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Ideas have flown around inside my head, and I guess some of them must've bumped together, because I had sudden inspiration for some things that I would put into a sequel for Dissidia if it were up to me to make it. Read on if you're interested...

Dissidia Final Fantasy, all characters, concepts and so on are owned by Square Enix. I honestly don't know if any of the content or ideas on this page can be claimed by myself. Nonetheless, I retain copyright on everything here that I possibly can... which may well be none of it, but I'm not taking that risk :P
Yeah, I'm really not sure how to incorporate a "2" or "II" into it, but here's my basic design for the logo

Additionally, I should point out that other users are allowed to offer contributions to this mini-project. If you have a suggestion, put it on the talk page. Any suggestions that I choose to incorporate will be duly credited to the suggestor by way of asterisk annotations*

Playable Characters[]

The entire original cast returns as playable characters, and numerous additional characters are also added to give each side 23 warriors, including the two "secret" ones. Adding in one more neutral warrior, this results in a grand total of 47 playable warriors!

Cosmos side

Warrior of Light
Onion Knight
(Secret) ? ? ? ? ?

Chaos Side

The Emperor
Cloud of Darkness
? ? ? ? ? (XI)
? ? ? ? ? (Undecided)
Feral Chaos (Secret)

Cid of the Lufaine (Secret)


  • Amarant is much like Jecht. He retains his competitive streak against Zidane, and this is mainly why he stands on the Chaos side
  • Fang is on the antagonistic side by amplification of the times she briefly turns against the party in XIII.
  • Kain has been brainwashed. As usual. Or maybe he's helping Golbez in the usual double agent manner. Who knows?
  • Oh, yes. Cid of the Lufaine. Yes, he's still a moogle >:D

New characters' outfits and EX Modes[]

Character Costumes EX Mode EX Burst
Vincent NormalAlternate (Turks uniform) Protomateria! Normal (DoC Chaos)Alternate (FFVII Chaos) Death Penalty
Genesis NormalAlternate (degrading) Gift of the Goddess! Normal (with wing)Alternate (degrading, with wing) Black Flurry
Seifer NormalAlternate (?) Sorceress's Knight! Normal (ragged coat)Alternate (?) Fire Cross
Vivi NormalAlternate (KH design) Trance! Normal (Trance)Alternate (?) Doomsday
Amarant NormalAlternate (?) Trance! Normal (Trance)Alternate (?) No Mercy
Auron NormalAlternate (Younger version) Equipped Masamune! Normal (with Masamune)Alternate (young, with Masamune) Tornado
Seymour NormalAlternate (Wedding outfit) Natus! / Omnis! Normal (Seymour Natus)Alternate (Seymour Omnis) Requiem
Ashe NormalAlternate (?) Mist! Normal (need I say more?)Alternate (?) Quickening
Lightning Normal on right, Alternate on left Paradigm Shift! Normal (crystal)Alternate (different texture/colour crystal) Army of One
Barthandelus Normal (Galenth Dysley)Alternate (?) Menvra! Normal (Barthandelus 1st form, but smaller and more mobile)Alternate (Barthandelus 3rd form, but smaller and more mobile) Thanatosian Smile /
Thanatosian Laughter


Harmony and Discord have been somewhat reconciled as of the end of the original Dissidia, but the Interdimensional Rift has become unstable as a result of the intrusions made into it during the war cycle, particularly when Exdeath retrieved the Manikins from it. The forces of Harmony and Discord are therefore spurred into action, but this is far from a happy partnership. Cosmos and Chaos may no longer be in direct opposition to one another, but they are still not of one mind. Meanwhile, the rivalries between each side's warriors are as strong as ever, and more warriors have appeared this time, complicating things. Each side has their own plans, and there are some warriors who perhaps have their own selfish machinations hidden behind the common aim...


As in D012's Scenario 012, the main story is split into several chapters revolving around different characters. There is no division between the Cosmos and Chaos stories; it is all purely interconnected. Following the Prologue, there are a total of twenty chapters of the Warriors' Odysseys.

Rift Impulse, which is unlocked after completing the Warriors' Odysseys, is analogous to Shade Impulse. Again, it is split into multiple chapters, in this case, ten. The final boss of Rift Impulse, who can be faced with any party (regardless of alignments), is Shinryu.

After completing Rift Impulse, Distant Harmony and Distant Discord are unlocked, the completion of which unlock ????? and Feral Chaos respectively in the PP Catalog. Completing both and purchasing both characters unlocks the final story mode chapter, Inward Nihil. The final opponent of Inward Nihil is Neo Shinryu, and completing it unlocks Cid in the PP Catalog.


Obviously, new characters means new weapons and trade accessories, as well as new battle arenas and manikins.


  • Intangir, "Vanish Counter" – Summoner becomes immune to physical BRV damage for a period of time. If they are hit with a magical BRV attack or any HP attack, the immunity ends early; however, some of the damage taken is paid back to the opponent's BRV.
  • Fenrir, "Howling Moon" – Same as Vanish Counter, but invert physical and magical.
  • Angelo, "Combine" – For a period of time, any brave damage received has a 25% chance of being countered by Angelo Rush (mild BRV damage to opponent) or Angelo Recover (small amount of BRV recovery). Suffering BRV Break has a 50% chance of being restored to 0 BRV by Angelo Reverse, which will end the duration early.
  • Shemhazai, "Soul Purge" – The fuller the summoner's EX gauge, the more BRV damage it will deal to the opponent, in linear proportion, e.g. 75% full -> opponent's BRV reduced to a quarter of its current value. However, if the EX gauge is full, it will only do 1 BRV damage.
  • Moomba, "Friendship" – Similar to Soul Purge, but depends on the Assist gauge. Again, a full gauge (two charges) will only deal 1 BRV damage, but also, if the summoner is under Assist Lock, the opponent is unharmed and the summoner's BRV is halved.

Exclusive Weapons[]

Character Weapons
Vincent Peacemaker Silver Rifle Death Penalty
Genesis Lost Wanderer*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Forgotten Traveller*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Unsung Hero*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Seifer Beretta The Disciplinary*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Hyperion
Vivi Octagon Rod High Mage Staff Mace of Zeus
Amarant Scissor Fangs Duel Claws Rune Claws
Auron Yevon Blade*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Guardian Bane*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Battlefields of War*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Seymour Jyscal Scepter*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Guado Staff*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Spiral of Death*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Ashe Hornito Fumarole Volcano
Lightning Blazefire Saber Enkindler Hauteclair
Barthandelus Rod of Faith*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Heavenly Axis*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Oracle's Call*(Drake Clawfang's idea)

Exclusive Trade Accessories[]

Each character has two Trade Accessories associated with them. One is earned primarily from the Duel Colosseum (e.g. Gabranth's "Gates of Judgment") and the other can be Battlegenerated from the character's associated Friend Card (e.g. Gabranth's "Nethicite").

Character Trade Accessories Description
Gilgamesh Collector's Plight In your pursuit of rarities, persistence is your forte.
? ?
Vincent Penitent Slumber Devotion indeed to sleep for a sin that was never yours.
Protomateria*(Drake Clawfang's idea) A mysterious spatial nexus spins in this magical orb.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Genesis Poet's Lament*(Drake Clawfang's idea) You sought a blessed gift, but in truth, had it all along...*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Banora White Unique to Banora; affectionately known as 'dumbapples'.
Laguna Father's Pledge* Your passion is as important as the words that it lies behind*(Drake Clawfang's idea, my rewording)
Timber Maniacs A old travel magazine. Several articles are by a Mr. Loire.
Seifer A Lost Wish To truly follow your dreams, you must not lose sight of them.
Lunatic Pandora A miniature scale model of the Lunatic Pandora.
Vivi Quan's Memory* Only when faced with death does one truly appreciate life*
Mage's Cap*(Drake Clawfang's idea) Odd wisps of Mist still linger in this old hat.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Amarant Cynical Hunter The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty*
Wanted Poster* A battered scrap of parchment with a flame-haired portrait on it
Auron Guardian's Promise A promise to a friend is important... even long after death.
Nog Bottle*(Drake Clawfang's idea) A battered and dented bottle with a Spiran inscription.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
Seymour Outcast's Pain Your intentions are admirable, but sadly also misguided.
Abandoned Fayth* Heart-rending cries of sorrow echo from within this figurine*
Ashe Dynast Blood*(Drake Clawfang's idea) True strength does not come from the swordarm alone.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
The Strahl A miniature scale model of a Sky Pirate's airship.
Lightning Sister's Guilt You didn't believe her, and you hate yourself for it.
Survival Knife* A constant and painful reminder of the worst birthday ever
Barthandelus Cruel Machination To reach your goal, you are willing to sacrifice anything.
The Palamecia* A magnificent miniature of Cocoon's Sanctum flagship
????? Flag of Passion To be able to place absolute trust is a blessing indeed.
Fortune Abandoned ?
Feral Chaos Cloak of Shadows Even discord has something of harmony at its core.
Sorrow Neverending ?

Battle Arenas[]

All of the arenas from Dissidia 012 are present, and Ω effects now exist for those that lacked them. There are also new arenas to give every game a total of three.

Final Fantasy:

  • Chaos Shrine
  • Mt. Gulg*
    • Ω Version – Sections of floor are lava fields, sapping BRV into the stage pool on contact. Fissures also occasionally open in the ground briefly, with Banish Trap beneath them.*(Drake Clawfang's idea, with a very slight modification by me)
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy II:

  • Pandaemonium
  • Pandaemonium - Top Floor
    • Ω Version – Floor can be shattered in fragments, eventually leaving minimal standing room. Stage BRV increases with destroyed floor
  • Jade Passage*
    • Ω Version – "Rocks fall, everyone dies"*

Final Fantasy III:

  • World of Darkness
  • Crystal Tower
    • Ω Version – "Curse of the Five Wyrms." Five statues in the four corners and center of the arena light up and inflict negative effects on nearby characters while they remain active: no EX Force absorption, Assist duration greatly reduced, magic damage 50%, physical damage 50%, or critical hit abilities disabled.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy IV:

  • Lunar Subterrane
  • Red Wings Fleet – Enterprise as a large central airship with four smaller ships in formation around it. Surrounded by banish trap*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
    • Ω Version – Cannons fire on the fleet; fighters lose BRV if hit. Stage BRV rises slightly with every cannon shot fired*
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy V:

  • The Rift
  • The Big Bridge*
    • Ω Version – Serpentine Enkidu swoops down to attack players*
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy VI

  • Kefka's Tower
  • Phantom Train
    • Ω Version – Walls gradually fade away one by one to reveal a massive expanse of Banish Trap around the carriage
  • Floating Continent*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
    • Ω Version – Parts of the ground fall away, and portals open up underfoot to teleport fighters around the arena*(Drake Clawfang's idea)

Final Fantasy VII:

  • Planet's Core
  • Midgar Ruins*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
    • Ω Version – Random falling rubble, and tendrils of negative lifestream, sap BRV on contact*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
  • Sister Ray*
    • Ω Version – Sapphire Weapon is attacking Junon; energy blasts hit randomly around the structure, and the cannon periodically fires, sending any fighter who is on the barrel (rather than the surrounding structure) flying into the rear arena boundary*

Final Fantasy VIII:

  • Ultimecia's Castle
  • Lunatic Pandora
    • Ω Version – Stage periodically rotates 90°, turning walls into the floor and ceiling and vice-versa, and changing the stage layout.*(Drake Clawfang's idea)
  • Balamb Garden
    • Ω Version – I would say it becomes mobile, but really, it should probably be mobile in the normal version... : /

Final Fantasy IX:

  • Crystal World
  • MS Prima Vista
    • Ω Version – Props emerge from the trapdoors and stage door that deal BRV damage on contact
  • Desert Palace
    • Ω Version – Sand fills lower levels of the palace from time to time, to a variable height. Players trapped in the sand are warped up to the "surface", like a banish trap. Stage bravery depends linearly on sand height*

Final Fantasy X:

  • Dream's End
  • Macalania Woods
    • Ω Version – Blue butterflies give a small boost to BRV or EX Force on contact, red ones do the opposite. Butterflies change colour at random*
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy XI:

  • Empyreal Paradox
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?
  • ?
    • Ω Version – ?

Final Fantasy XII:

  • Sky Fortress Bahamut
  • The Pharos at Ridorana – Subterra
    • Ω Version – Randomly spawning Black Orbs act exactly like EX Force motes, but drain EX Force instead*
  • Great Crystal*
    • Ω Version – Mist density fluctuates. In patches of dense Mist, EX and Assist fill more quickly, but BRV attacks are weakened. Stage BRV rises in proportion to the average Mist density across the arena*

Final Fantasy XIII:

  • Orphan's Cradle
    • Ω Version – Stage fully reconfigures itself periodically, i.e. not just the lame few extra blocks that D012 gave us. Additionally, stage BRV rises when data blocks are destroyed by attacks (or collide with fighters)
  • Taejin's Tower
    • Ω Version – Floors rotate at irregular intervals. Wall rush can be caused if a rotating wall hits a fighter; this drains 20% of the fighter's BRV into the stage pool
  • Lake Bresha*
    • Ω Version – I don't know what it would be, but definitely something to do with the slippery tube

Dissidia Final Fantasy:

  • Order's Sanctuary
  • Edge of Madness
  • Nihilistic Realm – a vast (oh, you have no idea how big) and mostly featureless plane, where you can barely tell the ground apart from the sky, as the horizon is practicaly indiscernable. That said, random patches of floor, which look identical to normal floor, are actually Banish Traps. There are also ghostly outlines of all of the other arenas scattered around, and not necessarily at the normal orientation. They don't do anything; they're purely phantom images
    • Ω Version – Those ghostly images that do nothing? Now they do something. Periodically, one of them will solidify for a while, and while the fighters are within the confines of the apparition, the Ω effects of that arena apply


  • Vincent – Imaginary Sniper*
  • Genesis – Imaginary Orator
  • Seifer – Transient Rival
  • Vivi – Capricious Puppet
  • Amarant – Capricious Salamander
  • Auron – Ephemeral Guardian
  • Seymour – Ephemeral Priest*
  • Ashe – Idle Monarch
  • Gabranth – Idle Warrior
  • Vayne – Idle Imperator
  • ????? – ??? of Antiquity
  • Barthandelus – Fleeting Nemesis
  • Fang – Fleeting Hunter
  • ????? – Harmonious Shade
  • Feral Chaos – Discordant Shade
  • Cid of the Lufaine – Evanescent Will


Nearly all of the music in Dissidia returns in Dissidia II. Naturally, the addition of characters means additional tracks, so here's the entire list of game-specific tracks:

Game Cosmos main Cosmos secondary Chaos main Chaos secondary Bonus 1 Bonus 2
FFI Battle ??? Dungeon ??? Town ???
FFII Battle 1 ??? Battle 2 ??? The Rebel Army ???
FFIII Battle 2 ??? This Is The Final Battle ??? The Crystal Tower ???
FFIV Battle 2 Battle 1* Battle With the Four Fiends Zeromus* The Red Wings ???
FFV Battle ??? ??? Battle on the Big Bridge The Decisive Battle ???
FFVI The Decisive Battle Battle Theme* Dancing Mad Fight to the Death Save Them!* ???
FFVII Let The Battles Begin! Fight On! One-Winged Angel J-E-N-O-V-A Opening -Bombing Mission- ???
FFVIII Don't Be Afraid The Man With the Machine Gun The Extreme Force Your Way The Landing Premonition
FFIX Battle 1 Hunter's Chance The Darkness of Eternity Final Battle You're Not Alone! Vamo' Alla Flamenco
FFX Battle Theme Enemy Attack Otherworld Fight With Seymour ??? ???
FFXI Battle in the Dungeon #2 Awakening ??? ???
FFXII Boss Battle Fight to the Death The Battle for Freedom ???
FFXIII Blinded by Light Fighting Fate Desperate Struggle* ???
DFF Cosmos Chaos (reworking of Chaos -Last Battle-) The Messenger

Obviously, there would need to be a new final battle music, namely "Shinryu -Last Battle-".

Additionally, the extra "World Map" musics are:

  • Discord Odyssey VI – Probably Kefka's Tower, otherwise Dark World
  • Discord Odyssey VII – Probably The North Cave, otherwise Judgment Day or maybe even Those Chosen by the Planet
  • Discord Odyssey VIII – The Castle
  • Discord Odyssey IX – Either Kuja's Theme, The Evil Mist's Rebirth or Place of Memory
  • Discord Odyssey X – Seymour's Theme
  • Discord Odyssey XI – ???
  • Harmony Odyssey XII – Cerobi Steppe (Rabanastre's BGM is too formal, IMO, given that we already have Theme of the Empire)
  • Distant Harmony XIII – The Sunleth Waterscape*
  • Distant Discord XIII – The Cradle Will Fall



Cid of the Lufaine's default outfit

Cid's first alternate outfit, "Protector Mog", based on Mog

Cid's second alternate outfit, "Delivery Mog", based on Artemicion

Cid's third alternate outfit, "Travelling Mog", based on Stiltzkin

Cid's DLC alternate outfit, "Highwind Mog", based on Cid Highwind

Cid's manikin counterpart, Evanescent Will

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