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Arciele Spira
アーシエル スピラ
Real name Clarence
Twitter @clarciel
Youtube wilddragonchase

Welcome to Spira's user page!

I'm Spira, or Arciele, or Arciele Spira.

An avid fan of Final Fantasy, I do prefer the main series lineage (the numbered ones) and their spin-offs. I also play Dissidia. I do not have much of any experience with Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, Theatrhythm or other spin-off series.

I am a well-known name in the FFXI community on both the western and Japanese fronts as a data-miner for Final Fantasy XI. My predominant focus is on uncovering new graphical assets, such as weapon models, new monsters and also animations. My data mining of new zones in FFXI also led to a viral leak of Seekers of Adoulin before it was actually announced. I am also well known for creating graphical resources for use with FFXI. All this can be found on my blog.

I don't do as much data-mining in FFXIV, if any. I did leak the (1.0) alpha original soundtrack tho, and continue to follow FFXIV music as it releases.

I quite like making FF-related videos, so I have some FF final boss battles and several bestiary videos in my youtube account. I am currently backlogged as a I have yet to record for FF4CC.

FF Experience[]

I have played and completed all main series FFs multiple times, and have done Perfect Game runs of almost all of them.

I have been playing FFXI for almost 10 years now. I can be found on Bahamut server as Arciele and was once Spira of Ragnarok. My main job is the Summoner (SMN), and I am a huge supporter of pet-based jobs. However, due to an inability to commit time to gearing my other jobs, I have now settled on SMN, SCH and BST for end-game events.

I played a bit of FFXIV when it first launched, and on and off as new patches were implemented. I was know there as Arciel Spira on the Gysahl, and subsequently Durandal servers. I will likely return to XIV when it relaunches.

My top 3 favorite FFs are:

  2. FFXI
  3. FFXIII-2

Wiki Objectives[]

As one of the main contributors to FFXI content here, my aim is to be able to paint a picture of what FFXI is for non-players who peruse this wiki, as well as for current or former players who may have been unaware of the lore behind the game, as well as its ties to the rest of the FF universe. Considering the fact that XI has dedicated wikis and is a perpetually ongoing game with 11 years of history, it is a bit difficult to play catch up, and I have no intention of duplicating the work of those strategy-based wikis.

As such, my project focuses will be on 3 main areas.

-basic information about the game

in the sense that information about the game, where needed, will be brief and preferably not down to specifics, unless necessary. a middle ground - not technical for the sake of non-players, but clear enough that players will understand and find value in it.

-FFXI lore

perhaps the main thrust of the 3 areas. XI has a lot of story fans, but there really isn't a single place that has been able to encompass the lore of the game, nor any wiki on the game that focuses on it. This is an attempt to converge all that information - from characters, to places, events, storylines... and so on. It's a lot by itself. Mission storylines are the main deal, as well as character backgrounds, especially for prominent npcs like those from AF quests.

-the lovely graphics

i don't know how else to say this but i'm just using what skills I already possess as a dataminer for the game, and using it to present the game in a more coherent way. As such, I am able to present things like the weapon images, character models, monsters.. etc.

Missteps: Already, I believe I've made a number of missteps in my previous attempts to bring more FFXI content to this wiki. For example.. List of Final Fantasy XI Weapons is never going to be completed if I follow the current format I'm using. I admit, it is a mistake to want to put a complete weapon listing down to stats. Even if I get it done at any point in time.. it will continually become outdated with each version update. I intend to complete it.. but only by stripping it down of certain information. Certain weapon sets will probably be preserved in some form.. like RMEs.

Another one would be.. FFXI zones. Attempting to add all details about the zones would be folly. and in doing so the pages are nowhere near complete, because its just such a chore to do, and shouldnt be. I will eventually continue with this.. after weapons probably. and armor. and maybe armor sets.

Lastly, List of Final Fantasy XI Enemies. I cannot stress how difficult this one is to monitor. Even if we were to just list names of enemies, the task is pretty gargantuan. But to be fair, that page has come a long way since I first saw it (and was aghast by how bad it was). Could be worse, i suppose.

Perhaps the underlying principle is "dont start what you can't finish." especially when you're essentially working alone. And I really want the XI pages to be presentable and coherent enough for the rest of the community.

Anyway, my current work on XI pages will be based on these areas.. maybe in order.

  • List of Final Fantasy XI Weapons
  • Missions (Final Fantasy XI)
  • List of Final Fantasy XI Armor Sets
  • Expansion main pages
  • List of Final Fantasy XI Enemies

...and i'll update this when the time is right.