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Enigma is an video game being developed for the PlayStation 3 and the Wii U. It follows the adventures of a silent (or not-so-silent) protagonist. There is a prequel for this game, called The Life of Riley. Despite not being an actual Final Fantasy game, it has many references to the Final Fantasy series.


Primary Characters[]

  • The Hero - The Hero is the main playable character and protagonist of Enigma, and "The Hero" is his/her codename. His/Her first name is never revealed throughout the game, although his/her last name is Enigma. The Hero is naturally pure-hearted, and almost never speaks, communicating by using different visual gestures, or using Inari, his/her partner, to speak for him/her (if the Hero should speak, it is about something important). The Hero has no set appearance, as this is set by the player and is the representation of the player throughout the game. All decisions (regarding the player) are made by the player, and the Hero will act differently corresponding to the amount of good, bad, or neutral decisions the player makes throughout the game (but there is only one ending).
  • Inari - Inari is the partner of the main playable character, and The Hero meets her shortly after the events in Old York's presidential sector. She is a young girl with a pet fox with many tails, named Kitsune. She is kind and is quite technologically savvy, but hides something from the Hero for most of the game. Inari is aware of the Hero's name, but still refers to the young Hero by his codename.
  • The President - The President is the main antagonist of the game, and is directly responsible for the change of Old York. Even though he is not seen very often at first, showing sparse appearances before the second act of the game, he still runs proceedings and is in charge of what happens in Old York, despite frequently being absent from office. He eventually decides to rule the world, because he believes that he can usher in a new era for the world, like he did with Old York. Unlike his daughters, whose general personalities (e.g. outward appearance, not the subconscious) represent different aspects of the human psyche, the President is balanced, combining raw animal instinct and cold rational logic in order to become the complete person.

Secondary Characters[]

  • Jane - Jane is the daughter of the game's primary antagonist, and as such, she is a secondary antagonist. She first meets the player after he/she advances to Old York's presidential sector. She is obstinate, stubborn and feisty, and is always looking for a fight. Jane is the youngest sister between her and her two other sisters. She represents destruction and is the most impulsive of her sisters.
  • Vanessa - Vanessa is another daughter of the game's primary antagonist, and as such, she is viewed as a secondary antagonist. She meets the protagonist with her sister, Jane. She is the polar opposite of her sister, Jane and is graceful, intelligent, mature (for her age) and obedient - although only to her family. Vanessa is the middle child of between her and her two sisters. She represents inevitability and is the most logical of her sisters.
  • Nicole - Nicole is the eldest sister of the trio, and the leader of the sisters. The game's primary antagonist bestows the majority of the responsibilities on her while he is away. She meets the player later on after he/she meets Jane and Vanessa. She is a cold woman who decided to hide her heart of good from others, due to past events, and this heart of gold is only seen in her care for her sisters and father. She is the most balanced of her sisters, combining Jane's impulsiveness and Vanessa's logical thinking.
  • Jason - Jason is a secret playable character, and meets with the player in the beginning of the game. He specializes in warrior-style combat, and teaches the player about basic attacking and movement functions. Jason wields a tomahawk (a fusion between a sword and axe) in battle, that can be thrown at an enemy and immediately returning to Jason's hand after throwing it, thanks to the chain at the end of the blade.
  • Deuce - Deuce is a secret playable character, and meets with the player in the beginning of the game. He specializes in thievery and ranged combat, and teaches the player about abilities usable by the player. Deuce wields two arrowguns that can shoot at a fast rate and can blast arrow-shaped bullets at a high firing rate - and these arrowguns can produce a pair of thin, short blades, used for close-ranged attacks.
  • Bella - Bella is a secret playable character in Final Fantasy XV, and meets with the Hero in the beginning of the game. She specializes in magical combat, and teaches the player about his/her H.U.D. (like the HP and MP bars) and how to change jobs. She wields a metamorphosis chakram that can change appearance depending on the situation.

Other Characters[]

  • Cid - Cid is an airship salesman and engineer, and owns his own studio located outside of Old York. He works on a new airship that will be greater than all of his other airships, and has already built many airship replicas. Unlike other Cid characters, he is rather young and adventurous, but realizes that it's better for business if he stays in his studio and sends his younger brother, Mid, to find out more about different cultures, which Cid incorporates into new airship designs.


Main Article: Battle System

Enigma's battle system is an action-based system where you can chain many attacks together, attack from many different angles, interact with the environment and use it to your advantage, as well as having no random battles (it isn't possible to have an extreme action game like this and have random battles). It emphasizes attacking the opponent's weak spot and transitioning from attack to defense very quickly.

The battle style is designed to be similar to Advent Children, with fast-paced action and exhilarating boss battles that require to you to use anything you can to your advantage. For example, if you block against a fighter who uses multiple sword strikes, by pressing (and timing when you use) the block button, you will block the attack, and even be capable of countering instantly.

Job System[]

Main Article: Job System

The main ability system is a modified version of Final Fantasy's classic Job System. This time, Jobs are divided into three sections: Physical, Speed and Magical. The divide is chosen at a certain point in the game, and after that point, a Physical Class can't become a Magical Class or an Speed Class at any time.

One can access a total of 18 jobs on each playthrough with this method, and each job class gives a different experience when using it. Also, with the New Game + function, one can keep the job abilities and weapons for the specific denomination only (i.e. mastering the Physical section will allow you to access the weapons and functions of that class with the Freelancer job class in the last act of the game).


Main article: The Story

Depending on what job class section you have chosen, you will experience different events throughout the game. This game is non-linear, and you can journey across the land of this game once you has obtained a hoverbike, and beyond the sky once you gain an airship. Sequence breaking is encouraged, as more powerful weapons can be obtained earlier, and the game has unique scenes if you return to places far stronger than if you went to the location at the first chance you got.

The game tackles issues such as change, rebellion, partnership and power. Enigma shows what someone is capable of doing if he or she has power thrust onto them and shows the contrast between ambition and passiveness, the rich and the poor and the potential that power holds (and the results of using that power).

Interesting Facts[]

  • Cameos - Many, many characters from the Final Fantasy series appear in this game, but in alternate variations from their original incarnation.
  • Presentation - The graphical style, cutscene style and everything else that involves graphics are on this page.
  • Secrets - There are a few secrets that can change how the game is played, as well as post-game dungeons, new game modes, etc.


  • The game's damage limits, and the amount of force enemies use against you depends on the difficulty set when battling (the difficulty can be changed in game).
  • Novice has the damage limit at 99999 (with the Break Damage Limit allowing the player to do 999999 damage). Enemies will do half the damage towards you, and use less aggressive battle tactics and less dangerous battle techniques when battling.
  • Professional has the damage limit at 9999 (Break Damage Limit makes it 99999 damage). Enemies use standard battle tactics and standard battle techniques, and do 1x the amount of damage towards you.
  • Hero has the same damage limit as the Professional. Enemies use more dangerous battle tactics and techniques, and do 2x the amount of damage towards you.
  • Legend has the same damage limit as the Professional and the Hero. Enemies use extremely aggressive battle tactics and extremely dangerous battle techniques, as well as doing 3x the amount of damage towards you.
  • Enigma has a damage limit of 9999 (but there is no Break Damage Limit usable). Enemies use the most dangerous battle tactics and battle strategies in their arsenal, and do 5x the amount of damage towards you. This difficulty is only unlocked after completing the game for the first time.
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