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Power only breeds war...
―Celes Chere, Final Fantasy VI

If there's one thing I hang onto that gets me through the night, I ain't gonna do what I don't want to, I'm gonna live my life...When the world gets in my face, I say - have a nice day!
―John Bon Jovi

Name RowdyCMoore
A.K.A Chris Lee Moore
Job Class Freelance Bard
Hometown Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
Date of Birth January 29, 1979
Age 29
Height 5" 4"
Weapon Mightier Than Ragnarok Pen
Special Abilities Karaoke
Summons Maverick
Limit Break Texas Twister

Greetings, one and all. I am RowdyCMoore, the greatest threat to the status quo wherever I may be. Whether it's wearing Chuck Taylors with a ten-gallon, living in Dallas while hating the Cowboys, or admitting I enjoyed FF Mystic Quest and FF Adventure, I am the worst nightmare to conformists everywhere.

So where does the name come from? Well, C. Moore would be my true first initial and last name. As for Rowdy...well, if you're ever at a Texas Rangers baseball game, look for the guy in the bleachers dressed in full uniform waving a towel. You'll get the idea.

My FF knowledge is admittedly reduced to the Nintendo-based world. I've seen videos of FFVII and played ten minutes of X-2, and that's it. Maybe it's because Nintendo kicks a** and the other consoles suck.

I stumbled upon this quaint little community because ever since I became a full time work-at-home freelance writer, I've had way too much free time on my hands. Expect plenty of wit and sarcasm as well as attempts to annoy any Dark Knights and Dragoons in the area. Any attempts to flame me will be absorbed by my trusty flame shield.

I have mostly added and edited pages relating to Final Fantasy Adventure, including my completed walkthrough. Yes, I'm acknowledging that the game exists. Deal with it.

I have also written a Zelda: Link to the Past walkthrough. It can be found at


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The following is the list of my own names I originally gave the FFVI characters

FF Name Rowdy Name Named After
Terra Serena Sailor Moon
Locke Chris Me
Edgar Jon Jon Arbuckle from Garfield
Sabin Calvin Calvin and Hobbes
Shadow Travis Old childhood friend
Celes Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Cyan Juan Baseball player Juan Gonzalez
Gau Landon Second cousin
Setzer Alf The 80s TV alien
Strago Eton Grandfather
Relm Carey Sister
Mog Garfield The tubby tabby himself
Umaro Fozzie Fozzie the Bear
Gogo Jaime Character from Small Wonder

Yes, you can see that by Gogo's time, I was running low on ideas

Top five males[]

  1. Locke Cole
  2. Cecil Harvey
  3. Edgar Roni Figaro
  4. Cyan Garamonde
  5. Kain Highwind

Top five females[]

  1. Celes Chere
  2. Terra Branford
  3. Tifa Lockhart
  4. Rosa Farrell
  5. Rydia

Locke Cole small.png
Locke SD Art.png

You are Recognized as a Disciple of the Great Celes Chere

You recognize true beauty, brains and all-around badass. You are not brainwashed by 3D sprites that over-amplify female body parts to make your body's lower half take over. You know that Genji Glove + Ultima + Ragnarok + Blizzaga = Ultimate Ass-kicker, and you know that one doesn't need a tank top, low-cut unitard or miniskirt to be sexy. You appreciate someone who isn't a love-starved twit or an opera floozy, yet can still melt hearts with the Aria and who's feelings for a Treasure Hunter can drive her to help save the world. You know that the former Gestahlian General stands high above the rest.