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WEAPONs existing[edit | edit source]

Archived because ILHI (justifiably) deleted it from Talk:Weapon (enemy)

If only weapons existed it be fun and what would you do if you came across one of and then still more fighting starts playing with a atb screen. user--Stephendwan 19:49, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

If we're assuming that the fantastical transformation that causes them to exist in the real world also has a relevant effect on me (and my abilities), I'd save my game (where "game" means "lifetime so far") and then take a pop at them. If the only outcome of the fantastical transformation is to make them exist, and the rest of reality is unaltered, I'd take the sensible course of action and try to save my life by running my weak ass off as far away as possible -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 20:22, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

what if your surrounded by all final fantasies WEAPONS. user--Stephendwan 20:30, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

In that scenario, my answer is the same as before, but with me much more likely to die -- SN

what if you were surrounded by all boss fights including easy ones, optional ones, tough ones, small weak humans, superboss in the entire final fantasy games both spin offs and main series. user--Stephendwan 20:36, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

In that scenario, my answer is the same as before, but with me much much more likely to die. Now let's try having you surrounded by ten of every enemy from every FF game ever (including those not yet created). It should be more fun than you asking me again and again, because my answer ain't gonna change. Jeez -- SN
I am an editor on a wiki.  ILHI 20:40, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

thanks i give it a shot but first how about you fight 100 of every enemy from every game ever made that includes boss fights and normal enemys with you on a big undiscovered island with enemies and boss that are able to live in water, sky.

oh i won't die if that happend to me cause sense its something from a game i can use checkpoints, cheats, save points, extra lives. user--Stephendwan 20:51, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

<facepalms> I give up. Please end this discussion now, for the sake of sanity -- SN

Childishness[edit | edit source]

My emphasis, added to Drake's original text, purely for teh really immature lulz

No, in all versions he faces away from Kefka and is taken from behind."

Mokarma?[edit | edit source]

Quoted here because it's epic hilarity win! Originally in the Peanut Gallery for the Moogle vs Tonberry fight

The thing is, people are talking about how the tonberry would beat a moogle in a fight. I beg to differ. If a tonberry even got near a moogle with that knife of his, an army of fanboys/fangirls would swarm the tonberry and pummel it into submission. It's almost like the moogle's own version of Karma. Jimcloud 17:50, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

^-- This = WIN! XD -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 19:27, August 17, 2010 (UTC)
Epic win. I think Jimcloud has just become my new favorite user. That made me laugh so hard I shot Coke out of my nose.  TheBlueDragoon Dissicon ff10 Yun1.png22:07, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

The IRC section[edit | edit source]

I have to have a dedicated section for this, right? :P

On the subject of Snow (and later Wakka)
[19:52] <Paramina> I love his face.
[19:52] <Paramina> he makes the most hilarious facial expressions ever.
[19:52] <Paramina> He's always gurning or winking or smiling with only one side of his mouth.
[19:53] <Paramina> Fist-pumping and saying "yeah!" at the end of every sentence.
[19:53] <Scathe> I can't take any scene with him seriously.
[19:53] <Paramina> I kind of live for his theme as well.
[19:53] * Sorceror_Nobody thinks, trying to recall Snow's theme...
[19:54] <Scathe> I can't remember any music from FFXIII.
[19:54] <Scathe> Except that the boss theme sounds like the final boss theme of FFXII.
[19:54] <Paramina> It's an electric guitar theme
[19:54] <Paramina> That's funny because whoever composed it was so obviously trying to be like "this guy's so cool and hardcore, let's give him a really 'hip' and cool theme"
[19:54] <Paramina> I can't help laugh whenever I hear it.
[19:55] <Scathe> Yeah, I'm hearing it and it sounds nothing like Snow at all.
[19:55] <Sorceror_Nobody> Ah yeah, that one. Great track
[19:55] <Paramina> It pops up at the funniest moments.
[19:55] <Kuja_and_Lulu> !google youtube FFXIII music Snow
[19:55] <MasterTonberry> Kuja_and_Lulu: youtube FFXIII music Snow =
[19:55] <Sorceror_Nobody> But couldn't be less appropriate for Snow
[19:55] <Paramina> You can just imagine Snow hearing it starting and going "yeaaaaaaaaaah!" *fist-pump*
[19:55] <Sorceror_Nobody> As everyone else rolls their eyes
[19:56] <Scathe> Running in slow motion as random things blow up in the background.
[19:56] <Paramina> Never turning to look back at the explosions
[19:56] <Paramina> because that's not what heroes do, baby.
[19:56] <Sorceror_Nobody> *runs past crystallised Serah, she blows up* "...shit"
[19:57] <Scathe> XD
[19:57] <Paramina> If it weren't for Serah's Theme, I'd completely hate the character.
[19:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, those last several comments are going in my Quotage page, immediately
[19:57] <Scathe> Well, he was whacking her with a rock for three or so chapters. The inevitable was going to happen.
[19:59] <Henryacores> Serah's Theme? You mean the arrangement of the Main Theme?
[19:59] <Paramina> I also hate how Square made Serah look like a 12 year old even moreso than they usually do with their females.
[19:59] <Scathe> I like how Hope just has a random heart attack when Alexander appears.
[19:59] <Paramina> And since Snow is mammoth, he looks like a real creeper whenever he's with her.
[20:00] <Scathe> They're just walking in pulse, and then Hope explodes for no reason.
[20:00] <Scathe> If I was the party, I would just leave the smoldering Hope there.
[20:00] <Paramina> He does ask them to.
[20:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> They randomly stop and look up to see Cocoon explode. "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?"
[20:00] <Scathe> I don't remember.
[20:00] <Armageddon11> XD
[20:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> ... Lightning punches Wakka
[20:00] <Paramina> If only.
[20:01] <Scathe> XD
[20:01] <Paramina> Actually, to be fair, Wakka is not my most hated X character.
[20:01] <Paramina> I'd have to say that honor goes to Lulu.
[20:01] <Paramina> Purely for making me actually feel sorry for Wakka once, which isn't acceptable.
[20:01] * OavatosDK|2 hides before Kuja says something.
[20:02] <Scathe> We should add "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?" to every dramatic scene in Final Fantasy.
[20:03] <Paramina> Reactor in VII's opening explodes...
[20:03] <Scathe> Cleyra explodes. "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?"
[20:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Scathe: We must not try to make it a meme, for meme-forcing fails. But it could make a good one, I think///
[20:04] <DTN> Palom and Porom "die" in FFIV.
[20:04] <Scathe> The world explodes in FFVI?
[20:04] <Paramina> Bahamut explodes.
[20:04] <DTN> "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?" - Cid, afterwards
[20:04] <Paramina> In XII. The ship, not the dragon.
[20:04] <Paramina> That'd be messy.
[20:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> FFVI? Kefka: "I'm gonna destroy EVERYTHING... like happy festival fireworks!!!"
[20:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> lolwhut
[20:05] <OavatosDK> Win.
[20:05] <Paramina> It's a shame we don't see Nabudis get obliterated. From what I've read from the Ultimania novel, that would be an EPIC "Boom! Like happy festival fireworks, ya?"
On the subject of getting the Heal Strike finisher in Birth by Sleep
[21:11] <S_Nobody|BbS> "Receive enough damage to bring your HP to zero 5 times"? Okay, how does one interpret that?
[21:11] <Drake|BBS> die?
[21:11] <MasterTonberry> x.x
[21:11] <S_Nobody|BbS> 'cause to me, that sounds suspiciously synonymous with "Die five times"
[21:13] <S_Nobody|BbS> One could theorise that it means taking an equivalent amount of damage (but healing some of it in between so as not to die)
[21:14] <S_Nobody|BbS> I can't remember how soon after I unlocked Rising Rock 2 I got Dark Star 1, so I can't tell how likely or unlikely it is that this kind of condition was not met even once in between the two...
[21:14] <KujaRhapsodos> S_Nobody|BbS: Second Chance.
[21:15] <S_Nobody|BbS> I no has, unfortunately
[21:15] <KujaRhapsodos> Me neither =(
[21:18] <S_Nobody|BbS> *adopts wildlife documentary voice* "And here we have a wild Terra, letting itself be beaten up by other animals. Scientists believe that this bizarre ritual is actuall a form of experimentation. However, some dispute that the Terra is particularly intelligent, considering anecdotal evidence from other behaviour..."
[21:18] <DTN> Terra, intelligent?
[21:18] <DTN> Terra is more malleable than Kain.
[21:18] <S_Nobody|BbS> As I say, it's disputed
[21:18] <S_Nobody|BbS> XD
[21:19] <DTN> And Play-Doh.
[21:19] <S_Nobody|BbS> Well, anyway, I think I've ruled out the "total damage (with healing so as not to die)" theory
[21:19] <DTN> And a Play-Doh Kain used in a Claymation movie telling the events of FFIV.
[21:19] <CloudofDarkness> "Oh, you're an evil pirate, and you say that someone's taking your mon... er, light (that I have no clue how you got in the first place...). HELLS YEAH, I'LL PROTECT IT!"
[21:20] <DTN> lolterrastupimah
[21:21] <S_Nobody|BbS> I still remember one line... . . . . . . Terra: "Master Xehanort is the only one I can still rely on" . . . . . . . . . Me: *headdesk*
[21:21] <Drake|BBS> I need to visit the Moogle shop for Terra
[21:21] <Drake|BBS> I'm out of commands tor master and fuse ;p
[21:22] <DTN> Drake|BBS: I spent hours doing that, which doubled as powerleveling. :P
[21:22] <S_Nobody|BbS> How do you get new mobility commands? None of them show up as permitted in the Materia Fusi... er, sorry, Command Melding
[21:22] <Drake|BBS> I'm power-levelling now
[21:22] <Drake|BBS> Getting all the missed chests and levelling up new commands and abilities on the way
[21:22] <DTN> Nice.
[21:22] <Drake|BBS> You win them in the story
[21:22] <DTN> Tried the Mirage Arena?
[21:22] <Drake|BBS> ya
[21:23] <DTN> How far?
[21:23] <Drake|BBS> not very
[21:23] <S_Nobody|BbS> Hmmm... guess they must be there, then
[21:23] <Drake|BBS> Gonna head there when I have all the chests
[21:24] <S_Nobody|BbS> Okay... *documentary voice* "We now see the Terra actually letting the other animals kill it. This suicidal ritual seems to fly in the face of evolutionary common sense, but scientists recently discovered that the Terra has an ability, like the Yeti of Discworld, to "save" its life progress"
[21:26] <S_Nobody|BbS> ...nope, dying and selecting Continue doesn't work either
[21:26] <S_Nobody|BbS> Still zero progress on the finisher
[21:26] <CloudofDarkness> Die + retry
[21:27] <S_Nobody|BbS> Retry only exists for bosses
[21:30] <Azul81677> olos, "To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree"."
[21:30] <BfD> one of the Unversed reminds me of Croagunk o.o
[21:31] <Drake|BBS> *documentary voice* And now, behold the wild Aqua. The wild Aqua is not as strong as her cousin species, but is more agile, able to cartwheel, flip and twirl her weapon of choice. She needs these keen acrobatics to evade predators, for besides the usual, the wild Aqua is feverishly hunted by the domestic fanboy, due to what they call her "sexeh"
[21:34] <DTN> Azul: I don't know how to reply to that, other than I liked it.
[21:35] <Azul81677> Is funny, no?
[21:35] <BfD> that it is.
[21:37] <Drake|BBS> Aye
[21:42] <S_Nobody|BbS> ...okay, so I've melded to get Once More and Second Chance. Let's go get killed (but not actually)! :P
[21:48] <S_Nobody|BbS> ...might as well complete the set, ne? *documentary voice* "Now we observe the wild Ven (scientific name Keybladae Ventus). It is notorious for being almost indistuinguishable from the closely-related species Keybladae Roxas..."
[21:49] <S_Nobody|BbS> I'd do one for Vanitas but, eh, spoilers
On the subject of the... er... #FFWiki Medical Clinic
[12:58] <KujaRhapsodos> My cold reached my eyes. Now, headache, runny nose and crying eyes.
[12:58] <SomeColorMage> Eww.
[12:58] * SomeColorMage steps away from Kuja
[12:58] <Otherarrow> Poor Kuja
[13:01] <KujaRhapsodos> I don't wanna have to call sick to my boss =( He needs me.
[13:01] <SomeColorMage> Write to him them :P
[13:01] <SomeColorMage> *then
[13:03] <KujaRhapsodos> That won't work XD
[13:03] <KujaRhapsodos> Bah. I'll take 2 tylenols, take a shower, eat. I'll see if I'm alright after that.
[13:03] <Neathalia> you're sick? You should try #FFWiki's medical clinic. Our "Clear! Theraphy" works wonders I tell you.
[13:04] <Neathalia> everyone who've tried that theraphy never came back.
[13:04] <KujaRhapsodos> <_< Indeed, Nelo, you #clear often.
[13:04] <KujaRhapsodos> */clear
[13:04] * SomeColorMage casts Esuna on Kuja
[13:04] <SomeColorMage> Feel better
[13:04] <Neathalia> too long of a log lags my computer.
[13:04] <KujaRhapsodos> XD
[13:05] * KujaRhapsodos feels better now.
[13:05] <Neathalia> <mumble> that's because everyone who tried that theraphy died there
[13:05] <Otherarrow> ...That won't work Nelo. Yuan left, and we are horrable surgeons/medical peoples.
[13:05] <Neathalia> BUT HEY...! What's a few bodies hindering our rep, right? /Right/? Bah, just stepping stone..!
[13:06] <Otherarrow> That reminds me, stop throwing the corpses into the lake. We've been getting complaints.
[13:06] <SomeColorMage> How about the park then? Nobody uses it anyway
[13:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> Speaking of "stepping stone", you should dump the bodies in the middle of a river instead. It'd facilitate both disposal and river-crossing!
[13:07] <Neathalia> but then the fishes would starve...and that I'd have to spend more budget on buying dem fish food! ...Oh shit, did I just say that out loud?
[13:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> If we did dump them as stepping stones in a river, we could even euphemistically call it "recycling our waste items for other purposes"
[13:09] <SomeColorMage> Euphemistically my ass, it would be the complete and honest truth.
[13:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> (...or we could just hide the bodies in bodhi trees, for teh Robbie Williams reference)
[13:10] <Neathalia> fuck it, I'mma just gonna sell the organs on the blackmarket.
[13:11] <SomeColorMage> The remaining bits of the corpses can still be thrown in the river, right?
[13:12] <Neathalia> I dunno, since Otherarrow mentioned it, the river kinda stink.
[13:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> mightcollapse when people step on them, though. You'd have to pach the organ cavities with some sort of filling
[13:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> *pack
[13:12] <SomeColorMage> Cement?
[13:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yeah, that'll do nicely
[13:13] <Neathalia> maybe we should do chef's surprise once in a while....
[13:13] <Neathalia> of course, nothing related to the topic above.
[13:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> It'll make sure they don't float too. Like the Mafia cementing people's feet into a block
[13:13] <Otherarrow> You people sicken me.
[13:14] <SomeColorMage> Then why did I find a thumb in the last chef's surprise?
[13:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> Do we? Excellent!
[13:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> That would be It was very convincing confectionery?
[13:15] <SomeColorMage> It tasted like real thumb though
[13:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> VERY convincing
[13:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and how do you mknow what thumb tastes like anyway? O_o
[13:16] <Neathalia> hah! Amateurs. Last time I I tried chef's surprise, I got a diamond ring. 'course, it nearly choked me, but hey,
[13:16] <SomeColorMage> Um... Err...
[13:16] <SomeColorMage> Magic?
[13:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> In mine, I found God. Unfortunately, he hadn't survived the cooking process, so...
[13:17] <SomeColorMage> Mess up a spell, and BAM, there's a thumb on your tounge
[13:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and your tongue isn't necessarily in your mouth at the time, depending on the spell? XD
[13:17] <SomeColorMage> Indeed
[13:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> It might even be that your tongue has transplanted itself onto your own thumb.
[13:19] <SomeColorMage> I haven't screwed up that badly
[13:19] <SomeColorMage> ...yet
[13:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Your tongue being attached to one's hand, which is far more maneuverable than one's head, could appeal to one's kinkier side, ne? Theoretically speaking, of course
[13:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> *One's tongue, rather
[13:20] <Neathalia> you know what, if we have a fanfic based on the medical clinic of #FFWiki, it would be the best collab fic this wiki ever had.
[13:21] <SomeColorMage> Add it to the list of wiki stories we need to do
[13:21] <Neathalia> although, it still won't make those corpses go away.
[13:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh god, yeah. And one I might feel able to contribute to
[13:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'm not much of a creative writer for characterisation or storylines, but I'm fairly good with silliness : )
[13:21] <SomeColorMage> I want to at least finish EoS before I get involved in another one of these things
[13:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> *trads on Neathalia's foot* ...what corpses? >.>
[13:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> *treads
[13:22] * SomeColorMage shoves the corpse pile under the rug
[13:22] <SomeColorMage> Problem solved!
[13:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...what problem? We had a problem?
[13:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> *cough*
[13:23] <SomeColorMage> Oh, we had a problem about the rug not being lumpy enough!
[13:23] <SomeColorMage> See, it's all lumpy now.
[13:24] <Neathalia> oh gee sir, I dunno, that lifeless body that's currently....umm, wait, what!? Is that.../thing/ rising up? And why is it saying brains over and over again?
[13:25] <Sorceror_Nobody> Ah, yes. The rug looks much better with all those lumps. Good job
[13:26] * SomeColorMage hits the thing Nelo's concerned about with a shovel
[13:27] <Neathalia> amybe we should fire all janitors, since corpses are still around and all.. Wait, we have janitors?
[13:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Ah, and the walls look so much better with those new stylish reddish-brown and greenish streaks and splatters. Nice
[13:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> (whispers to Nelo: I think some of the corpses are the janitors. They found out too much, so I had to kill them >_>)
[13:29] <Neathalia> ah shit.
On the subject of the various Modes of BbS
[18:12] SCrono|BBS is playing BBS, as Terra in Proud Mode and just beat Neverland
[18:12] Faethin gets the fruit
[18:12] Sorceror_Nobody has already done what SCrono|BBS did
[18:12] Sorceror_Nobody is on Ven for Proud Mode
[18:12] Oav|BBSAqua is playing BBS, as Aqua in Proud Mode and has beaten the entire main story
[18:13] Sorceror_Nobody uses the /me command just for teh lulz
[18:13] <Oav|BBSAqua> Am I the only person here who played on proud for their first playthrough?
[18:13] <Oav|BBSAqua> Other than Crono?
[18:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> That's not impressive, really, it's just showoffery
[18:14] Oav|BBSAqua thinks showing off is fun.
[18:14] Sorceror_Nobody thinks so too, but only up to a point
[18:14] <Oav|BBSAqua> Because me and my brother have to share this all the saves are jumbled together and its confusing which is which
[18:15] <Oav|BBSAqua> My Command Deck: Magic Hour, Firaga Burst, Mega Flare, Seeker Mine, Curaga
[18:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> I reckon it might be possible to edit the save file icon, though...
[18:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> I haven't tried yet, in case it makes the file unreadable, but I don't think it will >_>
[18:20] <KujaRhapsodos> Oav|BBSAqua: Zek started on Critical, and CoD too, I thin.
[18:20] <KujaRhapsodos> *think
[18:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'm waiting for them to add a Suicide Mode :P
[18:21] <SCrono|BBS> Ends of the Earth! W00t!
[18:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> Where enemies deal 15x damage to you, you deal 1/15 to them, you have forced Zero EXP ability, and CP gained on the Command Board is negated
[18:22] <Oav|BBSAqua> Time for you to hear awesome musics
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> Hey, how do you get Crawling Firaga?
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> I wanna meld it with Fission for Megaflare
[18:22] <Oav|BBSAqua> Firaga+Stopra
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> Ugh.. Stopra
[18:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> However, you get the secret ending after completing just one story in Suicide Mode, and also get to see nude pics of Aqua
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> Alright, time to go do some MA leveling
[18:22] <Oav|BBSAqua> 200 munny and maybe 10 minutes of grinding
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> NUDE AQUA
[18:22] <SCrono|BBS> WHERE
[18:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> Read my comments from "I'm waiting for them to add Suicide Mode" onwards
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> Oh
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> :/
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> It'll be in BBSFM
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> Along with a superboss who disables the Command Deck
[18:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> Interesting that you have a hair-trigger response to those two words
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> Watch
[18:23] <SCrono|BBS> I bet those two things will be in BBSFM
[18:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> The existing superboss throws your commands on the floor
[18:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> Whn he's not murdering you with ten-second-long combos
[18:24] <SCrono|BBS> No, I mean you can't use them AT ALL
[18:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> They can't add that superboss, SC. My agent turns their calls away
[18:25] <Oav|BBSAqua> Im using this right not
[18:25] <MasterTonberry> Quick and dirty guide to meld maxing abilities in about 2hr [spoilers] - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs
[18:25] <Oav|BBSAqua> *now
[18:25] <KujaRhapsodos> Dammit. Why is the main story so much easier than Mirage Arena?!?
[18:25] <Oav|BBSAqua> Dunno
[18:25] <Sorceror_Nobody> KujaRhapsodos: Hang on...
[18:25] <SCrono|BBS> olos
[18:25] <SCrono|BBS> That's why I level at MA :P
[18:26] <KujaRhapsodos> But main bosses are boring =(
[18:26] <Sorceror_Nobody>
[18:26] <MasterTonberry> User:Sorceror Nobody/RPGcliches0 - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research
[18:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> That's why
Being annoying on the Zeldapedia Channel
[23:43] ColorMetroipod11 [~Sorceror@] has joined #wikia-zelda
[23:43] Channel topic is: Welcome to the Zeldapedia IRC channel! | NO PERVINESS, SAMUS, BUGS, MATHS, POKEMON B/W OR PERIOD | BRITISH TERMINOLOGY AND SPELLINGS | This is Stars' channel, Stars makes the rules, Stars decides if you go, kkthxbai | Message for RDH: Jazzi is a crackhead! | Message for Jazzi: RDH is a derp. | If you disrespect PPG, you have doubts about your manhood.
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[23:45] <+Pie145> [test]
[23:45] <+DSM> mhm
[23:45] <@Eple> WHACK-OO
[23:45] <+DSM> I just want you to know that you behaved in an absolutely petty manner just a few minutes ago at the Wiki's IRC channel. In your paranoia of being trolled you banned a user who was actually trying to help. The reason why you guys are or were trolled with such a fury is that you deliver yourselves to trolls - by acting like a bunch of power-crazed 13-year-olds. Try going out for a walk or...
[23:45] <+DSM> ...something. You definitely need to. Fëasindë te audio 22:44, September 26, 2010 (UTC)
[23:45] <+DSM> Oop, forgot he kicked hi8mself
[23:46] <@BIRDEH> I am actually going to agree with agree with that message.
[23:46] <+Pie145> Same.
[23:46] <+DSM> What even happened?
[23:46] <@BIRDEH> paranoia
[23:46] <@Eple> Anti-outsider paranoia
[23:47] <@Asteria> DAMNIT
[23:47] <@Asteria> WHERE IS MY N64
[23:47] <@Eple> Also, the whole "state your name and business" rule that doesn't really exist.
[23:47] <+DSM> Nice, guys.
[23:47] <@Eple> I'll read the logs when I need a downer >.>
[23:47] <@BIRDEH> Don't look at me. I was trying to be level headed.
[23:47] <+DSM> Actually we usually make unfamiliar people state their ZP username
[23:47] <+DSM> Did you guys forget?
[23:48] <@Somerset> That's sort of his point...
[23:48] <ColorMetroipod11> What up? Something happen here?
[23:48] <@Somerset> I think.
[23:48] <+DSM> I wasn't here
[23:49] <@Eple> Nobody verified that rule.
[23:49] <@Eple> I still think it's bullshit.
[23:49] <+DSM> I know we didn't but we still used it
[23:50] <@Eple> The IRC is free to use for anyone as long as they obey the rules. You outside our jurisdiction, trying
[23:50] <@BIRDEH> ^
[23:50] <@Somerset> ^
[23:50] <@Eple> to deter outsiders at any given time.
[23:50] <@Eple> I'm not judging anyone here... not until I've read the logs.
[23:51] <@Jazzi> I couldn't wait, till I got home, to pass the time in my room alone...
[23:52] <ColorMetroipod11> Makes sense. My room's my favorite place to chill
[23:52] <@Jazzi> It's a song, that's basically become my theme now
[23:52] <@Somerset> Oh, god damn it Minish.
[23:53] <@BIRDEH> ^
[23:53] <+Pie145> ^^
[23:53] <@Asteria> Song of storms.
[23:53] <@RDH> Oh, how close to breaking my heart is
[23:54] <+Pie145> The Song of Madness.
[23:54] <@RDH> Guys, if things end, I'll need alone time
[23:55] <@TMGone> Think about it: all that reallly happened was that people came, they got kicked and banned, and Minish banned himself.
[23:55] <+Pie145> He brought it upon himself.
[23:55] <@TMGone> It's okay.
[23:55] <@Eple> It's nothing.
[23:55] <+Pie145> If Minish gets blocked, I won't be crying.
[23:55] <ColorMetroipod11> When I want alone time, I like to walk down the sidewalk for a couple blocks. Really calms me down
[23:56] <@Asteria> Nothing is happening to Minish
[23:56] <@Asteria> You will all leave him alone now
[23:56] <@Asteria> Hear me?
[23:56] <@Asteria> Leave him alone.
[23:56] <@Asteria> Now.
[23:56] <@Somerset> Not that I was even planning to do something to him
[23:57] <@Somerset> Well, actually never mind.
[23:57] <@Somerset> I'll just leave it at that.
[23:57] <@Somerset> I don't think anybody was planning to.
[23:57] DJ_Sally [63f83858@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikia-zelda
[23:57] <DJ_Sally> Hi-Oh!
[23:57] TMGone [4429a62e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has set mode +o DJ_Sally
[23:57] <@BIRDEH> 'ello
[23:57] <+Pie145> Hey.
[23:58] Jazzi [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[23:58] <@Eple> Someone dodged a bullet...
[23:58] Jazzi [] has joined #wikia-zelda
[23:58] <@Asteria> Can you overdose on ibruprofen?
[23:58] <@BIRDEH> yes
[23:58] <+DSM> I don't even knw exactly what happened...
[23:59] <@Asteria> good
[23:59] <Jazzi> And on Nyquil
[23:59] <Jazzi> Oh, the wonders of Nyquil
[23:59] <@Asteria> because i have a whole box downstairs with my name on it
[23:59] <@BIRDEH> Stars.
[23:59] <Jazzi> such a peaceful time that day
[23:59] <@BIRDEH> Please
[23:59] <@BIRDEH> Please don't do this.
[23:59] DJ_Sally [63f83858@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has set mode +o Jazzi
[23:59] <+DSM> all i know is a lot of people got kicked and banned, apparently...
[23:59] <+Pie145> ^
[23:59] <+DSM> And I unfortunately think I know who did it
[23:59] <@Jazzi> I can understand where Stars is coming from
[23:59] <ColorMetroipod11> What'd they get kicked for?
[23:59] <@Asteria> being douchebags
[23:59] <@Jazzi> I'm not a fan of life so much these days either
[00:00] <@DJ_Sally> What in the hell happened?
[00:00] <@RDH> J@zzi, I love you
[00:00] <@Asteria> Song of storms.
[00:00] <@Asteria> over and over
[00:00] <@Asteria> minish is breaking down
[00:00] <@Asteria> so i have link
[00:00] <@Asteria> wine
[00:00] <@Jazzi> I love you, RDH
[00:00] <@Asteria> song of storms
[00:00] <+DSM> Sally
[00:00] <@Asteria> and quite a few ways with which to end it
[00:00] <+DSM> Apparently paranoia.
[00:00] <@BIRDEH> Stars.
[00:00] <@BIRDEH> Please. Please don't do this.
[00:01] <ColorMetroipod11> Has anyone got the logs for the kickbans?
[00:01] <+Pie145> ^
[00:01] <ColorMetroipod11> I prefer to use natural logs myself, but base ten is okay
[00:01] <@Asteria> I considered ending it many times when i was with link
[00:01] <+DSM> ..........
[00:01] <+Pie145> ...
[00:01] <@Asteria> i know he's waiting for me
[00:01] <+Pie145> Well.
[00:01] <+DSM> What exactly is Stars going to do?
[00:01] <@Jazzi> Same thing I want to do
[00:01] <+DSM> ...actually i think I know already
[00:01] <+Pie145> Time to go and practice my sax.
[00:02] <+DSM> Good for you.
[00:02] <+Pie145> Play with my sax.
[00:02] <@BIRDEH> I all but ended my life once. But that was a rough time in my life and looking back the idea was completely insane.
[00:02] <+Pie145> LOL.
[00:02] <@Jazzi> I think my dreams have been telling me something
[00:02] <@DJ_Sally> People should be more like cats, they got that nine lives thing going on..
[00:02] <@Eple> This is no time for wisecracks
[00:02] <@BIRDEH> Stars.
[00:03] <+DSM> I think we should be telling you not to go and... well yeah.
[00:03] <@BIRDEH> Please don't do anything to yourself.
[00:03] <+DSM> ^
[00:03] <+DSM> It's a one time thing i would think.
[00:03] <@Jazzi> I'm gonna go lay down, hopefully fall asleep, I can't handle being away
[00:03] <@Jazzi> *awake
[00:04] <ColorMetroipod11> Hey, guys... here's a joke... What's a polar bear?
[00:04] <+DSM> Learning from mistakes. I mean as long as Minish isn't banned permanently he can return and not do it again
[00:04] <+DSM> A polar bear.
[00:04] <ColorMetroipod11> A cartesian bear after a change in coordinates
[00:04] <@BIRDEH> Stars. Please say something.
[00:04] <@Asteria> right now
[00:04] <@Asteria> i dont see a reason why not
[00:04] <@Jazzi> ^
[00:04] <@Asteria> my boyfriend wants us over
[00:04] <@Eple> Oh, that's fucking hilarious, where did you get that, from a children's joke book?
[00:04] <+DSM> Then what are the reasons?
[00:05] <@BIRDEH> Because you have a lot going for you in life.
[00:05] <@Asteria> and link is there
[00:05] <@Asteria> and my stepdad
[00:05] <@Asteria> and lili
[00:05] <+DSM> 0 on either end is still neutral.
[00:05] <ColorMetroipod11> No, a math book actually. Not that you'd get that
[00:05] <@Jazzi> Birdie, that whole, 'a lot going for you in life' is complete bullshit
[00:05] <@Jazzi> I've heard that so many times
[00:05] Eple [] has set mode +b *!*@
[00:05] <@BIRDEH> Stars. Please. You have SO much going for you in life.
[00:05] <@Jazzi> It doesn't change anything
[00:05] You have been kicked from #wikia-zelda by Eple []: ColorMetroipod11
A conversation about Oasis and bewbs

During a convo about Oasis, SilverCrono quoted a convo he'd had previously:

[16:40] <SilverCrono> It's crappiness may cause spontaneous combustion and unwanted pregnancies.
[16:40] <SilverCrono> Even if you are a boy.
[16:40] <OathkeeperKH> O.O
[16:40] <Randomnessity> I have birth control.
[16:41] <SilverCrono> Even so.
[16:41] <SilverCrono> I had to get an abortion.
[16:41] <SilverCrono> And I'm on the pill AND used a condom.

After SC's quote, the convo we were having proceeded thusly:

[21:42] <SilverCrono> Best convo about the new skin, ever.
[21:42] <Armageddon11> That's why he left.
[21:42] <SilverCrono> xD
[21:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> You do know that if you're on the pill, you'll grow boobs, right?
[21:42] <SilverCrono> ._.
[21:43] <Armageddon11> ....ewww
[21:43] <SilverCrono> ...That explains why I'm not an ----A cup anymore. >_>
[21:43] <DSS> They won't be anything significant
[21:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> Serious question, if you could have boobs and reality was contrived such that nobody would consider it weird, would you?
[21:43] <DSS> In a heartbeat, yes
[21:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Agreed
[21:44] <DSS> Because simply, if you have boobs, you win.
[21:44] <SilverCrono> F*ck yeah
[21:44] <Armageddon11> I can't answer that, my sister is on right now.
[21:44] <SilverCrono> Although, I wouldn't have those 1 inch boobs
[21:44] Armageddon11 waves to Mizz
[21:44] <SilverCrono> I'd have, like, Fang boobs
[21:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, the theoretical extension is that the boobs are a size of your choosing... but that goes beyond the point of the question, ne?
[21:45] <SilverCrono> Like happy fire works, ya?
[21:45] <SilverCrono> :P
[21:45] <DSS> *festival
[21:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> fail
[21:45] <SilverCrono> <<
[21:45] <SilverCrono> I try. *shot*
Religion WARNING: Do not read if easily offended by atheism
[22:28] <DrakeyC> lol
[22:28] <DrakeyC> IRONY!!!!!!
[22:28] <DrakeyC>
[22:28] <MasterTonberry> Survey: Atheists most knowledgeable about religion - U.S. news - Life -
[22:28] <DarkShadow> Yup, an atheist just joined! :D
[22:30] <DarkShadow> DrakeyC: that's 'cause most Atheists were originally raised christian (in some form), but didn't like it, so they branched away. (we payed too much attention and didn't see any point XP)
[22:31] <DrakeyC> lol
[22:31] <DrakeyC>
[22:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> I've always been atheist. I didn't know I was until I learned the term in Year 7, but only because I'd never really thought about it. Most likely due to being Aspie
[22:34] <Henryacores> "
[22:34] <Henryacores> Forty-five percent of Roman Catholics who participated in the study didn't know that, according to church teaching, the bread and wine used in Holy Communion is not just a symbol, but becomes the body and blood of Christ."
[22:34] <DarkShadow> (place s word here), how many apsie's am I gonna meet online? o.o (I'm an aspie too btw, so yeah >_>)
[22:34] <Henryacores> Oh my god.
[22:34] <Henryacores> Even I know that.
[22:35] <DarkShadow> Henryacores: as do I, and I fell asleep all the time every sunday my dad would bring me! O.o
[22:35] <DrakeyC> I know that and I've never even been to church
[22:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Good time to repeat the quote Azul provided the other week: "To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree"
[22:35] <Henryacores> ^
[22:35] <DrakeyC> Agreed SN
[22:35] <Henryacores> I actually don't know the first book of the Bible. Or they mean the Old Testament?
[22:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> I always mock the gospels in the NT that list the whole ancestry of the line leading to Jesus on his father's side
[22:36] <DrakeyC> Genesis
[22:36] DarkShadow aplauds Azul
[22:36] <Henryacores> Oh. Phailol
[22:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's just... make your mind up. Is he of that royal lineage, or is he the son of God? He can't be both
[22:36] <DrakeyC> Sure he can
[22:37] <DrakeyC> What if God is royalty?
[22:37] <DarkShadow> depends on which christian you ask (what part of christianity)
[22:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> Not my point. I'm referring to the specific lineage given from.. David?
[22:37] <Henryacores> Aren't we all children of God?
[22:37] <DarkShadow> some say Jesus was a poor jew, others say he was royalty
[22:37] <DarkShadow> Henryacores: welll....
[22:37] <Henryacores> Pwnd
[22:38] <DarkShadow> :P
[22:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jesus was a great man. IMHO, to claim he's the son of God belittles his greatness
[22:38] <Henryacores> ^
[22:38] <DarkShadow> Henryacores: the way you sin, I have great doubts XD
[22:38] <Henryacores> God's mercy is unlimited.
[22:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> For much the same reason as I say that, if God's omnipotent, him creating the universe is less than impressive
[22:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> And that's before we factor in the state it's in.
[22:39] <DarkShadow> and Satan's is buy-one-get-one-free :P
[22:39] MizzBanana [521a9cbf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[22:39] <DarkShadow> Sorceror_Nobody: "[16:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jesus was a great man. IMHO, to claim he's the son of God belittles his greatness" <-- this kinda says what muslims say about their god, Allah, about not depicting him as a human because to say a god is mortal, would be to belittle a god/goddess's power
[22:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> The great thing about software licenses is that you could write one that contained a clause signing your soul over to them, and they'd rake in the spiritual jackpot. Hypothetically, that is... you know, assuming souls exist.
[22:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> Forgive the clumsy use of "you", "your", "they" and "them" in that. I fail.
[22:41] <Henryacores> Jesus also claimed we are all brothers, being children of God. So yeah. Jesus himself said he was a man like every else.
[22:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> I think you get the gist, anyway
[22:42] DrakeyC [] has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854]
[22:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, the whole "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me" bit
[22:42] <Henryacores> So claiming he's the son of God means nothing, from what I see.
[22:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> Not exactly phrasing you'd expect from his son, ne?
[22:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> I actually take huge issue with the whole principle of Jesus if we accept the "son of God sent to save us" thing.
[22:44] <DarkShadow> my issue is with creationism, rapture, and the premises of christianity in whole
[22:44] <Henryacores> If you take that every man is a child of God, then Jesus is "the man sent to save us"
[22:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> Why did Jesus have to die? To absolve humanity of their sins. For whose benefit is that? The one who judges the sins, which is God. So let's get this straight... God sent a part of himself down to suffer and die in order to do something God could just write off himself anyway?
[22:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> To me, this screams two words: "Publicity. Stunt."
[22:45] <Henryacores> Unfortunately, my religious education is nil >_<
[22:47] <DarkShadow> Sorceror_Nobody: actually, God, Jesus and another saint (I think it's Peter or Jon, I don't know the saints >_>) judge your sins, kinda like a jury would judge wether you're innocent or guilty
[22:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> So, God's not up to the job by himself?
[22:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> This is the only reasonable conclusion to draw from that
[22:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> Incidentally, a great many of God's alleged characteristics conflict with each other. (1) Omnipotence is self-incompatible (2) Omnipotence and omniscience are mutually incompatible (3) An omniscient God is incompatible with human free will
[22:49] <Henryacores> Big Brother
[22:49] <DarkShadow> 1984
[22:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> The third of those, of course, is the real killer for the expulsion from Eden
[22:50] <DarkShadow> here's my problem
[22:50] <DarkShadow> God created the earth, the universe ect..., ok, whatever, but who or what created god?
[22:50] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, that old chestnut? The infinite recursion
[22:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> In order for God to create the universe, he must be at least as complicated as, if not more than, the universe
[22:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> Complicated here in terms of information in the scientific context
[22:52] <DarkShadow> then god must be one huge fat-ass >_>
[22:52] KujaRhapsodos [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> So saying "God did it" turns the question into a harder one, not a simpler one
[22:52] <DarkShadow> ooooooooorrrrrrrrrr really really really tall
[22:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Kuja
[22:52] <KujaRhapsodos> You're talking about me?
[22:52] <DarkShadow> hola Kuja
[22:52] <DarkShadow> no
[22:52] <KujaRhapsodos> *I* am the wizard who did it!
[22:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, we're sticking the boot into religion
[22:52] <DarkShadow> hablar al God y impossible
[22:52] <DarkShadow> *el impossible
[22:53] <DarkShadow> I gtg now, bye all
[22:53] <Sorceror_Nobody> Baibai
[22:53] DarkShadow [445c8dee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[22:54] <KujaRhapsodos> -___- Should Fae be here... I'd be happy.
[22:54] <KujaRhapsodos> He almost banned me the other day for an anodine joke that wasn't even ill-intended.
[22:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> There may or may not be a God in our Universe, but if FFWiki has one, it's Fae
[22:56] <Sorceror_Nobody> Speaking of "in our universe", that's another issue. If God created it, he must be outside it. But if he's outside it, he shouldn't be able to influence anything inside it. Ergo, even if he created it, he can't do anything else. Which would certainly comply with some of the tongue-in-cheek views about the state it's in
[22:56] <Sorceror_Nobody> Such as the suggestion that it's like a school student's science project, started, then shoved into a cupboard and forgotten about while the creator goes off to do other things
[22:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> When he's not creating universes, does God play Final Fantasy? XD
[22:57] <KujaRhapsodos> Twisted logic. No wait. Unfounded assessments.
[22:57] <KujaRhapsodos> ...
[22:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or Primal Fantasy, to coin an awful pun
[22:57] <KujaRhapsodos> !define unfounded
[22:57] <MasterTonberry> KujaRhapsodos: unfounded ( adj : without a basis in reason or fact; "baseless gossip"; "the allegations proved groundless"; "idle fears"; "unfounded suspicions"; "unwarranted jealousy" [syn: baseless, groundless, idle, unwarranted....
[22:57] <KujaRhapsodos> Yes, unfounded.
[22:58] <Sorceror_Nobody> Which bit are you calling unfounded
[22:58] <Sorceror_Nobody> ?
[22:58] <Sorceror_Nobody> The "God must be outside" bit?
[22:58] Xeppy [d07788c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:58] Xeppy [d07788c8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Xepscern
[22:59] <Xepscern> What is taking PPGD so long......
[22:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Xepscern
[22:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> PPGD...?
[22:59] <Xepscern> Heys, Nobody
[22:59] <Xepscern> Power Puff Girls D
[22:59] <KujaRhapsodos> EVERYTHING >:D The problem is... By definition, God is everywhere, knows everything, etc., and he is also invisible. So we can't prove he's there of not. Our science doesn't agree with it, but then.... Our science is based on axioms, so we don't know everything and there will always be a bit of uncertainty.
[22:59] <Xepscern> It's an awesome web comic
[22:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> D = Denuded?
[22:59] <KujaRhapsodos> *or
[23:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> KujaRhapsodos: If God pre-existed the universe, he has to be external to it. Fact.
[23:00] <KujaRhapsodos> Who says the Universe once non-existed?
[23:00] <KujaRhapsodos> Before the Big Bang, there was no time.
[23:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Anyone who says God created it
[23:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> If it was created, there has to be a "before", even if not in a way that makes sense to our notion of time
[23:01] Xepscern is an Atheist
[23:01] Sorceror_Nobody is too
[23:01] <Xepscern> lol, Vernon Wells called him a jackass
[23:01] <MasterTonberry> Atop the Fourth Wall: power morphicon
[23:02] <KujaRhapsodos> Maybe God is just an conscience made of energy that somehow existed in the tiny Big Bang Small Compressed Matter/Energy that stirred and made the Universe to explode. How should we know? >_<
[23:02] KujaRhapsodos is too.
[23:02] <Sorceror_Nobody> BTW, if God is everywhere, that means he's up my ass. Interpret that how you will.
[23:02] <Xepscern> I lost faith is God when my dad beat me with a red-hot pole, leaving a burn that's still on my body
[23:02] <KujaRhapsodos> =S
[23:02] <KujaRhapsodos> But now he's in jail: God's mercy. That's what a priest would say....
[23:03] <Xepscern> You're missing the point, Kuja. An all-loving God would have stopped him
[23:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> Have you seen the awesome anti-Pope protest signs? Some of them are great
[23:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Abstinence makes the Church grow fondlers"
[23:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> "FUCK THE POPE! ...but use a condom"
[23:04] <Xepscern> Way more creative then those "God hates Fags
[23:04] <Xepscern> *"signs
[23:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Surely God hates those who hate others
[23:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Especially since it's his job to judge, not ours
[23:04] <KujaRhapsodos> He's all-loving. BUT he also decided (that's written somwhere in the Bible, I'm sure) to let his Sons do as they please. He wants to be loved by them, and can't interfere, because that would mean he MADE them love him. That wouldn't work.
[23:04] <Henryacores> So, yesterday I had my first lesson in college. Maths 0.
[23:05] <KujaRhapsodos> Maths<3
[23:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> I still say God creating us is an exercise in ego-stroking
[23:05] <Xepscern> Wait... so I'm his son... but my dad is his son.....
[23:05] <KujaRhapsodos> It's a word.
[23:05] <Henryacores> I got back to Lisbon, and I went to the mall to buy school shit. I also came with BBS to kill the piles and piles of stress the first impression caused me.
[23:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> The only way for it not to be would be if he refused all praise
[23:05] <Xepscern> There's only one God
[23:05] <Henryacores> We're not brothers. We're cousins.
[23:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> God is a fat, black woman in a wheelchair
[23:06] <Armageddon11> lol
[23:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jo Brand says so in the QI annual, so it must be true
[23:06] <Xepscern> Precious?
[23:07] <Xepscern> If God were real, God would be a girl
[23:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> Here's the protest signs link:
[23:07] <MasterTonberry> The Funniest Pope Protest Signs: Pics, Videos, Links, News
[23:07] <Henryacores> God screws every woman. We're all his son.
[23:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh yeah, that's another one. By any reasonable standard, God raped Mary
[23:07] <KujaRhapsodos> Also... I assume you all agree that the human's mind is flawed. The brain is made of matter, there's a limit there. So we CANNOT hope to comprehend God or totally disprove it. Those who wrote the Bibe created one motherfucking religion for us. Damn them all.
[23:08] <Xepscern> I met you on a Thursday.....
[23:08] <Xepscern> Friday, I took you home
[23:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> The human mind is, unfortunatley, wired to create religions
[23:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> Indoctrination is an unpleasant side-effect of a survival mechanism
[23:08] <Xepscern> Religion was created for two reasons: to explain everything, and to tell us to be good
[23:09] <Xepscern> And if you need a religion to tell you to be a good person, that's sad
[23:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> Atheists are more moral than religious people. Discuss.
[23:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> We can be good without the fear of Big Brother
[23:10] <Xepscern> SN, I just PMed you
[23:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> Any time anyone says anything equivalent to "Morals come from scripture", I feel the need to kill them
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> No reasonable person would accept all of the Old and New testaments as morally good, mainly because a lot of the OT is pretty nasty
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> So if you pick and choose which bits are good, you are utilising criteria to do so which MUST be external to the scripture
[23:13] <Henryacores> God did not rape Mary. He just gave her a son. LIKE HE DOES TO EVERYONE.
[23:13] <Henryacores> Or maybe Mary got pregnant because of a 3D movie
[23:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> Mary got pregnant because God's condom broke
[23:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> YES, GOD USES CONDOMS. IN YOUR FACE, POPE
[23:13] <Henryacores> Mary was touched by God
[23:14] <Henryacores> If you know what I mean
[23:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> In the same way that little boys were touched by catholic priests
[23:14] <Xepscern> Gives a new meaning to "Touch by an Angel"
[23:14] <KujaRhapsodos> I don't know. Maybe Mary.... WASN'T VIRGIN? >_<
[23:15] <KujaRhapsodos> Naive. Naive. Gullible.
[23:15] <Xepscern> *gasp*
[23:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Don't be silly. It says she was in the Bible. If the Bible says it, it's true
[23:15] <Henryacores> Yeah. That's blasphemy
[23:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> No argument you fucking heretic abortion-murder faggots
[23:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...etc
[23:16] DarkShadow [445c8dee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[23:16] <DarkShadow> back :P
[23:16] <DarkShadow> ##Sydni-V
[23:16] <DarkShadow> damn T_T
[23:16] <KujaRhapsodos> Yeah. I once asked someone how could they believe in something there was absolutely no proof it actually existed. The answer? That's the point. We need to have FAITH in it for it to have meaning. That's how we show God we love him.
[23:16] <KujaRhapsodos> WHAT THE HELL?
[23:17] <Henryacores> Gods need prayer badly
[23:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Nothing says faith in God like four inches of bulletproof glass"
[23:17] <Xepscern> od eats our prayers
[23:17] <Xepscern> *God
[23:17] <DarkShadow> can we all just settle on the fact that most religious fanatics are morons? T_T (by religious fanatics, I mean people that devote their lives to the religion)
[23:18] <Henryacores> Like nuns who aid the poor?
[23:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> I also like the one that says "By the way, I wanked this morning. Must be genocide, if abortion is murder"
[23:18] <DarkShadow> Henryacores: fanatics
[23:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> DEATH TO ALL FANATICS!!!!!
[23:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> (lol, irony)
[23:18] <DarkShadow> Henryacores: Nuns are borderline in my oppinion
[23:18] <KujaRhapsodos> DarkShadow: like... priests and the Pope? God, I ohpe Fae don't comes in =)
[23:18] <DarkShadow> XD
[23:19] <DarkShadow> no, by fanatics, I mean people that try to convert you
[23:19] <Henryacores> No. Nuns are as evil as Yoga people
[23:19] DSS [477e0de2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[23:19] <KujaRhapsodos> Oh, like... Jenova's Witnesses. Those are pissing funny.
[23:19] <DarkShadow> KujaRhapsodos: EXACTLY!
[23:19] <Henryacores> They say they devote their lives to prayer, but actually it's meditation there inside.
[23:20] <KujaRhapsodos> Also, to make cash on those poor souls that believe them.
[23:20] <Henryacores> I'd like to see a reunion of those
[23:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dedicating one's life to prayer is the ultimate waste of time
[23:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Even if you accept the existence of the afterlife
[23:20] <DarkShadow> well
[23:20] <Xepscern> Lol
[23:20] <DarkShadow> if they find peace, I say go for it :P
[23:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Why would God put us here if he wants us to spend our time in a small dark room clutching beads and chanting?
[23:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> (Anal beads, if you so wish)
[23:21] <DarkShadow> T.T
[23:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, yeah, I forgot. God's a dumbass
[23:21] <KujaRhapsodos> But.... Their main point is that afterlife will be happy, so you can sacrifice yourself in this here life. Sacrifice = unhappy. ?
[23:21] <Xepscern> "So, after braving the infinate horrors of the abyss, retrieving the codex, and becoming the Avatar, the champion of virtue, what do you get?"
[23:22] <Xepscern> "A NEW CAR!!!!"
[23:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...though I'll admit I love the suggestion that there's an afterlife, but only for atheists. It's just full of all these atheists sitting on clouds looking pissed off, while angels offering them delicious treats are met with an irritated "PISSOFF"
[23:23] <Xepscern> I'd love an afterlife described in Norse Mythology
[23:23] <DarkShadow> isn't it just booze and women? o.o
[23:23] <DarkShadow> the Norse Mythological afterlife, that is
[23:23] <DarkShadow> oh, and a lot of eating too ^.^
[23:23] <Xepscern> A angel gets you, and you spend the whole day battling and killing eachother (only to live again in Valhalla), and spend all day sexing up Valkyries and eating from a never-dying pig
[23:23] DSS [477e0de2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as DSS|Away
[23:24] <Xepscern> ALl for the eventual losing of Ragnaroak
[23:26] <Xepscern> It sounds awesome
[23:27] <Henryacores> Shit. I'm stuck
[23:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> I was reminded of an appropriate xkcd, but now I've forgotten which one
[23:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Damn
[23:27] <Xepscern> Y'know where I first learned about Norse Mythology?
[23:27] <Xepscern> Billy and Mandy
[23:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Meh, why not
[23:28] Xepscern loves Billy and Mandy
[23:28] <Xepscern> Billy and Mandy?
[23:28] <Xepscern> Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy?
[23:29] <DarkShadow> the last good show on CN
[23:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...since I can't think of the one xkcd I thought of before, here's another tenuously relevant one:
[23:30] <MasterTonberry> xkcd: Beliefs
[23:31] <KujaRhapsodos> XD xkcd is the awesomest thing.
[23:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, it's awesomer
[23:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...which incidentally makes it better than God, regardless of how awesome God is
On the subject of Sephiroth and Sesshomaru and so on
[18:03] <DrakeyC> The only people who deny Sephiroth is the most overrated character in the series are the people who made him that way in the first place
[18:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, Sephiroth is ridiculously overrated. But he's still awesome.
[18:05] <DrakeyC> I don't care for Sephiroth on the principal that he didn't impress me much in FF7, but I get why people who do like him feel that way
[18:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> Sephiroth is infinitely more interesting in Crisis Core than in VII
[18:06] <DrakeyC> Agreed
[18:06] <DrakeyC> He had an actual personality as opposed to being obsessed with mind-raping Cloud
[18:06] <Scathe> Sephiroth himself is barely in FFVII.
[18:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> Although the mind-raping is part of why he's awesome
[18:07] <Scathe> It's mostly just Jenova going around saying he's evil.
[18:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> He doesn't just mess with Cloud's head, he trashes it
[18:07] <DrakeyC> I agree with the first statement Scathe
[18:07] <DrakeyC> Sephiroth doesn't really *do* anything for a lot of FF7
[18:07] <DrakeyC> He kills the Shinra employees then vanishes until the end of the disk
[18:08] <DrakeyC> It also bugs me that everyone talks about how awe-inspiringly powerful he is over and over before we see him for ourselves
[18:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> For my opinion on villanous methodology, you may care to see my Featured Character this month
[18:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> I do mention Sephiroth's lurkiness
[18:09] <Scathe> The majority of FFVII is the players just chasing Sephiroth around without actually seeing him that much.
[18:10] <Moomba> *coughKH2cough*
[18:10] <DrakeyC> Exactly Scathe
[18:10] <DrakeyC> I clearly remember Cloud calling a break two or three times on Disc 1 and saying "I'm not sure what Sephiorth is planning, but it's evil, and we're gonna stop him!"
[18:11] <DrakeyC> Sorry, but if you need to take a time-out and recap why the villain is evil and why you're fighting him, the villain isn't doing his job
[18:12] <Scathe> He's really only remembered for killing Aeris.
[18:12] <DrakeyC> That and OWA
[18:12] <Scathe> After Sephiroth kills Aeris, he just disappears for the rest of the game until disk 3.
[18:12] <Scathe> Yeah.
[18:12] <DrakeyC> Well there's the Northern Crater scene, but yup pretty much
[18:13] <Scathe> Sephiroth is asleep in the Northern Crater. That doesn't really count. >.>
[18:13] <Armageddon11> Since it's his influence, it counts
[18:14] <Scathe> The game would be tons better if Sephiroth was just a hallucination by Cloud, and defeating was some sort of metaphor that Cloud has defeated his own insecurities.
[18:14] <Kuja_Francais> Sword skills. I always thought that was why he was liked.
[18:14] <DrakeyC> You mean that *ISN'T* how it went?
[18:14] <Armageddon11> Isn't that what they did in KH?
[18:15] <Scathe> Actually, I take it back. Sephiroth is completely a hallucination by Cloud.
[18:15] <Scathe> He appears for no reason in Advent Children, thus Cloud is hallucinating.
[18:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, Sephiroth isn't ACTUALLY a hallucination, but he does still stand as a representation of Cloud's insecurities
[18:16] <DrakeyC> When you think about it, if you say Sephiroth actually died in the Northern Crater and Jenova is the villain of FF7 using Sephiroth's form, it totally works
[18:16] <DrakeyC> *in the Nibelheim reactor
[18:16] <Scathe> Yeah.
[18:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Which was of course taken to the extreme in the KHverse where he is a manifestation of Cloud's darkness
[18:16] <DrakeyC> In fact it almost works better
[18:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Apart from the bit where he is corporeal
[18:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Crystallised in mako and later fought at the end of the game. Twice.
[18:16] <DrakeyC> Jenova wants to repeat the calamity she forced on the planet centuries ago by calling another Meteor to strike the planet
[18:17] <Scathe> The only reason people don't admit Jenova is the main villain is because fanboys really like Sephiroth.
[18:17] <DrakeyC> What bugs me most about him is the character design
[18:17] <DrakeyC>
[18:17] <DrakeyC> It's true and deep down you all know it ;p
[18:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...who's the one in the middle?
[18:18] <DrakeyC> Sesshomaru
[18:18] <DrakeyC> Lemme find something
[18:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> Kind of appropriate, though. The Drake Equation calculates the odds of life on other planets. Jenova is an alien.
[18:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> And YOUR "Drake Equation" relates to Sephiroth, who is the genetic legacy (or one of, anyway) of Jenova
[18:21] <DrakeyC> There
[18:21] <DrakeyC>
[18:21] <DrakeyC> Go to about 11:20 and watch
[18:21] <DrakeyC> Tell me the comparison isn't apt
[18:21] <MasterTonberry> Inuyasha episode 45 - English audio + subtitle | Inuyasha Anime - English audio + subtitle | Veoh
[18:23] <Scathe> Heh, that's kinda funny. The monster guy say "I expected much better from you" and then explodes.
[18:23] <DrakeyC> Oh, and while I'm watching
[18:24] <DrakeyC> It helps the comparison that Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's rival and Tetsusaiga = Buster Sword ;p
[18:24] <Scathe> Was Inuyasha written first?
[18:24] <DrakeyC> It debuted a few months before FF7 was released
[18:25] <DrakeyC> So any similarities are coincidental, but really, it's striking
[18:25] <DrakeyC> Sesshomaru and Sephiroth have very similar appearances and personalities
[18:25] <Scathe> I think Japanese culture in 1997 really liked big swords and white haired people.
[18:27] <DrakeyC>
[18:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> DrakeyC: Well the voice and manner of speech isn't all that far off, for a start :P But yeah, I do see the similarities
[18:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> dA pic = lulz
[18:30] <DrakeyC> Sephiroth - the voice, hair and weapon of Sesshomaru with the coat and powers of Neo
[18:30] <DrakeyC> Proof that Cool + Epic can = Lame
[18:31] <Scathe> Hmm?yeah, the voice actor and mannerisms sound exactly identical.
[18:31] <DTN> Error, Sephiroth =/=Cool
[18:31] <DrakeyC> I meant this DTN
[18:31] <DrakeyC>
[18:31] <DTN> Oh.
[18:32] <DTN> Oh, I was thinking Sephiroth was being added for some reason.
[18:33] <DrakeyC> There was an old YouTube vid for Kefka vs Sephiroth, she was like "Kefka is loud and crude, the total opposite of Sephiroth. Sephiroth's more collective and sophisticated, he's like an aristocratic assassin. Oh wait, that's Sesshomaru"
[18:33] <DrakeyC> Aristocratic Assassin is actually one of Sesshomaru's titles ;p
[18:34] <DTN> :P
[18:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> "I see the sword has chosen me as its master" = "I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet"
[18:37] <Scathe> If I was Sesshomaru, I would decapitate that annoyingly voiced old man.
[18:37] <DrakeyC> lol
[18:37] <DrakeyC> @ both
The War of Unexpected Adversaries and some aftermath and stuff
[22:36] DrakeyC [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:38] <DrakeyC> Hello Faethin
[22:38] <MasterTonberry> Hi, how're you?
[22:38] <DrakeyC> We meet at last
[22:38] <DrakeyC> Long has this day been coming
[22:38] Faethin glares at Drakey while his hand strays to his sword-hilt.
[22:38] <Faethin> So it has
[22:38] <DrakeyC> I wouldn't advise that
[22:39] <Faethin> And why is that?
[22:39] <DrakeyC> If you were to strike me down I would become more powerful than you could possibly imagine
[22:39] <Armageddon11> No, he brang a sword to a gun fight.
[22:40] <Faethin> I do not believe you.
[22:40] <DrakeyC> Stay out of this Arma! It's your fault we've come to this in the first place
[22:40] DrakeyC reaches for his sword
[22:40] <DrakeyC> Then strike me, and find out
[22:40] <DrakeyC> Assuming you can do it
[22:40] Faethin throws away his cloak, revealing his mail-coat, and draws his sword
[22:41] DrakeyC draws his sword and pulls down his goggles
[22:41] <DrakeyC> Do your worst, heathen
[22:41] Faethin charges without a word and slashes at DrakeyC
[22:41] <DrakeyC> Ha!
[22:41] <DrakeyC> Just a flesh wound
[22:41] DrakeyC watches his arm fall off
[22:41] <DrakeyC> Ow
[22:42] DrakeyC charges at Faethin with a roar
[22:42] Faethin tries tries to dodge!
[22:42] <DrakeyC> Ah!
[22:42] DrakeyC stumbles past Faethin and hits his head on the wall
[22:43] DrakeyC swings his sword blindly in confusion
[22:43] Faethin tries to dodge again...! and stumbles.
[22:43] <DrakeyC> Now! The advantage is mine!
[22:44] DrakeyC leaps up and stabs downwards
[22:46] Faethin catches the sight of the falling blade... and tries to block it!
[22:46] DrakeyC is blocked
[22:46] <DrakeyC> Vile fiend, submit!
[22:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wow, I look away for a few minutes, and a whole battle begins in my absence! O_o
[22:46] <DrakeyC> Silence SN! You shall be dealt with once Faethin breathes no more
[22:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> Is now a good time to say that I'm rooting for Fae?
[22:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> I was anyway, but you threatening me didn't exactly endear you to me
[22:47] <DrakeyC> I'm surprised at you
[22:47] Faethin bares his teeth at DrakeyC
[22:47] <DrakeyC> So the scorned lover routine was an act
[22:47] <Faethin> You see, Fiend? YOU ARE ALONE!
[22:47] <DrakeyC> Am I?
[22:48] <DrakeyC> Appearances can be deceiving
[22:48] <DrakeyC> Are you so sure it is Drake you face?
[22:48] <Faethin> What do you mean?!
[22:48] <MasterTonberry> MasterTonberry is stupid. That's what he meant.
[22:48] DrakeyC flings off goggles
[22:48] <DrakeyC> Fool, now face your true enemy!
[22:48] DrakeyC takes off his mask
[22:49] DrakeyC [] is now known as CrazySwordsman
[22:49] Faethin 's eyes are filled with horror
[22:49] <Faethin> You!
[22:49] <CrazySwordsman> Now know true despair!
[22:49] <CrazySwordsman> Quake in terror
[22:49] <CrazySwordsman> Ha ha ha!
[22:49] Faethin tries to move, tries to speak, but he is paralysed in horror.
[22:49] CrazySwordsman splits his sword into two
[22:49] <CrazySwordsman> Let's finish this, once and for all!
[22:50] <Faethin> I-I do not fear you!
[22:50] <CrazySwordsman> Then you are more a fool than I tell people
[22:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> By the way, there's something else you should know, Drake/CSM...
[22:51] <CrazySwordsman> SN, you're ruining the faux drama!
[22:51] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Shane_613
[22:51] CrazySwordsman gasps
[22:51] <CrazySwordsman> YOU!
[22:51] <CrazySwordsman> I should have known
[22:51] Faethin cannot believe it!
[22:51] <Faethin> I...
[22:51] <CrazySwordsman> I thought you were dead
[22:51] <CrazySwordsman> Torn apart by the Admins of KH Wiki
[22:52] <Shane_613> How long have I played this game, wondering how long it would take
[22:52] <Shane_613> Was the all-powerful nonentity act not clue enough?
[22:52] <Shane_613> The one who is absent, but is supreme?
[22:52] <CrazySwordsman> I have underestimated you
[22:52] Faethin smiles
[22:52] <CrazySwordsman> You are indeed a worthy opponent
[22:52] Faethin 's smile turns into a nasty grin
[22:52] Faethin chuckles
[22:53] Faethin laughs
[22:53] <Shane_613> Ah, Faethin, what will you now reveal?
[22:53] Faethin roars in laughter!
[22:53] <CrazySwordsman> So, Faethin has gone mad
[22:53] <CrazySwordsman> As the prophecy foretold
[22:53] Faethin [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] is now known as Unbound_Nexus
[22:53] Otherarrow cues the ominious chanting type.
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> Enemies at all sides
[22:54] <Unbound_Nexus> NOW DIE AND CURSE IN VAIN!
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> Yes
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> You shall
[22:54] <Shane_613> You? Don't make me laugh. You were never of any real consequence, Nexus
[22:54] Unbound_Nexus CASTS THE VOID AT CrazySwordsman
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> ARG!
[22:54] Shane_613 halts the power of the Void, and directs it back
[22:54] CrazySwordsman is doomed to an eternity of getting fruit
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> Shane!
[22:54] <CrazySwordsman> You?
[22:54] <MasterTonberry> No you
[22:54] Unbound_Nexus is hit by THE VOID
[22:54] OavatosDK [] is now known as ChuckNorris
[22:54] <Unbound_Nexus> NOOOOOOOO
[22:55] <Unbound_Nexus> THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE
[22:55] Unbound_Nexus can feel his body dissolving into THE VOID
[22:55] <CrazySwordsman> Shane...I thought you an enemy, but you saved me
[22:55] <Unbound_Nexus> ONE DAY I SHALL RETURN
[22:55] Shane_613 slaps Oavatos and says No. Just no
[22:55] <CrazySwordsman> Perhaps I misjudged you
[22:55] <Unbound_Nexus> I SHALL NOT BE DENIED
[22:55] <Unbound_Nexus> ONE... DAY... I...
[22:56] <CrazySwordsman> Oh fuck off
[22:56] <Shane_613> Perhaps you did, CSM, or perhaps...
[22:56] Shane_613 [~Sorceror@] is now known as EndGame
[22:56] Hexedmagica [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:56] <Unbound_Nexus> SHALL... RETURN... AND ANNIHILATE YOU ALL
[22:56] Armageddon11 [521a9cbf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as David_Hasselhoff
[22:56] <CrazySwordsman> EndGame...and Unbound...of course!
[22:56] ChuckNorris [] is now known as Bitsofflesh
[22:56] <CrazySwordsman> Hexed!
[22:56] David_Hasselhoff roundhouse kicks Chuck Norris
[22:56] <CrazySwordsman> My love, grab your staff!
[22:56] Unbound_Nexus dissolves into THE VOID
[22:56] <FF|Persona> UNBOUND NEXUS <3
[22:56] <CrazySwordsman> We must defeat these wretches!
[22:56] <EndGame> Don't you dare associate me with Nexus
[22:57] <FF|Persona> his Fidel Castro's aprendice
[22:57] <CrazySwordsman> But what about the pictures of you two together in Hawaii?
[22:57] Unbound_Nexus dissolves into THE VOID, and as he goes away, there likes a charred figure on the floor
[22:57] Unbound_Nexus [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] is now known as Faethin
[22:57] <EndGame> Mere propaganda. All is shadows, smoke and mirrors
[22:58] <CrazySwordsman> One might say the same of you
[22:58] David_Hasselhoff [521a9cbf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Armageddon11
[22:58] <EndGame> Have you not realised this yet? End Game has always claimed that there were no sockpuppets. The truth is that End Game is a puppet
[22:59] <EndGame> So many names, all just one true authority
[22:59] <CrazySwordsman> End Game
[22:59] <FF|Persona> k enough wih the impersionations
[22:59] <CrazySwordsman> Tell me, what is your birthhome?
[22:59] <FF|Persona> dont be noisy, k?
[22:59] EndGame [~Sorceror@] is now known as SorcerorGame613
[22:59] <FF|Persona> *nosey
[22:59] <CrazySwordsman> Way to ruin it
[22:59] CrazySwordsman FF|Persona
[22:59] CrazySwordsman [] is now known as DrakeyC
[22:59] DrakeyC slaps FF|Persona
[23:00] SorcerorGame613 [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[23:00] <FF|Persona> it wasnt funny anymore
[23:00] FF|Persona shrughs
[23:00] Sorceror_Nobody slaps FF|Persona too
[23:00] <DrakeyC> I just posted in KH channel XD
[23:00] <FF|Persona> omg drake lets go troll :D
[23:00] <DrakeyC> Okay, time for TEH SERIUZ BIZNES!
[23:00] <DrakeyC> Fae, idea for next FU
[23:00] <FF|Persona> haha
[23:00] <DrakeyC>
[23:00] <MasterTonberry> File:OooSoft.PNG - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research
[23:00] <DrakeyC> No
[23:00] <Hexedmagica> ...I don't remember a single bit of last night.
[23:00] <Hexedmagica> FUCK.
[23:00] <FF|Persona> ^haha
[23:00] <Hexedmagica> YEAH.
[23:01] <Faethin> THAT IS SO OUR NEXT FU
[23:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...well, it was kinda drifting. If we hadn't stopped there, it would have become very unfunny very soon, I think
[23:01] <DrakeyC> BLAM
[23:01] <FF|Persona> u got drunk, big deal
[23:01] <DrakeyC> Total BLAM
[23:01] <DrakeyC> Epic BLAM
[23:01] <DrakeyC> I almost wanna write that down ;p
[23:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> "FFWiki: The Wiki with the softest FU"
[23:02] <Crono|PS3> I thought 8bit was doing the next FU?
[23:02] <Bitsofflesh> I just copied the battle to my IRC quotes
[23:03] Bitsofflesh [] is now known as OavatosDK
[23:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'm gonna do that too.
[23:03] <DrakeyC> lol
[23:03] <DrakeyC> I just realized
[23:03] <DrakeyC> I cut off my arm, then split my sword into two to dual-wield
[23:03] <DrakeyC> :p
[23:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> You dual-wielded with an arm and a leg
[23:04] <Faethin> DrakeyC: you can too use the mighty spell of PLOT CONTRIVANCE then
[23:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Evidently
[23:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or maybe it was the Crazy part of your swordsmanship emerging
[23:08] <DrakeyC> Crono - I doubt 8Bit will object ;p
[23:08] <DrakeyC> Seriously, this image exemplifies why Zidane is so radically different from previous protagonists
[23:08] <DrakeyC> I don't see Terra grabbing Locke's ass, do you?
[23:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> Plus, it's a shameless lulz, which is a bonus
[23:08] <DrakeyC> Yes
[23:11] <OavatosDK> I found this and ... Look at yuffies shorts.
[23:11] <MasterTonberry> File:AkamatsuFF7.jpg - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research
[23:12] Deadlyslashsword [477e1e04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[23:13] Deadlyslashsword [477e1e04@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as DSS
[23:13] <DrakeyC> Hi DSS
[23:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> You just missed the return of CSM, Shane, End Game and Nexus. Pity... it was an epic conflict
[23:13] <DrakeyC> Yes
[23:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> :P Hai DSS
[23:13] <Otherarrow> Hey it's DSS
[23:13] <DSS> Hellos
[23:13] <DrakeyC> There were love triangles, cross-dressing, someone lost their genitals...
[23:14] <DSS> I read the whole thing, courtesy of ODK
[23:14] <DrakeyC> Ah
[23:14] <DrakeyC> :p
[23:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> OavatosDK: I'm trying to look at her shorts, but I keep getting distracted by an area of the picture right next to them
[23:15] <DrakeyC> I'm wondering why Aerith isn't there
[23:16] <DSS> DrakeyC: Take a look at this:
[23:16] <MasterTonberry> File:Regen.png - The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research
[23:17] <DrakeyC> What about it?
[23:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> DrakeyC: Red XIII is licking his lips. Clearly, he ate Aeris
[23:18] <OavatosDK> Remove the VFD with a *facepalm* as the summary?
[23:18] <DSS> I'm shaking my head at why it was nom'ed for deletion.
The appearance of my nemesis. It was inevitable, really...
[17:28] Norceror_Somebod [5c036507@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[17:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh god, not you
[17:28] Norceror_Somebod [5c036507@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as NorcerorSomebody
[17:29] <NorcerorSomebody> So this is where you hang out now
[17:29] <Mango> Hello Mr. Norceror Somebod! You and Master must have a lot in common!
[17:29] <MasterTonberry> Hi, how're you?
[17:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dammit, Norceror. Go away
[17:29] <NorcerorSomebody> Well, you're no fun
[17:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> I suppose I should enlighten everyone here who doesn't know
[17:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Norceror Somebody?
[17:29] <MasterTonberry> A supreme transcendentalfloss non-nonentity. Not a self-parody of Sorceror Nobody at all, honest >.>
[17:30] <NorcerorSomebody> Still trotting out the self-parody line, are you? That's really getting old, you know
[17:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> You know, I thought you'd finally moved on after that chapter of my RoF guide
[17:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> Evidently I was mistaken
[17:31] <NorcerorSomebody> I am the Sephiroth you your Cloud. You can't get rid of me >:D
[17:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> Don't you mean "to your"?
[17:31] <NorcerorSomebody> Oh, typo. Scary.
[17:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Go troll someone else. Or better still, don't troll at all
[17:33] <NorcerorSomebody> Boo hoo, am I upsetting the little Nobody? I thought you weren't supposed to have emotions
[17:33] <Mango> LEAVE MASTER ALONE!
[17:33] Mango bricks NorcerorSomebody
[17:34] <NorcerorSomebody> Master? Oh dear, please tell me he hasn't set himself up as some sort of authority
[17:34] <NorcerorSomebody> It's so pathetic when he does that
[17:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> For your information, my l'Cie are entirely voluntary
[17:34] <Mango> Schiziophrenia is never a good thing
[17:35] <NorcerorSomebody> l'Cie? Wow, could you be any more unoriginal?
[17:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> This from the guy who trolls me by inverting my choice of name?
[17:35] <NorcerorSomebody> Touche, I suppose
[17:36] <NorcerorSomebody> I can't be bothered to argue any more right now
[17:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> Good. Perhaps you'd care to leave, then
[17:36] <NorcerorSomebody> Yeah, because you asking me to do something is likely to work
[17:36] <Mango> Well you should
[17:37] <NorcerorSomebody> Tch, fine. Don't think you're rid of me, though
[17:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> Not for a second
[17:37] <NorcerorSomebody> Glad to hear it
[17:37] NorcerorSomebody [5c036507@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC:
[17:37] <Mango> Awww I thought he was gonna stay longer
[17:37] <Mango> I wanted to use my ULTIMATE ATTACK!
[17:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Don't waste your time on that jackass
The Great Eidolon War... or something like that, anyway
[20:23] Xepscern summons Carbuncle
[20:24] <Xepscern> Gestalh!
[20:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> Xepscern, you know if Oavatos happens to come on IRC, you lose control over Carbuncle
[20:24] <Mango> IRC BATTLE THEME CUE!
[20:24] <Xepscern> Why?
[20:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> 'cause it's his Eidolon
[20:25] <Xepscern> I called it first
[20:25] Xepscern has Carbuncle transform into its vehicle form
[20:25] <Xepscern> A Tank
[20:25] <Jimcloud> O_o;
[20:25] KujaRhapsodos summons Ozma.
[20:25] KujaRhapsodos [] is now known as Ozma
[20:25] <Sorceror_Nobody> Sorceror l'Cie Eidolon trumps basic summoning
[20:25] Ozma casts Meteor.
[20:25] Ozma [] is now known as OzmaRhapsodos
[20:26] <OzmaRhapsodos> Ozma is registered...
[20:26] Jimcloud [60febac9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Shiva|JC
[20:26] OzmaRhapsodos casts Curse.
[20:26] OzmaRhapsodos would laugh, but it has no mouth.
[20:26] Sorceror_Nobody summons his Eidolon... himself
[20:26] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as SN_and_SN
[20:26] <Shiva|JC> Shiva turns into a jet plane now, seeing as the motorbike is snow's thing, and.. y'know.. snow fails
[20:26] <SN_and_SN> *echoing* Muahahahahaha
[20:26] <Xepscern> I like Snow
[20:26] <Shiva|JC> so, in order to distance myself from Snow in every way possible, Shiva is now a jet fighter.
[20:27] OzmaRhapsodos has levitation. The best transportation ever.
[20:27] SN_and_SN both summon their Keyblades. Dual wielding. Does that make it quadra-wielding?
[20:27] Shiva|JC Diamond Dust Torpedoes OzmaRhapsodos.
[20:27] OzmaRhapsodos casts Curaga on self.
[20:27] OzmaRhapsodos casts Curaga on self.
[20:27] OzmaRhapsodos casts Curaga on self.
[20:27] <Shiva|JC> Dangit!
[20:27] <OzmaRhapsodos> Yeah, 'cause I got three turns in a row =D
[20:27] SN_and_SN instantly drains OzmaRhapsodos's ATB, and keeps it there
[20:28] <Shiva|JC> Sweeeet.
[20:28] <SN_and_SN> No cheapness
[20:28] Shiva|JC uses Diamond Dust Torpedoes again.
[20:28] <SN_and_SN> Other than me summoning myself. That's ubercheap and allowed
[20:28] TheBlackShadow casts Quickened Greater Invisibility and Overland Flight.
[20:29] Shiva|JC does... well.. other stuff..
[20:29] Shiva|JC wishes she had prepared for this in advance.
[20:29] Mango uses shiggen
[20:29] <OzmaRhapsodos> Shiva|JC: you forgot Ozma's ATB instantly fills when you do something.
[20:29] OzmaRhapsodos casts Curaga on self.
[20:29] <Mango> wait, that makes no sense
[20:29] <OzmaRhapsodos> MUWAHAHAHA
[20:29] <TheBlackShadow> Come on JC, I thought Artificers rawked!
[20:29] SN_and_SN put on UV and IR goggles. One each that is. Me spots TheBlackShadow and takes aim
[20:30] TheBlackShadow casts Lesser Teleportation
[20:30] <SN_and_SN> OzmaRhapsodos: You forgot that I just negated that a couple of minutes ago
[20:30] SN_and_SN cast teleblock and bind on TheBlackShadow
[20:30] TheBlackShadow casts Meteor Swarm on SN's static position
[20:30] Shiva|JC uses Freeze IV on Ozma, followed shortly by SUB-ARTIC MACHINE GUUUUUN!!
[20:30] Xepscern takes back Carbuncle
[20:31] Xepscern summons Bahamut
[20:31] SN_and_SN are unharmed, and even seem to enjoy the light massage provided by the meteor impacts
[20:31] <OzmaRhapsodos> SN_and_SN: instantly = automatically = game's mechanic. You can't go around a game's mechanics.
[20:31] SN_and_SN can, actually. Suck it up
[20:31] <Shiva|JC> sry, uh, arctic*
[20:31] <TheBlackShadow> (I took the Silent Spell and Still Spell feats)
[20:31] <Xepscern> It's Morphing time!
[20:31] Xepscern [46e5805f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as GreenRanger
[20:31] Redeemer|Away [~Kamisama@unaffiliated/demonic-saint/x-186367] is now known as Demonic_Saint
[20:32] <SN_and_SN> Oy, Mango, why aren't you fighting?
[20:32] GreenRanger goes on board of Bahamut
[20:32] Mango is neutral
[20:32] SN_and_SN call all of their l'Cie to arms
[20:32] TheBlackShadow casts Suggestion on Mango
[20:32] <TheBlackShadow> Attack SN!
[20:32] SN_and_SN block all attempts to subvert their l'Cie
[20:33] <TheBlackShadow> You do?
[20:33] <SN_and_SN> Damn right
[20:33] <Mango> No Suggestion only works if you can speak that creatures language IIRC
[20:33] <TheBlackShadow> We're talking. Right now.
[20:33] <Mango> And I doubt you speak Mango
[20:33] <Shiva|JC> in other words, you need to speak South African
[20:33] <Shiva|JC> oh
[20:33] <Shiva|JC> well, that works too
[20:33] <Mango> Nooo, we're typing
[20:33] SN_and_SN laughs at TheBlackShadow's lack of understanding. Echoing laugh is awesome
[20:33] OzmaRhapsodos casts Reality Rewrite.
[20:33] <Shiva|JC> o.o
[20:33] <Mango> Evil Laugh?
[20:34] <Shiva|JC> this won't end well.
[20:34] <OzmaRhapsodos> <TheBlackShadow> Attack robert_ !
[20:34] SN_and_SN block the rewrite. You are bound by physics, unlike them
[20:34] <TheBlackShadow> You can understand English typing, you can probably understand spoken English.
[20:34] Mango attacks robert_
[20:34] <OzmaRhapsodos> =D
[20:34] <Mango> brb
[20:34] robert_ counter-attacks Mango.
[20:34] <robert_> lol
[20:34] <OzmaRhapsodos> BOB!
[20:34] TheBlackShadow casts Maximised Energy Drain on SN
[20:34] SN_and_SN bicker between themselves over what to play as IRC battle music. One SN wants Clash, the other wants Dancing Mad
[20:35] <Shiva|JC> Clash
[20:35] SN_and_SN are unaffected, and continue squabbling
[20:35] <TheBlackShadow> Stupid godmodding.
[20:35] <OzmaRhapsodos> Let's make a Magicite Madness (Music version) !
[20:35] <Shiva|JC> lol
[20:35] OzmaRhapsodos approves
[20:35] SN_and_SN finally agree to put Clash on
[20:35] OzmaRhapsodos approves too.
[20:35] <OzmaRhapsodos> Hey, let's do it.
[20:35] <OzmaRhapsodos> Yeah, it'd be nice.
[20:35] <OzmaRhapsodos> I'm in too!
[20:36] <OzmaRhapsodos> Majority wins.
[20:36] <GreenRanger> I must go
[20:36] <Shiva|JC> Ozma, did you get struck by Multiple-personality disorder?
[20:36] SN_and_SN now squabble over whether to use the original or the FFXII one or the TBM one, or the DFF one
[20:36] GreenRanger [46e5805f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[20:36] <SN_and_SN> Wait, four? O_o
[20:36] <Shiva|JC> TBM, undoubedly
[20:36] TheBlackShadow casts Crushing Despair on SN
[20:36] <Shiva|JC> undoubedly*
[20:36] <OzmaRhapsodos> Shiva|JC: multiple dimensions imply multiple personalities.
[20:36] <Shiva|JC> dangit
[20:36] <Shiva|JC> undoubtedly**
[20:37] SN_and_SN put on TBM version and start rocking out. Using their Keyblades as instruments. Inexplicably yet unsurprisingly, this actually works
[20:37] <Shiva|JC> o.o;
[20:37] <Shiva|JC> I wonder if Shiva transforms into a Guitar....
[20:37] <SN_and_SN> Although it must be said that we have given thought to what Organization XIII would be like as a band
[20:37] <SN_and_SN> Seriously, Axel on drumkit. No doubt about that
[20:38] <SN_and_SN> Roxas lead male vocals, for reasons that should be obvious
[20:38] <SN_and_SN> Marluxia on pipe organ
[20:39] <SN_and_SN> Saix, guitar. Demyx, acoustic guitar, by extension from sitar
[20:39] <Shiva|JC> lol
[20:39] Hexedmagica [] has joined #FFWiki
[20:39] <SN_and_SN> Also, all of them provide relevant SFX
[20:39] <SN_and_SN> Hai Hexed *echoes: -xed...*
[20:40] <Shiva|JC> Hey hexed
[20:40] Shiva|JC [60febac9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Jimcloud
[20:40] <Jimcloud> or perhaps..
[20:40] Jimcloud [60febac9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as JC|ROCKING
[20:40] SN_and_SN are getting their Dragon Wings tangled together
[20:41] SN_and_SN [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[20:41] <OzmaRhapsodos> Hexedmagica: 5h40 in the morning? Something special today?
[20:42] <robert_> sup hexed
[20:45] <Mango> Hurro Mr. Hexed
[20:48] <JC|ROCKING> The previous fight has now been placed in the IRC Awesomeness section on my page. :P
[20:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> Are we agreed that it's over?
[20:49] <JC|ROCKING> I expect such.
[20:49] JC|ROCKING [60febac9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Jimcloud
[20:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> I don't archive it untill I'm pretty sure :P
[20:49] OzmaRhapsodos casts Reality Rewrite.
[20:49] <OzmaRhapsodos> It. Never. Happened.
[20:49] Sorceror_Nobody slaps OzmaRhapsodos
[20:49] OzmaRhapsodos casts Reality Rewrite.
[20:49] <Jimcloud> you sure about that? We have evidence.
[20:49] <OzmaRhapsodos> You didn't slap me.
[20:49] Sorceror_Nobody 's slap causes OzmaRhapsodos to rotate helplessly end over end
[20:49] <Jimcloud> lol XD
[20:49] OzmaRhapsodos spins.
[20:50] <Sorceror_Nobody> No more casts, since you're HELPLESS
[20:50] TheBlackShadow casts Maximised Energy Drain on OzmaRhapsodos
[20:50] <OzmaRhapsodos> Yay!
[20:50] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wait...
[20:50] OzmaRhapsodos stops spinning.
[20:50] <Sorceror_Nobody> "OzmaRhapsodos spins." what does Otherarrow think of this?
[20:50] <Mango> What does the "Otherarrow spins" thing mean, anyway?
[20:51] <OzmaRhapsodos> !FFWiki IRC
[20:51] <MasterTonberry> OA spins, Drakey ships, Henry rapes, Yuan quotes, TBS drinks, Borny goes to BITF, Zeemis hacks, Xeppy morphs, NZX rages, Kuja casts mathgic, SN bad puns, Para is a valley girl, Nelo image whores, Fae epically rocks, Crono makes epic lulz, ODK randoms, Scathe emoticons, Zek PMs, SCM stares and no one cares about Hexed
[20:51] <OzmaRhapsodos> OA spins
[20:51] <Mango> ... No shit
[20:51] <Mango> what does it mean
[20:51] <OzmaRhapsodos> Er...
[20:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jimcloud: +7071. Not the smallest IRC convo, eh? :P
[20:51] <Jimcloud> most definitely not.
[20:51] <OzmaRhapsodos> He... spins.
[20:51] <OzmaRhapsodos> Rotate on himself.
[20:52] <Mango> !define spins
[20:52] <MasterTonberry> Mango: Stop making words up
[20:52] <Jimcloud> lol
[20:52] <OzmaRhapsodos> =O
[20:52] <OzmaRhapsodos> WHAT?
[20:52] <Mango> !define spin then you stupid bot
[20:52] <MasterTonberry> Mango: Stop making words up
[20:52] <Demonic_Saint> XD
It's not all that easy to make rhymes, you know... but excellent fun once you start, ohoho!
[21:54] <Jimcloud> you know, we have a method of comforting people for losses in XI.
[21:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> Shanking?
[21:54] <Shiggen> ...
[21:54] <Jimcloud> actually, no.
[21:54] <Shiggen> Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
[21:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dammit
[21:54] Jimcloud pats Sorceror_Nobody consolingly.
[21:55] <Jimcloud> no, seriously
[21:55] <Jimcloud> it's the /comfort emote.
[21:55] <Shiggen> ...
[21:55] <Jimcloud> and if you do it without a target, you get...
[21:55] <Shiggen> They have to put a comfort emote in
[21:55] Jimcloud wants to cheer someone up, badly!
[21:55] <Sorceror_Nobody> DO NOT INFECT ME WITH SOMETHING FROM THAT STAIN ON THE NAME OF FF. Except Shantotto, who is quite cool
[21:55] <Jimcloud> obviously, because it takes a certain amount of self-loathing to subject oneself to XI
[21:55] <Shiggen> The game must make you lose on a regular basis
[21:55] <Jimcloud> the frustrating part is..
[21:56] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...all of it?
[21:56] <Jimcloud> in order to do emotes with text, you do.. /em
[21:56] <Jimcloud> in here, to do them, you do /me
[21:56] <Shiggen> Sorceror_Nobody++++++++++++++++
[21:56] <Jimcloud> naturally, i get both confused with the other ALL THE TIME
[21:56] <Jimcloud> I do /em here and /me in XI -_-
[21:56] <Jimcloud> well, SN, it comes from XIV too, we could talk about that one
[21:57] <Jimcloud> :)
[21:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> NO
[21:57] <Shiggen> It says on your user page "Don't talk to me about that"
[21:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> From what I've heard, XIV is worse. WHich is impressive, in a weird way, and not a good one
[21:57] <Jimcloud> yeah, I'm still harboring a grudge against XIV
[21:57] <Jimcloud> here's the formula
[21:58] <Jimcloud> take the grind system as it was in XI
[21:58] Sorceror_Nobody BRICKS THE MUMORPUGERS
[21:58] <Jimcloud> add a fatigue system, so people who want to level up can't level up any faster than casual players
[21:58] <Jimcloud> and then limit the number of exp-awarding quests you can do per day.
[21:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> YESZ! THAT'S SO EPICALLY shit
[21:59] <Jimcloud> so, in essence, they took the system they had and made it completely unbearable
[21:59] <Jimcloud> and XI's battle system wasn't bad before
[21:59] <Jimcloud> Honest!
[21:59] <Shiggen> Wasn't one of the main complaints of XI that there were Japanese players who were like, 20 levels higher than everyone else?
[21:59] <Jimcloud> that's because JPs got the game first
[22:00] <Jimcloud> it came out about half a year later for america
[22:00] <Jimcloud> actually, the main complaint of XIV from the crowd who liked XI is one of three things
[22:00] <Jimcloud> 1. what I just outlines
[22:00] <Jimcloud> outlined*
[22:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> I hate Japanese gamers. They get the KHFMs, they get everything forever before the US and thus foreverer before the UK...
[22:00] <Jimcloud> 2. The game isn't similar enough to XI
[22:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and they are responsible for Vaan being in D012
[22:00] <Jimcloud> 3. The game is too similar to XI.
[22:00] <Jimcloud> Don't ask me how it works... it just does.
[22:01] <Shiggen> See?
[22:01] <Shiggen> MMORPGs drain your intelligence!
[22:01] <TheBlackShadow> How long did it take to come out in the Western half of the civilised world?
[22:02] <TheBlackShadow> (That is, Europe and Canada).
[22:02] <Jimcloud> I don't recall
[22:02] <Jimcloud> but I do know that when it did, it came with a built-in expansion pack! That way, american gamers didn't feel left out
[22:02] <Jimcloud> oh, wait, you have to be rank 6 to access any of the new expansion features? And in order to do that, you have to be at least level 50?
[22:03] <Jimcloud> GO FIND A PLACE TO DIE, SE. JUST DO IT.
[22:03] <Shiggen> Jimcloud++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[22:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> Mumorpugers drain your inelegance, yeah
[22:03] Sorceror_Nobody is shot
[22:03] <Jimcloud> lol
[22:03] <Shiggen> They make you elegant?
[22:03] <Jimcloud> i think the actual reason the expansion came out was to console Japanese gamers for the loss of their monopoly on the game
[22:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dur?
[22:04] <TheBlackShadow> This city has random encounters?
[22:04] <TheBlackShadow> >:(
[22:04] <Shiggen> ZOZO
[22:04] <Jimcloud> because a lot of the JP players are snooty elitists
[22:04] <Jimcloud> (English) (Party) (No thanks.)
[22:04] <Jimcloud> JP ONRY
[22:05] <TheBlackShadow> Even in the buildings!?
[22:05] <Jimcloud> though I have met some nice japanese people on there
[22:05] <Jimcloud> As it turns out, being a Blue Mage builds solidarity with other Blue Mages
[22:05] <Shiggen> A guy I know who played XI says that after a certain level the only nice players are tarutaru
[22:06] <Jimcloud> because we all put ourselves through the same death by boredom routine
[22:06] <Shiggen> The rest become douchebags
[22:06] <Jimcloud> I don't know what he's thinking
[22:06] <Jimcloud> lol XD
[22:06] <Shiggen> Sorceror_Nobody++++++++++++++++
[22:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> Except for some girls who really are girls, but that's a secret
[22:06] <Jimcloud> certain people are nicer than others
[22:07] <Jimcloud> but I wouldn't necessarily label tarutarus the nicest
[22:07] <Jimcloud> in fact, many of them are quite angry over being punted.
[22:07] <Jimcloud> I don't even know why people punt tarus. They're too top-heavy.
[22:07] <Jimcloud> I mean, have you SEEN their heads?
[22:07] <Shiggen> He says people who play tarutarus are polite and cool and shit
[22:07] Sorceror_Nobody punts Shantotto. Rhyming couplets fade into the distance. Wow, that's actually quite a cool sound
[22:07] <Jimcloud> They're the same size as THE REST OF THEIR BODY
[22:08] Sorceror_Nobody retrieves Shantotto and repeats
[22:08] <Jimcloud> She won't take too well to that.
[22:08] <Jimcloud> trust me.
[22:08] <Jimcloud> I've seen the ashes of people who've tried.
[22:08] <Shiggen> Did you know that Shantotto is the only character universally respected in Dissidia
[22:08] <Jimcloud> she is!
[22:08] <Shiggen> By the other warriors
[22:08] <Jimcloud> except Gabranth
[22:08] <Jimcloud> oh, and.. uh..
[22:08] <Shiggen> But he's a douche
[22:09] <Jimcloud> think it was Bartz
[22:09] <Shiggen> No, Exdeath
[22:09] <Jimcloud> someone said "Look! She's so teeeny!"
[22:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Your punting of one such as I is rather irksome. But in a weird way, it turns out quite fun"
[22:09] <Jimcloud> not him
[22:09] <Shiggen> "I will add your magic, to my own"
[22:09] <Jimcloud> that's acknowledging of her power
[22:09] <Jimcloud> so, in a way, respect
[22:09] <Shiggen> Jimmeh: Probably Tidus
[22:09] <Jimcloud> That was it
[22:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> At least I think she said "fun". She was pretty far away and hard to hear by then
[22:09] <TheBlackShadow> I hate this town!?
[22:10] Sorceror_Nobody retrieves and repunts
[22:10] <Jimcloud> did you hear the "OHOHOHOHOHOHO"?
[22:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> Barely
[22:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> I think I more inferred it than heard it
[22:10] <Shiggen> Shantotto reminds me of our Bio teacher
[22:10] <Shiggen> Short, and sarcastic
[22:10] <Shiggen> But she is married
[22:11] <Jimcloud> yeah, Shantotto isn't, and apparently that's her only regret so far
[22:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or should that be, "So far o'er hills the OHOHO's not heard, but as it's such a habit, it can be inferred"
[22:11] <Jimcloud> though I expect she'd have some trouble finding a guy insane enough to live with her
[22:11] <TheBlackShadow> Those Veil Dancer bitches have second level magic that kill you in one hit. I'm running out of Pheonix Down.
[22:11] <Jimcloud> not so much the rhymes as the temper and insane spellcasting that follows
[22:12] <Shiggen> I'm sure there's a creepy Japanese fan crazy enough to do that
[22:12] <Shiggen> Marry a videogame character that is
[22:12] <TheBlackShadow> FUCKING WHORES!
[22:12] <Jimcloud> but, uh, yeah, tarutaru players aren't necessarily any nicer than others
[22:12] <Shiggen> Pay 'em 50 bucks and leave TBS
[22:12] <Jimcloud> I mean, I consider myself to be pretty nice.
[22:13] <Shiggen> And what do you play as?
[22:13] <Jimcloud> Mithra
[22:13] <Jimcloud> which only adds to the gender confusion ont here
[22:13] <Jimcloud> on there
[22:13] Sorceror_Nobody is surprised and a little downcast, his rhymes've had not even a lone comment passed
[22:13] <Jimcloud> as approx. 70-80% of Mithras are actually Manthras
[22:14] <Jimcloud> or, as I say, (Mantra)
[22:14] <Shiggen> Sorceror_Nobody++++++++++++++++
[22:14] <Shiggen> Happy?
[22:14] <MasterTonberry> Happy is probably a yuppie word
[22:14] <Shiggen> STFU KITTEH
[22:14] <Jimcloud> Auto Translate is fun :
[22:14] <Jimcloud> :D
[22:15] <Jimcloud> there's no actual word in auto translate for Manthra, so I use (Mantra)
[22:15] <Jimcloud> like some people do (May)(bee)
[22:15] Griffen78 [47ba1a2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:15] <Shiggen> GRIFFEN 8D
[22:15] <Griffen78> ?
[22:15] Shiggen is happy to see you
[22:16] Sorceror_Nobody receives the karma with glee, then turns his attention to stupid kitty. The catbot's response was rather too fail, and Sorceror punts cat away with a wail
[22:16] <Griffen78> do I know you?
[22:16] <Shiggen> This means the IRC can become even MORE crazy!
[22:16] Shiggen is Mango fool
[22:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Griffen
[22:16] <Jimcloud> and others do (Choke) (wife) (Drown) (child) (Burn) (down) (office) (building) to play (Final Fantasy) every (Day of the week)
[22:16] <Griffen78> oh >.<
[22:16] <Griffen78> ok
[22:16] <Griffen78> don't excpect me to know that right away >.>
[22:16] <Jimcloud> hey Griff
[22:17] <Shiggen> You could've asked kitty
[22:17] <MasterTonberry> mwuah!
[22:17] <Griffen78> hai~
[22:17] <Shiggen> Shiggen?
[22:17] <MasterTonberry> South African chicken. Also Mango's alternate form
[22:17] <Griffen78> he's usally not very imformative
[22:17] <Jimcloud> also, SN
[22:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> "It is rather odd that a fruit would be Shiggen, and failure to realise is easily forgiven"
[22:17] <Jimcloud> Sorceror_Nobody----------
[22:18] <Jimcloud> that's for hitting kitty
[22:18] <Shiggen> Sorceror_Nobody++++++++++++++++
[22:18] <Jimcloud> he punted Kitty, Shiggen.
[22:18] <MasterTonberry> EEEEP!
[22:18] <Jimcloud> .. wow
[22:18] <Jimcloud> it's like he knows
[22:18] <Shiggen> :Sorceror_Nobody-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[22:19] <Armageddon11> !karma Sorceror_Nobody
[22:19] <MasterTonberry> Armageddon11: Sorceror_Nobody's karma is 1552
[22:19] <Armageddon11> 0_o
[22:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> "The punt of the kitty was theory, not fact. We all know that kitty's immune to that act"
[22:19] <MasterTonberry> Rouwh?
[22:19] <Shiggen> !karma Mango
[22:19] <MasterTonberry> Shiggen: Mango's karma is 41
[22:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> "OHOHOHOHOHO!"
[22:20] <Shiggen> Mango-----------------------------------------
[22:20] <Shiggen> !karma Mango
[22:20] <MasterTonberry> Shiggen: Mango's karma is 1
[22:20] <Shiggen> Mango--
[22:20] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Shantotto_Nobody
[22:20] <Griffen78> .-.
[22:20] <Shiggen> -_-
[22:20] <DSS> Sorceror_Nobody------
[22:20] <Jimcloud> lol
[22:21] Shiggen groans
[22:21] <DSS> Shantotto_Nobody-----------------------
[22:21] <TheBlackShadow> I'm gonna find what I'm looking for, then use that Teleport Stone and run for the hills.
[22:21] <Shiggen> TBS: Toldja
[22:21] <Shantotto_Nobody> "Subtraction of karma is not very kind. Clearly you envy my superior mind"
[22:21] <Shiggen> It's the highest tier Told You So spell :P
[22:22] <DSS> Clearly your silver tounge waggles with ease. I would ask that you put it on hold, please.
[22:22] <Shiggen> KILLA RHYMEZ!
[22:22] Shantotto_Nobody is shot, and rather a lot.... then shot another time, for the act said in rhyme
[22:22] Shantotto_Nobody is machi8ne gunned
[22:23] <Shantotto_Nobody> *machine
[22:24] <Shiggen> Oh, good morning everyone!
[22:24] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The Nobody gunned was quite the wrong one. In fact it was just an automato-*shot*
[22:25] <Shiggen> SN should become a rapper
[22:25] <Shantotto_Nobody> Mango-----
[22:25] <Shantotto_Nobody> Shiggen-----
[22:26] <Shiggen> :D
[22:28] <TheBlackShadow> Ah, Terra is here, I was beginning to think this was a wasted trip.
[22:28] <TheBlackShadow> Ohaithar Ramuh.
[22:31] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The Esper called Ramuh's both ancient and wise; guarding the girl while awaiting you guys"
[22:31] <DSS> Sorceror
[22:31] Shantotto_Nobody is grabbed, stuffed into a coal sack, and buried
[22:31] <DSS> Sorceror_Nobody---------------
[22:32] <Shantotto_Nobody> Awww...
[22:32] <DSS> My fingers can't type well - It's sort of an issue. What's the matter SN, can I offer a tissue?
[22:33] <Shantotto_Nobody> DSS----------
[22:33] <Shantotto_Nobody> Hypocrite :P
[22:33] <DSS> Don't be hatin' on my rhymes, sucka.
[22:33] NeoZEROX [~NeoZEROX@] has joined #FFWiki
[22:33] <TheBlackShadow> CAIT SITH MAGICITE?
[22:33] <Shiggen> ZEROX!
[22:33] <TheBlackShadow> NO, THIS CANNOT BE!
[22:33] <Shantotto_Nobody> I was about to add some back on for your rhyme in itself, but that last comment changed my mind
[22:33] <Otherarrow> Hi
[22:34] <NeoZEROX> Yo.
[22:34] <Jimcloud> hey Nzero
[22:35] <Jimcloud> Yay! Only 46 abilities left for Kefka till I master all of them! ... that I currently have. Dangit!
[22:36] <Jimcloud> Hey! You called Kefka crooked!
[22:36] <Jimcloud> well, it's probably accurate, anyways
[22:37] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The golden award has a sparkling glow, and you may yet acquire it if others are slow"
[22:37] <Jimcloud> I figured that out, but thanks for the tip; It's really quite fun to end sentences with a quip!
[22:37] <Shantotto_Nobody> "It does still remain the only gold to go, al others are claimed ohohohoho!"
[22:38] <DSS> Technically speaking I don't think they glow, even though your awards just how much do you know?
[22:38] <Shiggen> Fuggin rhyming bastards
[22:38] <DSS> Using the laugh in a rhyme : |
[22:38] <Shiggen> STOP SHOWING ME UP
[22:38] <DSS> Sorceror_Nobody--
[22:40] <DSS> We ain't showing you up man, this is just skill. I hope you that we both bear no ill will.
[22:40] <DSS> *know
[22:40] Shiggen twitches
[22:40] <Shantotto_Nobody> "There's a gold one for Chaos as well, to be fair. But playing as him? Only hackers will dare"
[22:41] <Shiggen> That's all very well and good, but I hate to tell ya, this ain't the hood
[22:41] <Shiggen> YES!
[22:41] <Armageddon11> More like "only hackers are able to". But that doesn't rhyme.
[22:41] DSS boos
[22:41] <Shiggen> AH AM PROUD OF MAHSELF :D
[22:41] <Shiggen> Victory?
[22:41] <MasterTonberry> ♫ Da-da-da-daa-daa-da-dadaaa! ♫
[22:42] <DSS> Your rhyming skills could use some work, you see. You're not nearly at the level of SN and me.
[22:42] <Shiggen> ♫ I got this instead of the musical notes, is that normal?
[22:42] <MasterTonberry> Shiggen: None
[22:42] <Shiggen> ...
[22:42] <Shantotto_Nobody> "Your speech was a rhyme, Shiggen, I will admit that's true... but the quality of it was quite frankly... poo"
[22:42] DSS knows he didn't use proper grammar
[22:43] <Jimcloud> Rhyming is fun, but be that as it may.. How can Shantotto stand to do this all day?
[22:43] Shiggen is pathetic at all artistic things
[22:43] <Shantotto_Nobody> DSS: What's wrong with that grammar?
[22:43] <Shantotto_Nobody> I don't see any mistakes
[22:44] <DSS> "SN and me" as opposed to "SN and I"
[22:44] <Shantotto_Nobody> No, "and I" replaces "we".
[22:44] <Shantotto_Nobody> "us" is "and me"
[22:44] <Shantotto_Nobody> So it's right. "and I" would have been wrong
[22:45] <DSS> What?
[22:45] <DSS> No - you're never supposed to use "and me"
[22:45] <Shantotto_Nobody> Yes you are
[22:45] <DSS> Maybe in your English
[22:45] <Shantotto_Nobody> If it's replacing "us", you use "and me". Only for replacing "we" do you use "and I"
[22:46] <Jimcloud> I'm sick of this grammar battle, let it be done. Can't we just get back to the fun?
[22:46] <DSS> Missed a few sylablles, dear.
[22:46] <Jimcloud> perhaps.
[22:47] <Shantotto_Nobody> Shantotto doesn't always get the number of syllables spot on, IIRC
[22:47] <Jimcloud> You are correct.
[22:48] Henryacores [] has quit IRC: Quit: Saindo
[22:48] DSS [477e13b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Bah.
[22:48] <TheBlackShadow> Okay, now thats over, where do I go now?
[22:48] <Shiggen> TO THE OPERA HOUSE
[22:49] <Shiggen> I think
[22:49] <TheBlackShadow> I am at the opera house. It is closed.
[22:49] <Shiggen> No, you do
[22:49] <Shiggen> Go south from Jidoor
[22:49] <Shiggen> Have you spoken to the chap in Jidoor?
[22:49] <Shiggen> Imperasssiarteijkdsnvsnwm
[22:49] <TheBlackShadow> ...
[22:49] <Shiggen> That guy
[22:50] <TheBlackShadow> I am not going all the way back to that place.
[22:50] <Shiggen> His name is italian
[22:50] <Jimcloud> The opera does have entertaining bits, though as I recall, it's for love-starved twits.
[22:50] <TheBlackShadow> >:/
[22:50] <Shiggen> Celes looks sexeh in her Opera dress
[22:50] <Shiggen> For a 16 bit sprite
[22:52] Jimcloud predicts Crono will appear soon, but is his appearance a curse or a boon?
[22:52] <Shiggen> BOON
[22:52] <Shiggen> CRONO IS FUNNEH
[22:52] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The next destination's an artistic place, where Locke at one point goes red in the face"
[22:52] TheBlackShadow loves the VI Chocobo theme. Almost makes me feel slightly happier about having to go back to That Place.
[22:53] <BfD> Fridge horror.
[22:53] <MasterTonberry> Another You - Creepypasta Wiki
[22:53] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The theme of the bird in the sixth fantasy... is techno. I must say, appealing to me"
[22:54] <TheBlackShadow> Okay, so where is this guy?
[22:54] <Shiggen> "FLAMINGO DINOSAUR YES " Guess who?
[22:54] <Shiggen> He's in the big house at the north
[22:54] <Shiggen> Impressiarioanjcvksjdnhvus
[22:54] <Shiggen> That guy
[22:54] <TheBlackShadow> ...Wait, have I got Jidoor and Zozo mixed up?
[22:55] <Shiggen> -_-
[22:55] <TheBlackShadow> ...
[22:55] Shiggen facepalms
[22:55] DrakeyC [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:55] Shiggen headdesks
[22:55] <TheBlackShadow> ... ...
[22:55] Shiggen strangles himself
[22:55] <TheBlackShadow> ... ... ... ...
[22:55] <TheBlackShadow> FUCK!
[22:55] <Shiggen> WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN
[22:55] <Jimcloud> Greetings DrakeyC, welcome to the IRC, we're playing rhyming games as you can see.
[22:56] <Shiggen> Heya Drake
[22:56] <Shiggen> TBS got Jidoor and Zozo mixed up
[22:56] <Jimcloud> Ohohohoho~
[22:56] <Armageddon11> Night all
[22:56] <Shantotto_Nobody> "A greeting indeed for our draconic friend. But Drake may want these fine couplets to end..."
[22:56] <Shiggen> Cheers
[22:56] <TheBlackShadow> Bai Arma.
[22:56] <DrakeyC>
[22:56] <Shantotto_Nobody> Bai Arma
[22:56] <MasterTonberry> Dissidia Forums - View Single Post - Official Dissidia Duodecim New Media & Speculation Thread
[22:56] <DrakeyC> Vaan's fighting style
[22:58] <Jimcloud> His fighting style is very interesting, I see, changing weapons mid-battle is a bit of a curiousity.
[22:58] Armageddon11 [561d6bc6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: <insert witty rhyme here> yeah right >_>
[22:59] <Shantotto_Nobody> "The changing of arms is a clever gambit to use, but is it enough to alter the Vaan-haters' views?"
[23:00] <Shantotto_Nobody> "I suspect it is not, and that is a shame. Vaan is not nearly as bad as they claim"
[23:01] <NeoZEROX> I still rather have Ashe then Vaan.
[23:01] <DrakeyC> I have to make sure this is really her, but wow....
[23:01] <DrakeyC>
[23:02] <Shiggen> ...What's wrong with her legs?
[23:02] <Jimcloud> Those abs of his have a malicious will, the malignant protrusions wishing us ill.
[23:02] <Jimcloud> Amano's wrong with her legs, Shiggen.
[23:02] <NeoZEROX> Is that the same outfit?
[23:02] <BfD> WHATTHEFUCK-- *mind blown*
[23:02] <MasterTonberry> Jane - Creepypasta Wiki
[23:03] <TheBlackShadow> Siggen.
[23:03] <TheBlackShadow> Shiggen.
[23:03] <Shiggen> Y'all had better stop rhyming, or the funeral bells will begin chiming
[23:03] <Shiggen> Yes TBS?
[23:03] <MasterTonberry> Though it appear a little out of fashion, there is much care and valour in this Welshman - Henry V, W Shakespeare
[23:03] <TheBlackShadow> I returned to Jidoor and spoke with a man in the northern mansion, as you instructed.
[23:03] <Shiggen> Yurs
[23:03] <Shiggen> Did he mention Setzer?
[23:04] <TheBlackShadow> Yet the Opera House is, according to the NPC, still closed.
[23:04] <TheBlackShadow> Setzer was not mentioned.
[23:04] <Shiggen> Go back
[23:04] <DrakeyC> You didn't see a scene of him being introduced?
[23:04] <Shiggen> And speak
[23:04] <TheBlackShadow> No.
[23:04] <Shiggen> Until they mention Setzer
[23:04] <DrakeyC> And you've seen Terra in Zozo?
[23:04] <TheBlackShadow> Yes.
[23:04] <DrakeyC> Then you spoke to the wrong person
[23:04] <Shantotto_Nobody> "But now I must go, and depart for the night... but this will all go in my Quotage... damn right! So I bid you farewell, and leave you, although... I think there is time for an ohohoho!"
[23:04] <BfD> You broke the sequence!
[23:05] <Shiggen> -_-
[23:05] Shantotto_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror
[23:05] Sorceror [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[23:05] <TheBlackShadow> Although I used a Teleport Stone to leave as soon as I got the Magicite.
[23:05] <Jimcloud> later SN
[23:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> G'night people
[23:05] <MasterTonberry> HAVE AN ENJOY ABOUT IT'S SLEEP TIME!
[23:05] <Shiggen> That probably bypassed the magicite tutorial with the ghost
[23:05] <Shiggen> Night Master
[23:05] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] has quit IRC: Quit: OHOHOHOHO!!!

Edit summary: "I shan't bother with indentations tonight. Perhaps I will do it tomorrow, alright?"
Upon seeing that Jimcloud had finished it for me overnight, I thanked her the following day. Inevitably, it was another rhyme:

[19:37] Sorceror_Nobody 's astonished, he really must say, for Jimcloud has saved him some effort today. He had planned to make his chat quotage complete, but Jimcloud has finished it for him... how sweet!
Kitty's inevitable uprising finally begins. We are all doomed
[23:34] MasterTonberry Throws Shiggen into a sloppy Nobuo_Uematsu.
[23:34] <Shiggen> O_O
[23:34] <Shiggen> NOT COOL KITTY
[23:34] <MasterTonberry> Meow, purr, meow!
[23:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> KITTY IS A HERETIC
[23:34] <MasterTonberry> EEEEP!
[23:34] <BiggsWedge> !Kill Kitty
[23:34] <MasterTonberry> EEEEP!
[23:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> You'd better be afraid, kitty
[23:34] <MasterTonberry> \001ACTION fluffs
[23:34] <BiggsWedge> !kill Kitty
[23:35] <Shiggen> !kill MasterTonberry SHEEP
[23:35] MasterTonberry Kills MasterTonberry with a SHEEP.
[23:35] <BiggsWedge> oh, duh
[23:35] <Jimcloud> .....
[23:35] <BiggsWedge> !kill Kitty SUPERSHEEP
[23:35] MasterTonberry Kills Kitty with a SUPERSHEEP.
[23:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> !kill kitty display_of_righteous_holy_revenge_of_the_Uematsu_kind
[23:35] MasterTonberry Kills kitty with a display_of_righteous_holy_revenge_of_the_Uematsu_kind.
[23:35] <Griffen78> wear a condom
[23:35] <Shiggen> ...
[23:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> !kill kitty condom
[23:35] MasterTonberry Kills kitty with a condom.
[23:35] <Shiggen> ...
[23:35] <BiggsWedge> !kill Griffeh Condom
[23:35] MasterTonberry Kills Griffeh with a Condom.
[23:35] <Shiggen> This chat has gotten weird
[23:35] <Shiggen> Er than usual
[23:36] <BiggsWedge> FFWiki?
[23:36] <MasterTonberry> rumour has it FFWiki is going to die?
[23:36] <BiggsWedge> O.O
[23:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> STOP SPREADING LIES KITTEH
[23:36] <Shiggen> It dies regularly
[23:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> Kitty has gone rogue O_O
[23:36] <MasterTonberry> mwuah!
[23:36] <Shiggen> When Jimcloud, me and SC are off, it dies hard
[23:36] <Jimcloud> lol :P
[23:36] <Shiggen> Okay, maybe not me
[23:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> We're doomed. Kitty has finally started turning into SkyNet
[23:37] <MasterTonberry> Meeeooowwwllll
[23:37] <Shiggen> But SC and Jimmeh defs
[23:37] <BiggsWedge> Blue is always good for a laugh
[23:37] BiggsWedge flips a switch and. . . . .
[23:37] <Shiggen> Yesterday he brainstormed an idea for a game where you ARE the sword
[23:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> !kill BiggsWedge dismissive_laugh
[23:38] MasterTonberry Kills BiggsWedge with a dismissive_laugh.
[23:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> O_O
[23:38] <Shiggen> ^pwned
[23:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, kitty... please...
[23:38] BiggsWedge [~matthewha@] is now known as BW|Dead
[23:38] <MasterTonberry> muew.
[23:38] Sorceror_Nobody backs away from kitty
[23:38] Cynthia [~NeoZEROX@] has joined #FFWiki
[23:39] <BW|Dead> IMPOSTER!
[23:39] <BW|Dead> oh wait
[23:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> !action advances_on Sorceror_Nobody knife
[23:39] MasterTonberry advances_on Sorceror_Nobody with a knife.
[23:39] Sorceror_Nobody is backed into a corner
[23:39] <Shiggen> Heya ZEROX
[23:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> Er... little help here?
[23:39] <Jimcloud> !kill himself Chef's_Knife
[23:39] MasterTonberry Kills himself with a Chef's_Knife.
[23:39] <Jimcloud> problem solved
[23:39] <BW|Dead> !kill Kitty Zombie+Powers
[23:39] MasterTonberry Kills Kitty with a Zombie+Powers.
[23:40] <Jimcloud> !action revive himself Raise
[23:40] MasterTonberry revive himself with a Raise.
[23:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> !action is unaffected_and_continues_to_pursue_SN tonberrian_croak
[23:40] MasterTonberry is unaffected_and_continues_to_pursue_SN with a tonberrian_croak.
[23:40] <Jimcloud> !action leaves SN feet
[23:40] MasterTonberry leaves SN with a feet.
[23:40] Sorceror_Nobody is confused and terrified. Don't forget terrified
[23:41] <Jimcloud> !action teleport Sorceror_Nobody Void_Magic
[23:41] MasterTonberry teleport Sorceror_Nobody with a Void_Magic.
[23:41] <Jimcloud> problem solved
[23:41] Sorceror_Nobody summons Sorceror_Nobody. The Eidolon is *doinked* immediately. Oh shit O_O
[23:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> Um... in light of my imminent demise...
[23:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'd just like to say how much I love you guys (totally platonic, obviously)... and... er... bye
[23:42] <Jimcloud> later SN
[23:43] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] has quit IRC: Quit: *doink*
Don't do drugs, kids. Unless you happen to be R8.50Mango
[16:37] <DrakeyC>
[16:37] <DrakeyC> wtf?
[16:37] <KujaRhapsodos> A pokéball pokémon. How very original.
[16:37] <Comrade_Shiggen> Eh
[16:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Voltorb V2.0?
[16:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's a frickin' shroom
[16:38] Sorceror_Nobody commands Comrade_Shiggen to smoke the shroom
[16:38] Comrade_Shiggen smokes the shroom
[16:39] <Comrade_Shiggen> Fuck, it's tuesd-omigodi'monfireandmyhandsaresentient
Several lines censored for user privacy
[16:42] <Comrade_Shiggen> I call bullhit on this
[16:42] <Comrade_Shiggen> *bullshit
[16:42] Sorceror_Nobody hits Shiggen with a bull
[16:42] <Comrade_Shiggen> -_-
[16:42] <Comrade_Shiggen> Ha
[16:42] <Comrade_Shiggen> Ha
[16:42] Sorceror_Nobody is shot. Repeatedly
[16:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> TOTALLY
[16:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> WORTH
[16:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> IT
[16:43] <Comrade_Shiggen> XD
[16:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...but I digress
[16:43] <Comrade_Shiggen> Yes
[16:43] <Comrade_Shiggen> Yes you do
[16:43] Sorceror_Nobody digresses
[16:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> By the way, Comrade_Shiggen, are you contemplating your hands?
[16:44] <Comrade_Shiggen> Smokin a shroom dude
[16:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Just making sure
[16:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Smoke another one, to be on the safe side
[16:44] OavatosDK [] has joined #FFWiki
[16:44] Comrade_Shiggen smokes another shroom
[16:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Oavatos
[16:45] <Comrade_Shiggen> Fuck, it's tues-omigodimonfireandmyhandsaresentient
[16:45] <Comrade_Shiggen> Heya Oav
[16:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> Contemplate your hands, Oavatos. CONTEMPLATE THEM
[16:45] Sorceror_Nobody pre-empts Shiggen
[16:46] Sorceror_Nobody smokes some shroom. Wow, this is.... trippy
[16:46] <Comrade_Shiggen> ~.^
[16:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wha... why do... I have three arms and ten... hands?
[16:46] <Comrade_Shiggen> You have hands?
[16:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> Duuuuuuuuude... this is like.... so out there
[16:46] <Comrade_Shiggen> ^.~
[16:46] <Comrade_Shiggen> ^stoned
[16:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> The hands are... there, but... totally not there too
[16:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> And they're all sorts of colours...
[16:47] <Comrade_Shiggen> Really?
[16:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> I... don't remember
[16:47] <Comrade_Shiggen> Ben franklin says the universe is a womb
[16:47] <Comrade_Shiggen> I dunno
[16:47] <Comrade_Shiggen> I think it's more of a placenta really
[16:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> That's like... god, man, that makes so much sense
[16:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> Like, with the elephants over there and everything
[16:48] Sorceror_Nobody waves at the purple elephants, who wave back
[16:48] Comrade_Shiggen 's shroom induced high wears off
[16:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> Duuuude... I... I love you guys, you know?
[16:49] Sorceror_Nobody collapses
[16:49] Sorceror_Nobody burbles incoherently on the floor
[16:50] Comrade_Shiggen laughs
[16:50] Sorceror_Nobody flickers, and vanishes. He then reappears up by the ceiling. He is now covered with orange stripes
[16:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wow... I... why am I here?
[16:51] Sorceror_Nobody suddenly falls back onto the floor. The stripes disappear and are replaced by bright blue and green spots
[16:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> Maybe... smoking the shroom...
[16:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...was not such a good ide-*throws up*
[16:53] <Sorceror_Nobody> How... how do you... *vomits again ...cope with... with... with this shit, Shiggen?
[16:53] Sorceror_Nobody passes out
[16:53] <Comrade_Shiggen> Meh
[16:54] <Comrade_Shiggen> You get used to it
[16:55] Sorceror_Nobody appears. The Eidolon one, that is. He looks at the passed-out Sorceror Nobody, and asks what the hell happened
[16:55] <Comrade_Shiggen> SN's Eidolon: Shrooms bro
[16:55] <Comrade_Shiggen> Wanna try?
[16:56] <Comrade_Shiggen> It's good stuff man
[16:56] <Comrade_Shiggen> C'mon!
[16:56] <Comrade_Shiggen> It'll be fun!
[16:56] <Comrade_Shiggen> THere'll be swords!
[16:56] TheBlackShadow casts Disintegrate on the "shrooms".
[16:56] Sorceror_Nobody Eidolon -- can see from his non-Eidolon self that it probably is not fun
[16:56] <Comrade_Shiggen> ;_;
[16:57] Sorceror_Nobody the Eidolon revives his non-Eidolon self. It takes quite a while, with much vomiting
[16:57] <Comrade_Shiggen> Eh
[16:57] <Comrade_Shiggen> You'll never get used to it if you never try it
[16:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> Urghhh... never again...
[16:57] Sorceror_Nobody dismisses his Eidolon. There is a fading cry of "Oh, that's gratitude for yo-"
Extreme headmessery, and the destruction of the universe
[22:02] BiggsWedge [] is now known as CaptainJack
[22:02] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:02] <Jimcloud> YOU
[22:03] <CaptainJack> Yar!
[22:03] Jimcloud hides all the booze and the women.
[22:03] <Jimcloud> How I hide myself, however, is a mystery
[22:03] <CaptainJack> women?
[22:03] Sorceror_Nobody procures rum as a bargaining chip
[22:03] <Griffen78> you didn't hide them from me?
[22:03] Tabbeh hides himself from Griff.
[22:03] CaptainJack hides himself from Grif
[22:04] Sorceror_Nobody hides CaptainJack from... beat me to it :P
[22:04] Shiggen hides himself from Grif
[22:04] Sorceror_Nobody hides himself from Jimcloud
[22:04] <Jimcloud> lol
[22:04] Griffen78 hides Jim in himself
[22:04] <Griffen78> ...that didn't come out right
[22:04] <CaptainJack> no shit
[22:04] Sorceror_Nobody hides himself from himself
[22:04] <Tabbeh> ._.
[22:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> Bugger, where did I go?
[22:05] CaptainJack "Kidnaps" Jimmy (for her protection)
[22:05] Tabbeh hides himself from himself by hiding inside himself.
[22:05] <Griffen78> o.o
[22:05] <Tabbeh> Agh, I turned myself inside out.
[22:05] Sorceror_Nobody grabs CaptainJack's compass, and uses it to find himself
[22:05] <CaptainJack> speaking of whcih
[22:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> This compass is useless. Whichever way I turn, it's pointing back towards me
[22:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> No help whatsoever
[22:06] <CaptainJack> have you ever wondered what happens if you take a sock and put the end inside the opening and keep putting more in, where does it end up?
[22:06] <Jimcloud> hey, SN, I found SN
[22:06] Shiggen equips [Invisibility Cloak]
[22:07] <Shiggen> It becomes a ball
[22:07] <Shiggen> I've tried it
[22:07] Sorceror_Nobody is relieved to know he's been found, but SN is terrified to have been found by Jimcloud
[22:07] Sorceror_Nobody 's head melts
[22:07] <Jimcloud> don't worry, I wish you no harm :P
[22:07] <Jimcloud> XD
[22:07] <CaptainJack> yeah but where does the end go?
[22:07] <Jimcloud> it becomes the center of the universe, CaptainJack.
[22:07] <CaptainJack> :D
[22:07] <Tabbeh> It's in the opening of the sock.
[22:08] <CaptainJack> or how about this one
[22:08] <CaptainJack> do the same thing with a rubber tube
[22:09] <CaptainJack> surely eventually the end that you put inside would end up coming out of . . . . . the end you put inside
[22:09] CaptainJack 's head explodes
[22:09] Sorceror_Nobody tries it. Suddenly, the rubber tube turns into another Sorceror Nobody. What the...? O_o
[22:10] <CaptainJack> oh crap
[22:10] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as SN_and_SN
[22:10] <CaptainJack> I call being his L'cie on behalf of Biggs
[22:10] <CaptainJack> I mean uh
[22:10] <CaptainJack> Who'd Biggs?
[22:10] SN_and_SN watch each other warily... then without warning both summon their Eidolons, complete with Quadra-Keyblade-wielding
[22:11] SN_and_SN [~Sorceror@] is now known as SN_SN_SN_and_SN
[22:11] <CaptainJack> Dude you don't HAVE an Eidolon
[22:11] <CaptainJack> your eidolon is . . . yourself never mind
[22:11] <CaptainJack> carry on
[22:11] Jimcloud kills both SNs on top of the socks and/or rubber tubes using Dissidia. Problem solved.
[22:12] SN_SN_SN_and_SN a splode, taking the universe with them
[22:12] SN_SN_SN_and_SN [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[22:12] <CaptainJack> !roll 0d0
[22:12] <CaptainJack> ;-;
[22:12] Sorceror_Nobody looks at Jimcloud, again the sole survivor. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
[22:12] <Jimcloud> hey SN
[22:12] Sorceror_Nobody flees
Shantotto Nobody Episode II: The Rhyming Strikes Back
[15:07] <SilverCrono> FFWiki IRC?
[15:07] <SacredMinotaur> Kuja maths, Hexed lyrics, Crono makes lulz, Mango makes more lulz, Jimmeh plays Dissidia, Xepscern watches Power Rangers, Yuan quotes, Scathe's house floods, wolf5000 spies, Blue blogs, Para parties, Auror bitches, TBS plays FFV, SN roleplays, robert_ doesn't exist, OA spins, Drake whores, Henry rapes, Borny links, N
[15:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> ROLEPLAYS :D
[15:08] <SilverCrono> :C
[15:08] <Shiggen> XD
[15:08] <Asorailahd> Don't change it SILVACRONO
[15:08] <Ark> What do I do?
[15:08] <SilverCrono> FUCK OFF AUROR
[15:08] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Shantotto_Nobody
[15:08] <SilverCrono> -_-
[15:08] <Shiggen> D:
[15:08] <KujaRhapsodos> Shantotto_Nobody: epik nick =D
[15:08] <Shiggen> NOEZ
[15:08] Shiggen begins sobbing
[15:08] <Asorailahd> The hell was that Silva?
[15:08] <Shantotto_Nobody> Look what you've done, you've set me off now. It's all come about from the learning of cow!
[15:09] <Shiggen> GAH
[15:09] <Shiggen> PAIN
[15:09] Xepscern [46e58059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as MetaXep
[15:10] <Shantotto_Nobody> Making rhymes can be simple, and other times tougher... but either way, the end result makes Shiggen suffer :P
[15:10] <SilverCrono> OH GOD, NO
[15:10] <SilverCrono> STOP RHYMING
[15:10] <SilverCrono> MY EARS ARE BLEEDING
[15:10] <Shiggen> NONONONONONONONO
[15:10] Shiggen headdesks, replacing ne pain with another
[15:11] <Shiggen> *one
[15:11] <Ark> It should be a crime to make such an awful rhyme! :P
[15:11] SilverCrono cuts off his d*ck
[15:11] SilverCrono slaps himself with it
[15:11] <Asorailahd> I love these rhymes! :D
[15:11] <SilverCrono> MAKE IT STOP
[15:11] <Shiggen> ....
[15:11] <Shantotto_Nobody> My epic creation of these couplets of rhyme is a fun way for me to while away a little of my time
[15:11] <MetaXep> As MetaXep, I can predict how others will react
[15:11] <Shiggen> ~_O
[15:11] <SilverCrono> PLEASE, GOD, MAKE IT STOP
[15:12] SilverCrono gnaws his ears off
[15:12] <SilverCrono> I STILL HEAR THEM
[15:12] <SilverCrono> THE PAIN WON'T GO AWAY
[15:12] <Ark> We should stop it there, before poor Crono goes spare.
[15:12] <Asorailahd> I’m the one with the lyrical flow to make your mind blow, cream on the mike how you like.. we didn’t come to holler down the floor, the dj’s tunes are stalking down the wall.
[15:12] <Shantotto_Nobody> There is no respite from my leet rhyming skill. I will continue to do it until I've had my fill
[15:12] <SilverCrono> WHY WON'T I DIE
[15:13] SilverCrono bangs his head on a wall
[15:13] <Shiggen> !
[15:13] Shiggen has arefuge!
[15:13] <Shiggen> TO MORROWIND I GO!
[15:13] Shiggen [] is now known as Mango|Morrowind
[15:13] <SilverCrono> NOOO
[15:13] <SilverCrono> COME BACK
[15:13] <SilverCrono> TAKE ME WITH YOUUU
[15:13] <Mango|Morrowind> I'm sorry Crono
[15:13] <Asorailahd> Little Rosie loves to rhyme, so she has to have proteins to get her chime!
[15:13] Mango|Morrowind walks away
[15:13] <SilverCrono> NO
[15:13] <SilverCrono> MANGO!
[15:14] <SilverCrono> DON'T LEAVE ME!
[15:14] SilverCrono continues to headwall
[15:14] SilverCrono just won't die
[15:14] <SilverCrono> I BEG YOU, SN
[15:14] <Shantotto_Nobody> You cannot escape; my words follow with ease. Even in Morrowind, you'll hear them on the breeze
[15:14] <SilverCrono> MAKE THE RHYMING STOP
[15:14] <Asorailahd> Silver loves eating goats, but will alligators eat him in a moat?
[15:14] <SilverCrono> OH GOD, NO
[15:14] <SilverCrono> NOOOOO
[15:14] Shantotto_Nobody can't breathe for laughing
[15:14] <SilverCrono> DON'T BREATHE
[15:15] <SilverCrono> I HOPE YOU DIE
[15:15] <Asorailahd> Crono is a matyr, while Silver is a satyr.
[15:15] <Ark> XD
[15:15] Shantotto_Nobody stops laughing instantly, and glares at SC. Literally, that's actually what he did. Apart from the glare being at a screen, obviously
[15:15] <SilverCrono> NOOO
[15:15] <SilverCrono> WHY WON'T THEY STOP
[15:16] <Ark> What, SC, the awful puns?
[15:16] <SilverCrono> YES
[15:16] <SilverCrono> YES, YES, YES
[15:16] <SilverCrono> THE PUNS
[15:16] <SilverCrono> THE RHYMING
[15:16] SilverCrono blows himself up
[15:16] <Ark> You got rhymed! IT BURNS WITH THE INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND SUNS. What, SC, the awful puns?
[15:16] SilverCrono ies
[15:17] SilverCrono ies, not dies
[15:17] SilverCrono is still alive
[15:17] <Shantotto_Nobody> Your uncharitable remark is committed to mem'ry. You should not anger your master, SC.
[15:17] <SilverCrono> OH GOD, YOU MADE ME RHYMED
[15:17] SilverCrono slits his throat
[15:17] SilverCrono is now in agony but cannot talk
[15:17] <Asorailahd> In democracy your vote counts. In feudalism your count votes.
[15:17] <Asorailahd> Get it? ;)
[15:18] SilverCrono cries tears of blood
[15:18] Shantotto_Nobody gives Asorailahd a rhymecookie
[15:18] <Ark> In Soviet IRC, Ark make YOU rhyme
[15:18] <Asorailahd> Reading while sunbathing makes you well-red. XD
[15:18] Shantotto_Nobody gives Ark a rhymecookie
[15:18] <Ark> Yay! ^_^
[15:18] Shantotto_Nobody shoots Asorailahd. Good bad puns are okay. That was a bad bad pun
[15:18] <Asorailahd> Okay, here's a good pun.
[15:18] <Asorailahd> If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed.
[15:19] <Asorailahd> XD
[15:19] Shantotto_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[15:19] Sorceror_Nobody cues withering look
[15:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Are we done? I want to put this on my quotage
[15:20] <Ark> Fine by me.
[15:20] <SilverCrono> Is it over?
[15:20] <SilverCrono> It's over
[15:20] <SilverCrono> IT'S FINALLY OVER
[15:20] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Shantotto_Nobody
[15:20] SilverCrono dies of blood loss
[15:20] OavatosDK is checking Mafia V.
[15:20] <Asorailahd> Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under.
[15:20] <Ark> Is that what ehy call 'owned', SC? :P
[15:20] <Asorailahd> Local Area Network in Australia: the LAN down under.
[15:21] <Shantotto_Nobody> The incident is not ov-*shot*
[15:21] Shantotto_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
We are all animals. No, really, that's the whole point!

This convo is heavily truncated due to abundant parallel discussions, so don't be surprised by massive timestamp gaps

[16:00] <FJ|ZooTycoon> But back to the IRC zoo of the now. I need an orca taker, plzzz!
[16:01] <FJ|ZooTycoon> ...Does anyone listen to my pleas anymore?
[16:01] <Ark> We've all been emotionally scarred by your sister, FJ...
[16:01] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I promise not to do any emotional scarring.
[16:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and Jimcloud is loved by all, so we can cope with her scarring us
[16:02] <Sorceror_Nobody> Anyone else may cause actual damage
[16:03] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Maybe you could choose your favorite video game hottie and put him/her as your mate!
[16:03] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Each person chooses.
[16:04] <FJ|ZooTycoon> OK, this is the plan: When you get to be your creature, you get to choose your mate's name.
[16:10] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Bah. Maybe I won't let you choose what you are. Or who your mate is. Or what kind of tricks you may or may not do.
[16:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> FJ|ZooTycoon: Have my mate be Aqua
[16:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or Lightning
[16:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> That is all
[16:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...or both, if possible
[16:11] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Interesting choice, since you're an orca living in a tank.
[16:14] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Done, SN. You're a vicious tricked-out orca who eats lots of fish and mates with Aqua.
[16:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> victory?
[16:14] <SacredMinotaur> ♫ Da-da-da-daa-daa-daa-da-dadaaa! ♫
[16:19] <FJ|ZooTycoon> "The tank is too shallow for Sorceror Nobody" ...What are you DOING with Aqua?
[16:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> You're too young for me to give any details
[16:19] <SilverCrono> xD
[16:22] <FJ|ZooTycoon> "Sorceror Nobody wants more rocks in his exhibit" ...WHAT are you DOING with her?!
[16:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> You're too young for me to give any details
[16:22] <SilverCrono> XD
[16:23] <Sceada> It appears SN "rocks" quite a bit xD
[16:25] <FJ|ZooTycoon> "Sorceror Nobody is content with his exhhibit" ...Aqua isn't enough?
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> FJ|ZooTycoon: The exhibit is secondary. I am also content with Aqua.
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> Very content
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> Though if it's possible to have Lightning too at some point, I wouldn't object...
[16:26] <FJ|ZooTycoon> More people are showing up for your show than expected, SN.
[16:26] <Mango|SuikodenII> ...
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> HSNOAA
[16:26] Sorceror_Nobody is shot with a harpoon
[16:26] <Mango|SuikodenII> >>
[16:27] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Only if it's your child. And I don't think you would like that.
[16:27] <FJ|ZooTycoon> They got you on the dot: "Sorceror Nobody is very sick".
[16:28] <Mango|SuikodenII> XD
[16:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> -_-
[16:28] <SilverCrono> This guy are sick?
[16:28] <Mango|SuikodenII> Fighter_Jecht+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[16:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> *whale
[16:28] <Mango|SuikodenII> XD
[16:29] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Though, since I don't have a filter, the "Dirty" exhibit also contributes.
[16:29] <Mango|SuikodenII> ...
[16:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> You should have a filter. Won't someone please think of the childre-NO, NOT LIKE THAT
[16:30] <Mango|SuikodenII> I think even with a filter SN's exhibit would be dirty
[16:30] Sorceror_Nobody leaps out of the tank and holds Jecht up against THE_TREE. PUT A WATER FILTER IN NOW
[16:30] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Now we've gone waaay away for the real topic.
[16:31] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I can't. I'm hoping the Marine Specialist will clean it.
[16:31] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Yup. Thought so.
[16:32] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Brb.
[16:55] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Back! And for round 2 of naming: the Bottlenose dolphin!
[16:57] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Any takers for the Bottlenose Dolphin?
[16:57] Sorceror_Nobody raises a flipper
[16:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> Can haz Lightning? :P
[16:57] Sorceror_Nobody is slapped
[16:59] <FJ|ZooTycoon> No, SN, you can't have Lightning right now.
[16:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> -_-
[16:59] <Sorceror_Nobody> BUT WANT MAEK MOAR SEXEH TIEM *shot*
[16:59] <Sceada> meh, why not? If it makes you happy FJ
[17:00] <FJ|ZooTycoon> 'Cause I'm saving it for one of the next takers. Any bottlenose dolphins?
[17:00] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I'll probly need two.
[17:00] Sceada already raised his hand
[17:05] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I need Sceada to name his mate. And a second taker.
[17:07] <FJ|ZooTycoon> Anyone else?
[17:07] <Mango|SuikodenII> NZX
[17:07] <Mango|SuikodenII> Make his mate...ZIDANE
[17:07] <Mango|SuikodenII> >;3
[17:08] <NeoZEROX> Eh?
[17:08] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I told you, no emotional scarring.
[17:09] Mango|SuikodenII whistles nonchalantly
[17:09] <FJ|ZooTycoon> I'm affraid I can't stay on anymore. I'll hopefuly be back soon. Bye!
[17:09] FJ|ZooTycoon [~kvirc@] has quit IRC: Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia
Economics, and the rise of the Zombiefish
[18:58] <Jimcloud> uggggh
[18:58] <Jimcloud> Economics
[18:58] <Jimcloud> X_x
[18:59] <KujaRhapsodos> x_x
[18:59] <Jimcloud> I'm supposed to compare two developing counries and the US and figure out which would make a better trading partner for us
[18:59] Jimcloud gets out a very big baseball bat
[18:59] <Jimcloud> no jokes
[18:59] <KujaRhapsodos> I hated my econimics class SO MUCH in highschool.
[18:59] <Jimcloud> yeah, I just hav to do this and one other project and I'm done with it
[18:59] <KujaRhapsodos> *economics
[19:00] Sorceror_Nobody glues spikes and barbed wire to the baseball bat
[19:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Now go get 'em!
[19:00] <KujaRhapsodos> Do it!
[19:00] <KujaRhapsodos> I want to see blood!
[19:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> It has no blood, Kuja
[19:00] <Jimcloud> RARGH! Wait... who am I smashing? Ecnomics class?
[19:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Probably
[19:00] <KujaRhapsodos> Economists in general, I guess.
[19:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> ^
[19:01] Jimcloud looks at the bloodied pulp under her bat
[19:01] <KujaRhapsodos> =D
[19:01] <Jimcloud> .... er.... sorry, Mango
[19:01] <KujaRhapsodos> Jimcloud++++++++++
[19:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> ._.
[19:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wait, if he's in Mango form...
[19:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...why is there blood?
[19:01] <Jimcloud> apparently I beat him so hard blood came from the pulp
[19:02] <KujaRhapsodos> The mango is his egg form, I think. He can hatch and unhatch at will. I think.
[19:02] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jimcloud. Getting blood from a sto- er, Mango since 2011
[19:02] <Sorceror_Nobody> You should make that your campaign slogan. You know, for a campaign for... something
[19:02] Sorceror_Nobody shrugs
[19:02] Jimcloud casts en-Mango on South Africa and goes ot beat the economists
[19:02] <Jimcloud> to*
[19:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, going ot beat them will be infinitely more productive
[19:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and going OTT will be even better
[19:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> (c wut i did thar?)
[19:03] <Jimcloud> ... no?
[19:03] <Sorceror_Nobody> -_-
[19:04] Sorceror_Nobody slaps Jimcloud with a wikitrout
[19:04] <Jimcloud> augh! Now I'll smell like fishy coding for a week!
[19:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> <><
[19:04] <Jimcloud> :\/ yum
[19:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> == ><> *flee*
[19:05] <Jimcloud> XD
[19:05] <Jimcloud> :\/ raaawr
[19:05] <Jimcloud> ......
[19:05] <Jimcloud> I put a lot of spaces in there
[19:05] <Jimcloud> curse you, KVIRC!
[19:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yeah, I did too
[19:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> Go figure
[19:05] Jimcloud beats the KVIRC with her bat of doom
[19:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . == ><>     *moar flee*
[19:06] <Jimcloud> .. I really ought to make a place where we store all of our IRC accomplishments
[19:06] <Jimcloud> oh, that's clever
[19:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> Duh, I did it. Of course it's clever
[19:06] <Jimcloud> .................................................................................................. :\/ yum
[19:06] Sorceror_Nobody is blown up by an anti-ego bomb
[19:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...................................................................................*O <>< *haz bomb*
[19:07] <Jimcloud> O_o
[19:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> Phear my improv
[19:09] <Jimcloud> Quick, get the buckets! .............................[<
[19:09] <TBS|Revision> !
[19:09] <TBS|Revision> Since when has the IRC been at war?
[19:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> What is this [<
[19:09] <Jimcloud> ... we'll go with a bucket
[19:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[19:10] <Jimcloud> on its side
[19:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> There's improv, and then there's desperate
[19:10] <Jimcloud> spilling out water
[19:10] <Jimcloud> Okay, lemme see if I can make a better bucjet
[19:10] <Jimcloud> bucket
[19:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> . --, <>< *haz gun, too*
[19:11] <Jimcloud> O_o
[19:11] <Jimcloud> Riot shields, men! [ ]
[19:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< *haz army*
[19:12] <Jimcloud> O_o
[19:12] <Jimcloud> you leave me no choice, then
[19:13] <Ark> WHY do you keep typing in black text!? My client has a black background!
[19:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> . Ξ <>< *haz cheezburger*
[19:13] <KujaRhapsodos> XD
[19:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> . ψ <>< *haz trident*
[19:14] <KujaRhapsodos> Jim's revenge will be terrible... eventually.
[19:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> . (AK-47) <>< *haz AK-47*
[19:14] <Ark> And you deserve it, whatever it is. >_>
[19:15] <Jimcloud> .............................................................. nukes at the ready! >00D ------ ---- --- } {
[19:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[19:15] <Jimcloud> the } { being a mushroom cloud
[19:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> y u draw phallus?
[19:15] <Jimcloud> look, I looked for five minutes for curves for the nuke
[19:16] <Ark> ...
[19:16] <Jimcloud> your fishies r >++D
[19:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Your nuke is a phallus
[19:16] <Ark> Not all of us have such dirty minds. ._.
[19:16] <Jimcloud> that is to say, bones
[19:16] <KujaRhapsodos> My phallus is a nuke!
[19:16] Sorceror_Nobody headdesgo'n9kgf
[19:16] KujaRhapsodos slaps himself.
[19:16] <Sceada> you know, I just don't see that there SN o.O
[19:16] <Jimcloud> okay then, SN, you have recieved mushroom cloud rape. Happy?
[19:17] <TBS|Revision> Awww.
[19:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish still gonna get'cha
[19:18] <KujaRhapsodos> <3
[19:18] <Jimcloud> received*
[19:18] <Jimcloud> O_o
[19:18] <KujaRhapsodos> Cat is so cute ^_^
[19:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish closer
[19:18] <Jimcloud> o_O
[19:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish closer
[19:18] <Jimcloud> ,=== pistols!
[19:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish unafraid
[19:19] <Jimcloud> okay
[19:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish imminent
[19:19] <Jimcloud> O---<19:54, May 12, 2011 (UTC)~~ FLAMES
[19:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish already dead
[19:19] <KujaRhapsodos> Zombies are weak to fire!
[19:19] <KujaRhapsodos> You should know thta.
[19:19] <KujaRhapsodos> *that
[19:19] <Jimcloud> yeah
[19:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> . <-+-< Zombiefish protected by water affinity
[19:20] <Jimcloud> \O/ holy!
[19:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> ..<-+-< Zombiefish is atheist
[19:20] <Jimcloud> >_>
[19:20] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Zombiefish
[19:20] Zombiefish attacks Jimcloud
[19:20] Jimcloud dodges
[19:20] Zombiefish attacks Jimcloud's chair
[19:21] <Jimcloud> Sorceror Nobody 19:54, May 12, 2011 (UTC) LIGHTNING!
[19:21] Jimcloud dodges
[19:21] Zombiefish is made of bones, and thus unharmed by electricity
[19:21] <Jimcloud> no, you have water affinity
[19:21] <Jimcloud> so your imunity to fire comes at a cost of non-immunity to lightning
[19:22] <Ark> May I suggest simply freezing the water?
[19:22] <Jimcloud> if they used water, I'd do it
[19:22] Zombiefish is shielded by water, blocking the fire. The water is electrified, true, but this is of no consequence to Zombiefish
[19:22] <Jimcloud> oh, so they do have water
[19:22] <Jimcloud> well then, what the heck am I doing?
[19:22] Jimcloud [] is now known as Jimcloud|ShivaGe
[19:22] <Jimcloud|ShivaGe> bah
[19:22] <KujaRhapsodos> How come zombie fish can move in the first place!
[19:22] Jimcloud|ShivaGe [] is now known as Jimcloud|Gestalt
[19:22] <KujaRhapsodos> Zombie fish dead!
[19:22] <KujaRhapsodos> Zombie fish no motion!
[19:22] Zombiefish is aided by SN, who suspends Shiva
[19:22] <KujaRhapsodos> Zombie fish x_x
[19:23] <Jimcloud|Gestalt> >_>
[19:23] Jimcloud|Gestalt freezes the wayer with liquid nitrogen
[19:23] <Jimcloud|Gestalt> water*
[19:23] Zombiefish is immune to science-based attacks, due to SN
[19:23] Ark casts Eternal Darkness, condemning everyone to sit through the cutscene.
[19:23] <KujaRhapsodos> <_<
[19:23] Zombiefish eats Ark's face
[19:23] <KujaRhapsodos> Ark+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[19:23] Jimcloud|Gestalt freezes the water with -- AAAAAAAAH
[19:23] Jimcloud|Gestalt freezes the water with magic
[19:23] Jimcloud|Gestalt [] is now known as Jimcloud
[19:23] Ark has no face, due to being Ark
[19:24] KujaRhapsodos casts Fireworks, to add some shiny light to the scene.
[19:24] Sceada has finally finished the cutscene.
[19:24] Zombiefish is unimpeded by the ice. Seriously, if it could move up 'til now, nothing's gonna stop it
[19:24] <Sceada> whew, Ark, that took forever q.q
[19:24] Zombiefish eats Ark's... Ark-ness
[19:24] <Ark> ^_^
[19:24] <Jimcloud> okay, then, that's enough, I think this has gone on long enough. <-+-+-+-+-+-+-+< summons bigger zombiefish to eat the little zombiefish
[19:25] Zombiefish is the supreme Zombiefish. Size =/= power
[19:25] <Jimcloud> okay then
[19:25] Jimcloud summons a zombie bear
[19:25] <Jimcloud> whatcha gonna do now D:<
[19:25] Zombiefish eats the zombie bear
[19:25] <Jimcloud> wha...
[19:25] <Jimcloud> >_>
[19:25] <Ark> !
[19:25] Sceada throws some Phoenix Downs around
[19:26] Ark summons Likeacupcake to eat Zombiefish
[19:26] Zombiefish eats LaCC
[19:26] <Ark> Impossible
[19:26] Zombiefish eats impossible
[19:26] <Jimcloud> it's possible, he'll just eat his way out
[19:26] Zombiefish cannot be eaten out of, due to being all bones
[19:27] <Jimcloud> then he'll fall out
[19:27] <Jimcloud> wait
[19:27] Zombiefish eats Zombiefish
[19:27] <Jimcloud> what is your offensive capacity, then?
[19:27] <Sceada> it's main attack is "annoy"
[19:27] <Sceada> it's super effective -.-
[19:27] TBS|Revision doublecasts Polymorph: Pig and Firaga on Zombiefish.
[19:27] Zombiefish [~Sorceror@] is now known as KleinZombiefish
[19:27] Other|Away [] is now known as Otherarrow
[19:27] Keyblade0 [62f29418@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[19:27] <Otherarrow> OK back
[19:27] <Keyblade0> Hellos
[19:27] <Ark> Of course, the easiest way to defeat Zombiefish would be to use AOL's powers of disconnection.
[19:27] KleinZombiefish is now a Zombiefish with only one surface
[19:28] Keyblade0 [62f29418@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Mouseblade0
[19:28] <Jimcloud> how do you even move, then?
[19:28] KleinZombiefish teleports
[19:28] Jimcloud eyerolls and casts dimensional anchor
[19:28] <Jimcloud> no teleportation 4 u
[19:28] KleinZombiefish eats the anchor
[19:28] <Mouseblade0> :/
[19:28] <Jimcloud> but now all we have is a dimension-AHHHHHH
[19:29] Jimcloud falls into the dimension
[19:29] KleinZombiefish eats the dimension
[19:29] Mouseblade0 casts Physicaja
[19:29] <Jimcloud> ... that can't be good
[19:29] KleinZombiefish eats Mouseblade0
[19:29] <Sceada> I see it being reduced to one surface doesn't nullify it's special attacks -.-
[19:29] <Mouseblade0> Now only that laws of physics apply here
[19:29] Ark casts Photon
[19:29] KleinZombiefish eats physics
[19:29] <Mouseblade0> Zombies can't eat me.
[19:29] <Mouseblade0> They are destroyed with my spell
[19:29] <Mouseblade0> :I
[19:29] KleinZombiefish is not a zombie. It's a KleinZombiefish
[19:29] <Mouseblade0> BRB
[19:29] Mouseblade0 [62f29418@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] is now known as Lunchblade0
[19:30] <Jimcloud> I gotta say, it's, uh, actually kind of comfy in here
[19:30] <TBS|Revision> XD
[19:30] <Sceada> okay... I've had enough
[19:30] Jimcloud [] is now known as DimensionalCloud
[19:30] KleinZombiefish regurgitates the comfy
[19:30] Sceada summons Vivi, Sazh, Prishe and Gilgamesh
[19:30] DimensionalCloud dodges
[19:30] KleinZombiefish ensures no comfy for you
[19:30] <Sceada> go, my fantastic four
[19:30] KleinZombiefish eats the four
[19:30] Ark is now immune to all attacks. Reason: not playing this silly game any more. c:
[19:30] Sceada slaps KleinZombiefish
[19:31] <Sceada> you no can eat these four
[19:31] KleinZombiefish is slapped. This causes it to level up
[19:31] <Sceada> they are uneatable due to awesomeness
[19:31] DimensionalCloud goes spelunking within the dimension
[19:31] <DimensionalCloud> what the--
[19:31] KleinZombiefish is now a higher level, and doubly-eats Sceada
[19:31] <DimensionalCloud> is the KleinZombiefish being powered by a TARDIS?
[19:31] KleinZombiefish powers the TARDIS, actually
[19:31] <DimensionalCloud> oh, okay
[19:32] Sceada doesn't mind being eaten. At least he won't be annoyed by this stupid idiocy anymore then
[19:32] DimensionalCloud uses the TARDIS to teleport back out of the KleinZombiefish
[19:32] KleinZombiefish eats plenty of idiocy to keep Sceada company
[19:32] <Sceada> so it eats itself? -.-
[19:32] KleinZombiefish explodes, revealing...
[19:32] KleinZombiefish [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[19:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, that was odd
[19:32] <DimensionalCloud> -_-
[19:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Did I miss anything?
[19:32] DimensionalCloud [] is now known as Jimcloud
[19:33] <Ark> 9_9
[19:33] <Jimcloud> yeah, I think you might have eaten Sceada
[19:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> The last thing I can recall was that you nuked the fish...
[19:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and it was a zombie?
[19:34] <Jimcloud> yes
[19:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Kind of fuzzy after that
[19:34] <Jimcloud> and then I won
[19:34] <Jimcloud> the end
[19:34] Sorceror_Nobody can smell lies
[19:34] <Jimcloud> well, if I lost, then where is the zombie fish?
[19:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Faulty logic
[19:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Its absence doesn't necessarily mean you won
[19:35] <Jimcloud> not really, because I can aspire to win in the future, and it cannot
[19:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> It probably decided that you weren't worth the effort, and ascended to a higher plane, or something
[19:36] <Sceada> <voice from the off>if the zombiefish exploded... where has Sceada gone? He has not reappeared...</voice from the off>
[19:36] <Ark>
[19:36] <Jimcloud> yeah, as I said
[19:36] <Jimcloud> you're inside SN
[19:36] <Jimcloud> see if you can find the TARDIS
[19:36] Sorceror_Nobody pulls an owl out of hammerspace
[19:36] Xepscern [4249899c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[19:36] <Xepscern> Heys, all
[19:36] <Jimcloud> hi Xep
[19:36] Sorceror_Nobody also gets a mouse with a french horn
[19:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Xep
[19:36] <Xepscern> Heys, Jimmy
[19:36] <Xepscern> Heys, SN
[19:37] <Armageddon11> Hi Xep
[19:37] <Xepscern> Heys, Pocky
[19:37] Sorceror_Nobody has an owl and a mouse with a tiny french horn. Your argument is invalid, and SN wins
[19:37] <Ark> Hello Xep. Why did you ping me last time you were on?
[19:37] <Jimcloud> this wasn't about you winning, it was about the zombiefish losing :)
[19:37] Sorceror_Nobody looks it up on the internet
[19:38] <Xepscern> Ark, it was inactive, and I tried to make it so
[19:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wikipedia says the Zombiefish won
[19:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> So obviously it won
[19:38] <Ark> Okaaaay.
[19:38] Jimcloud rollbacks the vandal edit
[19:38] <Jimcloud> oh?
[19:38] <Ark> XD
[19:38] <Ark> Jimcloud+++++++++++
[19:38] <Xepscern> *not make it so
[19:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jimcloud is not a mod on Wikipedia
[19:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Her argument is invalid
[19:38] Jimcloud undoes the vandal edit
[19:38] <Jimcloud> there
[19:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> TOO LATE CAME THE CRY
[19:39] <Jimcloud> the cry of SN trolling?
[19:39] <Jimcloud> =)
[19:39] <Ark> Yes.
[19:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, the cry of you as Zombiefish appears behind you and eats you
[19:39] <Sove>
[19:39] Jimcloud dodges the statement
[19:39] <Ark> Although, considering the height of the troll, it's really more of a goblin.
[19:39] Ark runs away
[19:40] <Jimcloud> I don't know how well distance is going to work there
[19:40] Sorceror_Nobody threatens Ark with Cie'thdom
[19:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> Distance is no use >:D
[19:40] <Ark> :D
[19:40] Sceada doesn't care about Cie'thdom, as he has vanished in the explosion of the Zombiefish, so...
[19:41] Sorceror_Nobody pulls Sceada out of his top pocket
[19:41] <Sove>
[19:41] <Jimcloud> told you so
[19:41] <Sceada> wow, wait... where was I...?
[19:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> I didn't even know I had pockets ._.
[19:41] <Jimcloud> [15:31:53] <Jimcloud> you're inside SN
[19:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> Sceada... Sceada's inside me?
[19:42] <Jimcloud> less literally than I thought
[19:42] Sorceror_Nobody is slapped by Sora
[19:42] <Jimcloud> but oh well
[19:42] Armageddon11 [561fcee3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[19:43] Sceada is traumatized. He is now going to sit in a corner and weep while drawing small circles on the floor with his fingers
[19:43] Jimcloud casts PSTD Medicine on Sceada
[19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> You know what I've realised?
[19:44] <Xepscern> heys, Sceada
[19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> The whole Zombiefish thing came about due to economics
[19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> BLAME ECONOMICS
[19:44] <Jimcloud> O_o
[19:44] <Ark> Okaaaaaay.
[19:44] <Jimcloud> Economics creates Zombiefish?
[19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> I don't know
[19:44] Jimcloud gets out her thwacky bat
[19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> But we must destroy it to ensure this does not happen again
[19:45] Sorceror_Nobody [~Sorceror@] is now known as Economics
[19:45] Economics dies
[19:45] Economics [~Sorceror@] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[19:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> And there was much rejoicing
Crazy Hour
[22:08] Shiggen honestly doesn't think Prishe is all that hot >_>
[22:08] <Shiggen> It's the ears man
[22:09] <BiggsWege> neither do I
[22:09] <TheEmperor> Ditto
[22:09] <Shiggen> I don't dig elf chicks, y'know?
[22:09] <Dazuro> dem ears
[22:09] <Jimcloud> shut up, elves are cool D:
[22:09] Sorceror_Nobody photoshops Elvaan ears onto everyone ever
[22:09] <Shiggen> *coughmarysuescough*
[22:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> Now you guys are screwed
[22:10] <BiggsWege> dang it, this wouldn't work the other way around, everyone knows who the hot FF Girls are
[22:10] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or not screwed, I suppose :P
[22:10] <TheEmperor> ...
[22:10] <Shiggen> ...
[22:10] Jimcloud shoots Shiggen
[22:10] Jimcloud also shoots SN
[22:10] <BiggsWege> :D
[22:10] <Shiggen> It's true and you know it
[22:10] Sorceror_Nobody a splode
[22:10] <Jimcloud> Well, that was
[22:10] <Jimcloud> unusual
[22:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BULLET WAS THAT!?
[22:11] <Shiggen> Elves are basically humans with all the flaws removed
[22:11] <Shiggen> And pointy ears
[22:11] <Dazuro> BW: The problem is that women have more varied tastes than men in general
[22:11] <BiggsWege> true
[22:11] <Nachlader> Elven ears prick up to sounds far more sensitively.
[22:11] <Dazuro> theres far less certain of an ideal
[22:11] BiggsWege feels shallow :(
[22:11] <Dazuro> so its less obvious who people would prefer
[22:11] <Dazuro> pshaw
[22:11] TheEmperor [~Kuja_FFIX@unaffiliated/kuja-ffix] is now known as Nekomata
[22:11] <Dazuro> "oh no im obeying an evolutionary imperative im shallow:
[22:11] <Dazuro> :P
[22:11] <Dazuro> " even
[22:12] Jimcloud checks her gun
[22:12] Nekomata prefers a girl to be intelligent and have a nice personality.
[22:12] <Jimcloud> hmm, these are the bullets with the black tips
[22:13] <Jimcloud> which means I must have gotten them from the black box
[22:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> Which means...?
[22:13] Jimcloud takes out another and shoots Shiggen to see what happens
[22:13] <Shiggen> ....
[22:13] Sorceror_Nobody turns into Shiggen
[22:13] <Shiggen> Why do I have a sudden urge to hug SN?
[22:13] <Nachlader> Hey Mango, I noticed it's... late for you?
[22:13] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:13] Sorceror_Nobody [] is now known as Shiggen_Nobody
[22:13] <Nachlader> Day off tomorrow?
[22:13] <Shiggen_Nobody> WHAT THE HELL
[22:13] Shiggen hugs SN
[22:13] <Shiggen> Wait wut
[22:13] <Shiggen_Nobody> WHERE DO YOU GET THESE BULLETS
[22:13] <Shiggen> Nachlader: VOTING DAY 8D
[22:13] <Jimcloud> I must have mixed up my bullets during the painting process
[22:13] <Nachlader> ooh
[22:14] <Jimcloud> SN: I have my sources
[22:14] <Jimcloud> and I will take them to the grave
[22:14] <Jimcloud> and beyond the grave
[22:14] <Jimcloud> so don't go raising my corpse after I'm dead to ask me where I get them >_>
[22:15] <Shiggen_Nobody> Look, there are only so many places you can get such unusual bullets. You must get them from the same place as I do
[22:15] <Jimcloud> er... maybe.... <_>
[22:15] FinalFantasy [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 246 seconds
[22:15] <Keyblade0|Stuffs> ;_; Math is a mightmare. I have like 20 questions left....
[22:15] Shiggen makes his own bullets
[22:16] <Nachlader> There has to be a way to make these eggs hatch faster
[22:16] <Jimcloud> Shiggen: your loss
[22:16] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] has joined #FFWiki
[22:16] BiggsWege begins the perpetual cycle over again
[22:16] Shiggen knows at least three people like this
[22:16] <Jimcloud> wait, did I buy the randomized bullets last time I went there...?
[22:16] BiggsWege steals Jimclouds Bullets
[22:16] Jimcloud checks the receipt
[22:16] <Shiggen_Nobody> I think a "u no funneh" is in order
[22:16] <BiggsWege> guess who?
[22:16] Jimcloud 's bullets disappear in a puff of smoke
[22:16] <Shiggen> Jimcloud: They are fueled by Cupcake's insanity
[22:16] <Shiggen> Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
[22:16] <Jimcloud> dangit, I bought the randomized bullets again
[22:17] Jimcloud 's bullets appear in a box in her hand
[22:17] <Shiggen> XD
[22:17] Jimcloud falls over from the sudden weight
[22:17] <Jimcloud> ouch
[22:17] <Shiggen> SilverCrono++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
[22:17] <Shiggen_Nobody> NO
[22:17] <Shiggen_Nobody> BAD SHIGGEN
[22:17] <Jimcloud> I'm not made to carry objects like a menial laborer
[22:17] <Shiggen> ....
[22:17] <Shiggen_Nobody> NO SUPPORTING
[22:17] <Shiggen> You are me
[22:17] <Shiggen_Nobody> ...
[22:17] <Shiggen> >_>
[22:17] <Shiggen_Nobody> I am you, and you are me?
[22:18] <Shiggen> No
[22:18] <Shiggen> I am me and you are me
[22:18] <Shiggen_Nobody> I sent you 2000 years into the past?
[22:18] <Shiggen> ....
[22:18] <Shiggen> Sure you did
[22:18] <Shiggen> Let's go with that
[22:18] <Jimcloud> XD
[22:18] <Shiggen_Nobody> Oh, guess I'd better take care of that one, then
[22:18] Shiggen_Nobody sends Shiggen 2000 years into the past
[22:18] <Shiggen> Somehow I think I may hgave miscalcul-damnit
[22:19] Shiggen is sent 2000 years into the past
[22:19] <Shiggen_Nobody> Say hi to Jesus if you see him; tell him to keep up the good work being an exemplary human being
[22:19] Shiggen returns by drinking copious amounts of Alcohol
[22:19] <Nachlader> Mango is still at the same level of technology as he is now in SA.
[22:19] <Shiggen_Nobody> ...Shiggen is Riku?
[22:19] Jimcloud loads in another bullet and shoots SN in hopes of him either returning to normal or doing something funnier
[22:19] Shiggen_Nobody simultaneously implodes and explodes
[22:19] <Shiggen_Nobody> Huh, neutral outcome
[22:19] <Jimcloud> awesome
[22:20] <Shiggen_Nobody> Interesting
[22:20] <Shiggen_Nobody> Effectively, nothing happened
[22:20] <Shiggen_Nobody> Felt bloody weird, though
[22:20] BiggsWege intervenes
[22:20] <FlintlockVitor> Not funny enough.
[22:20] <Shiggen> There onsh wash a shailor who shat on a rock*hic*waving and shaking hish big hairy....fisht at the ladies neksht door in da Ritz....oh I'm back
[22:20] <BiggsWege> :/
[22:20] <Jimcloud> but the mental image of you exploding and imploding at the same time was funny to me D:
[22:20] Shiggen falls over
[22:20] <Shiggen_Nobody> ...Shiggen is Riku? </repeat>
[22:20] <BiggsWege> no
[22:20] <Shiggen> I dunno
[22:21] <BiggsWege> shiggen is drunk
[22:21] <Shiggen> ....
[22:21] <BiggsWege> close
[22:21] <Jimcloud> he could just be another time lord with alcohol as his TARDIS
[22:21] <Jimcloud> is the time lords come from Ireland, it's a likely scenario
[22:21] <Jimcloud> Time Lords*
[22:21] <Jimcloud> if*
[22:21] <Shiggen_Nobody> ...and Time Lord Downs Syndrome, as he's the same after every death
[22:21] <Nekomata> XD
[22:21] <Shiggen> The conshtnat injurishe point to ye-thank you BW, never would have*hic*geshed
[22:21] Keyblade0|Stuffs [62f29418@gateway/web/freenode/ip.98.242.148.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[22:21] <Jimcloud> Shiggen: I thought it was me casting en-shiggen on the WIki
[22:21] <Shiggen> I've got Irish ansheshtorsh...I think.....
[22:22] <Nekomata> Shiggen is Sean Connery?
[22:22] <BiggsWege> XD
[22:22] Shiggen_Nobody grabs Jimcloud's gun and fellates the barre-*BANG*
[22:22] Shiggen_Nobody is now inexplicably on the ceiling
[22:22] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:22] Shiggen can actually do a damn good Sean Connery impression
[22:22] <Shiggen_Nobody> Okay, you really need to keep track of what bullets you're buying
[22:22] <Jimcloud> are you also on a horse?
[22:22] <Nekomata> Don't look that word up.
[22:22] BiggsWege owns a horse
[22:22] <Shiggen_Nobody> Um... *checks*
[22:22] <Nachlader> My egg finally hatching
[22:22] <Nachlader> Four more after this
[22:22] <Shiggen> :[23:17] Shiggen_Nobody grabs Jimcloud's gun and fellates the barre-*BANG*
[22:22] <Shiggen_Nobody> No, but half of me is now diamonds
[22:23] <Shiggen> What in the hell
[22:23] <Nachlader> Took far too long
[22:23] <Nachlader> Oh
[22:23] <Nachlader> Another one
[22:23] <Jimcloud> Nach: use slugma, he makes eggs hatch faster
[22:23] <Jimcloud> because he's red
[22:23] <BiggsWege> Steals the gun and *BANG
[22:23] <Shiggen> I hope it's the alcohol man, cause that sentence looks a lot like SN was sucking a gun barrel
[22:23] <Nachlader> Slugma?
[22:23] BiggsWege [] is now known as ShiggsWedge
[22:23] <ShiggsWedge> O.o
[22:23] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:23] <Shiggen> Jimcloud: That wash a horrible 40K referensh
[22:23] <Shiggen_Nobody> Shiggen: That's exactly what it means. It basically means placing the barrel in your mouth and shooting yourself through the head
[22:24] <Jimcloud> Shiggen: I know, and I'm trying to avoid pointing the barrel at myself so I don't get sh-*shot*
[22:24] Jimcloud [] is now known as Shiggcloud
[22:24] <Shiggen> Go the corner and ashume a sheated poshition
[22:24] <Shiggcloud> dangit
[22:24] <Shiggen_Nobody> Okay, so we know that some bullets in the set have duplicates
[22:24] <ShiggsWedge> GAH!
[22:24] <Nachlader> oh, i have a slugma
[22:24] Shiggcloud shoots herself
[22:24] <Shiggen> Well thish ish jusht dandy
[22:24] Shiggcloud [] is now known as duolcmij
[22:24] <Nachlader> kk Jim, thanks for the tip
[22:25] <Shiggen_Nobody> Though interesting that shooting Shiggen affected me, whereas you two were affected by shooting yourselves
[22:25] <duolcmij> spoohw
[22:25] <Nachlader> I hatched Psyduck and Zubat
[22:25] <Nachlader> But otherwise. I don't have much of a hatching guide, so to speak
[22:25] Shiggen uses an age old technique for getting rid of drunkeness
[22:25] <Shiggen> SHLEEP
[22:25] <ShiggsWedge> or
[22:25] <Shiggen_Nobody> See if there's a dupe bullet for the one that turned me into Shiggen, I want to try something...
[22:25] <ShiggsWedge> riding the SHOOOOOOOOPUFF
[22:25] duolcmij si tohs
[22:25] duolcmij [] is now known as Jimcloud
[22:25] <Jimcloud> whew
[22:26] <Jimcloud> sure, lemme see
[22:26] <Shiggen> AH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEM
[22:26] Jimcloud finds one with comparable striations
[22:26] <ShiggsWedge> Wait Shiggen is a Hypello?
[22:26] <Jimcloud> aha
[22:26] Jimcloud puts the bullet in
[22:26] <Jimcloud> ready?
[22:26] <ShiggsWedge> what?
[22:26] <Shiggen_Nobody> No
[22:26] <Shiggen_Nobody> Let me fire it
[22:26] <Jimcloud> kay
[22:26] Shiggen_Nobody shoots cow
[22:26] <Shiggen_Nobody> ...
[22:26] <Shiggen> *hic*
[22:26] Shiggen_Nobody [] is now known as Sorceror_Nobovin
[22:26] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:27] <Shiggen> I forgot the resht
[22:27] <Sorceror_Nobovin> ._.
[22:27] <ShiggsWedge> >.>
[22:27] <ShiggsWedge> <.<
[22:27] <Nachlader> moving the laptop downstairs because the mutt is lonely
[22:27] <Nachlader> brb
[22:27] <Sorceror_Nobovin> Well, my theory is confirmed
[22:27] <Jimcloud> SN 8ball
[22:27] <SacredMinotaur> Concentrate and ask again
[22:27] <Shiggen> That makesh so much shenshe
[22:27] <Sorceror_Nobovin> That bullet turns me into the victim
[22:27] <Sorceror_Nobovin> Whereas you two got ones that turn you into Shiggen
[22:27] <Shiggen> YAY
[22:27] <Shiggen> SHIGGEN FOR EVERYONE
[22:27] <Jimcloud> interesting
[22:28] <Shiggen> *belch*
[22:28] <ShiggsWedge> fix me fix me fix me
[22:28] <Sorceror_Nobovin> Got another one? I want to see if shooting myself turns me back to normal
[22:28] <Nekomata> No. I'm fine, thanks.
[22:28] <Shiggen> Yesh pleash
[22:28] <ShiggsWedge> bullet? anyone?
[22:28] Jimcloud finds another
[22:28] <ShiggsWedge> FIX ME!
[22:28] <Shiggen> Bullet?
[22:28] Sorceror_Nobovin shoots himself
[22:28] <Shiggen> I wash ashking for more alcohol!
[22:28] Sorceror_Nobovin [] is now known as RecursiveParadox
[22:28] <RecursiveParadox> OH GOD
[22:28] Jimcloud tries to shoot SN, but ShiggsWedge intervenes
[22:28] <RecursiveParadox> THIS IS NOT GOOD
[22:29] <Jimcloud> and apparently so does SN
[22:29] BiggsWedge [4c1b7060@gateway/web/freenode/ip.76.27.112.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:29] <BiggsWedge> O.o
[22:29] Jimcloud shoots ShiggsWedge
[22:29] <Shiggen> Well, you're fikshed
[22:29] RecursiveParadox is surrounded by a growing patch of fractured spacetime
[22:29] ShiggsWedge [] is now known as GibbsDeweg
[22:29] <RecursiveParadox> NononononoNONONONO THIS IS BAD
[22:29] <Shiggen> I wash gonna take you to the vet...but then I forgot how to drive
[22:29] Jimcloud gets out another bullet and shoots RP in hopes of turning him into SN
[22:29] <RecursiveParadox> DO SOMETHING
[22:29] <BiggsWedge> MAKE IT STOP!
[22:30] RecursiveParadox [] is now known as Aardvark
[22:30] <Aardvark> Wat
[22:30] <Jimcloud> well, that did something or other
[22:30] <Aardvark> least it's not reality-tearing
[22:30] BiggsWedge [4c1b7060@gateway/web/freenode/ip.76.27.112.] is now known as WedgeDeweg
[22:30] GibbsDeweg [] is now known as BiggsGibbs
[22:30] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:30] <Jimcloud> uh oh
[22:30] <BiggsGibbs> Oh dear oh dear oh dear
[22:30] <WedgeDeweg> Oh dear oh dear oh dear
[22:30] <Aardvark> But still, I wouldn't mind a little help, still
[22:31] Mango [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:31] Jimcloud gets out some blue bullets and shoots both WD and BG in hopes of something happening
[22:31] <Mango> *phew*
[22:31] <Aardvark> Still, it could still be worse
[22:31] <Aardvark> ...
[22:31] <Aardvark> ...
[22:31] <Mango> THat got all the alcohol out of my system
[22:31] <Aardvark> ...still still
[22:31] <Mango> ....
[22:31] BiggsGibbs [] is now known as BW|Jupiter
[22:31] <Aardvark> Still need help. Please.
[22:31] <Sceada> ... what is this, I don't even...
[22:31] WedgeDeweg [4c1b7060@gateway/web/freenode/ip.76.27.112.] is now known as BW|Zeus
[22:31] Jimcloud gets out a white bullet and shoots Aardvark
[22:31] <Jimcloud> hey Sceada
[22:31] <Jimcloud> you don't want to get sho-oh great
[22:31] Aardvark [] is now known as NorcerorSomebody
[22:31] Mango returns to rampant socking, and a South African anteater
[22:32] <NorcerorSomebody> OH GOD
[22:32] <Mango> What the fuck.
[22:32] <NorcerorSomebody> OH GOD NO
[22:32] <BW|Jupiter> OH NO!
[22:32] <Mango> aZOh well done
[22:32] NorcerorSomebody starts trying to claw his own face off
[22:32] <NorcerorSomebody> ANYTHING BUT THIS
[22:32] <Mango> ...
[22:32] Hexedmagica [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:32] BW|Jupiter throws various Lightnings bolts at it
[22:32] Jimcloud gets a bullet with no tip and shoots NS
[22:32] <Jimcloud> hey Hexed
[22:32] <Mango> HEXED
[22:32] <Mango> AND MILK
[22:32] <Mango> AND ALCOHOL
[22:32] <Mango> WHICH IS FLAMMABLE
[22:32] <Mango> AND WILL BURN
[22:33] <Jimcloud> but you doused the fire with milk >_>
[22:33] <NorcerorSomebody> NOTHING HAPPENED
[22:33] <BW|Jupiter> FLAMMABLE MILK!
[22:33] <Jimcloud> O-o
[22:33] <Jimcloud> I was sure that was the one...
[22:33] BW|Jupiter kills Zeus without the use of a gun
[22:33] Jimcloud gets out one with a red tip and shoots NS
[22:33] BW|Zeus [4c1b7060@gateway/web/freenode/ip.76.27.112.] has quit IRC: Client Quit
[22:33] NorcerorSomebody [] is now known as Smexy_Doom
[22:33] <Smexy_Doom> ...
[22:33] Shiggen [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[22:33] <Smexy_Doom> Could be worse
[22:33] Mango hugs SN
[22:33] <Jimcloud> definitely
[22:33] Mango [] is now known as Shiggen
[22:34] <Nekomata> JN1AZ4EH8BM551369
[22:34] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:34] Smexy_Doom starts running his hands up and down Lightning's body
[22:34] <Nekomata> ..wrong channe;
[22:34] <Nekomata> *;
[22:34] <Jimcloud> ....
[22:34] <BW|Jupiter> oh dear
[22:34] <Smexy_Doom> Definitely could be worse <3
[22:34] Jimcloud gets out one with a red tip and shoots SN. again.
[22:34] <Shiggen> ....
[22:34] <KujaRhapsodos> Keep Lightning, I'll take Vanille =)
[22:34] Shiggen stops hugging SN
[22:34] Smexy_Doom [] is now known as Shantotto
[22:34] <BW|Jupiter> and again and again and again
[22:34] <Shantotto> Ohohohoho~
[22:34] <Sceada> so... you are shooting with random bullets and random effects at people Jimmy, aye...?
[22:34] <Jimcloud> yes, well, I didn't mean to start the problem
[22:35] <Jimcloud> but now we're trying to fix it
[22:35] <Shiggen> Well, it's not really random. It's determined by what will be funniest at that point in time
[22:35] <Jimcloud> that too
[22:35] BW|Jupiter [] is now known as Jupiter
[22:35] <Jupiter> oh dear
[22:35] <Jupiter> the countdown begins
[22:35] <Jupiter> >.>
[22:35] <Jupiter> <.<
[22:35] <Jupiter> ^.^
[22:35] <Shiggen> *genericcountdownmusicplays*
[22:35] <Shantotto> It seems, Jimcloud, that your attempts are not having much success. This really is an issue that you need to try harder to address
[22:36] Jupiter [] is now known as Guest46765
[22:36] <Shiggen> ....
[22:36] <Guest46765> gah
[22:36] <Jimcloud> SN: I'm actually satisfied with the current solution, though I expect not many are
[22:36] <Shiggen> Like me
[22:36] <Shiggen> I am not happy
[22:36] Guest46765 is happy
[22:36] Shiggen grabs the gun and shoots SN
[22:36] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:36] <Nekomata> You do know, BW, that your IP address and account info is visible as a 'failed login' to the nick holder when that happens?
[22:36] <Jimcloud> wait, that was a white tip
[22:37] <Shantotto> Even if you are happy to leave me in this, you should think of the others instead. They might decide to kill y- OUCH, MY HEAD!
[22:37] <Guest46765> eh, I've been them before
[22:37] <Shiggen> olosxd
[22:37] Shantotto [] is now known as Phosphoric_Ooze
[22:37] <Phosphoric_Ooze> Blop
[22:37] <Phosphoric_Ooze> Blop blop blop
[22:37] Guest46765 puts Phosphoric_Ooze in the oven and bakes it
[22:37] Phosphoric_Ooze flanslaps Guest46765
[22:37] <Phosphoric_Ooze> BLOP
[22:38] Jimcloud shoots Guest46765 with a blue-tipped bullet, and shoots SN with a rainbow-tipped bullet
[22:38] <Jimcloud> I was saving it for later, what can I say
[22:38] Phosphoric_Ooze [] is now known as Yoshiya_Kiryu
[22:38] <Jimcloud> O_o!?
[22:38] <Yoshiya_Kiryu> Somehow, I am not surprised
[22:38] <Guest46765> aww, I was hoping for Elton John
[22:38] <Shiggen> o_O?
[22:38] <Yoshiya_Kiryu> Has anyone seen Naku?
[22:38] <Shiggen> Who?
[22:38] <Yoshiya_Kiryu> *Neku?
[22:38] <Jimcloud> nope
[22:38] KujaRhapsodos [] is now known as Yoshi_and_Quina
[22:38] Shiggen feels like he is missing something
[22:38] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Om nom nom
[22:39] <Guest46765> locks Yoshiya_Kiryu in the Oven
[22:39] <Jimcloud> Shiggen: could it be a bullet?
[22:39] <Yoshiya_Kiryu> I take it you have not visited Shibuya, Shiggen?
[22:39] Yoshiya_Kiryu Jesus Beams his way out
[22:39] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Om nom nom
[22:39] <Guest46765> ROFL
[22:39] Yoshiya_Kiryu does the annoying little chuckle
[22:39] <Shiggen> ....what in the hell is-okay yeah, LSD
[22:39] <Jimcloud> XD
[22:39] <Shiggen> That is what it is
[22:39] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] is now known as Auror|Away
[22:39] <Jimcloud> quite possible
[22:39] <Shiggen> No other possible explanation
[22:40] <Yoshiya_Kiryu> But Shiggen, I thought you couldn't afford to take drugs. Give up on sanity, and you give up on the world
[22:40] Jimcloud shoots SN with a crysanthemum-colored bullet. Don't ask where they came from.
[22:40] Yoshiya_Kiryu [] is now known as Crysanthemum
[22:40] Sceada takes out some good old fashioned black tipped bullets along with his rifle
[22:40] Crysanthemum cannot speak
[22:40] <Jimcloud> Awesome
[22:40] Crysanthemum can still glare
[22:40] <Jimcloud> Sceada: those have effects too
[22:40] <Shiggen> </Freelancer>
[22:41] Crysanthemum glares, florally
[22:41] <Jimcloud> also, how did you get in my box?
[22:41] <Sceada> Jimmy: old fashioned ones
[22:41] <Sceada> from my own collection
[22:41] <Jimcloud> ohh
[22:41] <Jimcloud> what do those do?
[22:41] Guest46765 plucks Crysanthemum out of the ground and sticks it in his hat
[22:41] Crysanthemum screams silently
[22:41] Nekomata [~Kuja_FFIX@unaffiliated/kuja-ffix] has left #FFWiki: "Oh, what the heck."
[22:41] <Sceada> about 95% of the time, they cause heavy bleeding
[22:41] Jimcloud attempts to hit Crystanthemum with another crysanthemum-colored bullet, but hits Guest46765 instead
[22:41] <Sceada> I'm gambling on the 5% where I can't predict it
[22:41] Crysanthemum glares at Jimcloud
[22:42] Guest46765 [] is now known as Crysanthemum2
[22:42] Crysanthemum attempts to make a rude gesture with his petals
[22:42] Sceada takes aim...
[22:42] Crysanthemum2 glares at Crysanthemum
[22:42] Jimcloud shoots Crysanthemum with a purple-tipped bullet, and leaves Crysanthemum2 to sit for a while
[22:42] <Nachlader> back
[22:42] Crysanthemum [] is now known as Urple
[22:42] <Nachlader> looking for my slugma
[22:42] Crysanthemum2 glares at Jimcloud
[22:42] <Nachlader> at least
[22:42] <Jimcloud> hi Nach
[22:42] <Nachlader> i think i caught one
[22:42] Sceada shoots one of his bullets at Chrysanthemum2
[22:43] <Jimcloud> XD
[22:43] <Jimcloud> at least you're not ugh green
[22:43] <Urple> FOR EVERYONE'S SAKE
[22:43] Crysanthemum2 bleeds
[22:43] <Sceada> okay, that was not in the 5% range
[22:43] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Om nom nom
[22:43] <Sceada> still, interesting that a flower can bleed
[22:43] Jimcloud 's eyes bleed, and the blood affects the effect of the bullet she shoots at Urple
[22:43] Urple [] is now known as Feral_Chaos
[22:43] Crysanthemum2 begins counting to 95
[22:43] <Jimcloud> I didn't know they were so easily-aaaaah
[22:44] Sceada tries his luck again, this time by shooting at Yoshi_and_Quina
[22:44] <Shiggen> At least you aren't Soylent Green
[22:44] Jimcloud shoots Feral Chaos with a yellow bullet
[22:44] <Yoshi_and_Quina> We were attacked!
[22:44] Feral_Chaos [] is now known as F_Chaos|EX_Mode
[22:44] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Let's eat something!
[22:44] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Om nom nom
[22:44] <Jimcloud> -_-;
[22:44] Crysanthemum2 bleeds some more
[22:44] <Crysanthemum2> 56%
[22:44] Jimcloud shoots F_Chaos|EX M ode with a white bullet
[22:44] Sceada shoots F-Chaos|Ex Mode with his black bullets
[22:44] F_Chaos|EX_Mode [] is now known as Ash_Ketchum
[22:44] Jimcloud shoots Crysanthemum2 with a no-tipped bullet
[22:44] <Sceada> uh oh
[22:45] <Ash_Ketchum> Oh god, kill me
[22:45] <Jimcloud> O_o
[22:45] Crysanthemum2 [] has quit IRC: Quit: Crysanthemum2
[22:45] <Ash_Ketchum> It won't work, but try anyway
[22:45] <Jimcloud> I think I have one in here.... lemme find it....
[22:45] <Nachlader> .... o_O
[22:45] <Nachlader> i was sure... that i've /seen/ a slugma
[22:45] Jimcloud shoots Ash Ketchum with a Ho-Oh-tipped bullet
[22:45] <Sceada> it appears the Chrysanthemum2 lost too much blood...
[22:45] <Ash_Ketchum> ...
[22:45] <Ash_Ketchum> That did nothing
[22:45] <Jimcloud> nothing at all?
[22:46] <Ash_Ketchum> Um... nope
[22:46] <Jimcloud> huh
[22:46] <Ash_Ketchum> Lends credence to my theory, at any rate
[22:46] Shiggen stabs Ash_Ketchum in the face
[22:46] Sceada tries his luck with the black tipped bullets again on Ash_Katchum
[22:46] Tabbeh [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:46] Jimcloud shoots Ash_ketchum with a black-tipped bullet
[22:46] <Shiggen> TABBEH
[22:46] Ash_Ketchum [] is now known as Luxord
[22:46] <Jimcloud> hi Tabbeh
[22:46] <Jimcloud> well, that's a better result
[22:46] <Sceada> okay, cease the shooting Jimmy
[22:46] <Tabbeh> SHIGGEN
[22:46] <Jimcloud> though now it'll take him ages to type
[22:46] <Tabbeh> hi
[22:46] <Sceada> I can live with this result
[22:46] <Nachlader> oh here we go
[22:46] <Nachlader> i've seen on
[22:47] <Nachlader> +e
[22:47] Shiggen [] is now known as CommissarMango
[22:47] <Nachlader> But turns out I never caught one
[22:47] <Yoshi_and_Quina> Om nom nom
[22:47] <Luxord> Well, this is most interesting. And, Sceada, it will be considerably less time-consuming for me to remark upon things now than it did while I was the poetic Tarutaru
[22:47] <Jimcloud> I think you meant me
[22:47] <Nachlader> What do I need to do for a Slugma, Jim?
[22:48] <Jimcloud> not sure, I caught mine in Gen IV
[22:48] <Jimcloud> what's the dex say?
[22:48] <Luxord> Oh, indeed. My mistake, I misread the names in this discussion
[22:48] <Hexedmagica> I will run away, run away, run away
[22:48] <Nachlader> No area information, Jim. :(
[22:48] Hexedmagica [] has quit IRC: Quit: I once so herped so hard I derped.
[22:48] <Jimcloud> then you can't catch it that way D:
[22:49] <Nachlader> I encountered one that belonged to a trainer, is all.
[22:49] <Nachlader> D:
[22:49] Jimcloud passes the gun temporarily* to Luxord, to shoot himself whenever he feels the need
[22:49] SilverCrono [~ENUO@unaffiliated/silvercrono] has joined #FFWiki
[22:49] <Luxord> I suppose that I still need to investigate today's correspondences from the moogles in Duodecim, and update the informative article accordingly
[22:49] <Nachlader> heya crono
[22:50] <SilverCrono> 'sup Nacho
[22:50] <Luxord> One hopes that my current sesquipedalian loquaciousness will not interfere in any way with that activity
[22:50] <SilverCrono> -_-
[22:50] <Luxord> Oh, greetings, Crono
[22:50] <SilverCrono> SN >.>
[22:50] <SilverCrono> hai <.<
[22:50] SilverCrono is working on BW's Dissidia II
[22:50] <Jimcloud> *Gun will last until target leaves the IRC, or until Jimcloud requests the gun back. Bullet switching not allowed. Gun void in several countries and continents, as well as South Africa. Offer available for a short time only
[22:50] <Jimcloud> hey SC
[22:50] <SilverCrono> SN should, also! :D
[22:50] <SilverCrono> ohai Jimmeh
[22:50] <Jimcloud> It's actually not his fault
[22:50] <Jimcloud> I shot him with a random bullet
[22:51] <Jimcloud> I have a whole pack of em
[22:51] <Jimcloud> want to try?
[22:51] <Luxord> My apologies, but do bear in mind that I was Shantotto earlier, so you have at least not experienced that
[22:51] SilverCrono thanks Enuo
[22:51] <SilverCrono> welp, off to working on Raines' page
[22:51] PoorOrphanKitty [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:51] <Jimcloud> hi BiggsWedge
[22:52] PoorOrphanKitty crawls out of the ground coughing and wheezing
[22:52] <Luxord> Oh, and SilverCrono, no, you cannot have crystal stasis. Points for trying, though, I suppose, if a little cheeky
[22:52] <Nachlader> Trying to remember where that guy is who'll swap a Boldore for an Emolga.
[22:52] <SilverCrono> ;-;
[22:52] <SilverCrono> kk...
[22:52] <SilverCrono> BIGGSEH, WEDGEH 8D
[22:52] <PoorOrphanKitty> what the heck was in that last bullet?
[22:52] <PoorOrphanKitty> CRONO!
[22:52] <SilverCrono> Crono is working on ur Dissidia II page(s). More specifically, Cid Raine's page.
[22:52] <SilverCrono> *Raines'
[22:52] Jimcloud shoots PoorOrphanKitty with a red bullet in the hopes of bettering his situation
[22:52] <Luxord> I will point out, though, that it would be considerably more efficient to have used wikicoding to make it update itself
[22:52] PoorOrphanKitty gains parents
[22:53] PoorOrphanKitty [] is now known as PoorKitty
[22:53] Jimcloud shoots PoorOrphanKitty with a yellow bullet
[22:53] PoorKitty becomes Rich
[22:53] <Luxord> Or more accurately, be updated automatically when I update the transclusion that is present on your userpage
[22:53] PoorKitty [] is now known as RichKitty
[22:53] <Sove> ._.
[22:54] <Jimcloud> Hi Sove! Would you like a bullet!
[22:54] <Jimcloud> ?*
[22:54] <Sove> Yes
[22:54] <Sove> If it kills me
[22:54] Jimcloud shoots Sove with a yellow bullet
[22:54] <Jimcloud> it won't!
[22:54] <Sove> ._.
[22:54] <Jimcloud> =D~
[22:54] <Luxord> Regardless, I must, as I mentioned a short while ago, deal with today's Mognet offerings
[22:54] RichKitty [] is now known as BiggsWedge
[22:54] <Jimcloud> well, it might, but the stastical probability that it will is so small that it's completly negligible
[22:55] <BiggsWedge> well that killed the atmosphere
[22:55] <Jimcloud> O.o?
[22:55] <SilverCrono> ...I think it did kill him -_-;;
[22:55] MystRay|BbS [6358e66a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.99.88.230.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:55] <MystRay|BbS> Hey
[22:55] <Tabbeh> Oh.
[22:55] <Jimcloud> hi MystRay! Would you like a bullet?
[22:55] <Sove> BiggsWedge, your money is inflated
[22:55] <Tabbeh> The cat was BigPotatoWedge.
[22:55] <Luxord> Greetings MystRay
[22:55] <SilverCrono> yo, ray of myst
[22:55] <Jimcloud> They're my bullets o'randomness
[22:55] <Sceada> don't Myst, don't
[22:55] <Sceada> the bullets are evil
[22:55] <BiggsWedge> TABBEH!
[22:55] <Sove> That currency is under hyperinflation
[22:55] <Luxord> It is most fortuitous that you should arrive in this time of great amusement
[22:55] <Jimcloud> they have mystical magical random effects
[22:56] <MystRay|BbS> Sure...
[22:56] Jimcloud shoots MystRay with a blue bullet
[22:56] <SilverCrono> olos, stupid Myst is stupid
[22:56] <Jimcloud> be quiet D:< Don't make me take the gun to you!
[22:57] <MystRay|BbS> Yeah, meanie!
[22:57] <Jimcloud> (psst, you determine what it does, Myst, use the power of your imagination!)
[22:57] <Sceada> anyway... seeing how I fear for the faint remainder of my sanity (and my personality, seeing what this gun of Jimmy tends to do to people), I'm gonna use the excuse of the late hour now, and go to bed
[22:57] <Jimcloud> XD
[22:57] <Jimcloud> Bye Sceada
[22:58] MystRay|BbS transforms into a giant dragon and devours SilverCrono and his meanness.
[22:58] <SilverCrono> ._.
[22:58] <MystRay|BbS> Bye Sceada
[22:58] <Jimcloud> oooh, ouch
[22:58] SilverCrono is...devour'd
[22:58] Griffen78 [3224b821@gateway/web/freenode/ip.50.36.184.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:58] <Sceada> see you guys! and hopefully, you'll all be back to normal... Well, as close to normal as you usually are
[22:58] <SilverCrono> A faint "Bai Sceada~!" is heard from Myst's stomach
[22:58] <Nachlader> bye Sceada
[22:58] <Jimcloud> hi Griff
[22:58] <Nachlader> heya griff
[22:58] <Sceada> till then!~
[22:58] Sceada [] has quit IRC: Quit: Who are you, and how did you find me? I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you. But may I just say... Hi. How's it going? Name's Flynn Rider
[22:58] <MystRay|BbS> Hey Griff
[22:59] <SilverCrono> Another sound, "ohai Girf", is also heard from Myst's stomach
[22:59] <Nachlader> hahahah
[22:59] Griffen78 [3224b821@gateway/web/freenode/ip.50.36.184.] has quit IRC: Client Quit
[22:59] <Nachlader> this hiker wants a BOLDORE
[22:59] <Nachlader> for his EMOLGA
[22:59] <Nachlader> what
[22:59] Jimcloud shoots a white bullet at SilverCrono, magically fading through MystRay to hit its target
[22:59] Mikazuki_Neko [] has joined #FFWiki
[22:59] <Nachlader> he called the Emolga "Minipete"
[22:59] <Nachlader> what
[22:59] <Nachlader> heya neko
[22:59] Griffen78 [3224b821@gateway/web/freenode/ip.50.36.184.] has joined #FFWiki
[22:59] <Luxord> Oh, this is most hilarious. The three options available from this Mognet letter are as follows:
[22:59] <Jimcloud> hi
[22:59] <SilverCrono> "What's it do?" is heard from Myst's stomach
[22:59] <Griffen78> did I come on earlier?
[22:59] <Mikazuki_Neko> Hola.
[23:00] <Jimcloud> (psst, Crono, I have no idea, despite the colors, they're all completely random)
[23:00] <Nachlader> hmm
[23:00] <Luxord> "Good. Go to the Honey Bee Inn.", "Something's at the Honey Bee Inn." and "Just go to the Honey Bee Inn!"
[23:00] SilverCrono turns into a GIANT GOLDEN DRAGON
[23:00] <Griffen78> ...ew
[23:00] <Nachlader> I wonder what dumping Emolga in the DCC will do
[23:00] <Luxord> I suspect that there is no variation in the resulting letter received from this
[23:00] <Jimcloud> mst people think they just transform you, but they also cause teleportation, spontaneous magical powers, loss of limbs, and various diseases
[23:00] SilverCrono is larger than Myst, and rips himself out of earlier mentioned dragon's sotmach
[23:00] <SilverCrono> *stomach
[23:00] SilverCrono flies into space
[23:00] <Griffen78> Emolga will be traded for somthing dumb and it's new owner will abuse it.
[23:01] SilverCrono is now a GOLDEN DRAGON IN SPACE
[23:01] <Griffen78> Thats what will happen
[23:01] Jimcloud shoots a white bullet at MystRay's corpse
[23:01] <SilverCrono> TAKE THAT, MRS. HUCKABEE. My 3rd grade teacher told me I could never be a golden dragon in space, but WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!
[23:01] <Griffen78> went to normal shit...
[23:01] <Jimcloud> XD
[23:01] MystRay|BbS is raised from the dead because of Jimcloud's thoughtfulness. He is in his normal human form.
[23:02] <Nachlader> heya, Griff
[23:02] <Nachlader> I caught Tornadus.
[23:02] MystRay|BbS swears he will avenge his "death".
[23:02] <Griffen78> nature?
[23:02] <Jimcloud> Tornado-y?
[23:02] <BiggsWedge> yes
[23:02] <Nachlader> He's very tornado-y.
[23:02] <Griffen78> ._.
[23:02] <Griffen78> Nature/
[23:02] <Griffen78> *?
[23:02] <Nachlader> Careful.
[23:03] <Luxord> Jimcloud, why not inform the arriving acquaintances of the varied effects the bullets have had upon me? I had quite a range, did I not?
[23:03] <Jimcloud> let's see... SN has...
[23:03] <Nachlader> "Met at Lv. 40. Has an impressive collection of 54 Quick Balls, 23 Dusk Balls and 4 Ultra Balls"
[23:04] <Griffen78> XD
[23:04] <Jimcloud> Turned into Shiggen, turned into Cow, landed on the ceiling in half-diamond form, turned into urple, turned into a crysanthemum, turned into Norceror Somebody, turned into Shantotto, turned into Ash Ketchum, turned into Feral Chaos, put in EX Mode, turned into ooze
[23:04] <Jimcloud> oh, and turned into a recursive paradox
[23:04] <Jimcloud> almost forgot
[23:05] <Nachlader> My Ditto is a depraved bisexual.
[23:05] <Griffen78> "ooze"?
[23:05] <Jimcloud> Phosphoric Ooze, to be precise
[23:05] <Griffen78> all diTTOS ARE
[23:05] <Griffen78> they arn't even real pokes
[23:05] <Griffen78> they are justsex slaves
[23:05] <Luxord> Phosphoric Oo... well, Jimcloud, you have enunciated precisely the same thing as I was going to moments later
[23:06] <Jimcloud> how surprising that I should type out your intent before you are able
[23:06] Ark|Away [~Kuja_FFIX@unaffiliated/kuja-ffix] has joined #FFWiki
[23:06] <Nachlader> "You can't leave your only Pokémon with me! How would you battle?"
[23:06] <Nachlader> With egg shards.
[23:06] <Jimcloud> XD
[23:06] <Luxord> With fisticuffs, perhaps?
[23:06] Otherarrow [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[23:07] <Luxord> Oh, what I would not give to be granted the capability to commit homicide against this moogle.
[23:07] <Griffen78> your on route 3...if you can't beat those mons by kicking them in the face you need help.
[23:07] <Jimcloud> Luxord: Shoot yourself, and maybe you can?
[23:07] <Griffen78> route 4 is cooler
[23:07] <Luxord> If he should use the phrase "I write you", neglecting the "to", another time, I will quite frankly lose my patience
[23:07] <Griffen78> since it is apparently ground zero
[23:07] Otherarrow [] has joined #FFWiki
[23:08] <Jimcloud> wb OA
[23:08] <Otherarrow> Hi kiddos!
[23:08] <Otherarrow> Hi Jimette!
[23:08] <SilverCrono> OTHERRRR
[23:08] <Griffen78> I'm not a kiddo
[23:08] Luxord reads the very next line. so write me back, kupo!
[23:08] <Griffen78> I AM A MAYAN
[23:08] Luxord picks up the gun
[23:08] Luxord shoots himself
[23:08] SilverCrono beat Feral Chaos yesterday
[23:08] <SilverCrono> :D
[23:08] <SilverCrono> I nao has him!
[23:08] <Griffen78> DON'T KILL MOO- late
[23:08] Luxord [] is now known as Mooglecidal_SN
[23:08] <Jimcloud> oh dear
[23:08] <Mooglecidal_SN> OKAY, THAT DOES IT
[23:09] <Griffen78> o.o
[23:09] <Jimcloud> I notice that your transformation has also given you a fluff remover and a pom-pom ripper
[23:09] <Griffen78> ...are you a moogle murderer or are you going to kill yourself by rubbing your face in tge fluffeh?
[23:09] Mooglecidal_SN brutally murders Morou, disembowells his diminutive corpse, turns his organs into confetti, and wears his head as a hat
[23:09] <Griffen78> "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE"
[23:09] Mikazuki_Neko [] is now known as Neko|Away
[23:09] <MystRay|BbS> .....
[23:10] Mooglecidal_SN returns, covered in moogle blood, and breathing heavily
[23:10] Mooglecidal_SN calms down, and takes off the Morou-head-hat
[23:10] Mooglecidal_SN [] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[23:11] <Jimcloud> well, it would seem almost everyone is back to normal
[23:11] <Jimcloud> Crono, how's the weather up there?
[23:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, that was... an interesting hour
[23:11] <Jimcloud> Yes. Let us never speak of it again
[23:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Almost exactly, as it happens
[23:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> To within about a minute
[23:12] <Nachlader> I have to walk ~2 miles to the clinic tomorrow.
[23:12] Griffen78 hands Nach a kitten
[23:12] <Griffen78> use it wisely
[23:12] <Nachlader> o.o
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> [22:10] Jimcloud also shoots SN
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> [22:10] Sorceror_Nobody a splode
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> [23:10] Mooglecidal_SN [] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[23:12] <Sorceror_Nobody> Seriously, that's almost creepy :P
[23:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> Anyway, must be going. Night all
[23:13] <Griffen78> huh?
[23:13] CommissarMango loves The Imperium's Priests
[23:13] <CommissarMango> Hell, even SN would like them
[23:13] <MystRay|BbS> Good night SN
[23:13] <SacredMinotaur> Good night. :)
[23:13] <Jimcloud> bye
[23:13] <CommissarMango> Night
[23:13] Auror|Away [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[23:13] Sorceror_Nobody [] has quit IRC: Quit: Let us never speak of it again? Hell no, I'm quotaging it tomorrow!

Addendum: Conversation following my departure

[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:09:39] Sorceror_Nobody [] has quit IRC: Quit: Let us never speak of :it again? Hell no, I'm quotaging it tomorrow!
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:09:41] <Nachlader> bye SN
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:21] <Jimcloud> XD
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:22] <Griffen78> any word on the PSN store?
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:24] <CommissarMango> They run around in a robe and goggles wielding a really big chainsaw.
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:27] <Jimcloud> now, for the last one
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:30] Jimcloud takes good aim
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:31] <CommissarMango> This is big by 40K standards
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:39] Jimcloud puts in a silver bullet and fires it at SilverCrono
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:53] <CommissarMango> It's even bigger than the /standard issue Space Marine close combat weapon/
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:10:59] <CommissarMango> Which is a chainsword
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:05] <Nachlader> ... any chance you have a Slugma I could trade you for, Jim?
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:09] <Jimcloud> I do =3
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:16] <Nachlader> no idea if I have anything you want o_O
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:24] Jimcloud notes SilverCrono has turned back into SilverCrono and falls to the earth
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:29] <Jimcloud> brb
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:31] <Griffen78> just give her sexual favo- *shot*
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:32] <Nachlader> kk
[19:16] <Jimcloud> [18:11:41] Jimcloud buries the gun and bullets in an undisclosed location
[19:17] Sorceror_Nobody hovers over to pick up and copypasta the addendum, then trips over a gun barrel poking slightly out of the ground
[19:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[19:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> You might want to bury it deeper next time
[19:19] <Jimcloud> D:
[19:19] Jimcloud takes the gun and the bullets and buries them in an undisclosed location
[19:20] <Jimcloud> also, how did you trip if you were hovering >_>
[19:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Don't ask me, it's your gun of epic weirdness
[19:21] <Jimcloud> XD
[20:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hm, which track would be most hilarious to use in conjunction with Feral Chaos?
[20:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Chocobos of Cocoon, perhaps?
[20:00] <Ark> Theme of Love?
[20:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Ew, retro tracks *is not keen on most of the retro tracks*
[20:00] <Dazuro> SN
[20:00] <Dazuro> Theme of Love
[20:00] <Dazuro> >_>
[20:00] <Dazuro> oh
[20:00] <Dazuro> ark already said that
[20:00] <Dazuro> :(
[20:01] <Dazuro>
[20:01] <Dazuro> <_<
[20:02] <Ark> XD , Daz
[20:05] Sorceror_Nobody om nom noms the nice DLCs
[20:07] Sorceror_Nobody will put Dancer Bartz with the power of Dance Magic and Hunter's Chance against Feral Chaos
[20:08] <Dazuro> psh
[20:08] <Dazuro> dancer bartz needs to dance with dancer squall
[20:08] <Dazuro> as for the song...
[20:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> Maybe I've merely never noticed it before, but Bartz seems to be... working the whole Dancer thing. Especially his dodge
[20:08] <Dazuro> ...
[20:08] <Dazuro> omg why didnt they add Grand Finale as 6 song
[20:08] <Dazuro> D:
[20:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> I can't resist trying to make him move in time with the music
[20:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's scarily compelling
[20:10] Griffen78 [3224f263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[20:10] <Griffen78> and THE GOLDEN THONG OF AWESOME
[20:10] <Nachlader> take your medication
[20:11] <BiggsWedge> XD
[20:11] <BiggsWedge> LMAO
[20:11] <Griffen78> ..._.
[20:11] <Griffen78> PSN store is up and we have dlc
[20:12] <Dazuro> but account management is down
[20:12] Sove has all the dlc released so far
[20:12] <Dazuro> so anyone who changed their credit card, i.e. anyone intelligent, cant buy
[20:12] <Dazuro> :(
[20:12] <Griffen78> thats why I don't use a credit card
[20:12] <Dazuro> fair enough
[20:12] <Dazuro> but im bedridden
[20:12] <Dazuro> so i cant go buy a psn card
[20:12] <Dazuro> and im very unhappy about this
[20:13] <Griffen78> call up a family member and or friend to do so?
[20:13] <BiggsWedge> Have we discussed the NGP yet?
[20:14] <Dazuro> Griff: familys at work, and im the only one in my circle of friends with a car ._.
[20:14] Sorceror_Nobody has Dancer Bartz, Knight Laguna, Smexy Tewwa, Heavenly Emperor, Gunner Yuna, Ingus OK, KH Sephy, Pirate Vaan... and already had Chav Zidane, Golden Thong, KH Squall, Lightning "Aya Brea" Farron, Bishie WoL and Hot Pink Panties Tifa
[20:15] <Dazuro> waitwaitwait
[20:15] <Dazuro> dancer bartz isnt available on mine
[20:15] <Dazuro> O_o
[20:15] <Dazuro> also, chav zidane?
[20:15] <Dazuro> wut
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> He has a hoodie
[20:15] <Dazuro> how is h--
[20:15] <Dazuro> ...
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Thus, chav
[20:15] <Ark> BAD SN
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> :P
[20:15] <Dazuro> its not really a hoodie...
[20:15] <BiggsWedge> Dancer Bartz is a flaming Wooly Woofter, nuff said
[20:15] Sorceror_Nobody points at EU PSN
[20:15] <Dazuro> i prefer the nick Org. XIII Zidane
[20:15] <Dazuro> >_>
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Listed as "Marcus's Hoodie"
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Fact
[20:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> End of discussiob
[20:15] <Dazuro> ...
[20:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> *discussion
[20:16] <Dazuro> it actually says hoodie? XD
[20:16] <Dazuro> it says Hood in US
[20:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yes. Yes it does
[20:16] <Dazuro> also, you seriously got more DLC than us again?
[20:16] <Dazuro> what the fuck square
[20:16] <Dazuro> why are you DOING this
[20:16] <Ark> Terra as well, Daz
[20:16] <Dazuro> i dont get it
[20:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oyea, 'cause the US never ever ever ever gets anything over Europe
[20:16] <Dazuro> why would they give them to everyone but NA
[20:16] <BiggsWedge> you don't need dancer Bartz, he's a wooly woofter
[20:16] <Dazuro> hey, you got Minish Cap first too
[20:16] <Dazuro> <_<
[20:16] <Ark> Well, to be fair, I don't think that Japan has it yet, either.
[20:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dancer Bartz is... disturbingly fun to play as
[20:17] <Dazuro> exactly!
[20:17] <BiggsWedge> XD
[20:17] <Dazuro> i love dancerbartz
[20:17] <Dazuro> and i want himmm
[20:17] <Dazuro> :<
[20:17] <Dazuro> and bikiniterra is cute :3
[20:17] <Griffen78> thats cool
[20:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> I cannot restist his charm. It's kinda scary
[20:17] <BiggsWedge> And altogether entirely fabulous
[20:17] <Dazuro> I still want fucking spriteterra >:(
[20:17] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, very faaaaaaaaaaaabulous
[20:17] <BiggsWedge> that is quite scary
[20:17] <Jimcloud|Away> @_@ booooored
[20:17] Sorceror_Nobody wafts Striped Dress Terra's black undergarment in Daz's direction
[20:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> I haz, u don't
[20:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> Muaha
[20:18] <Jimcloud|Away> I gotta sit through this hour-long speech about Economics in order to get my collaboration component I need for Economics
[20:18] <Ark> ...don't do that to NZX, SN.
[20:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> I didn't
[20:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> I did it to Daz
[20:19] <Dazuro> ...
[20:19] <Jimcloud|Away> ....
[20:19] Dazuro dodges
[20:19] <Dazuro> Well now!
[20:19] <Jimcloud|Away> Barriers to trade
[20:19] <Jimcloud|Away> "moeny"
[20:19] <Ark> XD
[20:19] <Jimcloud|Away> urge to kill... rising....
[20:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> You'll notice I resolutely didn't ping anyone else to draw their attention to it
[20:19] <Ark> Dazuro+++++++++++
[20:19] <Dazuro> :D
[20:19] <Dazuro> I actually wrote a script for that I just keep it turned off most of the time
[20:19] <TheBlackeShadowe> Episode thirty. The "rescue Rukia" plot arc now exceeds the entire rest of the anime I've watched in length.
[20:20] <Nachlader> have fun Jim!
[20:20] <Dazuro> cuz last time I had something like that
[20:20] <Dazuro> people would spend hours triggering my autoresponses
[20:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Of course, it's not just the alts. Music: I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII
[20:20] <Dazuro> and getting me kicked for flooding
[20:20] <Jimcloud|Away> TBS: i told you, it'll still be going in episode 100
[20:20] <Dazuro> >_>;;
[20:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Though I can't wait for VI
[20:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Magitek Research Facility <3
[20:20] <Dazuro> YES <3
[20:20] <Dazuro> dude my moms so psyched about that song <_<;;
[20:21] <Dazuro> she never played an FF but has like a she-hardon for that tune
[20:21] <Dazuro> haha
[20:21] <BiggsWedge> wait, your mom
[20:21] <SacredMinotaur> Yo momma so fat when she tripped over on 4th Ave she landed on 12th
[20:21] <BiggsWedge> XD
[20:21] BiggsWedge high fives cow
[20:21] Griffen78 [3224f263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[20:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...a "she-hardon"? Perhaps Jimcloud can explain this phenomen-*murdered by Jimcloud*
[20:21] <Jimcloud|Away> >_>
[20:21] <Dazuro> well i didnt know what else tocall it
[20:21] <Dazuro> <_<
[20:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> Okay, Dancer Bartz, versus Feral Chaos, with...
[20:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> CHOCOBOS OF COCOON
[20:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> Lulz will ensue
[20:22] <BiggsWedge> OH NO!
[20:22] <Jimcloud|Away> I would be tempted to explain... whatever it is, if I got out of this collaboration
[20:22] <BiggsWedge> That is awful
[20:22] <BiggsWedge> SN don't do it
[20:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> Too late!
[20:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> This is bloody hilarious
[20:22] <BiggsWedge> XD
[20:23] <Jimcloud|Away> X_x
[20:23] <BiggsWedge> its the opposite of spontaneous economy
[20:23] <BiggsWedge> :D
[20:23] <BiggsWedge> KILL IT JIM, MAKE IT YOUR SLAVE!
[20:24] Bluesey [] has joined #FFWiki
[20:24] <Dazuro> SN
[20:24] <Dazuro> the problem with using feral chaos is
[20:24] <Dazuro> hes just silly
[20:24] <Dazuro> the way he scampers around
[20:25] <Dazuro> and he chases his tail for his victory
[20:25] <Bluesey> Well, I've got great news and bad news.
[20:25] <Dazuro> if you want a serious threatening foe to go with silly music and bartz...
[20:25] <Bluesey> The great news is I just called back for a second interview!
[20:25] <Jimcloud|Away> D: I know who Marx, Adam Smith, and Keynes are
[20:25] <Dazuro> y'need regular chaos, or maybe even golbez or garland
[20:25] <Bluesey> The bad news is my PS3 just died.
[20:25] <Jimcloud|Away> congrats Bluesey
[20:25] <Dazuro> grats! :<
[20:25] <Jimcloud|Away> hee hee, right when PSN comes back
[20:25] <Jimcloud|Away> er
[20:25] <Jimcloud|Away> store
[20:26] <BiggsWedge>
[20:26] BiggsWedge lolz at Yuna's imaginary guns
[20:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> She still uses her staff, you know
[20:26] <BiggsWedge> I'd heard, and that makes sense
[20:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'd quite have liked them to have her holding the guns instead
[20:27] <Bluesey> I was really hoping for her Songstress.
[20:27] iLash [~NotLash@] has joined #FFWiki
[20:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Since it's not like she physically uses the staff, so she can just wave them about
[20:27] <Bluesey> That would have allowed them to sub in her mic instead and keep all the animations.
[20:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Songstress could have worked. Mic stand in place of the...
[20:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yeah
[20:27] Lashazior [~NotLash@] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[20:28] <Bluesey> Plus it has way more story importance anyway.
[20:28] <BiggsWedge> There's still time, they might do it
[20:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> Plus the potential for custom quests... with her and Dancer Bartz
[20:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> :P
[20:28] <BiggsWedge> oh dear god
[20:28] <BiggsWedge> no
[20:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> inorite
[20:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> That would be EVEN MORE HILARIOUS
[20:28] <Bluesey> Fighting over songs? XD
[20:28] <Dazuro> I prefer the idea of wedding yuna and wedding shantotto
[20:28] Ark [~Kuja_FFIX@unaffiliated/kuja-ffix] has quit IRC: Quit: Du faktisk gidder å oversette dette? Å kjære.
[20:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> Will it never end? No, it wil not end. Not while I'm here.
[20:28] <Dazuro> <_<
[20:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yuna married Shantotto? Must've missed that
[20:29] <Dazuro> ...
[20:29] <Dazuro> they both have wedding dress alts
[20:29] <Dazuro> thats all
[20:29] <Dazuro> so they could have a wedding together! :3
[20:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> may "...", but it could happen
[20:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> A quest could be made
[20:29] <BiggsWedge> Hey Bluesey, I have my Arena back up, how do I go about adding it to the whore list?
[20:29] <Dazuro> exactly!
[20:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oyea, I haven't told you guys about the quest I'm working on, have I?
[20:30] <BiggsWedge> oh dear
[20:30] <Bluesey> BiggsWedge: You ask me. I have a signup on my talk page. :P
[20:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's the whole Shantotto/Gabranth thing, but from Gabranth's POV
[20:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> Just thought it would be an interesting one to do
[20:30] <BiggsWedge> Would you rather I signed up on the Talk page of just asked you here?
[20:30] <Bluesey> brb
[20:31] Sorceror_Nobody is getting the urge to make a quest with Dancer Bartz, the Emperor, and Golden Thong Kuja
[20:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> Just so I can use the word "Faaaaaaaaaaabulous" as much as physically possible
[20:32] Asorailahd [~Asorailah@wikia/Auror-Andrachome] is now known as Auror|TS3
[20:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Mateus, can I say, you are looking faaaaaaaaaabulous?" "Why thank you, Kuja. You're looking pretty faaaaaaaaabulous yourself."
[20:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Oh look, here comes Bartz."
[20:32] BiggsWedge dies a little bit inside
[20:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Goodness, doesn't he look faaaaaaaabulous in that outfit?"
[20:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> You know you would play it
[20:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> It would be like slowing down by a car accident
[20:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> Morbid curiosity
[20:34] Xepscern [46e5806e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[20:34] <Xepscern> Heys, all
[20:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> "Well, Kuja, I'm afraid Bartz is more faaaaaaaaaabulous than you are." "Preposterous! I am clearly the most faaaaaaaaaabulous here!"
[20:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Cue Kuja vs Emperor battle
[20:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Xep
[20:35] <Xepscern> SN, sounds more like a pose-off
[20:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, you have no idea
[20:35] <Sorceror_Nobody>'re probably safer that way
[20:35] <TheBlackeShadowe> Abarai Renji, good to see you again, Ichigo's going to fuck you up.
[20:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Suffice to say, I'm outlining an idea for a rather faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous quest
[20:36] robert__ [] is now known as robert_
[20:36] <Xepscern> TBS.... how far back are you?
[20:36] robert_ [] is now known as Guest89434
[20:36] <Xepscern> I mean... hell, even in the slow-ass us bud, Renji has become the Sixth Ranger
[20:37] Guest89434 [] is now known as robert_
[20:37] robert_ [] has quit IRC: Changing host
[20:37] robert_ [~hellspawn@objectx/robert] has joined #FFWiki
[20:38] <Xepscern> *dub
[20:38] Sorceror_Nobody adds this faaaaaaaaabulous discussion to his faaaaaaaaaabulous Quotage page

[20:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> The faaaaaaaaaaabulous count of the faaaaaaaaaaabulous chat on my faaaaaaaaaaabulous Quotage page is a faaaaaaaaabulous 11
[20:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> Although this makes it 15
[20:50] BiggsWedge shoots Sorceror Nobody with a gun turret
[20:50] Sorceror_Nobody dodges
SN one, MMOs nil
[21:25] <Xepscern> <Random> You know what series needs to be a MMO?
[21:26] <Xepscern> Pokemon
[21:26] <Jimcloud> it does
[21:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Pokemon MMO? Why? So you can trade and battle with other peo- owait, you can do that already
[21:27] <Jimcloud> so you can trade and battle with other people on a system that isn't Nintendo's internet? HECK YES
[21:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...what, and have to pay for it? Heck no
[21:28] <Xepscern> Pokemon's gameplay is essencially a MMO
[21:28] <Xepscern> Just missing the O part
[21:28] <Xepscern> I wouldn't mind a Fire Emblem MMO either
[21:29] <Henryacores> Fire Emblem is too triangular.
[21:29] <Jimcloud> SN: You're just being curmudgeony
[21:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> No, I'm not
[21:29] <Jimcloud> are too
[21:29] <Xepscern> Henreh, aren't all MMO, at the basic level, a game of rock paper scizzors?
[21:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Making a Pokemon MMO would change very little
[21:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> Except that you'd have to pay for it
[21:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> I call that a net loss
[21:30] <Henryacores> Uhm. No.
[21:30] <Jimcloud> Pokemon would flourish in an MMO fashion, you just don't want to pay for it
[21:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> It flourishes already
[21:30] <Jimcloud> well, sort of
[21:30] <Xepscern> You can train to become a gym l;eader
[21:30] <Jimcloud> for one thing, it'd give them an excuse to not do one of the two following things
[21:30] <Jimcloud> 1. make yet another generation
[21:30] <Henryacores> Well nice. A gazillion gym leaders are very fun
[21:30] <Jimcloud> 2. remake old generations
[21:31] <Henryacores> I fear Hoenn remake.
[21:31] <Pocky> I don't
[21:31] <Xepscern> Henreh, they have no need to
[21:31] <Xepscern> They did for R/B because of memory issues
[21:31] <Xepscern> Same with G/S
[21:31] <Xepscern> Hoenn doesn't face those problems
[21:31] <Henryacores> And Hoenn is very meh
[21:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> There is nothing that they could put in an MMO that can't be put in anyway. Hell, in the Hoenn Secret Bases, I always did my best to make the damn thing Gymlike, with the spot I appear on to others at the end
[21:32] <Xepscern> Besides, the pokemon in them can still be accessed
[21:32] <Pocky> SNL I did the same with the Underground in D/P
[21:32] <Xepscern> Cretae your own evil group
[21:32] <Pocky> *SN:
[21:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Inorite
[21:33] <Jimcloud> SN: Actual communications between players, heck, item trade between players
[21:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...still nothing they can't do with the current design
[21:33] <Jimcloud> and don't give me that stupid chat thing they have on there
[21:33] Xepscern wants to make Team Alkaline
[21:34] <DarkShuyin> What i want is a tactics mmorpg
[21:34] <Henryacores> What really needs an MMO is Ivalice.
[21:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Making evil teams, and suchlike, could easily work in a roughly similar (but better) way to D012's custom quests. Still doesn't require a jump to MMO
[21:35] <Jimcloud> SN: I think the better question is why not MMO, aside from your repeated money protests
[21:35] <Xepscern> Henreh, job system or licence board?
[21:35] <Henryacores> Job System
[21:35] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, define MMO in this context
[21:35] <Henryacores> Licence Board was very very meh
[21:35] <DarkShuyin> Im telling you, FF Tactics Online
[21:35] <Pocky> There's actually very little difference
[21:35] <Jimcloud> a game played on an online server with others
[21:36] <DarkShuyin> Or any tactical rpg game that lets you play online
[21:36] <Pocky> We're spending abot £40 on a new update to the same game every year anyway
[21:36] <Pocky> *about
[21:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> £40, once
[21:36] <Pocky> Then they release the next Pokemon game
[21:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...and again, once. Which you then keep forever
[21:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> How much does an MMO cost to play forever? Infinite money
[21:37] <Pocky> You're not seeing the point here
[21:37] <Jimcloud> I said aside from your repeated money protests
[21:37] <Jimcloud> Arma: you're not gonna get him to
[21:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jimcloud, what approximately is the cost of XI in total? As in, game plus expansion packs plus seven years' subscription?
[21:40] <Jimcloud> oh dear
[21:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> I wouldn't know any of the numbers, so...
[21:41] <Jimcloud> to give you the numbers, 13 dollars per month, and you can get a game with full expansions now for around 40 dollars
[21:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> much was it at the time of release, rather than as a pack now?
[21:42] <Jimcloud> 40, 20 for each expansion, 10 for each mini-expansion
[21:42] <Jimcloud> 3 expansions, 6 mini-expansions
[21:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> Thanks. *goes to make calculations*
[21:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...four expansions
[21:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> So, that's an average of $181 per year
[21:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Which is a lot more than £40 per year
[21:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> Approximately triple, in fact
[21:45] <Jimcloud> four?
[21:45] <Jimcloud> Oh, not for America and EU
[21:45] <Jimcloud> RotZ came with XI
[21:45] <Jimcloud> for us
[21:45] <Sorceror_Nobody> Okay...
[21:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> That knocks $20/7 off. Which still leaves it about triple
[21:47] <Sorceror_Nobody> Now, there are the ongoing updates for MMOs, but I think I can proooobably be safe in guessing that they aren't going to account for the excess here
[21:48] <Jimcloud> there's also the cost of running the servers, and paying people to run customer service and help desks
[21:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, obviously
[21:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'm not quibbling on why it costs that
[21:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'm just making a statement on what the relative cost is
[21:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> I can, of course, recalculate based on not having been with it from the start. So, fewer subscribed months, and the $40 pack. But then, I also have to recalculate for Pokemon. Which then also becomes cheaper, and arguably drops some of the games if you were to only get the remakes
[21:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> Soooo... MMO isn't going to win here
[22:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> Okay, last word on the subject: To be cost equivalent to one £40 game every year, the FFXI subscription would have to be just less than $3
[22:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> *one last word from me, that is
[22:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> Not necessarily THE last word

One could argue that it's not fair to compare the cost of an FF MMO to Pokémon single games, but of course the typical price of an FF single game is generally about the same as a Pokémon single game, or indeed the majority of any new releases, which are almost always in the range ~£30-40.

How do you solve a problem like Maria Meteor?
[16:14] <Mango|DFortress> I love how my fortress is still running despite a SWAMP TITAN killing everyone
[16:15] TheBlackShadow applauds SN.
[16:15] Sorceror_Nobody [] has quit IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[16:16] <TheBlackShadow> Tsk. Not again.
[16:16] TheBlackShadow throws SN a rope to hold on to.
[16:16] <Mango|DFortress> XD
[16:16] Sorceror_Nobody [] has joined #FFWiki
[16:16] Sorceror_Nobody starts prepping the bigger swamp titan congratulates Mango on his resilience
[16:17] <Mango|DFortress> ,_.
[16:17] TheBlackShadow sends Mango a large number of reinforcements.
[16:17] <TheBlackShadow> *However, due to a severe miscalculation of scale, said reinforcements are each only a few atoms tall*
[16:18] Sorceror_Nobody sends Mango a large number of letterbombs uh, birthday cards?
[16:18] Mango|DFortress watches as they all die in horrific ways. Mainly from the carp. What dumbass decided to wade into the river to carch one?
[16:19] Sorceror_Nobody smuggles a carp into Mango's fortress to steal his materia... oops >_>
[16:19] <Mango|DFortress> ...
[16:20] <Mango|DFortress> If I had Materia I would be using them to attack the Swamp Titan >.>
[16:20] <Mango|DFortress> Hahahaha
[16:20] <Mango|DFortress> Haha
[16:20] <Mango|DFortress> Ha
[16:20] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, why do you think you don't have materia? </rhetorical>
[16:20] <TheBlackShadow> Ah, but that's just what you *want* them to think!
[16:20] <Mango|DFortress> The outpost Liason wants to discuss my situation with me
[16:20] Sceada|SSBB [] is now known as Sceada|Eating
[16:21] <Mango|DFortress> Well sir, it appears that we have a FUKING SWAMP TITAN KILLING ALL OUR DWARVES. AND YOUR WARRIOR DWARVES WON'T DO SHIT.
[16:21] <TheBlackShadow> Put the materia into a metal case, build a rocket to use as a delivery system, and use the materia as nukes.
[16:22] <TheBlackShadow> There. You have broken the game by introducing nuclear weapons into a static medieval setting.
[16:22] <Sorceror_Nobody> We know it works. Shinra blew up meteor with that metho- *handed a sheet of paper* Oh, um... nevermind. Turns out they didn't
[16:23] <TheBlackShadow> But they could have. If Cloud & Co. didn't interfere for no conceivable reason.
[16:23] Sorceror_Nobody screws up the sheet of paper and lobs it at the bin. It misses, hits meteor, and blows it up
[16:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> ._.
[16:23] <Mango|DFortress> ...
[16:23] <Mango|DFortress> Goal!
[16:23] DarkShuyin [42d621b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[16:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> Feel free to not retrieve the Huge Materia. Meteor still won't blow up
[16:24] DarkShuyin [42d621b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[16:24] <TheBlackShadow> But *no*, that would be letting NPCs solve their problems without the intervention of the protagonists, and we *can't* be having that. Their entire way of life would be destroyed, Meteor or no Meteor!
[16:25] <Sorceror_Nobody> From the fact that the damage done to Meteor is completely and utterly independent of whether it hits with no Huge Materia on board or one Huge Materia on board, we can assume that three more Huge Materia would have also done jack shit
[16:25] <Sorceror_Nobody> Even without narrative imperative ensuring smooth sailing for the intended plotline
[16:25] <TheBlackShadow> ...Then screw the large materia and just mass-produce delivery systems?
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> Screw the large materia? That sounds painfu-*shot*
[16:26] Faethin [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] has quit IRC: Quit: Connection reset by Kain Highwind
[16:26] <TheBlackShadow> You don't even need to destroy it, just hit it in the right place to knock it off course.
[16:26] <Mango|DFortress> Why not send up Bruce Willis and have them destroy it all to the tune of an Ae-*shot*
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> I think it would pull itself back on course
[16:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> Black Materia, yo
[16:26] <Mango|DFortress> *and a group of other people
[16:27] Nachlader [~chatzilla@unaffiliated/nachlader] has quit IRC: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87-rdmsoft [XULRunner]
[16:27] <TheBlackShadow> ...Or rig the Sister Ray to shoot upwards, that might work...
[16:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> They so should try that in a VII remake
[16:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> Just because it would look fucking hilarious
[16:28] Nachlader [~chatzilla@unaffiliated/nachlader] has joined #FFWiki
[16:28] <Mango|DFortress> -ly awesome?
[16:28] <Mango|DFortress> wb Nach
[16:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> The recoil would probably do Meteor's job and piledrive Midgar into the ground
[16:29] <TheBlackShadow> But at least the world would be saved?
[16:29] <Mango|DFortress> ^
[16:29] Sora1995|Cloud [u1956@gateway/web/] is now known as Sora1995|FFVII
[16:29] <Sorceror_Nobody> Nah. It'd just split Meteor into two halves. Or do nothing but bore a hole through it
[16:30] <TheBlackShadow> And then Sephiroth can stay behind his barrier as Sealed Evil In A Can ready for him to break out in a sequel, FF V Exdeath style.
[16:30] Sorceror_Nobody imagines Meteor coming down and landing perfectly, hole aligned with the barrel of the Sister Ray
[16:30] <Mango|DFortress> XD
[16:30] <Sorceror_Nobody> Fucking hilarious just got turned up to eleven
[16:30] <TheBlackShadow> Lol.
[16:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> They could always just use Ifrit
[16:32] <TheBlackShadow> Althouh, if it were damaged enough, then maybe it would just break up in the atmosphere...
[16:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> He likes to pull chunks of earth out and throw them
[16:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Come to think of it, they just need Jecht. Ultimate Jecht Shot
[16:32] <Mango|DFortress> Why not use Bahamut ZERO? Or ereally, all of the summons
[16:33] <Mango|DFortress> Imagine a battle against meteor XD
[16:33] <Mango|DFortress> Like, Meteor is a literal enemy
[16:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, VII has antagonistic icicles
[16:33] <Mango|DFortress> And you have to fight it
[16:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> It wouldn't be much of a stretch
[16:33] <Mango|DFortress> True
[16:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Gonna fuck yo' shit up with mah mindscrew sentience
[16:35] Sorceror_Nobody looks at the disambig page. Limit Break, lolwhu- oyeah, Cait Sith
[16:36] <Mango|DFortress> THE SWAMP TITAN HAS BEEN SLAIN
[16:41] <Mango|DFortress> brb
[16:41] TheBlackShadow thinks that could actually work. Meteor is destroyed and the main immediate threat to the Planet is ended, but the Sister Ray is destroyed, leaving Sephiroth protected/accidentally-imprisoned in the Northern Crater. The party spend the postgame going around protecting the last enclaves of humanity from WEAPON attacks. Much of the Planet is devastated, but life survives. After centuries as a post-apocalyptic wasteland,
[16:44] Sorceror_Nobody thinks there could be a fanfic in this. He wouldn't want to write it, though
[16:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> We'd need a master fanfic writer. A legend. A genius. A certain Mr. Clawfa-*shot*
[16:48] TheBlackShadow imagines a vaguely IX-like steampunk setting. Everything VII has to be something-punk, so it would have to be steampunk to correlate to the quasi-cyberpunk of the original game.
[16:50] <TheBlackShadow> There could also be the chance to leave in pieces of forgotten ancient (I.e., VII-era) technology to spruce things up a bit. Need to power up a boss? Give him a salvaged thousand-year-old Shinra machine-gun or laser rifle.
[16:52] <TheBlackShadow> I also like the idea of having characters from VII as religious figures. They were mighty heroes who saved the world from destructon in their day, so it only makes sense that they would survive in folk memories. Eventually fading from memory into legend, and from legend into mythology.
[16:52] <Mango|DFortress> Yes, because machine guns were sooooo effective in VII >_>
[16:52] <Mango|DFortress> This is actually a really epic idea
[16:53] <TheBlackShadow> Mental Audio: Behold, the Most Revered Arch-Bishop of the Holy Order of the Church of Yuffie!
[16:53] <Mango|DFortress> XD
[16:54] Faethin [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] has joined #FFWiki
[16:54] <Mango|DFortress> Well, Jimcloud has literary talent, we could charter her to do it
[16:55] Mango|DFortress tends to Beige Prose, so he's out.
[16:55] TheBlackShadow hasn't enough (i.e., any) experience writing fanfic, so he's out.
[16:55] <Faethin> What are we discussing?
[16:56] <Mango|DFortress> To pastebin!
[16:56] <DrakeyC> Hi Fae
[16:57] <Mango|DFortress> Faethin:
[16:57] <Mango|DFortress> (Also, hi!)
[16:58] <TheBlackShadow> ...Error: My first message is abruptly cut off.
[16:58] <Mango|DFortress> 'course, TBS never did follow up what was written after his message cuts off
[16:58] <Faethin> Sounds like an interesting idea to begin with
[16:58] <Mango|DFortress> You do that a lot TBS >_>
[16:58] <Faethin> Buuut it is set in FFVII, and I care little for VII
[16:58] <TheBlackShadow> It should read: After centuries as a post-apocalyptic wasteland, civilisation begins to recover, but the latent threat of Sephiroth remains. Cue sequel
[16:58] <Faethin> Good luck if you decide to go with it though
[16:58] <Sorceror_Nobody> *sequels
[16:58] <TheBlackShadow> Mango: That's just your computer/client/whatever.
[16:59] <Mango|DFortress> .-.
[16:59] Sceada|Eating [] is now known as Sceada
[17:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hai Sceada
[17:00] <Mango|DFortress> Sceada!
[17:00] <TheBlackShadow> Hai Scaeda.
[17:00] <Sceada> heya everyone
[17:00] <TheBlackShadow> I know JC likes Artificers, and a steampunk setting has lots of room for Artificers.
There are not words to describe my astonishment
Also, on a completely unrelated note, Piñatas
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> ._.
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> What...
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> But...
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> I don't...
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> This is...
[16:49] <DarkShuyin> ?
[16:49] <S_Nobody|VIII> ._.
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> Selphie's only just joined the party
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> So of course I haven't used her limit yet
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> She hits low HP
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> I select her limit
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> "The End 1 Times"
[16:50] <S_Nobody|VIII> I kid you not
[16:50] <Jimcloud> how lucky
[16:51] <Jimcloud> lol, I love some of these pinata descriptions
[16:51] <S_Nobody|VIII> It's completely wasted on an Anacondaur, of course
[16:52] <Jimcloud> "This little lizard pinata enjoys the bright sunshine and sand between its toes. Of course no-one[sic] would find living in a desert much fun unless they had already caught a bit too much sun... and accidentally roasted their brain. I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?"
[16:52] S_Nobody|VIII considers. Should he use it, or should he shuffle to get something more directly useful. Like Full-Life for Zell
[16:52] <Jimcloud> my opinion exactly
[16:54] <Jimcloud> "Every garden has to start somewhere, and it's harder to keep Whirlms out than it is to keep them in. Ancient wisdom says: 'Whirlms are the foundation of any successful garden'. Please don't mistake them for stomach parasites."
[16:55] <S_Nobody|VIII> "[16:50] <Jimcloud> how lucky" You win an award for Understatement of the Lifetime-of-the-Universe
[16:56] <Jimcloud> "Ancient Egyptians worshipped the God Khepri, who was associated with the beetle. On Pinata Island, the Sweetle is just another bug, so don't let it convince you to lend it money. Despite what it says, it does not have worshippers who will pay you back next Thursday."
[16:57] <Ark> XD
[16:57] <Jimcloud> "It's not just the buzzing that's annoying. [Tafflies] can fly and stick to walls, which are cool abilities. But how do they use them? By standing on the worst kinds of stuff and then standing on stuff you're eating! Grrrr."
[16:58] <Ark> ._.
[16:58] <DrakeyC> played VIII before SN?
[16:58] <S_Nobody|VIII> Yes
[16:58] <Jimcloud> "Not only is the Candary small and yellow, but it can 'detect' poison gas in mines. No doubt this could make a miner's life much more productive. Candaries -- not only pretty, but practical too."
[16:59] <S_Nobody|VIII> I don't think I've ever had The End before. Not legitimately, anyway
[16:59] <S_Nobody|VIII> Emulator cheats, yo
[17:00] <Jimcloud> "Do you know who started those stories about Lickatoads turning into princes after kissing pretty girls? LICKATOADS DID! Lock them away, then pass me the wart cream please."
[17:00] <S_Nobody|VIII> I mean... That One Spell, which you can easily never see even in multiple plays through the whole game, and I got it on the first ever roll of Slot in this playthrough. The chances of that must be infinitesimal.
[17:01] DarkShuyin [42d61914@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
[17:01] <Jimcloud> here's one you'll sympathize with, Ark: "This cheery little Pinata adds a splash of color to the frozen wastes of Pinata island. No matter how cold and bleak, the Robean is always cheery and full of bounce. How irritating."
[17:02] <S_Nobody|VIII> XD
[17:02] <Ark> Oh yes.
[17:02] <Ark> Very much so.
[17:02] <Ark> Jimcloud++++++++++++
KH Final Mixes. Logic should prevail. But corporations don't listen to logic.
[2012-04-11 15:18:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> Speaking of PS2 classics
[2012-04-11 15:18:58] <Sorceror_Nobody> That would be an ideal solution to both compatability issues and general unfairness
[2012-04-11 15:19:04] <Sorceror_Nobody> RELEASE THE FINAL MIXES ON PSN
[2012-04-11 15:19:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> Seriously
[2012-04-11 15:19:29] <SomeColorMage> Indeed
[2012-04-11 15:19:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> They won't do it because they don't think it'll be profitable
[2012-04-11 15:19:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Okay, save money on physical production
[2012-04-11 15:19:58] <SomeColorMage> It's Kingdom Hearts playable on PS3
[2012-04-11 15:20:07] <SomeColorMage> Pretty sure that would be profitable
[2012-04-11 15:20:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Exactly
[2012-04-11 15:20:41] <Sorceror_Nobody> They only have to spend money on things like translation, which applies to what, a few percent of the game, since the Final Mixes kept mostly English?
[2012-04-11 15:20:50] <SomeColorMage> Ya
[2012-04-11 15:21:13] <SomeColorMage> The English VA is used in the Final Mixes, except when not possible
[2012-04-11 15:21:45] <SomeColorMage> I think KH2FM has some scenes with Japanese VAs, but that's it
[2012-04-11 15:22:16] <SomeColorMage> Most of the scenes introduced in KHFM didn't have voice acting, IIRC
[2012-04-11 15:22:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's actually perfect. Which games have FMs, and which don't?
[2012-04-11 15:22:55] <Sorceror_Nobody> PS2 and PSP, yes. Other platforms, no.
[2012-04-11 15:22:56] <SomeColorMage> 1, 2, BBS
[2012-04-11 15:23:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> PSN covers everything
[2012-04-11 15:23:31] <SomeColorMage> Oh yeah, they should also release Re:CoM because that should really be available in PAL regions
[2012-04-11 15:23:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> Yes
[2012-04-11 15:27:19] * Sorceror_Nobody wonders how many people blame Nomura for the nonrelease of Final Mixes outside of Japan
[2012-04-11 15:27:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> Given that Nomura has no control. It's SE, possibly Disney, and also I believe Sony
[2012-04-11 15:28:20] <Xepscern> Let's be honest, how successful would they really be?
[2012-04-11 15:28:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> Maybe that would be questionable for physical copies
[2012-04-11 15:28:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> But PSN? Very
[2012-04-11 15:29:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> As SCM pointed out, the mere ability to play KH on PS3 would be incentive for people to buy it. Make it the Final Mix, and you bump up sales even more
[2012-04-11 15:29:47] <SomeColorMage> For example, I currently can not play any PS2 games as to do so would require rearranging my entire AV system
[2012-04-11 15:30:09] <Sorceror_Nobody> Sales of Final Mixes on PSN would quite possibly overshadow sales of normal on PSN and FM on disc combined. I wouldn't be surprised
[2012-04-11 15:30:11] <SomeColorMage> And I really want to play KH2 again
[2012-04-11 15:30:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> ^
[2012-04-11 15:30:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> Every so often I'll just get the urge to have a go at Poster Duty, or beat up Xemnas because god knows that's one of my favourite final bosses ever
[2012-04-11 15:30:54] <SomeColorMage> Hell, I'd pay full price Australian (read: too fucking expensive)
[2012-04-11 15:32:04] <Sove> >_>
[2012-04-11 15:33:36] -->| Mango ( has joined #FFWiki
[2012-04-11 15:33:43] <Sorceror_Nobody> MANOG
[2012-04-11 15:33:44] <Mango> ...
[2012-04-11 15:33:47] <Mango> my power went out
[2012-04-11 15:33:56] <Mango> MASTER
[2012-04-11 15:34:02] <Mango> JUST GONNA LEAVE CAPS ON FOR A BIT
[2012-04-11 15:34:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> OKAY
[2012-04-11 15:34:13] <Xepscern> MANGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[2012-04-11 15:34:17] <Mango> XEP
[2012-04-11 15:34:18] * Xepscern glomps Mango
[2012-04-11 15:34:31] <SomeColorMage> THE YELL MACHINE IS BACK
[2012-04-11 15:34:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> We were only discussing how awesome it'd be to have the KH Final Mixes on PSN
[2012-04-11 15:34:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> That basically occupied the entire conversation while you were gone
[2012-04-11 15:34:45] <SomeColorMage> The answer is very
[2012-04-11 15:34:49] <Sove> The problem is Disney
[2012-04-11 15:35:00] <Sove> SE wanted to have BbS on PSN
[2012-04-11 15:35:14] <Sove> But Disney doesn't like digital distribution
[2012-04-11 15:35:16] <Sove> >_>
[2012-04-11 15:35:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> Disney can go fuck a goat and be killed alongside it when Crono arrives
[2012-04-11 15:35:51] <SomeColorMage> And yet they have no problem with clogging the PS1 Classics with their games?
[2012-04-11 15:35:54] <SomeColorMage> I call BS
[2012-04-11 15:35:59] <Sove> No shit?
[2012-04-11 15:36:16] <Sove> But Disney prevented BbS on PSN
[2012-04-11 15:37:44] <SomeColorMage> The BS is called on their opposition to digital distribution, not whether or not they walled one game
[2012-04-11 15:39:12] <SomeColorMage> Hell, I'm pretty sure there's already a Disney game in the PS2 Classics
[2012-04-11 15:39:39] <SomeColorMage> Last time I checked, KH1 and 2 are PS2 games...
[2012-04-11 15:42:11] <Mango> yes, but who actually buys Disney games
[2012-04-11 15:42:23] <Xepscern> Aside for KH and EPic Mickey?
[2012-04-11 15:42:31] <Xepscern> Dumb kids
[2012-04-11 15:42:51] <SomeColorMage> Enough people for it to be worth it putting them on PSN, I take it
[2012-04-11 15:43:33] -->| Venusaur (~desu@wikipedia/Antonio-Lopez) has joined #FFWiki
[2012-04-11 15:43:46] <Xepscern> Go, VENUSAUR!
[2012-04-11 15:44:17] <Xepscern> GF Sora
[2012-04-11 15:44:17] <GFMinotaur> Sora is cooler then half the main protaginists of the series
[2012-04-11 15:44:18] <GFSacred> Sora is cooler then half the main protaginists of the series
[2012-04-11 15:44:26] <Sove> Hmm
[2012-04-11 15:44:28] <Xepscern> Terra, Zidane, Cloud, Sora
[2012-04-11 15:44:36] <Xepscern> Actually, wait
[2012-04-11 15:44:43] <Xepscern> Zidane, Terra, Cloud, Sora.
[2012-04-11 15:44:44] <Xepscern> Better
[2012-04-11 15:45:10] <Sove> Not only Disney is PMSing about digital distribution
[2012-04-11 15:45:14] <Sove> But Utada as well
[2012-04-11 15:45:45] <Xepscern> Hey, she shouldn't bitch.
[2012-04-11 15:46:01] <Xepscern> She's made two songs that they've used for all 8 games in this series
[2012-04-11 15:46:30] <SomeColorMage> Isn't her contract with SE extraordinarily shitty?
[2012-04-11 15:46:35] <Xepscern> Simple and Clean: KH, CoM, BBS, 3D
[2012-04-11 15:46:51] <Xepscern> Santuary: 358/2, KH2
[2012-04-11 15:47:23] <Xepscern> And these two beat out Eyes on Me as the best selling songs to originate for a video game
[2012-04-11 15:47:51] <Xepscern> Oh, and Re:coded uses one of them as well
[2012-04-11 15:48:04] <Xepscern> Not sure which 3D uses, but I'm banking it's one of the two
[2012-04-11 15:48:41] <Mango> XD
[2012-04-11 15:48:52] <SomeColorMage> 3D uses Hikari/Simple and Clean, but I'm not sure if it actually uses the vocal cersion
[2012-04-11 15:48:53] <Mango> a fa/tg/uy finds an "adult" server on NWN 2
[2012-04-11 15:49:02] <Mango> And then there were lulz
[2012-04-11 15:49:05] <SomeColorMage> *version
[2012-04-11 15:49:15] <Mango> this message log XD
[2012-04-11 15:49:41] <SomeColorMage> ...I think the captcha I've got for posting there says "master hump me"
[2012-04-11 15:49:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> Whaaaat, 3D uses Simple and Clean?
[2012-04-11 15:49:55] <SomeColorMage> It fits the topic well
[2012-04-11 15:50:17] <SomeColorMage> SN: I've seen the opening, it uses the instrumental version
[2012-04-11 15:50:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> They started off using S&C for the early games (timeline, not release) and Sanctuary for the later ones. I was hoping re:coded using it was just a blip
[2012-04-11 15:50:51] <Sorceror_Nobody> I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Simple and Clean
[2012-04-11 15:50:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> But I like Sanctuary more
[2012-04-11 15:50:58] <SomeColorMage> Like I said, unsure if they use the vocal version of either song
[2012-04-11 15:51:58] <Xepscern> WHat did Re:Coded use?
[2012-04-11 15:52:07] <Sorceror_Nobody> S&C, IIRC
[2012-04-11 15:52:29] <Xepscern> 5 for S&C, 2 for Snactuary
[2012-04-11 15:52:40] <SomeColorMage> Re:Coded makes sense, though, as it started as a simulation of KH1
[2012-04-11 15:52:48] <SomeColorMage> 3D? Not so much
[2012-04-11 15:53:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Sanctuary as a whole fits the series better than S&C
[2012-04-11 15:53:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> Lyrics, I mean
[2012-04-11 15:54:08] <SomeColorMage> Don't the Japanese lyrics fit better in general?
[2012-04-11 15:54:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> (But not to the extent that some idiots claim, namely the Ansem shit that is not present in the reversed song)
[2012-04-11 15:54:48] <Xepscern> WHat exactly does the contract between Hikaru and Square say?
[2012-04-11 15:54:55] <Xepscern> Apparently it aint good
[2012-04-11 15:55:28] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'll just fish my copy of their contract out and tell you the specifics
[2012-04-11 15:55:36] <Sorceror_Nobody> I have it in my filing cabinet
[2012-04-11 15:55:41] =-= The17master is now known as The17m|Sleep
[2012-04-11 15:55:53] * Xepscern slaps SN
[2012-04-11 15:56:13] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, please. You literally asked for that
[2012-04-11 15:57:19] <SomeColorMage> I'm pretty sure one of us trying to post exactly what the contract says would get us kicked for excess flooding :P
[2012-04-11 15:57:22] <Sove> Next windows updates, 9 security vulnerabilities patched, 5 are critical. No points for guessing what program has the most of the vulnerabilities (5).
[2012-04-11 15:57:31] <SomeColorMage> IE?
[2012-04-11 15:57:39] <Sove> That is correct
[2012-04-11 15:57:56] <SomeColorMage> You're right, that was worth no points
[2012-04-11 15:57:56] <Mango> XD
[2012-04-11 15:58:13] <Xepscern> "I like dynamic shows. I watched Lost; I didn't understand it! But I liked it! I like Family Guy, Battlestar Galatica! But, Cake Boos. Now, I haven't seen next week's episode. But I'm pretty sure it's about cake."
[2012-04-11 15:58:14] <Sorceror_Nobody> SomeColorMage: I'm pretty sure one of us trying to post exactly what the contract says would get us thrown in prison for possessing a document we should not have
[2012-04-11 15:58:24] <SomeColorMage> SN: That too
[2012-04-11 15:58:36] <Xepscern> *Boss
[2012-04-11 15:58:46] <Mango> >Boos
[2012-04-11 15:58:50] <Mango> >multiple Boos
[2012-04-11 15:58:51] -->| Otherarrow ( has joined #FFWiki
[2012-04-11 15:58:57] <Otherarrow> Hello!
[2012-04-11 15:58:57] <Sorceror_Nobody> Actually, it's about potatoes next week
[2012-04-11 15:59:05] <Xepscern> Heys OA
[2012-04-11 15:59:59] <Sove>
[2012-04-11 16:07:12] <SomeColorMage> going to bed. night

This was a separate conversation (two days previous, IIRC), but I might as well stick it in here.

Jimcloud thinks of the old spice meme as an appropriate analogy for KHII v. Final Mix
<Sorceror_Nobody> Hello gamers
<Sorceror_Nobody> Look at your game. Now at the Final Mix. Now back to your game. Now back to Final Mix
<SomeColorMage> I assume spinning your Keyblade while near-flash-stepping around in circles for about a minute takes a lot outta you
<Sorceror_Nobody> Sadly, your game is not Final Mix, but if you stopped living in the West and moved to Japan, it could be like it's Final Mix
<Sorceror_Nobody> Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're in Japan, with the game your game could be like
<Sorceror_Nobody> What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's a bunch of yen you can use to buy a Final Mix. Look again. THE YEN ARE NOW A GAME DISC
<Sorceror_Nobody> Anything is possible when you have the sheer fortune to be born in the one country SE feels like releasing a game in.
<Sorceror_Nobody> I'm on a Heartless.
<Jimcloud> I was thinking keyblade glider, but it's a little long
<Sorceror_Nobody> Well, if this was done as a video (or sequence of images), it'd be the lower half of an Assault Rider
EPIC RAEG to perfect calm in 0.1 seconds
[08:58] <@HexedSouls> Also, SN, are there any weapons better than the Drake Sword I can get at where I am?
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> FUCKING
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> LAG
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> FUCK
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> YOU
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> FUCKING
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> CUNT
[08:58] <@SN|Dark_Souls> LAG
[08:59] You have been kicked from ##HSQuiz by HexedSouls []: Language.
[08:59] SN|Dark_Souls [] has joined ##HSQuiz
[08:59] <@SN|Dark_Souls> I
[08:59] <@SN|Dark_Souls> HATE
[08:59] <@SN|Dark_Souls> BLIGHTTOWN
[09:00] HexedSouls [] has been kicked from ##HSQuiz by SomeColorMage []: We don't have any rules about language, you fucking moron
[09:00] HexedSouls [] has joined ##HSQuiz
[09:00] <@SN|Dark_Souls> Now, let's see
[09:00] <@SN|Dark_Souls> There are basically always better weapons, but through reinforcement
[09:00] <@SN|Dark_Souls> So the Drake Sword is one of the best things available for a while
[09:00] <@SomeColorMage> That was some impressive raeg, BTW, SN

You'll be delighted to know that it ended well enough. SN made it back down to the bonfire without dying again, and retrieved his bloodstain when he got there, so all he really lost was one Humanity. And he has like a dozen. So it's all good.

[14:47] <+Mango> Killing those who speak out against our glorious whimsical mistress?
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Exactl-
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Mango speaking in support of Shantotto
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[14:47] <+Mango> Yes, odd I know
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Who are you and what have you done with the real Mango
[14:47] Mango [] is now known as ParadoxMango
[14:47] <+Sorceror_Nobody> I KNEW IT
[14:47] <+Jimcloud> ._.
[14:47] <+ParadoxMango> Like the regular Mango, only something
[14:47] <+ParadoxMango> I dunno
[14:48] <+ParadoxMango> I don't think I thought this through
[14:48] <+Jimcloud> Oh, so you're just as lazy as the regular Mango
[14:48] <+Jimcloud> it now becomes clear
[14:48] <+ParadoxMango> Well yeah
[14:48] <+Jimcloud> you're ParadoxParadoxMango!
[14:48] <+ParadoxMango> I mean, otherwise it wouldn't be Mango
[14:48] <+Jimcloud> shame that's like 20 characters
[14:48] SomeColorMage [] is now known as ParadoxParadoxMa
[14:48] GFSacred [] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 255 seconds
[14:48] <+ParadoxParadoxMa> Dang
[14:48] <+ParadoxParadoxMa> That is too long
[14:48] <+ParadoxMango> Well done
[14:49] ParadoxParadoxMa [] is now known as Paradox_x2Mango
[14:49] <+ParadoxMango> Truly you have shown yourself to be of impeccable intelligence
[14:49] <+Jimcloud> Welcome to the Mangobrood
[14:49] <+ParadoxMango> x_x
[14:49] <+Sorceror_Nobody> I love it when this happens
[14:49] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Because all the main channel sees is nick changes
[14:49] <+Sorceror_Nobody> With noooooo context
[14:50] Jimcloud [] is now known as Paradox_x3Mango
[14:50] <+Paradox_x2Mango> We should do such a thing more often
[14:50] <+Paradox_x3Mango> I for one, support our Taru overlord
[14:50] <+Paradox_x3Mango> sorry, overlady*
[14:50] <+Paradox_x2Mango> Also, great, the cows are down :/
[14:50] Sorceror_Nobody [] is now known as MangoOfCausality
[14:51] MangoOfCausality dares to be different
[14:51] <+Paradox_x2Mango> C'mon, FJ, become one with the Mangoes!
[14:51] <+Paradox_x2Mango> It's fun
[14:51] Fighter_Jecht [] is now known as Fighter_Mango
[14:51] Paradox_x3Mango jumps up and down on the fabric of spacetime
[14:51] <+Regnum_Nihil> My god, you lot are... I don't even know
[14:51] <+Regnum_Nihil> I despair of you
[14:52] <+Paradox_x2Mango> We are Mango
[14:52] <+Paradox_x3Mango> We are legion
[14:52] MangoOfCausality blows a raspberry
[14:52] <+ParadoxMango> Regnum_Nihil: Change nick to CousinLeeroy
[14:52] <+Paradox_x3Mango> Mangolegion
[14:52] <+ParadoxMango> BE THERE OR BE SQUARE BRO
[14:52] Regnum_Nihil [u3973@gateway/web/] is now known as ParadoxRaspberry
[14:52] <+MangoOfCausality> ...
[14:52] <+ParadoxMango> ...
[14:52] <+Fighter_Mango> XD
[14:52] <+ParadoxMango> Nigga you gay
[14:52] MangoOfCausality facemangos
[14:52] <+Paradox_x3Mango> ...
[14:52] <+MangoOfCausality> ...mangopalms?
[14:52] Fighter_Mango facemangos
[14:52] <+MangoOfCausality> Mangomangos
[14:52] Paradox_x2Mango mangopalms
[14:52] Paradox_x3Mango mangofaces
[14:53] Fighter_Mango mangofacepalms.
[14:53] Paradox_x2Mango palmmangos
[14:53] ParadoxMango mangotrees
[14:53] MangoOfCausality plumlemons
[14:53] <+Paradox_x2Mango> XD
[14:53] ParadoxMango EATS THIS POTATO CHIP
[14:53] Paradox_x3Mango does another mangomote because why not
[14:53] <+Paradox_x2Mango> 17 just changed his nick not knowing the context
[14:53] ParadoxMango shiggens
[14:53] <+Paradox_x2Mango> THE MANGO IS SPREADING
[14:54] MangoOfCausality slaps Fighter_Mango
[14:54] <+MangoOfCausality> YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE BROTHERHOOD
[14:54] <+MangoOfCausality> GET BACK IN HERE RIGHT NOW
[14:54] <+Paradox_x2Mango> Soon, it shall be part of the brotherhood
[14:54] <+Fighter_Mango> Exactly.
[14:54] <+ParadoxMango> mangohood
[14:54] <+Fighter_Mango> I'm simply converting.
[14:54] <+Paradox_x2Mango> Right, mangohood
[14:55] <+ParadoxMango> It's a particular kind of gangsta that isn't gangsta at all
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> It's....
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> plantsta
[14:55] <+MangoOfCausality> ...
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> plansta* we'll go with that
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> Plangsta?
[14:55] <+MangoOfCausality> If I weren't a mango with no arms, I would shoot you
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> ....
[14:55] <+Paradox_x3Mango> Mangsta
[14:56] Fighter_Mango tackles Paradox_x3Mango
[14:56] <+Paradox_x2Mango> Ooh, let's go with that one!
[14:56] MangoOfCausality Cie'ths Fighter_Mango's Mango
[14:56] <+Fighter_Mango> I agree.
[14:56] <+MangoOfCausality> STEP AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRUIT
[14:56] <+Fighter_Mango> ...
[14:56] <+Paradox_x2Mango> So, he's Fighter_Cieth now?
[14:56] <+MangoOfCausality> Probably
[14:56] Fighter_Mango mangofacepalmheaddeskeverything.
[14:57] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Man you guys are nutters
[14:57] <+MangoOfCausality> Don't be silly
[14:57] <+Fighter_Mango> Yes.
[14:57] <+Fighter_Mango> Yes we are.
[14:57] <+MangoOfCausality> Nuts are totally different produce
[14:57] <+Paradox_x2Mango> *ciethfacepalmheaddeskeverything.
[14:57] <+ParadoxRaspberry> ...
[14:57] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Get out
[14:57] <+MangoOfCausality> No u
[14:57] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Get ot
[14:57] Fighter_Mango [] is now known as Fighter_Jecht
[14:57] <+MangoOfCausality> ...i c wt did thar
[14:57] <+ParadoxRaspberry> ...toche
[14:57] <+MangoOfCausality> ...
[14:58] <+ParadoxRaspberry> ...
[14:58] <+Paradox_x3Mango> XD
[14:58] <+ParadoxMango> Fighter_Jecht:
[14:58] MangoOfCausality and ParadoxRasberry stare each other down like Clef and 682
[14:58] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Wait. Which one of us is 682?
[14:58] <+Paradox_x3Mango> Both
[14:58] <+MangoOfCausality> Well, I'm indestructible, but you're repulsive
[14:58] <+Fighter_Jecht> Does it matter?
[14:59] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Quiet you
[14:59] <+MangoOfCausality> Seconded
[14:59] <+Paradox_x3Mango> qiet yo*?
[14:59] <+MangoOfCausality> Yeahno we stopped doing that joke
[14:59] <+Paradox_x3Mango> oh
[14:59] <+Paradox_x3Mango> boring
[14:59] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Did we?
[14:59] <+MangoOfCausality> Well, you certainly did
[14:59] <+Fighter_Jecht> nderstandable.
[14:59] <+MangoOfCausality> You're the one who used a u first. In "us"
[15:00] ParadoxRaspberry slaps FJ
[15:00] <+Paradox_x2Mango> You have both used u since the joke. It's curse is broken
[15:00] MangoOfCausality slaps FJ
[15:00] Paradox_x2Mango mangoes FJ
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Why is it that these things always end with me arguing with myself?
[15:00] Fighter_Jecht steps out from behind his decoy.
[15:00] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Because you're a fucking schizophrenic fruitloop?
[15:00] <+Fighter_Jecht> Sweet.
[15:00] <+Paradox_x2Mango> Because it's funny?
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Ha
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Ha
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Fruitloop
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Fruit
[15:00] <+MangoOfCausality> Hilarious
[15:01] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Isn't it just?
[15:01] <+MangoOfCausality> No
[15:01] <+MangoOfCausality> There is nothing just about that
[15:01] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Oh I see
[15:01] <+ParadoxRaspberry> Is this what we're doing now?
[15:01] <+MangoOfCausality> No
[15:01] Paradox_x2Mango gets unparadox'd
[15:01] <+MangoOfCausality> This is:
[15:01] Paradox_x2Mango [] is now known as NotParadoxMango
[15:01] MangoOfCausality summons Shantotto to rhyme at RN/PR
[15:02] Paradox_x3Mango finally breaks spacetime, and is sucked in
[15:02] Paradox_x3Mango [] is now known as Jimcloud
[15:02] MangoOfCausality dives in after her
[15:02] <+Jimcloud> Cool!
[15:02] MangoOfCausality [] is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[15:02] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Huh
[15:02] NotParadoxMango [] is now known as SomeColorMage
[15:02] Sorceror_Nobody could let go of Jimcloud at this point. He does not.
[15:03] ParadoxRaspberry [u3973@gateway/web/] is now known as Regnum_Nihil
[15:03] <+Regnum_Nihil> Ah, there we go, the transformative enchantment wore off
[15:03] <+Sorceror_Nobody> You used one of those?
[15:04] ParadoxMango [] is now known as Mango
[15:04] <+Sorceror_Nobody> You cheap, cheap bastard
[15:04] <+Regnum_Nihil> Look, I don't have the money to go into the proper catalysts and stuff you use
[15:04] <+Sorceror_Nobody> w/e
[15:04] <+Jimcloud> well, you don't pay him
[15:04] <+Jimcloud> ... do you?
[15:05] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Fuck no
[15:05] <+Regnum_Nihil> As if I'd take your money anyway
[15:05] <+Regnum_Nihil> Speaking of which, can you lend me a tenner?
[15:05] <+Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[15:05] Sorceror_Nobody gags RN
[15:06] <+Regnum_Nihil> Mmmmf >:X
[15:06] <+Sorceror_Nobody> Shaddup
So... many... fish puns...
[19:56] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I am a horrible, horrible person.
[19:56] <@Jimcloud> ._.;
[20:12] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I am an even horribler person
[20:12] <@Sorceror_Nobody> With bonus points for obscurity
[20:13] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I should be ashamed
[20:13] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I am not
[20:13] <@Sorceror_Nobody> In the least
[20:13] You have been kicked from ##HSQuiz by Ark [~Ark@wikia/Kuja-FFIX]: Yes, you really should be ashamed.
[20:13] Sorceror_Nobody [] has joined ##HSQuiz
[20:13] <@Sorceror_Nobody> >:3
[20:19] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I'm saury, you're just envious because your puns are crappie. You simply cannot hope to knock me off my perch.
[20:19] <@Ark> -_-
[20:20] <@Jimcloud> I catfish out a better pun :\
[20:20] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I bet it'll be a really tenuis one though
[20:21] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Oh snapper
[20:22] <@Sorceror_Nobody> ...I should apologise. That barb probably made me seem like a bit of an aholehole
[20:22] <@Ark> These jokes are out of plaice here.
[20:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Dude
[20:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> No
[20:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I did that first
[20:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> You can't use it again
[20:23] <@Jimcloud> Well, I only occasionally dabble
[20:23] <@Ark> I did. So there.
[20:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> That's just a really bass attempt at humour
[20:23] <@Jimcloud> (and the best part is I didn't even have to change any words to make a pun!)
[20:24] <@Ark> And of course I choose not to come up with my own fish puns. That would put me amongst some most unsavoury company.
[20:24] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I can't believe I'm herring this
[20:27] <@Sorceror_Nobody> No need to have such a steelhead about it : /
[20:28] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I mean, the whole fish pun thing is just for the halibut. It's just a load of pollocks really, but I managed to draw you into it, at least a little. Sucker. :3
[20:29] <@Ark> -_-
[20:31] <@Jimcloud> I fear you have made an anemone of Ark this day, SN
[20:31] <@Ark> Oh for goodness' sake.
[20:32] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I imagine I'd better get my skates, for the thin ice I'm on
[20:33] <@Sorceror_Nobody> And to think I was in the process of quotaging this. Which meant it was over. But no, you just had to salmon up another pun and keep it going
[20:33] <@Ark> Me? Or Jimcod? And please, that is not the worst pun of the last few minutes.
[20:34] <@Sorceror_Nobody> ...yes. Yes it is.
[20:34] <@Jimcloud> I see you had to wh-eel out the reely bad ones
[20:34] <@Sorceror_Nobody> ...
[20:34] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Okay
[20:34] <@Sorceror_Nobody> No
[20:34] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Both of you
[20:34] <@Jimcloud> the second was a pun on real not eel ;;
[20:35] <@Jimcloud> er
[20:35] <@Jimcloud> reel
[20:35] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Proper puns or gtfo
[20:35] <@Jimcloud> You need to crab up some proper manners, mister : |
[20:36] <@Sorceror_Nobody> You're even starting to annoy not just Ark but also minnow
[20:36] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I don't know if I can take much mora this
[20:36] <@Jimcloud> Don't get mad; sharken to my pleas
[20:36] <@Sorceror_Nobody> You need to do something about that loosejaw of yours to stop the puns from coming out
[20:37] <@Jimcloud> I don't like that tuna voice
[20:38] <@Sorceror_Nobody> That pun isn't very good
[20:38] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I think you're floundering a little
[20:38] <@Ark> ...goldfish.
[20:39] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Face it, I'm a dab hand at these
[20:40] <@Jimcloud> Hey
[20:40] <@Jimcloud> I made that one
[20:40] <@Sorceror_Nobody> And I'm codling you if I don't tell you how bad yours are
[20:40] <@Sorceror_Nobody> And you used dabble, Jimcloud, not dab
[20:41] <@Ark> This must be what those who have been exposed to fish puns for a long time look like. [1]
[20:41] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I mean, the divide in our fish pun skills... it's like you're just throwing words about. My skill is a whole other catla fish
[20:42] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Now can we buri the hatchet so I can quotage this?
[20:42] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Don't get bitterling about this, guys
[20:42] <@Jimcloud> ....
[20:43] <@Jimcloud> I shrimply can't keep up. I sumbit
[20:43] <@Jimcloud> ...
[20:43] <@Jimcloud> submit
[20:43] <@Jimcloud> dangit
[20:43] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, good.
[20:43] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I was worried you were going to subject me to your wrasse
[20:43] <@Ark> You know what popped into my mind when I saw this? FJ. I have no idea why, but there you go. [2]
[20:43] <+TBS|Essay> If those are the people that have been overexposed to fish puns, then I think I'm the one that's turned its back and is buggering off out of the picture.
[20:44] <@Jimcloud> It's like a picture of him
[20:44] <@Jimcloud> it's crazy accurate
[20:44] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Wow
[20:44] <@Sorceror_Nobody> It really is
You cannot hope to defeat Mango in an Igor-off. He is simply the best there is.
[11:20] <SomeColorMage> OK, I owe SN 5 bucks
[11:20] <@Sorceror_Nobody> XD
[11:21] <@Sorceror_Nobody> That's... £3.22
[11:23] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I'll have my butler send you the relevant bank details
[11:23] Sorceror_Nobody claps his hands and summons Mango
[11:23] <Mango|FFTA2> yeth mathter?
[11:24] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Kindly give SCM the bank details so that he may pay me £3.22
[11:24] <Mango|FFTA2> Of courthe mathter
[11:25] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Thank you, Mango. You shall sleep in the shed tonight rather than outside.
[11:25] SomeColorMage transfers A$5 into SN's account
[11:26] <@Sorceror_Nobody> Thank you my good sir
[11:26] <SomeColorMage> Eh, I've got money to spare now anyway
[11:26] <@Sorceror_Nobody> As gratitude for your donation, I shall refund A$5 of it
[11:26] <@Sorceror_Nobody> I am a generous man
[11:26] <Mango|FFTA2> ThomeColorMage: Mathter's bank detailth are thomewhat hard to actheth, you mutht find Exdeath and athk him to thend it to the Void, he will be happy to accomodate you
[11:26] <SomeColorMage> Well, that is very kind of you
[11:27] <SomeColorMage> Mango, then what was this sheet of paper you just handed me?
[11:27] <Mango|FFTA2> Be careful though, he ith thomewhat overthealouth, and could thend yourthelf to the void
[11:27] <@Sorceror_Nobody> That's his newspaper. He wraps his scooped poop in it
[11:27] <@Sorceror_Nobody> He is a very tidy butler
[11:27] <SomeColorMage> ...
[11:27] <Mango|FFTA2> Jutht ath mathter thayth
[11:27] <SomeColorMage> eww
[11:28] SomeColorMage throws the paper in the toilet, flushes, then heavily disenfects his hands

Individual quotes[edit | edit source]

[19:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> 8ball do you give bullshit answers that have no relation to reality?
[19:42] <MasterTonberry> As I see it, yes
—At least it's being honest about the fact that it lies... wait... but then this answer is a li-*headsplode*

Holy wing of Sephiroth, Oasis sucks harder than Irvine on the first date...

DSS, on the subject of Wikia's Oasis skin

I don't think I'd trust you with surgical instruments, Crono. I'm getting mental images of an operating theatre bathed in the blood of the patient, who has the word "ENUO" jaggedly carved into their chest with a scalpel

Me, upon hearing that SilverCrono wants to enter the surgical profession

Blocking in Dissidia is like sex. It seems hard to get right at first, but after you master it it becomes awesome

R8.50Mango, the Sigmund Freud of Dissidia

The way that I like to think of it is 'the door to Sorceror-l'Cie-ship is not locked, but has been replaced with a glass one. Those who can open it are allowed in. Those who run into it head first are not.'

Ark, on the decrease in laxness of standards for applying to be a Sorceror l'Cie

Breaking stuff is to Wikia as deja vu is to the Matrix. It happens when they change something. In fact, there are a few more similarities. You never know in advance when it'll happen, but whenever it does, there's a distinct feeling of familiarity. Tiresomely familiar, in Wikia's case.

Me, on the subject of Wikia

I'll add "and you get a sudden feeling of dread like something terrible is about to happen"

Drake, commenting on the above

[22:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> " we'll continue to update it as we process your responses."
[22:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> cow define process in context: Wikia
[22:16] <SacredMinotaur> Sorceror_Nobody: process (context: Wikia) ( vb 1: chuck in the bin
—A not-at-all-fabricated-honest definition that surprises absolutely nobody

[18:17] <soulreaver135> i gotta go talk to you guys later
[18:18] soulreaver135 [43800f9b@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has quit IRC: Quit: Wikia webchat:
[18:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...he's travelling to the future?
[18:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> And what's so urgent with future-us?
—Quotage'd on Mango's request because it's lulzy
[17:59] <soulreaver135> i gotta go talk to you tommorow
[18:00] soulreaver135 [43800f9b@gateway/web/qwebirc/] has quit IRC: Quit: Wikia webchat: :
[18:00] <Sorceror_Nobody> Again with the time travel
—Clearly this ability warrants investigation

[22:36] Jimcloud has started on the Help Make JBed Less Grouchy Campaign
[22:36] <Jimcloud> HMJLGC, kind of a mouthful
[22:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> It's the noise you find yourself making when dealing with JBed
—We all know it's true

some irc POEPLE made this hapen[edit | edit source]

I warned you about SBAHJ bro!!!! I told you dog!
[15:08] Xepscern [267b19d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FFWiki
[15:08] Xepscern comes crashing in through the ceiling
[15:08] <Xepscern> Heys all
[15:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> You fix that ceiling
[15:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> You fix that ceiling this instant
[15:15] <Xepscern> Don't need to
[15:15] <Xepscern> The IRC has built in devises that mend and fix the ceiling
[15:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> Actually, no it doesn't
[15:16] <Xepscern> You ever see that scene in Zeo when the command center slowly starts to piece together?
[15:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> The ceiling is, like, the one thing not covered by those devices
[15:16] <Xepscern> It's like that
[15:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> The walls, fine. Floor, yes. But not the ceiling
[15:16] <Xepscern> I'll keep that in mind
[15:16] Xepscern repairs the ceiling
[15:17] <Drake|Skyrim> Hey guys, I just bought a cannon, check this out
[15:17] Sorceror_Nobody will probably get around to installing devices for the ceiling. It's next on the list after a Jaspersprite at the top of the waterfall.
[15:17] Drake|Skyrim fires a cannonball at the ceiling
[15:17] <Xepscern> Damn it, Drake!
[15:17] Sorceror_Nobody ties Drake to THE_TREE
[15:18] <Drake|Skyrim> not my fault
[15:18] <Xepscern> I thought it was "TEH_TREE"
[15:18] <Drake|Skyrim> KujaRhapsodos flashed his red codpiece and I lost focus
[15:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> cow, THE_TREE
[15:18] <SacredMinotaur> There exists a tree, somewhere in the vicinity of Nobuo Uematsu's house. Sorceror Nobody ties people, especially his l'Cie, to it (in a completely inescapable fashion) when restraint is required. Read more here:
[15:18] <Xepscern> Ah, kay
[15:19] <Sorceror_Nobody> It was never "TEH". How HIGH do you even HAVE ot be to thikn somthign LIKE that??? : /
[15:21] <KujaRhapsodos> *LIEK
[15:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> Have you read SBAHJ, Kuja?
[15:21] <KujaRhapsodos> I don't know the acronym, so probably not.
[15:21] <Sorceror_Nobody> Because if you haven't, then you cannot appreciate this art form of conksuck grammar
[15:21] <Xepscern> Mysterious acronym....
[15:22] <Xepscern> Silver and Griff are out for my blood after what I said last night
[15:22] <Xepscern> I told them I was a Brony. They were not pleased
[15:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> Dube, I just REALYZED youre actully a real DUEB what with your sornarme!!1! hehehehe
[15:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> how CAN we not HAVE seen this befor its ubnelevable.....
[15:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Kuja IS the DUBE its him
[15:27] <Dovahkiin> HE HE HE
[15:28] Dovahkiin [~Shiggen@] is now known as Mango
[15:28] <Xepscern> Heys Mango
[15:28] <Mango> ohai Xep
[15:28] Sorceror_Nobody [] is now known as S_Nobody|Away
[15:29] S_Nobody|Away escapes from above dube get the ruler come check this out
[15:29] <Mango> no
[15:29] <Mango> just
[15:29] <Mango> fuck
[15:29] <Mango> dude
[15:29] <Mango> hold it right ways
[15:29] <Mango> no
[15:29] <Mango> dude
[15:29] <Mango> fuck
[15:29] <Mango> flip ti turnwayas
[15:29] <S_Nobody|Away> ...yeah, anyway, this hole I just escaped from above through
[15:30] <S_Nobody|Away> I want it repaired by the time I finish grinding clouds and getting unreal air and shit
[15:30] <Mango> we habe
[15:30] <Mango> LIFDOFF
[15:30] <S_Nobody|Away> </continuity gag>
[15:30] <Mango> k

Sorceror Nobody points the SBAHJifier at the above conversation, and takes a picture.

And so came to an end the most heroic thing that ever happened in the history of metafiction.
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