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|time=00:18, July 18, 2012 (UTC)|text=On this wiki, I serve as Criticizer-in-Chief, mostly because most of the regulars here are too busy sticking their noses up each other's rears and trying to get admin/bcrat rights and building "consensus" and whatnot. Being CiC is a fairly thankless job, but that's ok - I think I can manage without getting constant praise from strangers on the Internets. Personally I never saw the appeal in getting promotions or holding hands with everyone and singing kumbaya - way too boring. But if I weren't here, then someone else might have to be the lone voice of dissent and point out mistakes. And wouldn't that be awful?? Someone might get uncomfortable, oh noes! So that's why they keep me around. That, and my knowledge of crappy games like ''FFXIII-2'', which saves people the agony of playing them.
|time=00:18, July 18, 2012 (UTC)|text=Did you know? I get basically no character development.
You might say I'm the illegal immigrant of the FFWiki - doing the work no one else will do. Or maybe that I'm like [[User:BlueHighwind|BlueHighwind]], minus the {{foot|sex appeal|that's a joke...or is it?}} and work ethic to create lots of walkthroughs.
*[[User:Shockstorm/Useful|Useful links and tools]]
*[[User:Shockstorm/Useful|Useful links and tools]]

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I is a cactus

Job Class Berserker
Favorite FF XII
Height 6'2"
Weapons Axes, Hammers, Gloves, Whips
Abilities Thundaga, Waterga, Aeroga, Flare, Tornado, Haste, Crackdown, Unhinge
Summons Ixion, Leviathan, Ramuh
Limit Break Nobody's Fool

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