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This set of user articles is based on the Grand List of Console RPG Clichés. It simply lists as many examples of each cliché as I can think of from FF games (although other media e.g. Advent Children are allowed too). The reason for having multiple articles is that 192 is a lot to have on one page. I may expand some clichés slightly, and some new clichés from myself or other users are added after #192. I have also decided to permit Kingdom Hearts examples, as it would hardly be worthwhile to duplicate this whole set of user articles in my KHWiki userspace. Just make sure you use the correct interwiki links. I suppose I'll also allow examples from any other Square-Enix games and media (e.g. TWEWY) as long as it's not a franchise that came from the Enix side – that means no Dragon Quest etc. Note also that to qualify as a Square Enix game, it must have been developed by them, not just published by them. And finally, Alundra and Alundra 2 examples are allowed, despite them having no connection to SE, just because I say so.

Clichés and examples may be edited for at least one of the following reasons:

  • for clarity (or to add my token pathetic attempts at humour)
  • replacing US with UK spellings (or correcting bad grammar)
  • replacing "Aerith" (the editor responsible will be shot) with "Aeris"

I hope you realise that my apparent fanaticism over "Aeris/Aerith" is an example of the token pathetic attempts at humour

Guidelines for adding examples[edit | edit source]

  • Only examples from Square Enix games and Alundra* are permitted
  • Read the cliché carefully to make sure your example is actually relevant
  • Make sure you follow the existing layout, i.e.
    • Keep the games in number order for the main series (Compilation goes between VII and VIII)
    • For others (e.g. Crystal Chronicles or Tactics), just make it sensible and reasonably consistent
    • If it's the first time something/someone appears on the page, make an appropriate link. Try to check for this as you add examples, and remove later occurrences of the same link if you happen to spot any while editing
    • Links should use the common name of the subject, but still link fully, e.g. [[Locke Cole|Locke]]
    • Check that your links don't go to disambig pages (or redirects, if you can help it)
    • Other games (like KH) should always come after FF examples; use interwiki links
  • If you aren't quite sure about an example, you can discuss it on the talk page
  • Always use "Aeris", not "Aerith"; this overrides the "avoid redirects" rule

Contesting an example[edit | edit source]

  • Don't just remove examples. If you think an example isn't relevant, discuss it on the talk page
  • I have final say on whether a contested example stays or goes

"What happens to my edits, oh masterful Sorceror Nobody?"[edit | edit source]

I'm glad you asked me that. In a nutshell:

  • I retain the right to edit it mercilessly because it's in my userspace
  • I generally won't remove an example unless I am pretty sure it doesn't belong
  • If I think an example is borderline, I'll usually comment on it (but I do leave it in)
  • I will periodically spring-clean to clear out repeated links etc.

RPGC Patrollers[edit | edit source]

If anyone wants to volunteer as an RPG Clichés Patroller, let me know. All it entails is occasionally checking on the clichés, mianly because I'm not familiar with most of the games outside of the main series, nor with anything before FFVI. As a result, I can't really judge the suitability of some examples. Obviously, the most needed applicants are those familiar with at least one of the games that I'm not familiar with, but it's not an absolute requirement. If you want to do minor maintenance, feel free, but it's not required since this is, after all, in my userspace and thus its upkeep is my responsibility. If you volunteer, you're allowed to use this userbox:

RPGcliches patroller.PNG
This user is an RPG Clichés Patroller!

Existing RPGC Patrollers


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