Soren 4ever

aka TJ

  • I live in PDX
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male
Kain lean FMV DS
Name Soren_4ever
Job Class Dragoon
Hometown Deist Castle
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 24?
Height 5'9"
IQ Beyond Imagination
Weapon Zodiac Spear
Spells Flare, Holy, Ultima, Meteor
Summons Bahamut ZERO
limit breaks Super Double Jump

Humans and your insatiable greed. Your lust for power leads always to a lust for blood. This place is a sanctuary for wayward souls. What business have you filthy creatures here? You slaughter my brethren, and befoul their rest with the profanity of your continued existence. You should not have come here. In the name of all dragonkind, I shall grant you the death you desire. I am the dealer of destruction...I am the font from which fear springs...I am Kaiser...And your time is at end.

Kaiser Dragon, Final Fantasy VI

About MeEdit

I don't have much to say about myself.

I got started in the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy Tactics in 1998 on the original Playstation. I then moved on to Final Fantasy VIII; One day my best friend gave me the demo for Final Fantasy VII, when I beat that demo I knew I was hooked on Final Fantasy.

Beyond Final Fantasy I really like the Kingdom Hearts series, Legend of Legaia, Legend of Dragoon, the Star Ocean series, Dark Cloud 2, the Dragon Age series, the Mass Effect series, and the Xenosaga series.

Beyond Video games, I like learning about history and researching my families genealogy. I also like watching TV and movies, and just surfing the Internet.

That's about all I can think of saying, if you want to know more about me you can always ask on my discussion page.

Games I can't wait forEdit

  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Dragon Quest XI

Sub PagesEdit

My FF Preferences

Dissidia 3 cast

Dissidia 3 arenas

My Dream FF Project

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My Favorite QuotesEdit

You stand before the final dimension, and I am the darkness of eternity... All life bears death from birth. Life fears death, but lives only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear leads to anger...anger leads to hate...hate leads to suffering... The only cure for this fear is total destruction.

Necron, Final Fantasy IX

Reluctance to forgive has long been a human failing. It is man's nature to sin, yet you answer sin with violence upon violence. Is that not itself a sin?

The Emperor

Why do people insist on creating things that will inevitably be destroyed? Why do people cling to life knowing that they must someday die? Knowing that none of it will have meant anything once they do?

Kefka on the futility of existence

Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just two sides holding different views.

Squall, Final Fantasy VIII

Peace is but a shadow of death, desperate to forget its painful past... Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears, yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue, by dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue.

Kuja, Final Fantasy IX


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