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Name SetzerLeonhart
Job Class Warrior/Black Mage/Gambler
Hometown Treno
Date of birth 10/08/1987
Weapon Revolver
Summon Doomtrain
Limit break Renzokuken
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As long as you don't get your hopes up, you can take anything... You feel less pain.
―Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

Why not? Nothing to lose but my life... and I got that for free!
―Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI

Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!
―Auron, Final Fantasy X

How do you prove you exist? Maybe we don't exist.
―Vivi Orunitia, Final Fantasy IX

After you guys beat me, I had nothing left...nothing more to lose. Then, I finally realized what it means to live... I guess I was too late.
―Kuja, Final Fantasy IX

About Me[]

Now I'm officialy a Master in Molecular Biology, having my dissertation approved by the committee. What's next? I'll now work my way on getting my PhD in Molecular Biology along with teaching classes.. But don't worry, I won't become the next Professor Hojo. In my free time I like to listen to some good rock/metal bands, work out, read, hang out with my friends and of course playing video games. There are a lot of games I like, many wihtin the RPG genre. Regarding the Final Fantasy series, I first got into it when IX was just released. However, the first one I played was VII. I really liked it, but thought it was a little overrated. Then as I started to play other games in the series, I fell in love with VI, VIII and IX. I still really like VII and X. So far, I've played Final Fantasy II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XIII-2 and Crisis Core. The ones I'm not overly fond of are II and XII. Actually, if I had to put the main series ones in order from favorite to least favorite, it'd probably be: VIII, IX, VI, VII, X/XIII, V, IV, XII and II. Oh, and I am also addicted to Dissidia =D I plan on playing other games in the series. I think i'll do either FFI or FFIII next.. Well, I guess that's it for this section XD


Final Fantasy VIII Walkthorugh - And now the Walkthrough is done! I enjoyed doing this \o/

Dissidia Final Fantasy Walkthorugh - Finally, this is done! I gotta say, there were times I had my doubts I would finish it...

My take on the games I've played
  • FFII: Eh... Can't say I liked this one. The story wasn't really involving for me, but I can understand that. The characters didn't really appeal to me... The Emperor and Leon were the ones I liked a bit more. Even though I found the plot merely ok, I think it is fine for this game, especially considering when it was released. Now, the real problem with this one for me is the gameplay. Way too grind heavy... This skill based system didn't work for me. It made the gameplay boring. Though I think that the idea itself wasn't really bad, maybe its just how it was implemented in the game. Probably my least favorite one.
  • FFIV: I really like this one, though I may not like it as much as some of the others. Here we had a good story, with good gameplay. It's the first one to feature the ATB system. Other aspects of the gameplay are a little too simple, but that is understandable. As for the characters, I thought Cecil was a bit more interesting before he became a paladin. I find Kain to be very overrated but he's not a bad character. I find Rosa kind of meh... However, Rydia is awesome! Great gameplay wise and also an interesting character. I like Tellah aswell. Golbez is also one of the more interesting ones. After replaying this recently, I've found that I actually like Edge quite a bit. The others didn't really pick my interest that much. All in all, a good game, just not one of my top FF games.
  • FFV: This one is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I really like the gameplay, the job system here is very well done. The story and character's didn't do much for me. Faris is awesome, but I didn't really care about the others. I thought Bartz was amusing, and I kind of liked Galuf aswell. Lenna is a bit too 'princess' like for my tastes. Exdeath was kind of a generic villain... In the end, I love the gameplay here and find the plot and characters only ok. Gilgamesh rocks though and it's always fun to go through this game.
  • FFVI: This is one of my favorites. God, do I love this one. The story is nothing short of awesome. The main plot has many interesting details underneath, the whole thing with the Espers world, War of the Magi, Warring Triad all came together making a truly unique and interesting story. The characters are very well done aswell. Even with a large cast, all character's have their own stories. Terra, Setzer, Celes, Locke and the Figaro brothers all had great backstories. They are my among my favorite characters. I did enjoy the whole Shadow-Relm link and found the story behind the people of Thamassa good. And one cannot talk about this game's plot without mentioning Kefka. His lines are very good. The insanity coupled with a great sense of humor made him a great villain. The gameplay was great too, having character's unique skills while being able to teach them whatever magic you wanted. So yeah, one of the best FF ever.
  • FFVII: I also really like this one. Too bad the fanboys are annoying as hell. Gameplay was good, the materia system was well thought and gave a lot of freedom, which is something I enjoy. The story is very good and I like how you can relate some of the ideas here to the Gaia hypothesis. The Shinra, Mako Reactor, the Cetra, Jenova and Meteor all set up a great mood for this game and it all helped creating a truly epic tale. Now, I may angry the fanboys here when I say the characters are a bit of a mixed bag for me. I like Cloud and enjoyed his backstory. Aeris is awesome, period. She teases the other characters, has great backstory and is truly significant to the game's plot. Red XIII is also a great character. I like the way Cosmo Canyon, Bugenhagen and Red's backstory go into the plot. Vincent is interesting aswell. Now, I find Tifa merely ok. Don't get all the fuss over her at all. I also don't get all the hate on Cait Sith. Reeve is actually one of the more interesting characters here. Barret is also just ok. Now, I really hate Yuffie, with her whole stupid thief ninja with a kid's attitude that's supposed to be cute, but in the end it's just plain annoying. I also dislike Cid. Years of unjustified verbal abuse? I'm supposed to feel sympathy for you just because you decided not to let someone burn to a crisp? I'm outraged that you even had to think about what to do. Sephiroth gets a good backstory, but when he appears he's just so much less interesting then what I would expect. All in all, a great game, probably my 4th favorite.
  • Crisis Core: I liked this one. Gameplay was a bit more of a action RPG, but was well done and I thought that they did a good job with the Materia here. As for the plot, it's good and complements the plot of VII well. Zack is a great character. He is fun, yet not stupid. I like the way he begins to feel disappointed with Shinra and the game leads to this in a believable way. Aeris was awesome in VII and is awesome here. I really like her. Sephiroth is also one of the more interesting characters here and I liked his breakdown in this game more than in the original. I also liked seeing the younger Cloud. The other characters were just ok. Cissnei is cool though. The ending is just too sad. If I felt sad with the ending, that means the game did a good job on the characters. Missions were boring as hell though. A good game, but at times felt a bit drawn out.
  • FFVIII: Ah, the love/hate one. This is one of my favorites if not my favorite. I really liked the gameplay and found it to be really immersive. I like the complete freedom you get on your characters. You decide their commands in battle, their stats, what element they absorve, what status effects they are immune to or can cause. I also enjoyed Triple Triad and thought the whole refining aspect was really cool. I also really like the plot... yeah, the whole plot. I actually really like Ultimecia as a villain. Many people don't, but I guess they just refuse to make the mental leap that the Sorceress you've been fighting the whole game is actually Ultimecia. So all that badass attitude from the first disks are actually hers. The main flaw in VIII's plot for me is the fact that you had to read Ultimania, or the Info Corner or look outside the game to get some more info on the plot. I like how they creat a time loop associated with the whole destiny stuff. As for the characters, I really like them. They felt like real life people for me. Squall is my favorite character in the series and Quistis is also very dear to me. Irvine gets some very good lines and general coolness. I find Zell amusing as hell, and though she can be annoying I'm amused by Selphie aswell. Now, Rinoa. She can be annoying at first, but as the game progresses she kind of grows on me to the point I start to really care for her. All in all, I find this game awesome.
  • FFIX: Love this one. The gameplay was really good, a throwback to the games where you could divide the characters into jobs. Now, for the plot, it has one of the best in the series. I really like the whole Gaia being opposite to Terra thing, with genomes and the like. Also, the whole thing of an Angel of Death being sent to Gaia and all that jazz was really well done. The whole feel of the game's plot is great, right from the beginning. Oh, the characters. Too many great characters made this game even better. Zidane is a great protagonist, being really light hearted but with his moments of self searching and the like. Vivi is very popular and this is justified. One of the most human characters in the series. He begins as insecure and worries about the nature of existence and so many things. I also really like Freya. She is a bit of a more calm and put together female character with good, yet shallow backstory. Garnet is probably one of the best females in this series. She starts out naive but the events of the game gradually change her and the game shows those changes in a very believable way. I also really like Eiko. I like her story and her personality, despite being one that could annoy me if done wrong. Steiner is a bit annoying for me. I know Quina is hated, but I'm ok with it, neither like nor dislike. Amarant is probably the most pointless character since Big the cat from the Sonic series. Now, let's talk about Kuja. My favorite villain. He gets character development, great lines, artistic and youthful vibe. One of the more complex villains for sure. This game is awesome, easy to recommend to anyone who wants to play FF.
  • FFX: Good game. The Sphere Grid was great. It gave you freedom to build your characters however you liked and at the same time managed to have them fill specific roles in battle. Being able to switch characters in the middle of a battle was great too. The plot was really good. Well thought out and I really like the big dream plot twist with Tidus. The truths behind Yevon and all of that made the plot very interesting for me. The characters, like VII, are a bit of a mixed bag for me. I like Tidus and his character development. I like how he starts like the jock kid and grows as the plot goes. Auron is just oh so badass. Great backstory, lines and coolness. I also really like Lulu. Wise, calm, yet a bit short tempered. Now, as for the rest of the characters... didn't really care for Kimahri. I hate Wakka. A religious idiot. As an atheist I have to deal with this kind of people all the time, so when I played the game he came off as an instant dislike. Quite possibly my least favorite character in the series. Rikku, while she does have good lines in discussions with Wakka, she tries too hard to be the game's cute girl, which I find annoying. Yuna is ok for me, if not a bit annoying. A bit too much of a goodie. I expected her to be a bit more outraged when she discovers the lies behind Yevon, but she remained too gentle for me. Maybe this is because of her VA, I don't know. Seymour is a somewhat good villain. I say that because he has interesting goals and villain like thoughts. However, he's one that you almost could remove from the game and the plot would go on normally. Sin would still be there, the party would still go inside Sin, face Jetch and defeat Yu Yevon. For me he's a bit more of a Team Rocket kind of villain. He tries and tries, gets beaten then goes home.. until he tries again. In the end I like this game, it's just I like some of the others better.
  • FFXII: I dislike this one. I wouldn't say I hate it, but definetly among the ones I like least from the ones I've played. Didn't really like the gameplay here. Not having random encounters was a good change of pace, but I really disliked the License system. The Gambit system didn't do much for me either. The whole gameplay felt a bit too MMORPG for me. Sometimes when you dislike the gameplay, the plot is enough to hook you right? For me it wasn't that great either. Though it had a lot of potential. The world here is rich with different races and all that. The plot, though it didn't do much for me, wasn't bad. It just had a really, really bad pacing. As for the characters... Balthier rocks. Fran is more fan service than anything else, though if she was a bit more explored she would have been a great character. Vaan is not as bad as some people say, but still not good enough and not interesting in the slightest. Basch is ok, though I really disliked the whole 'he has an evil twin' thing. Ashe is also just ok for me. I did enjoy her backstory though. Penelo is just there for the sake of... actually I don't know why she's there or her relevance to the plot. As for villains, Dr. Cid is a really great character and should have had more screentime. He should also have been the main villain, since I didn't really like Vayne as a villain. Gabranth is a good character, too bad he's part of the 'evil twin' thing. In the end, didn't really care for this one. It would be my least favorite if I didn't had just played FFII. I only completed this game once. Maybe I should do it again and see if it changes how I see things.
  • FFXIII: I was unsure if I would like this one from what I've heard about it. However, it turned out much better than I thought. I actually quited liked it, but I can see why some may be put off by this game. Gameplay had its ups and downs, but it was overall enjoyable. I liked the paradigm system, it was strategic and very dinamic. Combat is probably one of this game's better features. The Crystallium was basically a more linear version of the sphere grid. I thought it was ok, but maybe a bit too linear for my tastes. Actually being linear is probably this game's biggest downside and I can see why some people may not like it. Cocoon is basically one big hallway and this can get tiresome and much of the game is spent that way. I absolutely loved Gran Pulse though, the visual aspect of it and just how vast it was. I liked the missions on this game, not only because of the missions themselves but also because doing them all took quite a bit of exploring around Gran Pulse. The story and the world created for it is good, though I think the story at times feel a bit drawn out. I do think this may be because there are chapters that are more about character development and interaction than actually moving the plot along, and that's fine. The characters were interesting, it was an overall good cast. I liked Lightning and thought she had a good, if not a bit rushed development. A lot of people hate Snow, but I actually liked him. Not the best character ever, but I thought he was likeable. I really liked Sazh and the scene at the end of chapter 8 is quite emotional. I thought Fang was really cool, though there are moments that I thought her character was a bit confusing. Vanille, though being of an archetype that I'm not too fond of, was ok. Didn't really annoy me and I actually liked her development. Finally, we get to Hope. Lots hate him, and I understand that his irrational hate for Snow and vengeance plans can get a bit too much, but I thought he had a good character arc. He was obviously devastated by the death of his mother and he needed an outlet for his anger. And he found Snow. We then get to see him coping with his loss and letting go of his hatred, which was interesting. Oh, and I thought Serah was annoying as hell, being a little too helpless for my tastes... Barthandelus was an ok villain, though I think they should have gotten in a little more detail about all that Maker business. Though it had its flaws, I quite liked it. Thought it was refreshing.
  • FFXIII-2: Thought it was ok, if not a bit below average. The plot didn't really grab me or anything and didn't really leave me wanting for more, which is why I still haven't played Lightning Returns. Actually, plot-wise I greatly prefer XIII to this one. The characters were somewhat interesting though. Serah specially was greatly improved from her appearence in XIII. Before she was so helpless and in this one we got to see her stand up a bit more for herself. Her fate for me was basically a way the developers thought for Lightning to have some sort of conflict left on the third part. Noel was a bit cool, his relationship with Caius and Yeul was kind of interesting. I also liked seeing Hope all grown up. Having said that, the plot didn't work for me. Gameplay was very similar to XIII, with the difference that I could now train monsters. Didn't really find that particularly cool, I'd rather have an actual party member. I think the best aspect of this game is that it tried to make up for the flaws of XIII. While XIII was linear as hell and had little sidequests and exploring, XIII-2 had tons of sidequests and exploration to do. There were a lot of locations that weren't mandatory for plot advancement and collecting those fragments can be one hell of a task. It was basically a way to make up for XIII's flaws, but with a weaker plot to hold the experience. As flawed as XIII was though, I greatly prefer it to this one.
Tables and the like
Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Graphical Style VIII XIII IX --
Soundtrack VI VIII VII --
World IX VII VI --
Final Dungeon VIII IX VI XII
Final Battle Braska's Final Aeon Trance Kuja Ultimecia Vayne Novus
Skill System X VIII VI II
Limit Breaks VIII VII X XII
Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Squall Zack Zidane Vaan
Female Protagonist Aeris Garnet Terra Lenna
Male Supporting Character Vivi Setzer Red XIII Wakka
Female Supporting Character Quistis Celes Lulu Yuffie
Female Love Interest Aeris Garnet Rinoa Rosa
Female Bubbly Ditz Eiko Selphie Vanille all the others
Temporary Player Character Beatrix Seifer Banon Sephiroth
Villain Kuja Kefka Ultimecia Vayne
Minor Villain The Turks Seifer Garland (FF9) Ultros
Cid Cid Fabool IX Cid Del Norte Marquez Doctor Cidolfus Demen Bunansa Cid Kramer
Biggs and Wedge VIII VII VI --
Airship Blackjack Invincible Lunar Whale Fahrenheit
II Character Leon The Emperor Minwu Guy
IV Character Edge Tellah Cecil Palom
V Character Faris Galuf Gilgamesh Krile
VI Character Setzer Celes Terra Relm
VII Character Red XIII Aeris Cloud Yuffie
Crisis Core Character Zack Aeris Sephiroth Yuffie
VIII Character Squall Quistis Irvine Cid
IX Character Vivi Kuja Zidane Amarant
X Character Lulu Auron Tidus Wakka
XII Character Dr. Cid Balthier Larsa Penelo
XIII Character Fang Lightning Sazh Dahj
XIII-2 Character Noel Serah Hope Alyssa

Oh, I know people consider Aerith the correct name, but I just prefer Aeris..

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