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Welcome to Sorceror Nobody's Treasure Hunt! Here, you will find a bunch of clues that lead to various articles on the wiki. I try to make the clues quite cryptic, but I know that I'm not brilliant at cryptic clues and there's a risk that I might just end up making them stupidly obscure. If you're really stuck, you can ask me for help in the dedicated section.

Solving an easy clue earns you three points, a medium one earns you four, a hard one is worth five, and diabolical nets you six. The difficulty designations are somewhat flexible; see the calibration section for details.

Each participant will receive a unique key for encoding messages using this site. The purpose of this is so that you can answer clues without ruining it for others. Accordingly, if ever anyone fails to encode a message, they will take a points penalty. The encryption element is crucial.

If your score passes a landmark (e.g. multiples of 20), you can display it with this userbox:
{{User:Sorceror Nobody/Treasure Hunt/Userbox|Score}}

Yarr... thar be treasure!
This user's Treasure Hunt
score is at least 20 pts!


If you want to participate, add your name here. I will, by some means or other (preferably on IRC), provide you with a 10-character long key for encoding messages. Once you have that, you can start hunting! It should also be noted that each participant starts with five points.


Rank Name Points Completed clues
1 Bond em7 53 001, 002, 003, 007, 008, 010, 012, 014
2 MirrorshardSceada 35 001, 002, 003, 007, 008, 009, 012, 014
3 Jimcloud 30 002, 003, 007, 008, 010, 011, 012, 014
4 A.J. two 22 007
5 Trindadex 20 003, 007, 012, 014
6 Kupohunter 15 ---
7 Werefang 14 ---
8 R8.50Mango 12 008, 014
9 OavatosDK 8 ---
10 Armageddon11 5 ---


When you think you know the answer to a clue, encode the name of the article with your key and post it here, along with your name. Make sure you indicate which clue it is for! Naturally, there is no reason that you can't attempt more than one clue at once, either.

Obviously, if you can simply PM me on IRC instead, that is the sensible way to do it.

  • SN: c1h4,Iy?B'Hvd (Clue 000)

Extra hints[]

Stuck? Not to worry, I'm willing to provide little nudges in the right direction. Of course, it will help me to help you if you can briefly summarise your current line of thinking. As usual, encode it with your key before posting it here, though. This service is not free, however. If you request a hint for a hard or medium clue, it will cost you one point. Easy clue hints, on the other hand, cost two points. I'm afraid there are no refunds :P

Again, an IRC PM is generally preferable if I am on there when you want to request a hint.

  • SN: WQ*B5:79rQ@B=?Q.$D0B;6FD:Q(A,L71tA9GUZ_JpG;R,<@Q#Q@B=L:,%7F¶5-AF0!Q;;1;9>.F6R,<Q?v35R?<D6.A<GGA:0.=,L;LG>s6F97?Q?v7:8G¶:7>"3.8;kQd^ (Clue 000)



ID Clue

002 Doubly-progressed battle plans: Humes and winged beings using bows.
005 Buried in Snow? Yes, but I don't necessarily mean the music track...
008 Is it "Vanish Crap"? Nearly, but your C.V. needs to go to B.T.
011 Fleet of foot, with a blood-like hue. Not to be underestimated!
012 You should take flight, looking death in the eye twelve times over.


ID Clue

001 A user of magic, they are akin to the sky and the sea (and the TARDIS?)
003 The beverage of the gods, perhaps? It goes straight to your head...
004 Is this the guy that Superman works for? Quite a challenge, ne?
007 Epic anagram of Ivalician city: IF RAPED, ROSA, I AM THY CECIL.
010 Information about Salvia officinalis? If so, it's the second page.
014 A bit of a grotty place, but it seasonally opposes death, I think.


ID Clue

006 Some kind of solar gemstone? Can it keep you safe when you travel by sea?
009 Can a nasty/devious/sneaky clue be shortened to mean something else?


ID Clue

013 An Earthy flower-girl's naughty bits? More literal than you might think...


Obviously, because I know the answers to the clues, it's very difficult for me to assess just how difficult they are. Consequently, if after completing a clue you think that it is in the wrong difficulty bracket, you can inform me of your opinion here. The more people who tell me a clue needs to be moved, the more likely it is to happen. Furthermore, the more clues you have completed, the more credence your opinion has. Basically, if you have more points, your opinion has more influence.

I've refined my spreadsheet, and 014 needs only one more call for demotion for it to happen. Or, if one of you two gets more points :P -- SN

Sample clues[]

These are clues that were solved in the original setup of my treasure hunt. Obviously, since the answers have been revealed, they are no longer open to attempts. However, you may find it useful to study them to get an idea of my way of thinking. Underlined text shows a tooltip when you hover your cursor over it; these explain the logic of the clue.

Difficulty ratings assigned based on a combination of ratings from Jimcloud and Bond em7


  • A second-class fortification that got some air time in FFXIII? – Palamecia Castle
  • All your ones of these belong to us. Only on the moon, however. – Lunar Base
  • Is this particular genus part of a virtuous race? Oh, absolutely! – Aern
  • A substance with an orderly molecular structure. FF is full of it! – Crystal (Term)
  • Could this guy be a colleague of Prof. Nil, Dr. Deux and Dr. Trois? – Dr. Unne
  • Related to something that makes you taller? ...or perhaps rumpled... – Stiltzkin
  • A hot bit of plumage. Yes, this might be an innuendo... but is it?Phoenix Down
  • The twelfth ram, but also the first to be called fourth, d'you see? – Belias
  • A hated thing, or so I've heard. Some sort of Magical Mission? – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • Kyogre...? No, but that's not as far from correct as it may seem. – Sapphire Weapon
  • Mayhem runs wild, but there's a being known to keep it in check. – Pandemonium Warden


  • A realistic person, but not real. There's a ghost in her shell*. – Aki Ross
  • Undead, undead, undead, undead. That's quite a number of them! – Zombie (Final Fantasy IV)
  • There's a crisis on this! There's agitated dissonance, too! – PlayStation Portable
  • Sodium? Xenon? Carbon? Iodine? Surely it must be one of them! – Element
  • A quiet place in the spirit sunrise? Anagram:O! VIEW PWN'D RICHES!Whisperwind Cove
  • A certain user, having been de-harlequinised, becomes merely this. – Judgemaster
  • With the advent of children's soft toys, one girl's doll is kupotastic! – Moogle Girl
  • Next up is a pudding, although it does require you to get a mousse... – Sorbet
  • Do you have to be in Europe to see this natural monument? Not quite. – Montblanc
  • Is this person a cutie? Certainly, her name initially sounds like it! – Quistis Trepe
  • The devil's in the detail for this. It had to be built twelve times! – Demon Wall (Final Fantasy XII)
  • Is this a vestige of the Lunarians? Well, it kinda sounds like it... – Lunar Ruins
  • This seems familiar. Are you sure you haven't been here before?*Final Fantasy Mystic Quest again


  • Crystal story, cyclic destiny, princess. Replace her tea with pee (EW!) – Pilika
  • Another concealed Pokémon in Final Fantasy? Giratina, perhaps... – Hidon
  • A type of magic particularly beloved by Matt Smith, perhaps? – Time and Space magic
  • Want information? The fifth of the thirteen menus is the place to go. – Datalog/Locales (Final Fantasy XIII)