overdrives found and usable, all Jecht/Auron/Braska Spheres acquired, all Dark Aeons slain.
  • Blitzball Team
  • Tidus Lv 99, Jecht Shot Mk 2, Venom Shot
  • Wakka Lv 99, Venom Shot, SH+10 (acquired through weird glitch)
  • Letty Lv 99, PASS +10 (acquired through weird glitch)
  • Graav Lv 99, Venom Tackle, HP+100 (acquired through weird glitch)
  • Abus Lv 99, Venom Tackle, STR+9 (acquired through weird glitch)
  • Nimrook Lv 99, Special Random Block ability (forgot name), CATCH+900 (acquired through weird glitch)

Final Fantasy XII[]

  • Party: Balthier, Basch, Ashe
  • Level: 99
  • Location: Rabanastre
  • Clan Rank: Order of Ambrosia
  • Achievements: All characters Lv99, Yiazmat defeated, game complete, Zodiac Spear equipped, Omega Mark XIII slain, all Espers acquired and summonable, every character acquire every license, all Quickenings acquired, all 21 side-quests complete.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

  • Party: Yuna, Rikku and Paine (well, duh)
  • Level: 99
  • Location: The Farplane
  • Achievements: All Garment Grids found, all Dresspheres found, all characters mastered each and every Dressphere, New Game + complete, game complete.

Final Fantasy XII:Revenant Wings[]

  • Party: Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, Llyud, Basch
  • Level: 99
  • Location: The Galbana
  • Achievements: Ring of Pacts complete, all sidequests complete, all ultimate weapons and armour equipped, all party mamber level 99, game complete.

Videos of random shit that I find[]

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