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<onlyinclude>''Sathka'' is a made-up word.  It is first attested from 2008 when its creator
devised the word in high-school Chemistry class.  Resemblance to a variety of rice, ''sadhika'',
is coincidental.</onlyinclude>


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{{User:Sathka/FFXII Enemybox}}

Final Fantasy XII Enemies · Beasts / Tortoises
Tortoises Silicon Tortoise ·  Adamantitan ·  Emeralditan ·  Great Tortoise ·  M Darksteel ·  M Gil Snapper ·  EM Rocktoise ·  RG Thalassinon ·  RG Aspidochelon

Final Fantasy XII Enemies · Beasts / Toads
Toads Gigantoad ·  Iguion ·  Lizard ·  Speartongue ·  Suriander ·  Abbadon ·  Bull Abaddon ·  RG Wood Toad ·  RG Tarasque ·  M Croakadile

{{User:Sathka/Enemybox}} (old, don't like this one as much.)

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