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Although it is probably not possible to copyright wikicoding (creative commons and all that), the actual design of this
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This template displays events that fall on dates within the next week; if the above link fails to update it correctly, you can also try clearing your browser cache or viewing the page in edit preview. If you want me to add any dates (e.g. birthdays), let me know on IRC or the talk page.

FFWikian birthdays currently included: Ark, BlueLionheart, Bluesey, Catuse, Crono, Daiton, Drake, DSS, DTN, Fae, Griff, Mango, Jeppo, Jimcloud, Juri, KujaR, LaCC, Nelo, PP, Sceada, SCM, SN, Sove, TBS, Tia, TidusTS357, Xep, Yuan