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Itadaki Rinoa and Aeris

FF...a great deal all the way around..

"Tell me, what is it you cherish most? Give me the pleasure of taking it away..." Sephiroth, speaking to Cloud in Advent Children

Aeris kill Sephiroth

in what cruel universe would this even be possible!?

Cloud faces sephiroth dissidia

The two hottest FF guys, in my opinion.


AW!!! ^-^

File:Sephiroth Alternate Form.jpg

Another silver haired angel.

Bahamut SIN summoning

Kadaj could never be what Sephy is.

Meteor FFVII

Pretty lights....

Hai! Edit

On the Way to a Smile

Truest. Statement. Ever.


Hi everyone! I'm finally shaping up here! lol. *.*

About Me Edit

Alright, well, I guess after a while it's about time to update this thing. ^.^

So, here goes...

I'm 20 now, came to the Wiki last December, got welcomed with open arms, and made some contributions. Fell away for a while because of my hectic life, (punches life in the groin), and stuff.

But I'm back now!! =) I love Final Fantasy, the entire series is masterpiece, so...

If you have any questions just ask, or sometimes you can catch me on IRC, so we can chat. =p I'm a girl, I like to talk.

Welp, that's it for nao, so...

bais? =p

--Sera89 18:35, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Owned Titles Edit

  • FF 1
  • FF 2
  • FF 4
    • FF 5
    • FF 6
  • FF 7
  • FF 8
  • FF 9
    • FF X
    • FF X-2
  • FF XII
  • FF Crystal Chronicles
  • FF Tactics
    • FF Tactics Advanced
    • FF Crisis Core
    • FF Dirge of Cerberus.
  • And hopefully soon, FF Dissidia...

My Pledge Edit

I will make as many contributions to the FF world as possible. Every FF game I own I've beaten and excelled at, and I fervently enjoy all that the series has to offer.

Props to the FF staff at Square Enix!

This user is working/studying to make this page better.


Isn't he beautiful!?

Special Thanks Edit

thumb|300px|right|Sephiroth pwnage....

Some people whom I would like to thank for being patient with me and helping me here.

  1. Yuan
  2. Otherarrow
  3. 1stclasswarrior

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Amano Mog alt

If only that were me right now...


Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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Thank you! I hope my time here will help!

Completed Games Edit

(That means COMPLETED! Lol. ^-^)

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--Sera89 00:04, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

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