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Yunalesca artwork.jpg
a.k.a Bella
Job Class Summoner (doh..)
Edit count Special:Editcount/SilverSummoner edits
Race Al-Bhed
Real Race Mixed Race
Date of Birth Same as Yuffie
HomeTown Earth
Current Location Singapore
Blood Type B
IQ 130
Weapon Guns and Blades =D
Special Attack Onee-chan power (prevents anyone from harassing your allies)
Self-interest power (4.5 GHz)
Ultra-ignoring power (prevents all ailments)
Anti-pervert power (100000 Horse power)
Limit Break Spoiled-Rich-Girl's Gil Toss (500% normal damage)
Schoolgirl Punch (Activated when in PO'ed status)
Blue Magic Healing power, Slaps 'n Kicks, Degenerator and oh-so-awesome-it-caused-5-digits-damage Shockwave Pulsar
Summons Bahamut, PuPu, Diablos, Shiva, Carbuncle, and Siren
Final Fantasy Wiki character

Sleep, child, Go to sleep.
Sleep, child, Go to sleep.
If you should wake
From your slumber at night
Great wooden stakes
Shall pin you down tight
Lest the doors open wide
And the others that sleep wake too.

The Sleeping Priestess: Verse Two

FACT: Kain Highwind can toss a dwarf.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Well... not really good at introduction, but I'll try it since everyone else is doing this... =D

In the real world, I'm an Asian girl with a slight Caucasian look (I'm mixed race...) because both my parents are mixed race too. =D I'm 18 years old and currently staying in Singapore. I'm a college student majoring in IT but no, I'm not the stereotypical nerd. ^^ I'm just an ordinary schoolgirl who likes to shop, have fun, studying yes. I like studying. so what?, and spend some time with both my friends and notebook PC or doing other stuff that ordinary girls would do. well... I spend more time with my notebook than friends... but that doesn't make me a nerd whatsoever.

In the world of Final Fantasy Wikia, I'm just one of its vast editors, although sometimes I'll turn into a WikiJaguar when I have nothing to do ^^. Yes.. I like reading talk pages.. O_O Oh, and I'm also one of the FF VIII lovers here. ^^ since it's the first Final Fantasy Series that I've ever played. I quickly fell in love with the games despite its confusing battle system (but I like the Junction system more than other battle system now.. :D). I've spent 100+ hours to complete this game because of my eagerness to get all of the Triple Triad Cards.

And, as I have stated before, my Favorite FF series is... Final Fantasy VIII! Simply because FF VIII had a much happier ending than any other FF that I ever played. Crisis Core is good too, anyway... but the ending is just..... (-.-) FF IX ending is somehow awesome too, btw. But Zidane's tail ruins it all for me.

Me in other Wiki[edit | edit source]

  • I'm editing Zero Wiki as Haraezuki, and currently positioned as a sysop there. Hurrah for that! =D Warning: If you can't stand ghostly and scary pictures like broken-neck woman, girl in blood-stained kimono, or a woman with distorted face, don't click on the link. liek srsly.

My contributions so far...[edit | edit source]

What have you done to FFWiki??!
~Completing and creating Crisis Core enemy pages~
~Expanding Personnel Category~
~Minor linking in FF VIII enemy pages~
~Minor adding in FF VIII-related articles~
~Adding Materia Rank and create Item Page in Crisis Core articles~
~Adding Missions' explanation in Crisis Core Mission page. phew...~
~Minor adding in Music articles~
~Minor linking here and there... But don't compare it to the gnomes' massive linking!~
~Completing and creating Ring of Fates enemy pages ^^~

Next project[edit | edit source]

  • Completing the Bestiary pages for FFCC.

My Userboxes[edit | edit source]

ZeroThis user edits 零Wiki (Zero Wiki) under the name Haraezuki
FF4PSP Cait Sith.png This user is a WikiJaguar.
Userb female.gif This user is a female.
User scorpio.jpg This user is a Scorpio.
Straightsymbol.PNGThis user identifies as heterosexual.
biling This user is bilingual and can speak 2 or more languages fluently.
esol This user is NOT a native speaker of English, using English as a Second Language.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
This user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VIII.
This user is a fan of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.

TSW This user has watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
AC This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
This user Hated Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Edeamenu.PNG This user would enslave you in the name of the Sorceress.
Penelo ffxiirw.PNG This user isn't the greatest chef in the world, or even a halfway decent cook for that matter.
BalthierUserbox.png This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
Userbox Selkie.png This user is a Selkie.
Chelinka icon.gif Papa always says to respect your elders, so you have to let this user go first!
Gnash icon.gif This user can speak with dogs and cats.

Talk Bubbles Collection[edit | edit source]

Here's the list of my talk bubbles Collections. I haven't use some of them yet, But I'll use them somewhere in the near future. ^_^


Edea sprite.gif

Selphie sprite3.gif

Squall sprite3.gif

Quistis sprite.gif

Unimportant Nonsense of Mine[edit | edit source]

Please skip this part. Unless you're interested to know me and my fangirlism more...

All for Squall[edit | edit source]

Unless You Like Squall, Don't Click This!
See? I told ya...

Behold the awesomeness of the SeeD Commander!!

oh wow...


soooooo....... cool!

oh my... who can resist this guy?

Look at how handsome he is!

This is when he's gonna pick me up on a date... (yeah... I wish..)

Look at that face! so irresistible!

always cool in every angle...

<3 <3 <3

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