Me,Myself,and IEdit

A philosophical, determined, Final Fantasy fan. 16 years old. A vocabularly that tops most peoples.

Top 5 Final Fantasy CharactersEdit

  1. Trance Kuja (Come on, he crippled two worlds single-handed! Who can top that?)
  2. Vincent Valentine (The epitaph of atonement...)
  3. Auron (The only decent FFX character turns out to be dead. Wonderful. Quite funny when he wants to be too)
  4. Setzer Gabbani (A true maveric)
  5. Tifa Lockheart (Far and away the best Monk in Final Fantasy)

The Roll of ShameEdit

Those characters I would quite happily push off a cliff:

  1. Eiko Carol- Bratty, selfish, not very useful....Amarant was right.
  2. Garland (FFIX)- Garbed in black, I hold forth in strange monologues...
  3. Kinoc- Thank you very much, Seymour Guado, for ridding us of this unsightly bald man.
  4. Queen Brahne- I'm sorry, but what on Gaia IS that?!

The Good, The Great, and the Downright Weird- Summoning MagicEdit

  1. Diablos- Who doesn't love giant spoooky bat-creatures?
  2. Stray- Anybody else think he's Cait Sith?
  3. Cerberus- Um...nice doggy?
  4. Shiva- A fitting Ice Queen.
  5. Madeen/Maduin- Be silent, or I'll get my nasty moogle!
  6. Eden- The jury's still out on this one.
  7. Alexander- Take cover!
  8. Bahamut- Ok, now that's one mean dragon. Kudos to you for killing Brahne.
  9. Quezacotl- They dropped Ramuh for THAT?
  10. Ark- It ain't one of Cid's airships, that's for sure.
  11. Bahamut Zero- Bahamut, the robotic version. Magnifique!
  12. Kjata- Go on, try and run with that bull.

Conclusion Edit

Nice to meet you all. The summoning magic bit is basically a fun section (let's face it, some of the summons are very, very, strange), send me a message or request and I'll add to it.

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