It should be noted that some trophies have their requirements listed as "Flexible". This typically applies to ones that I retroactively create in response to the first recipient's actions, because it's not really fair to impose a fixed requirement based on what one person has done. Trophies that I devise before anyone earns them, conversely, will generally have more rigid requirements. They also tend to be hidden until someone earns them.

SNTrophyGlutton.png Requirement: Flexible
Jimcloud  –  Earned due to the nature of her second Focus, as well as the fact that she chose to start it immediately after completing her massive first Focus.
Jimcloud  –  Yes, a second one. I mean, choosing to have only two hours of stasis before starting her third Focus? Her work ethic is both admirable and slightly scary.
NeoZEROX  –  Not only was his second Focus identical to Jimcloud's first, but he also chose a time limit, and he completed it insanely fast. Oh, and let's not forget his altered first Focus...
SNTrophyAwesome.png Requirement: Flexible
NeloAngelo  –  This. No further explanation is required.
8bit BlackMage  –  For the shoutout in Mafia III's Night 3 story
SNTrophyHidden.png Requirement: Hidden

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