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For most users that have this feature, it would ordinarily go on their userpage. However, I think that my userpage is already rather overstuffed with userboxes and images, so I decided it would be more practical to make a separate user article for these tables.

The references aren't always just footnotes (though they often are). Many of them provide a precise explanation of my judgement, especially in the cases where something is in the "Worst" column not because I hate it, but because it's simply the least favourite.

Games[edit | edit source]

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best 4th Best Worst
Storyline TIE:
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy XIII[1]
Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X-2[2]
Final Dungeon Kefka's Tower (VI) Northern Crater (VII) Orphan's Cradle (XIII)[3] Crystal Temple (RoF) Sky Fortress
Endgame Boss Braska's Final
Trance Kuja (IX) Dancing Mad (VI) The Undying (XII) Yu Yevon (X)[5]
Growth System TIE:
Sphere Grid (X)
Crystarium (XIII)
License Board (XII) Levelling up
(Most of them)
Junctioning (VIII) Stat boosts from Espers (VI)
Skill/Magic System TIE:
Sphere Grid (X)
Crystarium (XIII)
Espers (VI)
License Board (XII)
Materia (VII) Learn from equipment (IX/TA/TA2) Junctioning (VIII)
Summon System Aeons (X) Eidolons (XIII) GFs (VIII) Summons as spells
Espers (XII)[6]
Limit System Overdrive (X) Limit Breaks (VII) Trance (IX) Limit Breaks (VIII) Desperations (VI)[7]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best 4th Best Worst
Protagonist Balthier (XII) Terra (VI) Lightning (XIII) Cloud (VII) Vaan (XII)[8]
Temporary Ally Beatrix (IX) General Leo (VI) Edea (VIII) Seymour (X)[9] Ghost (VI)
Antagonist Kefka (VI) Sephiroth (VII)[10] Kuja (IX) Illua (TA2) TIE:[11]
Ultimecia (VIII)
Shuyin (X-2)
Supporting Antagonist Cu Chaspel (RoF) Zorn & Thorn (IX) Professor Hojo (VII) Vegnagun (X-2)[12] Gestahl (VI)[13]
Bubbly Ditz Relm (VI) Rikku (X/X-2) Eiko (IX) Yuffie (VII)[14] Selphie (VIII)
Special mention: Oerba Dia Vanille (XIII)[15]
Cid Cid Cid Cid Cid Cid
Biggs & Wedge Biggs & Wedge Biggs & Wedge Biggs & Wedge Erm... Gibbs & Deweg
NPC who either dies in a storyline event or is killed off by the player party TIE:
Narshe Guard #31 (VI), Shinra MP #82 (VII), Esthar Soldier #53 (VIII), Lindblum resident #46 (IX), Kilika resident #34 (X), Dalmascan #876 (XII), Corps Pacifex #24 (XIII)
Cid (VI)[16]

Music[edit | edit source]

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best 4th Best Worst
Character Theme Lightning's
Theme (XIII)
Theme (X)
Theme (VI)
Theme (VI)
Most probably
something from X-2
Battle Theme Let the Battles
Begin! (VII)
Blinded By Light (XIII) The Man with the
Machine Gun
Don't be Afraid (VIII) Most probably
something from X-2
Boss Theme Jenova Absolute (VII) Messenger of
Fight On! (VII) The Decisive
Battle (VI)
Most probably
something from X-2
Final Boss Theme Dancing Mad (VI) OWA (VII) The Extreme (VIII) Grand Cross (IX) Most probably
something from X-2
Vocal Song God in Fire (D012) Cosmos and
Chaos (DFF)
Otherworld (X) 1000 Words (X-2) Erm...

I should make it clear that I don't dislike most of FFX-2's music. I just don't think it works where it's used. You know, doesn't create the right kind of atmosphere, stuff like that. As standalone tracks, I tend to find them perfectly agreeable.

I had a hard time deciding for the "Boss Theme" category, and I'm still not sure I don't want to change the order a bit, or possibly add Battle to the Death (VI), J-E-N-O-V-A (VII), Birth of a God (VII), Force Your Way (VIII), A Contest of Aeons (X) and so on. Maybe even most of the FFXII boss themes, but definitely not the main FFIX Boss Theme... it doesn't suck by any means, but it's not one of the best ones in my opinion. I considered putting The Battle for Freedom (XII) in the Final Boss Theme category too... so many good tracks! >_<

Pairings[edit | edit source]

Slightly different format here, as there's no best/worst. It's just which pairings I support and which I despise, indicated by a × in the appropriate column. You should also note that the second column's heading is heavily truncated. The full version is:

Would support, were it not for the incompatible pairing(s) present in the "Support" column

i.e. one or both of the characters in the pairing are already taken up by a pairing that I've placed in the "Support" column. The best example is Cloud X Tifa, which I would support were it not for the fact that I am a Cloud X Aeris shipper.

"Neutral" is a tricky one. Fundamentally, it is support, but in a very passive way. It generally means that I'm happy for the pairing to be made, but I'm not really that bothered.

Pairing Do Support Would Support Neutral OH GOD NO!!
Locke Celes ×
Cloud Aeris ×
Cloud Tifa ×
Squall Rinoa ×
Seifer Quistis ×
Irvine Selphie ×
Zidane Garnet ×
Steiner Beatrix ×
Zidane Eiko ×[17]
Tidus Yuna ×
Tidus Rikku ×
Auron Rikku ×[18]
Brother Yuna ×[19]
Vaan Penelo ×[20]
Balthier Fran ×[21]
Balthier Vaan ×[22]
Marche Ritz ×
Vincent Yuffie ×[23]
Red XIII Yuffie ×[24]
Luso Adelle ×
Lightning Hope ×[25]
Vanille Hope ×[26]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Although I find the ending somehow unsatisyfing... not sure why. I think it may be because it's too much of a "happy ever after". Also, the ending FMV is disappointingly short and unepic compared to the likes of Meteorfall (VII), the violent reaction of the Iifa Tree (IX) or the fall of the Bahamut (XII)
  2. At least VIII is reasonable between the contrived bits, whereas X-2 has a ridiculously insubstantial story once you strip away the side-missions. I mean, about two Hotspots per chapter on average, so only ten story points at best
  3. It would be higher for its sheer awesomness of having one main room that reconfigures, if it weren't for the fact that you can't return to previous configurations
  4. It's just pathetic. I'd like to call the Pharos the final dungeon, because it'd score quite well. Unfortunately, the Bahamut is tacked on the end, which means that the Pharos is the penultimate destination of the game and thus is ineligible
  5. We all know why
  6. Because I've only used them oh, about twice ever? Neither time was particularly helpful, either
  7. Because they hardly ever turn up
  8. Although I don't hate him like so many people do. He's just my least favourite of the main series ones
  9. Almost entirely just because Requiem kicks ass
  10. He may be the coolest, but that's not the only criterion I'm factoring in here, so he loses to Kefka on this one
  11. Because I couldn't care less about either of them, really
  12. Though only because I want an artificially intelligent "Big Bug Machina" of my very own :P
  13. He got kicked off the Floating Continent by the uberness that is Kefka. Therefore, nobody cares about him
  14. Mainly because Selphie is more annoying. Besides, at least Yuffie has some semblance of a backstory, unlike Selphie who shares the same extremely contrived backstory of almost all of VIII's characters
  15. I quite like her in principle; her character, accent and voice are fine. But the sounds she makes, especially in battle, are just unbelievably annoying
  16. Seriously. He manages to stay healthy for a year, then suddenly gets inexplicably ill and kicks the bucket within minutes when Celes wakes up. Unless, of course, you manage to save him. I didn't, and I also don't really care
  17. Also "Would Support" were it not for the fact that Eiko X anyone is probably classed as paedophilia
  18. This one is included because it's one I see mentioned scarily often
  19. Incest is the main reason, but there are others
  20. But then, nobody else would have him
  21. Everybody wants some bunny-love, even if they don't admit it. Viera are totally hot, and I defy anyone to disagree
  22. I have nothing against yaoi, but this pairing? No chance
  23. Why the hell do people pair these, anyway? I reckon it's because they were both secret characters originally, so prior to the Compilation it wouldn't have messed with the canon relationships
  24. Even setting the bestiality aspect aside. There is also one major exception where I support this pairing, which is in Steele's awesome (if infrequently updated) fanfic FFVII: Redux, Remix & Revenge
  25. Although it'd have to wait seven years (until Light is 28 and Hope is 21) to overcome the general creepiness rule
  26. Even though Vanille is incredibly annoying

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