Dragon form


Human form

Name SilverDragon28
Species Dragon
A.K.A Silver Dragon, Silver, Silver Dragon XXVIII, That Really Awesome Dude, That REALLY Awesome Dude, That Modest Dude
Job Class Ninja/Dragoon
Abilities Throw, Ninjutsu, Jump, Shapeshift, Black Magic, White Magic, Steal
Weapons Dual Wielded Masamune and Zodiac Spear
Armor Genji Armor, Genji Helm, Genji Gloves
Limit Breaks Glorious Chainsaw Method, Hadoken, Ice-9, Omni Flare (better than Mega Flare, Giga Flare, and Tera Flare put together)

Game ProgressEdit

FFI: Completed
FFII: Completed
FFIII: Haven't played
FFIV: Just met Edge, lost my copy
FFV: Completed
FFVI: Completed
FFVII: Completed
FFVIII: Haven't played
FFIX: Completed
FFX: Completed
FFXI: Doesn't count
FFXII: Completed
FFXIII: Completed
FF Tactics: Completed
Crisis Core: Completed

Some Stuff That I DidEdit

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