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"People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as Sorceror Nobody is punished."

— Rufus Shinra, planning to make a scapegoat of Sorceror Nobody

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Let me begin by saying that I am not leaving the wiki. I doubt I will ever actually leave it, and I don't just mean the way it invariably lures back those who attempt to do so. I mean that I will always consider myself a member of and contributor to the wiki.

What I am doing is making formal and official what has been an obvious but unofficial decline in my activity. Of course, I've never been a really active contributor, and what activity I did have has been declining for ages. But it is my absence from the wiki's IRC channel that I feel has done the most to reduce my connection with the community to its current state of hardly anything.

So, I am still reachable – you can post on my talk page, and you can PM me on IRC. As always, I am on the latter as Sorceror_Nobody or, possibly, S_Nobody|Away; failing both, Regnum_Nihil generally comes online when I do during the day, and remains online for some hours after I quit IRC; I will almost certainly see any messages sent to RN within 24 hours. Those of you with access to my channel will of course find me there, and I am also reliably present on #wikia-mspa, which is (kind of obviously) the channel for the MSPA Wiki.

All things considered, I still consider FFWiki my "home" wiki, and again, probably always will. As for contributing, I certanly remain willing to help with things I've been asked for in the past, such as wikimarkup help and so on. And I don't know whether I would call myself formally inactive on the staff page just yet. But otherwise, it's safe to say you aren't going to see much of me.

This wiki has, in a sense, been my biggest group of friends. Probably the first community I really felt part of. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and that's why I maintain that I have no intention of truly departing with any finality. It's been fun, guys. See you around.

Some last notes on things that are pretty much dead:

Thing Fate of thing
The FEC Will not be outright shut down any time soon.
Sorceror l'Cie Almost certainly will stay dead indefinitely.
VIII walkthrough Do intend to finish it, but not any time soon.
RPG Clichés Still open to additions, if anyone cares.
Anything else Assume same as FEC unless stated otherwise.

Oh, and if anyone cares about what I get up to these days, do check out my YouTube. I've started LPing modded Minecraft and a few other games on the side.

-- Sorceror Nobody

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