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Bonus stories

1st StoryEdit

<SquallisbetterthanCloud>: <Reunite Warriors of Light>
Main: Red Mage
Main Antagoinist: Black Mage
Party Members: Thief
Party Antagoinists: Monk
Late Party Member: White Mage, Monk, (After beating them)
Late Antagonist: none
Control: Warrior of Light

Obviously, it will happen before other stories.

Red MageEdit

<Red Mage, Chapter One>

Red Mage and Warrior walks through Order Sanctuary, in order to speak with Cosmos, who recently summoned her warriors. Two of them are the first to appear, and notices Cosmos talking with Minwu. When they arrives, Cosmos explains to them, that she fears, that the conflict could start anew far quicker, than she thought it would be. Minwu says, that there are some difficulties, with summoning other warriors, and Cosmos need their help with gathering others. Minwu states, thathe will try to come up with something, and dissapears. Cosmos tries to say something, but is interrupted by Thief, who rushes towards them, with ill news.

Thief, explains, that he was travelling with White Mage, Black Mage and Monk, and suddenly were attacked by Exdeath and Illua. They wounded Black Mage and fled shortly afterwards. Right after WM performed healing, BM turned on him, and attacked everyone. He knocked them down, and said, that the Warriors of Light are weaklings, and that fight proved, that Chaos's side will be the winning one. BM then says that he won't obey Cosmos anymore, and goes on to Chaos's side, He vanishes afterwards. White Mage, enraged, states that this betrayal won't go unnoticed, and promises revenge. Monk immedieately agrees with him, but Thief states, that they need to ask RM and Warrior, for help. White Mage says thet there is no time, and he will pursue BM alone.

Thief then says, that he tried to reason with Monk, who also wanted to porsue BM, but he...used wrong words, and Monk, saying that it was an outrage, states that he will go after them, and warns Thief, that next time they will meet, it will be as enemies. Cosmos says, that the warriors of light must be reunited, in order to ballance the strenght of forces of light. Warrior asks RM to take care of this, because he wants to aid Cosmos and Minwu in gathering other warriors. Cosmos and Warrior vanishes.

Red Mage and Thief embarks on journey to reunite Warriors of Light. Their first goal is to find Monk, and together try to get him back.

<Red Mage, Chapter Two>

Serchings, takes them to Shrine of Chaos, where they once again notices Garland, speaking with someone shrouded in darkness. They appear to have an argument, and shortly after, Garland tries to slash him. The mysterious person however, manages to escape. RM and Thief approaches Garland, preparing for battle, but it seems that Garland haven't got any recall of his services to Chaos. RM states, that Garland managed to escape the "cycle" and is free now. Thief offers him a place within Warriors of Cosmos, but Garland says, that he must think this through, and vanishes. Thief says to RM, that it is one less enemy to worry about, but RM says, that Garland was never their true enemy, but victim of this war. They continues onward.

<Red Mage, Chapter Three>

RM and Thief arrives at Mt. Koltz, where they find Monk meditating. Thief tries to talk with him, but Monk completely ignores him, and exchange words only with Red Mage. While talking, Red Mage comes with a good solution to his problem with Thief, he offers them to duke it out, while he will wait here. Monk disagrees, but Sabin, hearing everything, says to him, that in order to perfect his skills, Monk must overcome his hatred, and forgive Thief, because you can't achieve your goal, when you are driven by hate. Hearing those words, Monk agrees, and says, that he will wait at Thief, in old Chaos Shrine.

<Red Mage, Chapter Four>

Red Mage waits at Mt. Koltz with Sabin, when it becomes attacked by several copies of Genesis and Sephiroth. Barely handling themselves, they decides to run, and meet up with Monk and Thief in Chaos Shrine. Red Mage says, that he can understand Sephiroth's, who is one of Chaos's troops, but Genesis is a ever-loyal guardian of Cosmos. Sabin decided to check this out by himself, and give report about it later.

<Red Mage, Chapter Five>

Red Mage keeps up with Monk and Thief and tells them what happened. Together they rushes after Sabin, and finds him fighting with Kefka, Monk decided to help him, and after battle, they parts their way with Sabin and goes to find the remaining two warriors of light.

<Red Mage, Chapter Six>

The Three heroes are travelling through Pandaemonium, searching for White Mage. There, they encounter Ultimecia. She says, thet she's not in the mood for fighting, and says to them, that if they want both WM and BM, they should hurry, because they are fighting Very close. The party goes forward. Red Mage says, that they have to stop White Mage quickly.

<Red Mage, Chapter Seven>

When they arrives at the scene, White Mage is about to deliver killing blow, but he hesitated for a moment, giving Red Mage just about the time to interfere. He stops WM, saying that they still need both of them, and he cannot allow them to kill themselves. BM takes the opportunity and escapes, leaving the rest behind. White Mage becomes enraged, and attacks RM for interfering. Red Mage overpowers WM, and after proper beating, WM finally comes back to his senses, promising, that he won't kill BM, and agreeing to join the rest. Now, they still have to find Black Mage.

<Red Mage, Chapter Eight>

The four heroes still trying to find Black Mage. They follows the traces, but still have a long way to go. However, after quite some time, they encounter Warrior, with Cosmos, Golbez and Minwu, appearing before them. Warrior congratulates Red Mage, that he gathered most of warriors. But Cosmos notices that there is no Black Mage. WM says, that apparently, BM betrayed them, but Golbez quickly states, that it is impossible for one of the Warriors of Light to betray his cause, and says that he might know, what is happening. Golbez says that he must check first, if his premonition is true, and will meet with Red Mage soon. After his vanishing, Minwu says, that he and Cosmos are ready to summon many new warriors, to match Chaos's forces, but they will wait for them to accomplish their task. Warrior says finally, that they will wait for them at the order's sanctuary. Cosmos wishes them good luck, and the three vanishes. Red Mage says, that there is still hope to get BM back, and they need to follow him.

<Red Mage, Chapter Nine>

While on their way, RM notices Golbez appearing before them again. He says, that there is no time to waste, and he will teleport them to a place, where BM is in. They appear in the Crystal Palace, and Golbez says, that Black Mage's mind is controlled by the same person, that once controlled his mind. Zemus. Golbez says, that he will take care of him, because he found an old friend of his, and all the team must do is to fight BM, and bring him back to his true self.

<Red Mage, Chapter Ten>

The party arrives at the place, where BM is, and finds him waiting for them. He says, that the dark powers are much better, than the feeble light, they follow. White Mage says, that they already know the truth. Monk adds, that they Know thet Black Mage is controlled by someone. BM replies, that it is ridiculous, and he won't believe anything they'll say. Then Thief says, that either way, he'll soon know truth. And Red Mage says, that they will not let BM run again. He attacks BM, and after their fight, he emerges victorious. BM finally gets back to his mind, and the party is reunited once again.


<Thief, Chapter One>

Thief, along with WM, BM and Monk, journeys through Memoria, to answer Cosmos's call. Suddenly, they are attacked by Exdeath and Illua. The battle starts. White Mage and Monk fights off Illua, while Black Mage and Thief fight Exdeath. Monk and WM successfully defends themselves, but Thief and Black Mage fails, and BM become severely wounded. Exdeath and Illua fleds, stating that their part is done. But shortly afterwards, the party becomes attacked by BM, who flees afterwards.

<Thief, Chapter Two>

Alone now, Thief rushes to Cosmos, to give her the news, but is stopped by Kefka, who appears right in front of him. Kefka seems to search something and asks Thief, if he could find it for him. Thief disagrees without hesitation, and runs away.

<Thief, Chapter Three>

Thief finally meets up with Cosmos and the others, and tells them what happened. After that, he and Red Mage goes in search of their friends. Later, they arrives at the Shrine of Chaos and notices Garland. After his escape, they rushes on to Mt. Koltz.

<Thief, Chapter Four>

Thief and Red Mage finally finds Monk, but he is completely ignoring Thief, and agrees only to speak with Red Mage. Thief sits in the back, when Sabin approches. Thief asks Sabin for help, because they need Monk, and he is still mad at Thief. Sabin decides to make up some bullshit for making Monk forgive Thief. Finally, Thief and Monk goes back to Chaos's shrine.

<Thief, Chapter Five>

Thief and Monk arrives at Chaos shrine, and starts their duel. They are fighting for quite some time, but in the end it is Thief who emerges victorious. After battle, Monk finally decides to forgive him, and agrees to help him and RM to reunite Warriors of Light.


<Monk, Chapter One>

Monk's story starts after braking in group. Still mad at Thief, Monk departs in searching of WM, but quickly losts his trace. He meets up with Jecht instead, who is searching for Tidus. Jecht states that something strange happened, and the "Dream" hadn't ended as it should. Monk who is still mad attacks Jecht, even when he says, that he doesn't wish to fight him. Monk, enraged proceeds with battle, but is overpowered by Jecht, who beats him and says, that he has got much to learn and then departures. Monk says, that he has become weak, and needs to perfect his skills.

<Monk, Chapter Two>

Monk is seen travelling atop lone mountain, where he notices a small sanctuary with someone meditating inside. Monk comes closer, and the man asks him to state his buissness. Monk states, that he seeks peace, and a place, where he can perfect his skills. The man says: "Good..." and suddenly attacks Monk. They are fighting for a while, and just as suddenly, as he attacked, man stops, and says, that it is enough battling for now. He comes closer and says: "If you want to finish your training, you've come to the right place. My name's Sabin, what about yours?".

<Monk, Chapter Three>

After some time, training with Sabin, Red Mage and Thief arrive, and tries to convince Monk, about joining them. Only after Sabin's suggestion, Monk agrees to join, providing, he could have a duel with Thief. Everyone agrees, and Monk goes to old Chaos Shrine.

<Monk, Chapter Four>

Monk and Thief finally duked it out. Thief was the one, who won, but in the end, they both became friends again. However, when the two of them were about to go back, they notices Red Mage running towards them. It appeared, that he, and Sabin were attacked by copies of Genesis and Sephiroth. The three of them decided to go, and see what is going on.

<Monk, Chapter Five>

Together, the three heroes are investigating the source of Copies. finally, they notices Sabin, fighting with Kefka, who with two strange-looking man. RM believes, that this is the source of copies. Monk decides to help Sabin fight Kefka alone, and don't want Thief and RM to interfere. After Kefka's defeat, they've tried to capture those two, but they manages to escape. Sabin tells them, that those were scientists summoned by Kefka, and they possesed the knowledge to create a clone of certain beings. They used special machines to do so, and they left them behind. The heroes decides to destroy them, and prevent production of another copies. Sabin says, that they need to part now, and leaves. Monk, Thief and Red Mage may continue their journey to find White Mage and Black Mage.

White MageEdit

<White Mage, Chapter One>

White Mage follows the traces of Black Mage. He is just a few steps behind him. In Pandaemonium, he notices BM talking with Emperor and Ultimecia. Emperor notices WM, and attacks him. After a while, Emperor flees from battle, saying, that BM is now with Chaos, and there is no need to further follow him. White Mage however, still wants to exact revenge, and states to himself, that he will not stop.

<White Mage, Chapter Two>

WM continues onward, but he seems to lost BM's trace. He looks around for clues, and tries to figure the way. In the end, WM notices one of Emperor's Mines, floating in the air. He goes that way, believing that he had found the proper way.

<White Mage, Chapter Three>

White Mage arrives at Emperor's Pandaemonium. There, he once again confronts Emperor, Ultimecia and Black Mage. This time, Ultimecia attacks, and nearly kills White Mage. However, she spares his life, asking why is he insisting on fighting Black Mage, He should get over with his treason, before something bad will gonna happen to him. WM says, that he won't stop even if it will cost his life, and attacks her again, overpowering her this time. When she vanishes, WM rushes after BM again.

<White Mage, Chapter Four>

White Mage is still chasing after Black Mage, who now parted with Emperor. White Mage is just one step behind BM, and he knows this well. His mind is still filled with anger.

<White Mage, Chapter Five>

White Mage finally keeps up with Black Mage, and they starts fighting. WM's perfect defence quickly overpowers BM, and WM is about to deliver finishing blow. He asks BM, why did he betray them, but receives no answer. In the last second, he is stopped by Red Mage, who along with Thief and Monk arrived at the scene. Black Mage manages to escape, and WM, again enraged attacks RM and co.

Black MageEdit

<Black Mage, Chapter One>

After the Warriors of Light are again reunited, and Black Mage been told what had happened to him, he decides to find Golbez, and thank him. They try to find him, but it seems, he is gone. Thief says, that most likely he is with Cosmos again, and they also need to go quickly.

<Black Mage, Chapter Two>

The party arrives at the Order's Sanctuary, where Cosmos, Warrior and Minwu are awaiting. They are welcomed, and congratulated. Cosmos says, that now, they can begin the summoning. Black Mage, however says, that he has one question, Where is Golbez? Cosmos said that he hadn't returned yet, and senses, that something must've happened to him. Black Mage asks her for a permission to look for him. Cosmos, grants it, but she says, that she won't let him go alone. Warrior, and Red Mage decides to come along, and they returns to Crystal palace together. Meanwhile, Minwu and Cosmos starts summoning of the other heroes.

<Black Mage, Chapter Three>

Black Mage, Warrior and Red Mage arrives at the place, where Golbez was last seen, and proceeds on the Moon's surface. After a while, they finally finds Golbez, who doesn't recall anything and attacks them. Black Mage says, that he must've been put under Zemus's control himself, and decides to fight. Black Mage says to Golbez, that he wants to repay him for his help. After battle, Golbez comes to his mind for a moment, and FuSoYa appears. They says, that there is no time, because Zemus will soon take control over Golbez back. He asks Warrior, FuSoYa, and Red Mage to stay, and stop him, while Black Mage will go and stop Zemus once and for all. BM agrees, and goes on alone.

<Black Mage, Chapter Four>

Black Mage once again returns to Crystal Tower, but this time, to finally confront Zemus. He continues on to the top floor of the palace.

<Black Mage, Chapter Five>

Black Mage finally encounters Zemus, who welcomes him as his favourite puppet, wh have returned to his master. Black Mage says, that he is no longer under his control, and after he end with him, noone wil be under his control, ever. The battle starts, Zemus says some classical bullshit, about him being "hate incarnate", and other stuff. Black Mage graceiously kicks Zemus's ass to a bloody(more like burned)pulp. Then, he returns to the rest of friends, and sees Golbez being himself again. Black Mage says his thanks for Golbez sacrificing himself in order to rescue him, and Golbez replies, that it is he who ows his thanks for Black Mage, who saved the day. Together, they return to Cosmos's side, to see, how many new warriors she'd summoned.

2nd StoryEdit

<SquallisbetterthanCloud>: <Trying to reason with Sephiroth>
Main: Genesis
Main Antagoinist: Sephiroth
Party Members: Shantotto, Zack
Party Antagoinists: Sehl'teus, Vincent
Late Party Member: Sehl'teus (in Shantotto's, and Zack's place)
Late Antagonist: none
Control: Cloud

Starts right after Cosmos and Warrior departs in searching of other warriors. Cosmos awakens her Guardians- Zack and Genesis, and with them Shantotto.


<Genesis, Chapter One>

Genesis and Zack appears before Cosmos and Warrior. Cosmos welcomes them saying, that she needs their powers yet again. Genesis says that protecting Cosmos is their duty, ater all, but Cosmos says, that their task will be different this time, and Warrior will protect her for the time being. Cosmos says, that they need to find Sehl'teus, and Golbez, because they posesses knowledge, about this world, and they may be helpful in knowing what is going on this time. Then Shantotto appears, saying that she will go with them. Genesis isn't to happy about this, but Zack says, that he should bear with it- they've got a job to do. After Cosmos and Warrior departs, Zack says, that they should also find Vincent and Sephiroth, and convince them to join the cause. Genesis says, that it has small chance of success, but it won't hurt to try. And maybe, they will have a chance to drop Shantotto somewhere on the way.

<Genesis, Chapter Two>

Genesis, Zack and Shantotto continues they journey to find Golbez and Sehl'teus. G completely ignores Shantotto, and she is not pleased about it, and demands attention. Zack tries to settle this, but Genesis quickly changes subject, saying that he know where Golbez might be, and that they must hurry, because he senses him battling someone.

<Genesis, Chapter Three>

The party arrives Wind shrine, seeing Golbez fighting Zemus. Golbez seems overpowered, so Genesis rushes in to save him. After battle, they are asking Golbez about what is going on with the world. Golbez says that this time, neither Cosmos, nor Chaos had started this war. It was an independent action of Shinryuu, who after Chaos's last defeat broke free, and supposedly can do whatever he likes. Golbez says, that it is everything he know, and he have to warn both Cosmos and Chaos.Zack asks him where could Vincent and Sephiroth be, Golbez don't know where Seph is, but he says that Vincent is in the area. Genesis asks also where is Selh'teus, Golbez says, that they must go through Lunatic Pandora to reach him. Zack parts with them and goes for Vincent, while Genesis and Shantotto goes into the way shown by Golbez, not knowing, what Lunatic Pandora might be.

<Genesis, Chapter Four>

Genesis and Shantotto enters Lunatic Pandora, and the little shit almost immedieately triggers the trap-door, falling inside. Genesis asks her if she's alright, and can get out by herself. When he hears, that she can't get out, he mutters "Finally", and gets out. Later, Genesis, happy as never before, encounters Vincent inside. When Vince says, that he has no intention of joining, Genesis says, that he won't stop him, and both goes their way.

<Genesis, Chapter Five>

Genesis can't believe it himself, but he starts to worry about Shantotto. He decides to come back for her, and in half-way is stopped by Adel. They fight, and when G starts to get upper hand, Adel bravely turns her/his/its tail between her/his/its legs and runs the fuck away. Genesis hears the worst sound in his life- Shantotto's voice, and rushes in its direction.

<Genesis, Chapter Six>

Genesis arrives at the scene, and sees Shantotto fighting with Selh'teus. When she sees him entered, she stops, and saying some VERY unpleasant words towards both of them, goes back home. Genesis is glad, that she is alright, and even more, that she is gone, asks Selh'teus, about what is happening here. Selh'teus says, that he has to do something first, and will tell everything after he's done. G says, that in that case, he will tag along.

<Genesis, Chapter Seven>

The two of them finally exits Lunatic Pandora, and goes in the direction Selh'teus says, talking on the way. Selh'teus says that he's not sure what is going on, and that's why he needs to do his thing- to find out the truth. On the way, they meets up with Zack, who says, that he failed in bringing Vincent back. Genesis replies, that there is still chance with Sephiroth.

<Genesis, Chapter Eight>

The three goes on, and meets Kuja, Steiner and Beatrix on the way. They intend to stop them, and the battle starts. Genesis fights Beatrix, Zack fights Steiner, and Selh'teus fights Kuja. They win, and goes further on.

<Genesis, Chapter Nine>

The party arrives at their destination, where they meet Promathia, Shadow Lord, and Sephiroth. They want to talk with them, but are ignored. The villains vanishes, and the party enters the structure, known as Tower of Bab-il, in order to follow them.

<Genesis, Chapter Ten>

The three heroes goes into the tower, and Selh'teus says, that they must part now, and each of them follows one villain. Selh'teus goes after Promathia, Zack after Shadow Lord, and Genesis follows Sephiroth. After finally finging him, G wants to persuade him to rejoin them. Sephiroth mutters his usual "Mother, Lifestream, Planet, Rule, etc." and the fight starts. The fight is even, but Genesis wins in the end. Sephiroth says only, that maybe some other day, he will reconsider his proposition, and vanishes. Genesis meets up with the others, who also won their fights, and together, they returns to Cosmos. Cosmos is seen with Minwu, Golbez, and the original Warriors of Light, in the Order's Sanctuary. She says, that there is many new warriors here, and hearing from Genesis, that Cloud was around, gives her the thought, that the old ones are also somewhere in this world, but has been summoned in different places. Selh'teus tries to explain what has happened...


<Zack, Chapter One>

Later on, after meeting with Golbez, Zack learns from him, that Vincent, as well as Cloud are somewhere in the area. Hearing this, Zack leaves Genesis with Shantotto, and departs, to search them, believing, that gaining additional firepower would be a good idea. After a while, he finds Cloud, who is searching for something on his own.

<Zack, Chapter Two>

Cloud talk with Zack about the someone, that he always had close, but he didn't notice it, and now he'd lost it. Zack doesn't know what is Cloud talking about, but seeing how determine he is, he Decides to go with him, leaving search for Vince for later.

<Zack, Chapter Three>

Zack and Cloud are searching for someone, Cloud cares about, when they notices Xande, standing on their way. He attacks them on sight, and nearly defeats, when the person, they were looking for, jumps into the fray, and Sommersaults Xande's ass. (If you still don't know, who might that be, then obviously, you know shit about Final Fantasy VII)

<Zack, Chapter Four>

Zack asks Tifa(what a surprise!) and Cloud to help him find Vince, and together they proceed in the direction, where Cloud feel Vince's presence.

<Zack, Chapter Five>

They finally find Vince, but he don't want to join them. Zack tries to Convince him, but with no effect. In the end, Vincent, saying that he don't have time for them, attacks Cloud and Zack, and kicks their asses. Both of them lost their concioussness, and wakes up later, treated by Tifa. Zack says, that he must leave them, in order to complete his mission.


<Shantotto, Chapter One>

After Zack parts with them, She and Genesis continues the search for Sehl'teus. Genesis really doesn't like Shantotto's company, and he doesn't even tries to hide it. However, they don't have a choice, and must cooperate. Quest leads them to a hidden sanctuary, which they never saw before, and unknowing what lies ahead, they continues onward.

<Shantotto, Chapter Two>

The sanctuary happens to look like an oversized crystal-like device, with strange tunnels, and advanced technology. They continues on, but Shantotto triggers a trap-door, and falls to a deep pit. Genesis asks her firstly, if she is alright, when hearing "yes", he asks if she can go back up. Shantotto tries, but fails, and then G says something quietly, and leaves. Believing, that he searches something to pull her out of this place, Shantotto decides to wait.

<Shantotto, Chapter Three>

Tired of waiting for help (That would never actually arrive), Shantotto decides to move on. She notices someone dressed in blue and black robes, with big, pointy hat on head. Not knowing who might that be, she decides to keep low, but the person notices her, and attacks. The battle seems even, when the person stops, mutters something about another black mage, and dissapears.

<Shantotto, Chapter Four>

Shantotto goes forward, seeing shit, but still. She continues, and sees Selh'teus fighting with Adel. She decides to not interfere, and after battle, she follows the direction where Selh'teus went.

<Shantotto, Chapter Five>

Shantotto finds Selh'teus, and tells him, what Cosmos ordered. Selh'teus says that he don't care, and have to stop someone on his own first. Shantotto disagrees, and attacks Selh'teus. Fight and the outcome is even, and when Genesis arrives, Shantotto pissed as never before, decides to fuck the mission, and goes back home.


<Selh'teus, Chapter One>

After pissed Shantotto exits, Genesis talks with Selh'teus, who don't know what that was even about. Genesis explains that to him, but Selh'teus says, that he has something to do first. Genesis says, that in that case, he will help him, and after it's done, they will both go to Cosmos.

<Selh'teus, Chapter Two>

Efter exiting Lunatic Pandora, the two of them talks about Sehl'teus's task. he says, that he must find Promathia, an entity as old as the Gods themselves, ask him about something, and then fight him. Genesis says, that the chances for him to be speaking truth, are really small, but Selh'teus says, that he don't have a choice, and must do it. Suddenly, they notices some movement.

<Selh'teus, Chapter Three>

They noticed Zack, who said to G, that he failed, and after some talking, they proceeds. They meets with Beatrix, Steiner and Kuja, and kicks their asses.

<Selh'teus, Chapter Four>

The party, notices their targets in the tower of Bab-il, and enters after them. They parts their way inside. Sehl'teus follows after Promathia, and prepares himself for their final battle.

<Selh'teus, Chapter Five>

Selh'teus finds Promathia, and questions it about what is going on, and why are the Crystals not responding. Promathia says, that the crystals were created from the body of Jecht, who previously served Chaos, but now is willing to return to Cosmos. Crystals were parts of Cosmos's power, sealed away, strenghtening the will and might of the previous warriors. Now, the Crystals completely lost their power, which returned to Cosmos, and the heroes are somewhere else. After hearing that, Selh'teus says, that now, he must kill Promathia, in order to avenge his people. The fight starts, and guess what? Selh'teus Kills it!

3rd StoryEdit

<SquallisbetterthanCloud>: <Getting his answers>
Main: Vincent
Main Antagoinist: Chaos
Party Members: none
Party Antagoinists: none
Late Party Member: Garland
Late Antagonist: Zack
Control: Squall, Shadow

Starting soon after Zack meets with Cloud.


<Vincent, Chapter One>

Vincent is on his journey, to determine his link to Chaos. He travels alone, and encountered many foes already. Now, he will encounter his old friends- Zack and Cloud, who tries to gain his help in the upcoming war. Vincent declines, and after hearing from Zack, that he won't leave him, untill he agrees, Attacks them, and after a beating, departs further.

<Vincent, Chapter Two>

Vincent proceeds into realms of Dischord, but before he gets there, he has to go through a place called Lunatic Pandora. Inside, he meets Genesis, who asks him why did he leave. Vincent states, that it is not his buissness, and he won't rejoin Cosmos. Genesis says, that he won't stop him, and lets him through. Vince leaves Lunatic Pandora, and reaches the first of Dischord realms- Ultimecia's Castle.

<Vincent, Chapter Three>

Inside the castle, Vincent encounters Exdeath and Illua, who says, that they won't allow anyone messing with their plans, and won't let him through. Not knowing what they mean, Vincent immediately kicks their sorry asses, and continues onward.

<Vincent, Chapter Four>

Vince encounters Garland inside, and tries to question him about Chaos, and how to get to him. Garland does not know the answers to his question, and replies that he cannot help him. Vince says, that in that case, he got no use for him, and continue forward.

<Vincent, Chapter Five>

Vincent meets with Firion, Tidus and Cecil, and the three of them says, that they won't let him talk with the enemy. Vincent, with sudden flow of generosity, gives them whole five seconds before he attacks. First Cecil, and then Tidus. He lets Firion walk away, and says to him, that he must know of his link to Chaos, and no one will stop him.

<Vincent, Chapter Six>

Golbez stops Vincent, warning him about the truth. Vince, stubbornly replies, that this is the one thing, he must know. Golbez asks him then, that even if the truth would be too horrible to bear, is he sure about that? Vince says nothing. Golbez says, that there is one more, who seekshis answer, and soon vincent will meet him again. Vincent, thinking what could that mean, continues on his way.

<Vincent, Chapter Seven>

Vincent meets Garland, and the battle between them starts. After it, Vincent thinks to himself, that he must be the one, that Golbez mentioned, and in that case he has the same goal as Golbez, so it won't hurt to seek the answer together.

<Vincent, Chapter Eight>

Vince and Garry continue in the way Chaos resides, and they are going, and going, and going...

<Vincent, Chapter Nine>

They finally finds the way to Chaos, but are stopped by Kuja and Hojo. Kuja saying that he has the unfinished buisness with his former master, and attacks Garland. That leaves Hojo for Vince. After battle Vince tries to question him about Chaos, and Hojo replies, just before passing on, that Vince is just a failed experiment. That makes Vincent more motivated to know the truth.

<Vincent, Chapter Ten>

Vince and Garland appear before Chaos's Throne, and tries to question him about they're links. Chaos replies, that his link with Garland is that, Garland was created as an Ultimate Weapon, by his kinsmen, and he and Chaos are the same person, but as to Vincent, he must beat him first, to know his purpose. After battle, Chaos sits on his throne, and agrees to explain to Vincent, what exactly is he. It turns, that Vincent was created some time after Garland, with his essence insided into a dead man's corpse. Vincent was supposed to be a perfected version of Garland, but his creators abandoned Vincent's revival, stating, that he is too dangerous to be given life. However, someone from an opposing nation entered the laboratory, and revived Vincent, who immedieately gone berserk, and nearly destroyed the nation, that made him. With their last ounce of power, they created an ultimate version of Omega, in order to stop Vincent from destroying whole world. Vincent used up the rest of his strenght to attack Omega, and it resulted in destroying both of them. Vincent seems shocked with the news. And Chaos adds, now to both Vince and Garry, that their strenght, when combined, outmatches even the power of Shinryuu, and their final purpose is to destroy the God Dragon himself in order to reset the universe to its initial state, and put an end to all cycles. In the end, Chaos adds, that they do not belong to any side, and must wander alone, untill they find the Dragon. Then, Chaos sends them elsewhere, and after a moment, Cosmos appears before him, saying, that "They have been finally set on their true path". Chaos replying, "But will they be able to finally free us?" Cosmos replies: "After all, only the two of them are outside Fate, and The Great Will, don't have any power over them. It is they task to put an end to anything, and it must be successful."


<Garland, Chapter One>

Garland tries to decide, whether or not join Cosmos, when suddenly, she appears before him. She says to him, that his will is free now, and she says to him what he was before. Af she asks him for his allegiance, and decides to give him some time to think about his past. After she dissapears, Garland wonders why had she told him everything, and that he don't know, if Cosmos can be trusted.

<Garland, Chapter Two>

Sephiroth appears before him, asking what took so long, and why isn't he returning to Chaos, Garland says, that he no longer need to serve him, and asks Seph to leave. Sephiroth says then, that when unable to obey, Chaos's will, there is no need for Garland to live on. The two engage in battle, and Garland successfully manages to fight off Sephiroth, who mutters, that Garland's purpose is to serve Chaos, and without it, there is nothing else for him.

<Garland, Chapter Three>

Garland encounters Vincent, who tries to question him about Chaos, but Garland himself doesn't know anything. Vincent says, that there is no use for Garland, and goes away. Garland remembers, that Sephiroth also said, that there is no use for Garland to live. Garland then says, that he will find a reason to live, and goes in his way.

<Garland, Chapter Four>

Garland goes forward, and encounters Golbez. The two starts fighting, and after a while, Golbez says to him, that in order to find his reason, he must find Chaos, and then decide, whether to join him, or Cosmos. Garland Continues, and decides to find Vincent, and go with him on journey to find out their connection to Chaos.

<Garland, Chapter Five>

After short while, Garland meets up with Vincent, and asks him for help in finding out their connection to Chaos. Vincent replies, that he don't want to cooperate with a weakling, that has no reason to exist. Garland replies, that he wants to find that reason. Vincent asks him, if he's got the resolve to find it. Garland uses the Usual Squall's reply mk.3: ".........", and Vince says that there is only one way to find out about that. The two of them starts fighting. After battle, he decides that there is some resolve in him, and the two of them goes to meet Chaos.

4th StoryEdit

<SquallisbetterthanCloud>: <Kill for money, or not?>
Main: Shadow
Main Antagonist: Kefka
Party Members: none
Party Antagonists: none
Late Party Member: Squall
Late Antagonist: CoD
Control: Terra, Celes, Edgar, Sabin, Locke

Starts later on.


<Shadow, Chapter One>

Shadow, had been hired by many people in the past, by Chaos, as well as Cosmos. But this time, he had been hired by no other than Kefka. Kefka orders Shadow to get rid of Squall, who had already "spoiled his fun" by preventing him from gaining control over Terra again. Shadow, before his departure, overhears Kefka and Cloud of Darkness talking about their plan. Kefka plans to find Three mystic figurines, to obtain God powers, and destroy everything, and Squall already found one of them. Shadow faces a dilemma afterwards- To fulfill his duty and promise, he made to himself, that he will not join neither side of the conflict, or to do what he feels is good, and stop Kefka from attaining his goal.

<Shadow, Chapter Two>

Shadow decides, that he will think, about what he have to do, while searching his target, he departs in the direction Kefka gave him, and immedieately notices, that Cloud of Darkness is tailing him. Shadow wonders, if Kefka doesn't trust Shadow, or if he wants CoD to wait for him to kill Squall, and kill him afterwards in order to take the figurine. Shadow decides to wait, and see what will happen.

<Shadow, Chapter Three>

Shadow is still followed by CoD, and his thoughts, about what is right to do, bothers him much. He says, that he will decide about this, when he will find Squall.

<Shadow, Chapter Four>

Shadow on his way, encounters Seifer, who also wants to fight Squall, But sensing darkness inside his heart (and void in his head), Shadow decides to kick his ass, because he might interfere with his own plans.

<Shadow, Chapter Five>

Shadow continues to follow the traits of Squall, and finally he finds him, only to be beaten. Shadow tells Squall, that Kefka seeks the figurines he possess, in order to become another God. Squall decides, that they need to tell Cosmos about it, and when the two try to move, they are attacked by CoD, and Shadow kicks her cloudy ass.

<Shadow, Chapter Six>

Shadow and Squall continues their way to Cosmos's place.

<Shadow, Chapter Seven>

Shadow and Squall encounters Terra, Celes, Locke, Sabin and Edgar, and hearing that they need the figurines to screw Kefka, Squall jouns them. Shadow decides to move in his direction, and the heroes parts their way.

<Shadow, Chapter Eight>

Shadow is on his way, and he thinks, that he shouldn't leave them alone, because surely Kefka prepaired something to welcome them. He decides to follow them, and in case something happens, he will help.

<Shadow, Chapter Nine>

Shadow follows the party, and on his way, he encounters Kuja, who says, that it isn't nice to interfere, and attacks Shadow. After battle, Shadow notices, that Terra's party is laying on the floor unconscious.

<Shadow, Chapter Ten>

Kefka tells CoD about the purpose of the Statues, and his plans to becoming a God of Magic. Statues begun channeling their energy to Kefka, and Squall attacks him, and CoD. Squall successfully kicks their asses. But it is already too late. Shadow uses the opportunity to distrupt the flow of power from the statues. He notices, that they are standing in an ordered way, and he attempts to move them. Seeing this, Kefka panicked and tries to stop him, in vain. Shadow is just stronger. The statues vanishes, and Kefka, enraged (I hate, hate, hate, etc.) attacks Shadow. Shadow emerges victorious, and Kefka pissed like never before vanishes. Just about that time, Terra and the rest wakes up, and after a while, all of them decides to go together to see Cosmos, and Know, what purpose they have got in this world this time.


<Squall, Chapter One>

Squall wanders through World of Darkness, and notices Terra walking somewhere with a strange figurine in hand. He comes closer, but Terra completely ignores him. Squall wonders what could be happening, and decides to follow her. Later, Squall notices Kefka, screaming something, and seemingly waiting for Terra to come closer. Fearing, that he wants to kill her, Squall attacks Kefka. Kefka, enraged says his trademark "I Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you!" to Squall and vanishes. Terra comes back to herself, and hearing what happened, she says to Squall, that there is a place she must go quickly to, and hands him the figurine, asking him to protect it and don't let Kefka lay his hands on it.

<Squall, Chapter Two>

Squall wonders, what should he do with the Figurine, he is holding, he decides, that he will stick to it, and go ask Cosmos about it. Before that, however, he confronts Edea. Squall greets her, but is attacked. Wandering what is going on, Squalls defends himself, trying not to wound "Matron" in the process. After battle, Edea states, that ever since she got hold of a special item, Ultimecia regained control over her mind. She gives it to Squall, who now has two similar figurines now.

<Squall, Chapter Three>

With two figurines, Squall continues his journey, when he encounters Shadow. Without saying a word, the two of them starts fighting. Squall emerges victorious, and asks Shadow why the hell did he attacked him. Shadow tells him everything, and the two of them decides to find out, What Kefka needs the figurines for. After a short while, they are attacked by Cloud of Darkness, and Shadow takes care of her.

<Squall, Chapter Four>

Squall, and Shadow continues their way to Cosmos, when they encounter Terra, Celes, Edgar, Sabin and Locke, on their way to deal with Kefka. They are holding a similar figurine, stating, that it is a key to beat Kefka. Squall decides to go with them, with the rest of figurines, and they part ways with Shadow.

<Squall, Chapter Five>

The party of six, continues their way to Kefka, when the figurines starts to glow, and a powerful energy blast knocks them unconscious. Squall is the first to wake up, and notices Kefka with Cloud of Darkness, and the figurines, that now are much bigger. Kefka says that those are statues of magic, the "Warring Triad", and they will increase his power, to a literal god-level. Squall, hearing this suddenly attacks Kefka, and CoD, and beats the crap out of them, only to hear, that it is already too late. However, Squall notices a movement behind the statues...

5th StoryEdit

<SquallisbetterthanCloud>: <Daddy Issues>
Main: Jecht
Main Antagonist: Shuyin
Party Members: Laguna, Braska
Party Antagonists: Adel, Yunalesca
Late Party Member: Tidus
Late Antagonist: Ultimecia
Control: Braska, Yuna, Squall


<Jecht, Chapter One>

Jecht wanders with Braska and Laguna. He doesn't actually care much about their reasons, he only wants to save Tidus. The fact is, that when all the other warriors returned to their worlds, both Jecht and Tidus remained back in that world. Jecht sensed, that something weird was going on, so he went to Cosmos, seeking advice. She only said him, that Tidus was here before with the same problem, and he went by himself, seeking the answers. Since then, Jecht seeks Tidus, and as his father, he wants to fight side-by-side with son.

<Jecht, Chapter Two>

The three of them, continues their journey, Jecht still doesn't care much, he just acts as a meat shield for the group, and frequently spaces out, lost in his thoughts. That is, until he hears from Laguna, about Tidus and Yuna. The two talk a bit about their reasons to fight, and in the end, Laguna agrees to do what he can to help Jecht find his son.

<Jecht, Chapter Three>

The three daddy's continues their journey. Jecht finally starts to listen, and he knows, that the point of the journey is to banish Shinryuu once and for all. After some marching, they encounter Xande, and Cloud of Darkness. They tries to persuade Jecht to rejoin their ranks. Laguna is shocked, when he hears, that Jecht was once a warrior of Chaos, but shortly, he notices, that this is only a past for him, when Jecht attacks Cloud of Darkness. Laguna takes on Xande. After a while, the two vanishes. Braska says to them, that obviously, they are on the right track.

<Jecht, Chapter Four>

Laguna asks the rest, if they could wait a while, because he senses, that Squall is nearby. The two agrees, and waits, killing time with a talk. They talk about their kids, Tidus and Yuna, about their feelings toward each other, and stuff, when they are attacked by Kuja, who was secretly listening to their conversation. After a battle, Kuja says, that nothing is more useless than family bonds. After Kuja vanishes, Jecht says, that he is wrong.

<Jecht, Chapter Five>

Seeing Laguna returning with Squall and Yuna, Jecht welcomes them, and Congratulates Laguna on fulfilling his part of the job. The party of now five follows their new path.

<Jecht, Chapter Six>

On their way, they suddenly encounter Tidus, who upon hearing that Jecht is around, acts strangely and welcomes him like a good sonny. Jecht immedieately senses, that it is an impostor, and attacks him. After a battle, the impostor reveals himself as Shuyin, and states, that only he is the real one, and Tidus has got no place here. He vanishes, and Jecht enraged swears that he rip his guts out, when he'll meet him again.

<Jecht, Chapter Seven>

On way, Yuna says, that she already met Shuyin, and back then, he was rather helping her, and Tidus, even though Tidus considered him as a rival. Jecht wanders what happened with Tidus. Laguna tries to encourage Jecht, but only activates Squall, who says "Stop acting like a moron...Dad...".

<Jecht, Chapter Eight>

After a while of marching, Laguna sees, that Jecht keep getting madder each second, and decides, to duel him, to load off some steam. After a battle, Jecht thanks him for this sparring, and now he feels lighter, and is ready for some real action.

<Jecht, Chapter Nine>

The party encounters Ultimecia, who says, that she is the one, who "invited" Shuyin to this world, in order to get rid of Tidus. She also says, that she has got someone for Squall to play with either, and summons Seifer. Without any words, Squall attacks Seifer and kicks his arse, while Jecht attacks Ultimecia for danger, she put on Tidus. After a battle, Ultimecia vanishes without a word, and Jecht says, that Shuyin must be around, and decides to move alone to confront him.

<Jecht, Chapter Ten>

Jecht encounters Shuyin, and after their battle, beaten Shuyin starts to disappear, still stating that his presence has the right to exist in this world. After disappearing, Tidus appears in his place, and Jecht finally says that he had found his son. When Tidus is about to say Thank You, Jecht says, that he still can't go soft on him, and punches him on the stomach. He says "c'mon", to him, "We've got job to do...son."


<Laguna, Chapter One>

Laguna walks with Braska and Jecht, and talks with the latter about Yuna and Tidus, whom along with Shuyin Laguna met before he met Braska. Jecht asked if Tidus is alright, showing, to Laguna, that he cares for his son. Laguna tells Jecht, that his son also participates in this combat, but he decided to let him do what he is best at - fighting. Jecht says, that he once thought, that Tidus is only good at crying, but after they fought a while ago, he saw that his son truly have grown up and become a man.

<Laguna, Chapter Two>

After a while, the party encounters CoD and Xande. Hearing, that Jecht was once a warrior of Chaos, Laguna seems shocked, but Jecht states to Xande, that those days are nothing but past, and attacks them. Laguna, relieved decided to join the battle, and attacks Xande.

<Laguna, Chapter Three>

After quite some time, Laguna sensed Squall's presence nearby, and decided to go after him alone. He asked the rest of the daddy'o gang to wait for him, and goes.

<Laguna, Chapter Four>

Laguna follows the trace of Squall, sensing that he is in danger. Later on, he spaces out, and in his mind, he sees Ellone, who says, that Squall is in grave danger, and needs to be rescued. The vision dissapears, and Laguna rushes forward.

<Laguna, Chapter Five>

Laguna finds Squall and Yuna, that are out in the ope, and just in time, he notices Adel, who is just about to attack them. Laguna rushes first, and takes Adel head-on. After he/she/it's ass being kicked, Adel vanishes, muttering "IWILLNOTLETYOUFORGETABOTME". Squall asks Laguna, why did he do this, and tells, that this was a stupid thing to do, even for him. Laguna says, to leave the thanks for later, because they've got a job to do. Yuna says, that they already got a job, to find Jecht, and her father, and Laguna says, that this is the job. The Three goes back to Jecht and Braska.


<Tidus, Chapter One>

Tidus, Yuna and Shuyin are searching for Braska in order to help him with his task to banish Shinryuu once and for all. They appear to be on the right track. Tidus is a bit jealous about Yuna, and considers Shuyin as his rival, and competes with him about how many enemies do they beat. Shuyin thinks, that this idea is ridiculous, but what to do with such an idiot as him?

<Tidus, Chapter Two>

The party meets Terra, Celes, Squall, Edgar, Sabin, Locke and Shadow, and Yuna asks, if some of them could join them.After some talking, Squall agrees to follow. After their parting, now four heroes continues the path.

<Tidus, Chapter Three>

After some time, the party sees the road ahead splitting in two. They decides to split. At first, Squall and Shuyin was to be 1st party, and Tidus and Yuna the 2nd, but Shuyin insisted on going with Tidus, claiming, that he's got some things to talk about with him. Tidus agrees, and asks Squall to keep an eye on Yuna.

<Tidus, Chapter Four>

Tidus and Shuyin continues on their path, when they encounter Vayne and Gabranth, arguing. When they noticec them, they decides to not let them interfere with their plans, and attacks. Tidus fights off Gabranth, but in the middle of battle, Vossler, Ashe and Bash appear, and tells them, that they will take it from now.

<Tidus, Chapter Five>

Tidus and Shuyin encounters Yunalesca on their way. They both attack her, but are knocked down. Tidus however, still finds enough strenght to fight her, and in the end beats her. Upon defeat, Yunalesca says, that now Shuyin will be set on his own purpose. Tidus wonders what could that mean, but is suddenly attacked by Shuyin, who knocks him out, and merges their bodies, saying, that he is finally complete, and the dream has come to an end.


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