Since it's become one of the wiki's fads (at least according to the History of the Wiki), and since I love Dissidia, and since I take almost every available opportunity to expand the mythos that lies behind the Sorceror Nobody persona, I've decided that I'll give this a go.

Supreme Nonentity – Uses the power of pure nothingness to decimate opponents

Sorceror Nobody
Kana 虚無の魔術師
Romaji Sōsaro Nōbadi
Japanese Name Sorceror Nobody
EX Mode Nihil Absolute
EX Burst Nega Plasma
Voice Actor Jacob Turner
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character

Unlockable in Dissidia as a playable character by finishing Inward Chaos using a Level 1 character who has no abilities, armaments, summonstones or accessories equipped. Next, you must huff the Unhuffable Kitten. Sorceror Nobody can then be purchased from the PP Catalog for 999,999,999,999 PP. In Dissidia 012, he is easier to unlock, requiring only that the player complete the "Depths of Inexistence" gateway in Scenario 000, after which he can be purchased for a mere 10,000 PP.

This could be interesting. I'll play along... for now

Sorceror Nobody, when purchased from the PP Catalog

Character file[edit | edit source]

A supreme transcendental nonentity who rules over the Void. He is the sole reason for Exdeath and the Cloud of Darkness failing in their attempts to return everything there, because every time they try to access the Void's power, he issues the metaphysical equivalent of an undefiable Cease and Desist notice. Although he is insanely powerful, far beyond the comprehension of any mortal, he claims to have temporarily limited his capabilities for the sake of fight fairness.

Dissidia entry

Ruling over the endless Void, much to the chagrin of Exdeath and the Cloud of Darkness, this supreme transcendental nonentity is powerful beyond the comprehension of any mortal. While he claims to have limited his capabilities, the reduction in power still leaves him a cut above anyone else. Outside of battle, he spends most of his time heckling Cid of the Lufaine, and trying to spend some "quality time" with Cosmos, Terra, Yuna, Prishe and Lightning.

Dissidia 012 entry

Reason for fighting[edit | edit source]

For teh lulz, of course! What other reason is there?

In accordance with this philosophy, Sorceror Nobody is aligned neither with Cosmos nor Chaos, and simply fights whatever battles he chooses. He does have a slight affinity not for either side, but for individual warriors. Of these warriors, there are perhaps a couple more Chaosians than Cosmosians, so one could argue that Sorceror Nobody is very slightly inclined towards the Chaos side. That said, he spends more time quietly following Cosmos's warriors.

In Dissidia 012, the addition of Lightning, Kain and Laguna to Cosmos's side, and the transfer of Cloud and Terra to Chaos's side, have rebalanced things somewhat, meaning that Sorceror Nobody has given up on favouring one side or the other, instead choosing to hang around Cid of the Lufaine, heckling him incessantly.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sorceror Nobody's alternate costume
Sorceror Nobody appears as depicted in the infobox: a flowing, intangible non-being, surrounded by an aura of energy. He has a superficial resemblance to Xemnas's subordinate lesser Nobodies, the Sorcerers. His alternate costume is his armoured form, as seen in a piece of artwork by Amano NeloAngelo.

His manikin counterpart, Inexistent Mirage, has a variable colouration, oscillating between red and blue. It shares Sorceror Nobody's aura.

Unlike other warriors in the Dissidia universe, the weapon that Sorceror Nobody has equipped is shown in battle. This, incidentally, satisfies the curiosity of anyone who wondered what many of the game's weapons look like. There was a time when some players attempted to exploit this fact in order to rip the 3D models and textures of the weapons, but it quickly became clear that there aren't any. Quite how Sorceror Nobody can be seen to use the weapons without defined models or textures for them is a question that is probably better left unanswered.

Basic attributes[edit | edit source]

Mobility[edit | edit source]

  • Ground speed: N/A – hovers
  • Hover speed: Very fast
  • Jump height: N/A – changes altitude at will
  • "Jump" rising speed: Very fast
  • Air Dash speed: Instantaneous
  • Quickmove speed: Near-instantaneous

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Weapons: All
  • Hands: All (btw, what hands?)
  • Head: All
  • Body: All

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Instead of being able to equip six each of BRV and HP Attacks, Sorceror Nobody has enough slots for all fourteen of his attacks at once. The button combinations required to use them are therefore as follows, where "button" means either Circle or Square for BRV or HP Attacks respectively:

[button] [analog up + button] [analog down + button] [analog left + button]
[analog right + button] [hold X + button] [hold PSP upside-down + button]

BRV Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack Description
Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">I Summon a cluster of transparent cubes, which whirl around rapidly to hit the enemy numerous times.
The attack is diffused instantly if the enemy Blocks at the start of it. Additional effect: Chase.

Battle quote: "So... it seems your Heart has led you to obliteration."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">II Fire up to three crystalline bullets at the enemy. If there is an obstacle, create a wormhole to bypass it.

Battle quote: "Why don't I remind you how tough the guy you're dealing with really is?"

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">IV Summon a large number of jagged splinters of ice that shoot towards the enemy with incredible speed.

Battle quote: "I should not expect you to appreciate my true might."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">VI Sorceror Nobody and several illusory copies form a circle and close in on the enemy, dealing BRV damage
on contact. The enemy can only counter it by attacking the real Sorceror Nobody before the circle closes.

Battle quote: "Surely, you must have known that this was going to happen!"

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">X Turn the opponent into a card or a die. Opponent's BRV is drained while opponent remains in that form. The
enemy's EX Gauge is also gradually depleted, and they turn back to normal when it empties completely.

Battle quote: "A challenge, is it? Do you know the rules?"

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">XII Calls down a cluster of lightning bolts, followed by a flurry of throwing knives.

Battle quote: "I should tell you that I'm in an EXTREMELY foul mood."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">XIV A number of light beams erupt from the air around the enemy, focused on them at the centre.

Battle quote: "Is it that I'm not supposed to exist?"

HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Attack Description
Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">III Warp upwards and rapidly descend on the enemy. Additional effect: Wall Rush into the ground.

Battle quote: "I've come to take something you hold very dear."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">V Cause a large chunk of the ground to erupt upwards in a pillar that extends all the way from the bottom to
the top of the arena. The pillar than breaks up and falls, offering the potential to hit the enemy with debris
if the pillar itself missed them. Additional effect (PILLAR ONLY): Wall Rush into the ceiling.

Battle quote: "Cast away your useless fear. Open your Heart. Embrace the darkness."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">VII Summon a claymore and swing it wildly around while approaching the enemy. Additional effect: Wall Rush.

Battle quote: "If I had a Heart, this would be where I die of laughter."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">VIII Hide inside nearest obstacle or wall, then burst out explosively when enemy approaches.

Battle quote: "You get on my bad side and I'll destroy you!"

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">IX Grabs hold of the enemy and swings them around hard before flinging them away. Additional effect: Chase.

Battle quote: "With you gone, I can finally sit back and play my sitar as long as I want."

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">XI Vines burst out of nearby surfaces to bind the enemy, and Sorceror Nobody summons a scythe to attack.

Battle quote: "Drown in the Heart-lorn world of nothingness!"

Attack Pattern <font-face:"Times">XIII Numerous beams of light erupt from the floor in a wide area below the enemy, pulsing on and off rapidly.
If one of them hits the enemy, Sorceror Nobody fires a massive light beam at the helplessly flung enemy.

Battle quote: "How many times do I have to beat you!?"

Large Hadron Collider D012 only. This attack cannot be actively selected; instead, it happens at random with a 5% chance
in place of any HP attack. This includes Chase sequences, which it breaks out of if it connects.

Sorceror Nobody splits into two, and accelerates in opposite directions around the opponent at
incredible speed. The circular path contracts after a few seconds, trapping the opponent. The two
copies then collide with the opponent, doing double normal damage. The energy of the collision
creates numerous jets of quarks EX Force and Assist motes, and also produces a miniature
black hole that drains the opponent's BRV to the stage pool before evaporating moments later.
Additional effects: EX Depletion +5%, Assist Depletion +5%, Wall Rush in random direction.

Battle quote: "Science. It works, bitches."

Assist[edit | edit source]

Eh, I've got nothing better to do.

Sorceror Nobody, when called as an Assist

Sorceror Nobody can be used as an Assist; however, instead of performing a Bravery Attack when called with one Assist Charge and an HP attack when called with two, calling him always requires a full two charges, although one charge can still be used for an Assist Change. When called, Sorceror Nobody will appear and perform one of his Bravery attacks at random; alternatively, there is a 10% chance that he will perform a random HP attack instead. That's just how he rolls, capisce?

Sorceror Nobody is uniquely capable of setting himself as his own Assist.

EX Mode: Nihil Absolute[edit | edit source]

Transcendent inexistence!

Sorceror Nobody, entering EX Mode

Upon entering EX Mode, Sorceror Nobody summons his Keyblade, dual-wielding it with his equipped weapon. The opponent is in real trouble now... especially if SN's equipped weapon is already his Keyblade! Sorceror Nobody also grows an awesome pair of dragon wings, just 'cause.

EX Burst: Nega Plasma[edit | edit source]

You will suffer Nothingness!

Sorceror Nobody, initiating Nega Plasma

Charges from zero to 9999 by pressing no buttons whatsoever. As in, even pausing or adjusting the volume will count. Fully charged after two seconds, at which point player is prompted with all but one of X, Circle, Square and Triangle, at which point the correct action is to press the button corresponding to the "missing" symbol. The prompt and input opportunity last for a mere 0.5 seconds, and if the correct button is pressed in that time, a second attack starts charging, again for two seconds. The maximum charge level of the second attack is capped at whatever the first one was charged to. If any buttons are pressed during either of the charging stages, it resets that charging stage to zero, thus reducing the maximum possible charge. The EX Burst's total duration is 4.5 seconds, i.e. exactly enough to fully charge both stages if no mistakes are made. If you're wondering what the point of two 9999-damage hits is, it guarantees negation of Last Chance, and also offers two Battlegen chances from one EX Burst (it's still capped at generating the item once per battle, though).


Sorceror Nobody, concluding Nega Plasma

A perfect execution is called Nega Plasma Ω, and the screen has "Σορσερορ Νοβοδι" emblazoned across it as the ball of Nega Plasma hits the enemy. Of course, the battle is guaranteed to end when it is successfully used against anyone (apart from Chaos), making the claim in the following quote perfectly justified:

This is your end!

Sorceror Nobody, concluding Nega Plasma Ω

Due to the incredibly overpowered, and quite frankly cheap, nature of the EX Burst, if the "Auto EX Attack" or "Auto EX Attack Ω" abilities are active, the perfect execution is rendered incapable of overcoming Last Chance (although it is obviously still guaranteed to trigger it).

EX effects[edit | edit source]

Regenga (twice as potent as Regen) and BRVortex (constantly decreases both fighters' BRV at a rate of 5 per second)

EX ability: Where Nothing Gathers[edit | edit source]

Activate with R + Square. Gathers together all of the free EX Force in the battle arena, and the EX Core if one is present, and relocates it to a single point which is as far as possible from both fighters, but equidistant to both as well. If this EX Hypercore – which doubly fills the EX Gauge, much like Yuna's Grand Summon does to an Aeon whose Overdrive is already full – is unclaimed within two seconds, it vanishes completely.

Associated content[edit | edit source]

Depths of Inexistence[edit | edit source]

A hidden gateway in Scenario 000, available after defeating the level 130 Feral Chaos. It has no fixed location; instead, it randomly occupies one of the normal gateways, changing every time the player enters a gateway other than the occupied one. It has ten floors; the first three have manikins of all 30 warriors at level 100, the fourth to sixth floors are identical but have level 110 enemies, and floors seven to nine again feature the same layout with the enemies at level 120. The player is accompanied by Cid, who gradually reveals scraps of information about Sorceror Nobody, and the heckling he has suffered at the nonentity's hands ...whatever.

Rulesets are completely disabled, while Skills are enabled only on floors one to nine. The Stigma of Chaos on each floor appears only after all ten Manikins and the Assist character on that floor are defeated. The final floor consists of a party battle against a level 130 Chaos and level 140 Feral Chaos, before the player is fully healed by Cid in preparation for the final battle against a party of five level 150 Inexistent Mirages to complete the gateway. Almost all of the battles in the gateway take place in the Quantum Bastion arena (see below); the exceptions are Chaos and Feral Chaos (Edge of Madness Ω), and the Inexistent Mirages (Quantum Bastion Ω).

After completion, the gateway no longer moves around; instead, it can be selected at any completed gateway.

Music[edit | edit source]

  • Normal fight: Fragments of Sorrow from the Kingdom Hearts series
  • Boss battle: Either The End or Éminence Grise (OC ReMixes)
  • Victory Fanfare: It just has to be Kefka's rendition of the fanfare! XD
  • Defeat Fanfare: Segment of TheAtomizer OC ReMix (3:20–3:40)
  • "World map": A mellow (but epic) cover of FFXIII's Blinded by Light
  • Extra track: Dream Dungeon from Alundra One of my favourite VG tracks
    No really, if you've never heard it before, you should have a listen.
    Listen to some other Alundra tracks while you're there, especially The Lake Shrine


In fact, just go and listen to a bunch of X-Ray Dog's stuff, because epicness abounds.

Battle arena[edit | edit source]

Quantum Bastion – A dimensionally contorted structure in the heart of the Void, where the proportions of the chambers and corridors are completely undetermined unless someone is looking at them, and gravity can change strength and direction for no reason at all. These bizarre quantum mechanical properties can lead to a fighter being trapped by a passage becoming unexpectedly too small to fit into, but can also lead to some inexplicable escapes too. Even in the normal version of the arena, the Stage Bravery pool is randomised every time it is generated (but does remain constant in between).

In the Ω version of the arena, antimatter copies of all of the fighters in the Dissidia universe (i.e. all characters and wikians) spontaneously appear and disappear at frequent but irregular intervals. There can be as many as ten different ones present at once. If a fighter comes within a few metres of their own antimatter counterpart, annihilation occurs. This wipes out the fighter's BRV, dumping all of it into the Stage Bravery pool (BRV Break is not inflicted), as well as draining their EX Gauge, dispersing it as EX Force motes scattered over a large area. In Dissidia 012, their Assist Gauge is also drained and, uniquely in the Dissidia universe, it manifests as orange-yellow motes. The wavefunction of the fighter then expands exponentially for an instant, before collapsing and causing the 'annihilated' fighter to reappear at a completely random location in the arena.

Exclusive weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Level Components Details
Intangible Blade 50 Entropy's
Birth x50
Tome of
Mysteries x20
Power of
the Void x20
A blade of nothingness which cuts much finer
than any solid blade ever could. ATK+100
Quintessence 75 Intangible
Blade x1
Stone x99
Time Orb x15 A weapon of a form never before seen. Let's
just class it as a sword, shall we? ATK+200
Sorceror Nobody
100 Quintessence x1 Soul of the
Destroyer x10
Nethicite x99 Destruction incarnate (and then some), and that's
just when it's being used as a paperweight instead
of a weapon! ATK+500, BRV+200%, EX Force
Absorption+100%, EX Intake Range+100m

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Start of battle[edit | edit source]

Generic "I'll go easy on you, not that it'll help you much."

"If it's despair you want... sorry, I'm out of stock."

"You might want to revise your life insurance policy."

Low HP "Injury? Hah! You can barely tell the difference!"

"Looks like you might actually have a chance here."

"This could be... a difficult battle to win... NOT!"

vs Warrior
of Light
"So... are you and Cosmos an item, or what?" vs Garland "Don't make me laugh! You couldn't even knock
down a hurricane-damaged house made of cotton!"
vs Firion "You've mastered all those weapons, and
yet you still can't handle a Keyblade!"
vs The
"Pathetic wannabe ruler says 'What?'!"
The Emperor replies with "What?"
vs Onion
"I'm onto you. Stop trying to hit on Terra." vs Cloud of
"Almost naked, plus tentacles. Are you
sure you're not a hentai escapee?"
vs Cecil "You do know Kain's boning Rosa
while you're here fighting me, right?"
vs Golbez "Just side with Cosmos, already! Everyone
has got some darkness in their Heart!"
vs Bartz "You cannot possibly hope to mimic me.
Prepare to get your Butz kicked!"
vs Exdeath "Give it a rest. The Void is mine!"
vs Terra "I'll show you what love is any time you want." vs Kefka "Your tower is a monument to nothingness?
Aww, you shouldn't have! I'm flattered!"
vs Cloud "Would you... please stop pausing mid sentence!?" vs Sephiroth "I would just like to remind you that your
alter-ego is Kadaj. Are you embarassed yet?"
vs Squall "Give Seifer a punch in the face from me
next time you see him, would you? Thanks."
vs Ultimecia "Manipulate time all you want. I'm not bound by it."
vs Zidane "Is your sister Mikoto, you know, available?" vs Kuja "Being a transvestite doesn't make you Eddie
Izzard. You just aren't cut out for comedy."
vs Tidus "Be grateful that I'm fighting you. I could just do
this the quick way and wake up all of the Fayth."
vs Jecht "I'd like to see you try the Supremely
Marvellous Sorceror Shot Mk.XIII!"
vs Shantotto "As a denizen of a main series MMORPG, I consider
you to be totally disposable. Prepare to be erased!"
vs Gabranth "You seem to be a little blue... or should that be Bloo?"
vs Chaos "Actually, I think you'll find that you cannot surpass me." vs self "Finally, I get to fight an opponent who is actually worthy!"
vs Kain "Keep your helmet on, please. The idea of you
having a face is just inherently wrong, somehow."
vs Gilgamesh "Your weaponry is no match for me and my
Keyblade, you incompetent but hilarious fool!"
vs Tifa "Wow, I... wow. Actually seeing them in the
flesh... they're even bigger that I thought!"
vs Laguna "Are you going to get a convenient cramp in
your leg so that you don't have to fight me?"
vs Yuna "Isn't having your Aeons do all of the fighting a little... cheap?" vs Prishe CENSORED DUE TO EXTREME CURSING
vs Vaan "You're lucky I'm one of the few people who doesn't
seem to hate you. Don't expect any mercy, though."
vs Lightning "You cannot begin to imagine the Foci I would set you,
if you were my l'Cie..."     *vacant expression; drools*
vs Feral Chaos *Bestial roar, which startles Feral Chaos* vs Aeris* "Time for you to return to the Planet..."
vs Pocky "This shall be a battle of complete cataclysm!" vs Crono "I'll take your Time Belt and hang you with it!"
vs Faethin "I'll open Schrödinger's box to find a dead you!" vs Drake "Sorry Drake, I'm afraid that your game is over!"
vs 8bit "Observe as I subtract 8 bits from the universe!" vs Werefang "I won't be needing a silver bullet to beat you!"
vs Jeppo "I am a challenge that you cannot surmount!" vs ILHI "I see that you are a lionheart no longer..."
vs DSS "You want out? Death is the ultimate escape!" vs Chief "You shall hunger not for food, but for mercy!"
vs Yuan "I will deliver erasure to your knowledge!" vs ZEROX "The strongest opponent? You've just found him."
vs Diablo "I'll break your stuff until nothing remains!" vs NeA "Let us paint a picture in shades of your blood!"
vs Djkubi "There is no greater balance than Nothingness." vs Divine "Wouldst thou speak thusly, even unto thy death?"
vs Jimcloud "Ah... m-maybe this isn't such a good idea..." vs KujaR "I'll send your algortithms into a non-halting loop!"
vs Sceada "I shall shatter you, beyond all hope of repair!"

Victory[edit | edit source]

  • "Against me, what exactly were you expecting?"
  • "I hope you enjoy not existing. I know I do."
  • "Maybe you could actually hit me next time?"
  • "Another worthless mortal fallen in my wake..."
  • "You should fight your equals, not your superiors."

Exclusively when victorious over Jimcloud:

  • "Okay, I have no idea how I managed to do that."

Defeat[edit | edit source]

  • "Impossible! None can stand against my prowess!"
  • "Hang on... you aren't me in disguise, are you?"
  • "You're just lucky that I scaled down my powers!"
  • "I was just testing you. Let's go one more round!"
  • "Meh, I'm not in the mood to kill mortals today."

Exclusively when defeated by Jimcloud:

  • "This is... precisely what I expected to happen..."

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • The fact that Sorceror Nobody can set himself as his own Assist is an allusion to his Sorceror l'Cie Eidolon.

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