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Final Fantasy XV uses an action-adventure gameplay system, which allows you to string multiple attacks on an opponent. As you advance throughout the game, you can use more diverse methods of attacking and be able to chain those attacks into different combinations.


Cross - Jump button. Hold the button to jump higher.
Square - Guard button. Hold the button to guard for a longer amount of time.
Circle - Attack button. Press repeatedly to attack more often, and hold the button to use a charged attack.
Triangle - Allows you to interact with the environment. This also serves as the action button, to perform special kills.
L1 - Changes the menu from the main action menu into a shortcut menu, where you can chain your abilities (can be switched from hold to trigger.
L2 - Activates Crisis Mode/initiates the Crisis Finisher.
R1 - Moves the menu cursor up from one ability to another ability.
R2 - Moves the menu cursor down from one ability to another ability.
Start - Accesses the main menu.
Select - Expands or contracts the on-screen map.
Right - If the action menu or shortcut menu has the abilities of a job class (i.e. Chivalry), pressing this button will bring up the different abilities of the job class, and if the ability is accessed from the shortcut menu, it can be hotkeyed to a different button.
Left - Returns the menu from the shortcut menu to the action menu.


Main Article: Environment Attack

There is no world map in the game, although you can see a map of the world, which details your next location. If you can see a horizon, you will be able to reach it. You can interact with the environment in a wide variety of ways, and how exactly you interact with the environment depends on your current skills - whether you have high strength, magical abilities, etc.

Interacting with the environment depends on what type of abilities you have. For example, you can cause landslides or avalanches to break out, and the only requirements are any shockwave based ability (i.e. abilities that cause shockwaves to erupt in all directions, such as Earth Render or Quake) and you aiming at the mountain, then pressing the Triangle button to activate.


There are many ways to head to your next destination: on foot (there are different abilities to increase you walking speed), hoverbike (this is a storyline object and is much faster than foot) and Airship (there is an Airship studio where Airships from games past are on display and can be ridden by the player - all of these ships are owned by the game's resident Cid).


There are two main menus that can be accessed while out on the field: the Action Menu and the Shortcut Menu.

Action Menu[]

Example of a typical main action menu
Magic (or Special Abilities)
Job Switch

This is the main menu shown on the field, shown on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Shortcut Menu[]

Like stated before, certain "attack replacement abilities" can be assigned to the shortcut menu, which can be accessed by pressing Left when in battle, and the actions assigned are placed on the face buttons.


Combos can be achieved by doing certain things in your area. For example, if you are battling in a water area, you can attack your opponent and attempt to do different attacks (like drowning it or shooting it with electricity). These combos change corresponding to the job currently equipped. Most of these combos are the only way to defeat certain monsters - a totally new take on strategy. Another example is when you have the spell Quake or an ability similar to the spell, and you are battling on the top of a city, you can destroy the building that the enemy is on, by using the reaction command.

Attack combos can be executed by using a move then quickly following up with another move, then another move, then another move. You have to use attack abilities to execute a combo. After three successive (different) attacks, the screen will change and you will be prompted to do as many different attacks as possible - within a time limit.

Crisis Mode[]

Game over!

player character when activating Crisis Mode

Crisis Mode functions as the "Limit Breaks" of this game. Due to the advent of the Free-Roam Battle, there is no need to do powerful limit breaks, so instead, there is a new Crisis level. When the Crisis bar fills up, you can increase your power for combos and general attacks by pressing the L2 button. Crisis can be executed at a faster rate when your HP is at critical. Aesthetically, you emit a purplish hue, and your clothing becomes more torn.

During Crisis Mode, you will be able to perform a powerful finisher, a Crisis Finisher. This attack is like the Limit Breaks of games past, and these finishers will be able to activate as soon as Crisis Mode is activated. These attacks can be executed either at the end of the combo or as a stand-alone finisher (activated with the L2 button) and can break the Damage Limit.

All jobs have two unique Crisis Finishers and a different look while in Crisis Mode.

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