My Randomness[edit | edit source]

Well, I'm not really on here much anymore, and I never really edit...mostly due to my work at the Wii Wiki, where I am an admin. (Feel free to come help us out, we need LOTS of help!)

en This user is a native speaker of English.
I This user is a fan of the original Final Fantasy.
II This user is a fan of Final Fantasy II.
IV This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.
VII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VII.
I This user has completed the original Final Fantasy.
II This user has completed Final Fantasy II.
FFVI Sabin Sprite iOS.png This user believes that you can't wage war on an empty stomach.
FFVI Gau Sprite iOS.png This user likes shiny things.
FF6 Mog Sprite iOS.png This user is a SLAM-dancing Moogle.
FF4PSP-PalomSprite.png This user is the Mysidian Genius.
Userbox ff6chocobo.png This user prefers saying Wark!

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