• I live in Wisconsin
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Ha, that's funny. Reeeaaalllll funny....... aw....
  • I am Male

Born June 20 1991, Jordan has been an avid fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, his favorite being Final Fantasy IX. Formerly described as a music junkie, his tastes in music include a wide variety of genres such as rock, rap, dubstep, grime and orchestral.

Production has been one facet that has eluded him, however, he has experience with mixing. Loves the simple things in life, such as Lost, Taco Bell, his greying hair, and of course his boyfriend. Yeah, that's right, he likes men. In a modern society though, what does that matter? Why should we be limited in our capacity to love by gender?

He actually just loves the D.

Gotcha gotcha.

the only original thing he has ever said

Dublin is in Germany.

Showing off his vast geographical knowledge


Seriously, this kid's got some problems

Kaz the Jackal was here.

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