This huntress does not stop until she gets what she came for.


Appearance[edit | edit source]

LeBlanc's default attire is her Final Fantasy X-2 design. She wears a uniquely designed violet dress with matching leggings and high heels. She possesses her signature fanblade which is colored red with silver highlights. Leblanc's secondary design is based on her concept artwork, giving her a jacket and skirt, spikier hair and her heart tattoo has been moved from her chest onto her forehead. Her second alternate costume is based on her appearance as "????", Yuna's imposter. She gains the dress Yuna wears as a songstress, minus the brad hanging down the back, as well as her brown boots and the colors of her fan change to navy with gray highlights.

Her Manikin version, Ephemeral Huntress, is orange.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Battle[edit | edit source]

LeBlanc is a Windbreaker, using her fan to control the wind and perform attacks with a unique special effect, such as Chase, Wall Rush, Absorb or Defense Crush.

Brave Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Sonic Fan Ground Sends out three shockwaves in a diagonal arc in front of her that knocks the opponent slightly upwards upon making contact. Initiates Chase.
Thunder Aerial Calls a single lightning bolt to fall from overhead of the enemy and stun them temporarily. Can be repeated for a total of three times.
Heel Drop Ground Flips upwards in the air and then slams her heel in the ground directly underneath of her, smashing the opponent into the ground below of them. Causes Wall Rush and crushes all defenses.
Sonic Boom Aerial Enlarges fan and sends a blast of wind in a downwards arc. If the enemy is hit with this burst of wind, then they are propelled straight upwards in the air. Initiates Chase.
Tantalize Ground Blows a kiss at the opponent, sending a cartoonish heart outwards that homes in on the enemy. Upon contact, the kiss stuns the enemy temporarily but causes no damage.
Mach Fan Ground Sends three shockwaves streaming across the ground that erupt into miniature tornadoes upon making contact with an obstacle or the enemy.
Pirouette Pitch Aerial Launches a wheel-shaped blade of wind in a straight line that absorbs foes caught within its range and traps them in a vortex of wind.
Wind Spear Aerial Fires off three javelin-shaped pulses of wind energy that home in on the enemy and launches them upwards. Initiates Chase.

HP Attacks[edit | edit source]

Move Type Description
Love Tap Ground Performs a simple strike with her fan that knocks the opponents upwards slightly before magically enlarging her fan and slamming it into the foe like a baseball bat.
Hurricane Ground/Aerial Surrounds herself in a vortex of wind that draws the opponent inwards and causes damage before knocking them backwards.
Thundaga Ground Creates a field of electricity around the enemy that traps the opponent within it and calls several bolts of lightning to strike them consecutively.
Dud Aerial Calls an enlarged frying pan to fall on the enemy and send them crashing into the ground below them, causing Wall Rush damage.
Blasting Zone Ground Sends out a narrow tunnel of wind that, upon connecting with the enemy, forms a tornado around them and rapidly damages them.
Shining Air Aerial Sends out several shockwaves towards the enemy that stun the enemy, locking them in place once they are hit once, and then finishes with a final burst of wind from her fan.

Ex Mode

Move Type Description
Oversoul EX Mode Pyreflies surround Leblanc and she gains a faint aura, granting her Regen, Ecstasy and Not-so-Mighty-Guard.
  • Regen: temporarily restores HP steadily over time
  • Ecstasy: temporarily regenerates Bravery over time
  • Not-so-Mighty-Guard: slightly lowers damage from all physical and magical damage
No Love Lost Ex Burst Leblanc envelops the enemy in a giant tornado and a Garment Grid appears on screen. She must spherechange to a Gunner to perform Russian Roulette, Warrior to perform Pirouette Pitch and then activate her "special dressphere".
  • Success: Leblanc uses Shining Air and the tornado subsides. As the enemy falls, they land with their backs crashing against Leblanc's enlarged fan.
  • Failure: Leblanc enlarges her fan and throws it like a boomerang at the enemy.

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