To Do[edit | edit source]

  • Organize 13/13-2 Related Enemies
  • Split Powder into enemy ability and items
  • Add links to lists of all weapon, armor, accessories, and enemy ability pages
  • Eliminate all references to pigs from the wiki, so as to not offend Muslim viewers (very important)
  • Rename "Emperor Mateus" to "B. Hussein Obama"
  • Remove all licensing templates to protest copyright laws
  • Join the Wikia staff, and use my influence to shut down Liberapedia
  • Get Toriyama fired, and possibly incarcerated
  • Determine what Catuse's avatar is (it's probably a cat, but I can't tell.

Flamethrower split:

  • Fix all links and redirects
  • Round up remaining Fire-elemental breath abilities
  • Disambig Flamethrower because of the FFLIII weapon?

New pages[edit | edit source]

  • Aspidochelon (VI, XI, XII, RW, 4HoL) does RW count?
  • Axebeak (IX, XI, XII, TA2, CD)
  • Launch (III, XIII-2, D012, FFB)
  • Woundga (generic Spell article)
  • Salikawood (make like Giza Plains)
  • Wild Rose (FFII, DFF, D012)
  • Raven's Yawn (FFIII, 4HoL)
  • Poison Mist (II, V, VIII, X, VS, FFD)
  • Scream? see disambig
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