Name ReBeL.NiGHT
Job Class Red Mage
Weapon Nirvana and Save the Queen
Spells Cura, Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, Protect, Sleep, Dualcast
Summons Shiva, Carbuncle, Alexander, Siren, Cerberus, Ixion, Ultima
Limit Breaks Healing Wind, Northswain's Glow, Requiem

About Me[edit | edit source]

My name's ReBeL.NiGHT and I've been playing Final Fantasy since I was probably about five years old. My first FF was Final Fantasy VIII and it was the one game that really got me into the series. I own most of the series, but I haven't completed all of them yet. I normally like to play as mages, mainly White and Red Mages. I'm interested in trying Final Fantasy XI but I haven't exactly worked out the whole internet connection problem. I don't edit often on the wiki, and if I do, it's mainly to fix grammatical and spelling mistakes that I find in some of the more random pages on the site. I love making Dissidia movesets and I have quite a few made on Dissidia Dream Characters, so check them out if you like that sort of thing! Also, feel free to talk to me on my talk page- I'm always available (...mostly)!

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Rating[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Overall Protagonist Squall Zidane Tidus Lightning Snow
Overall Male Character Larsa Squall Hope Red XIII Barret
Overall Female Character Rinoa Rikku Garnet Yuna Lenna
Villian Cloud of Darkness Ultimecia Jecht Kefka Exdeath
Male Protagonist Squall Zidane Tidus Vaan Snow
Female Protagonist Rinoa Garnet Yuna Lightning Lenna
Male Support Red XIII Hope Kimahri Vivi Barret
Female Support Rikku Quistis Freya Lulu Lenna
Bubbly Ditz Rikku Penelo Yuffie Vanille Eiko
FFIV Character Rosa Rydia Palom/Porom Kain Tellah
FFVI Character Relm Mog Terra Umaro Cyan
FFVII Character Red XIII Aeris Tifa Cait Sith Barret
FFVIII Character Rinoa Squall Edea Ultimecia Zell
FFX Character Yuna Rikku Tidus Seymour Wakka
FFXII Character Larsa Ashe Penelo Basch Fran
FFXIII Character Vanille Lightning Hope Jihl Snow
Job Class Red Mage White Mage Summoner Knight Freelancer
Weapon Rapier Staff Longbow Dagger Knuckles
Warrior of Cosmos Terra Prishe Squall Warrior of Light Bartz
Warrior of Chaos Cloud of Darkness Ultimecia Jecht Kuja Exdeath
FFIX Eidolon Alexander Bahamut Odin Phoenix None
FFX Aeon Ixion Shiva Valefor Anima None

My Dissidia Movesets[edit | edit source]

Rinoa Heartilly[edit | edit source]


Rinoa is the main heroine of Final Fantasy VIII. She is the leader of the resistance group called the Timber Owls and the daughter of General Fury Caraway and the deceased Julia Heartilly. She traveled with Squall to defeat Ultimecia, and in the process, became a Sorceress herself.

Rinoa's battle style is that of a Restless Sorceress, utilizing her Blaster Edge, her faithful dog Angelo and her sorceress powers to chain together long combos. Rinoa's main gimmick is that, similar to Onion Knight, her Brave Attacks chain to other attacks. However, Rinoa must first use a Brave Attack that links to another Brave Attack and finish with an HP attack. This increases her overall damage output, assuming the first attack connects, however it also means that Rinoa cannot use HP Attacks without a combo.

Rinoa's main outfit is the primary outfit she wears throughout the entire game. Her alternate outfit is her white ballroom gown from the SeeD Graduation Dance.

Rinoa can equip Rods, Staves, Grappling Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Bangles, Hairpins, Clothes and Robes.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Blaster Edge Ground/Aerial Rinoa fires a pinwheel from her blaster edge that homes in on the enemy
Angelo Rush Ground Rinoa calls Angelo to charge at her enemy and rush through them
Blizzard Ground Rinoa summons a pillar of ice from underground to encase her enemy

Brave to Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Rising Sun Ground/Aerial Rinoa fires off another round of three pinwheels that home in and collide on an opponent simultaneously. (chains from Blaster Edge)
Angelo Cannon Ground Angelo is attached to Rinoa's wrist and is shot towards an opponent, exploding upon impact. (chains from Angelo Rush)
Blizzara Ground/Aerial Icicles appear above the foe and simultaneously crash into the iceberg, shattering it. (chains from Blizzard)

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Shooting Star Ground/Aerial A comet is shot from Rinoa's pinwheel towards the opponent. (chains from Rising Sun)
Wishing Star Ground Rinoa leaps onto Angelo's back and rushes at the opponent multiple times. (chains from Angelo Cannon)
Blizzaga Ground A tower of ice bursts from the ground, sending the enemy flying. (chains from Blizzara)

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Sorceress Awakened Ex Mode Rinoa enters Sorceress Mode, sprouting her iconic angel wings. While in EX Mode, Rinoa gains Regen, temporarily restoring her HP over time as well as Haste, allowing for her attack chains to be performed even faster than usual.
Angel Wing Ex Burst Rinoa casts a Meteor spell on the opponent. A Renzokuken sequence occurs where the R button must be pressed 12 consecutive times, once for each meteor summoned. If all 12 meteors hit the enemy, Rinoa finishes with a powerful Apocalypse spell.

Edea Kramer[edit | edit source]

FF8 Edea Battle.png

Edea is one of the primary antagonists of Final Fantasy VIII. She was at first thought to be an evil sorceress bent on destroying all the Gardens, but it is later revealed that she was being possessed by Ultimecia and is actually the motherly owner of her own orphanage.

In battle, Edea is described as being a Black Witch, utilizing her assortment of magical powers to aid her in combat. She focuses on using both ice and dark elemental magic, but can also call upon the power of her personal GF, Alexander. She is an excellent magic caster with only one weak physical attack, as well as rather slow in general, thus staying true to the name of the traditional Black Mage.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Blizzard Palm Ground Edea fires a burst of icy wind in front her, knocking her enemies away.
Demi Ground/Aerial Conjures an energy sphere that sucks opponents into it, slowly draining their BP the longer they remain in the orb.
Reflect Ground/Aerial A green barrier forms around Edea, deflecting spells and projectiles but increases the power of melee attacks.
Astral Punch Ground/Aerial Edea winds up and smashes her fist into the enemy, stunning them for a short period of time.
Holy Ground/Aerial Orbs of light home in on the enemy and damage them.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Judgment Ground Similar to WoL's Shining Wave. Pillars of light fall from the sky and smite the enemy.
Maelstrom Ground/Aerial A string of tiny black orbs are fired from Edea's outstretched palm that explode upon impact.
Diamond Dust Ground A stream of icicles erupt from underground in a straight line in front of Edea, varying in shape and size depending on their distance from Edea.
Ice Strike Ground/Aerial Edea conjures shards of ice that are shot at the enemy, ending with one giant shard that causes severe knockback.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
"Sorceress Awakened" Ex Mode Ultimecia possesses Edea, drawing the mask over her face and the golden ornament on her back. While in EX Mode, Edea gains Regen, replenishing her HP over time, as well as Sorcery, increasing the damage radius and damage output considerably to all magic-based attacks.
"Summon: Iguions" Ex Burst Edea begins summoning her guardian Iguions and enters a Boost-like sequence where the player must rapidly tap the Square-button.png until the gauge reaches 255. If successful, the Iguions are summoned and they attack the enemy with Stone Breath. If unsuccessful, Edea simply uses Ice Strike.

Beatrix[edit | edit source]


Beatrix is the army general of Alexandria and loyal servant to her ruler, Queen Brahne. She loves her kingdom and the royal family and serves them with unwavering demotion. However, she is also in love with the Knight captain Adelbert Steiner. She is the most famous swordsman in the world and has slain 100 men single-handedly.

In battle, Beatrix is a Valiant Paladin, using her famous sword, Save the Queen, to unleash powerful single-hit attacks that can crush an enemy. Beatrix is quick and agile, and possesses a vast amount of strength. However, her range is limited to almost completely physical attacks.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Wavering Blade Ground/Aerial Leap at enemy and strike horizontally with blade.
Thunder Slash Ground/Aerial Charges sword with lightning and slashes enemy vertically, causing a lightning bolt to strike her foe.
No More Games Ground/Aerial Beatrix front flips forwards continually, slashing with her sword
Blind Ground/Aerial Conjure a burst of smoke that causes enemies attacks to be dodged more easily for a short time.
Shattered Grandeurs Aerial Swoops down from the sky and slides across the ground with her sword.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Climhazzard Ground/Aerial A slash with an impact that causes an explosion from her sword, draining 1/2 of the enemy's HP but doubles their Brave Points.
Stock Break Ground Strikes ground, causing rays of light to strike enemy.
Holy Ground/Aerial Summons streams of light to home in on and damage enemy.
Red Rose Ground Raises Save the Queen to the sky and rush forward in a straight line to cause major damage to anyone she runs into.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
"Rose of May" Ex Mode Beatrix is surrounded by rose petals that increase her speed and grant her Regen status.
"Shock" Ex Burst Beatrix gathers all of her energy into her Save the Queen. Hold Circle-button.png until the bar is filled, and repeat with Triangle-button.png and Square-button.png. When her energy meter is filled, the player must press X-button.png to unleash Shock. If not done correctly, Beatrix will perform a Thunder Slash, dealing much less damage.

Quina Quen[edit | edit source]


Quina is a strange gourmand from Qu's Marsh. Being of the Qu race, she wishes to travel the world in search of tasting and making new and exotic food. She traveled with Zidane and his companions to defeat Kuja and, eventually, Necron. She is a Blue Mage, learning the skills of the monsters by eating them.

In battle, Quina is a Jack-of-All-Trades, utilizing her various Blue Magic to attack her enemies. Quina has a variety of both close-range and long-range combat, but excels more in close-range combat. She is a rather awkward character to control, as she waddles when walking and is rather slow in both movement and attack speed. However, she makes up for this in her excellent range and power.

Quina's alternate costume is reminiscent of Quale, her master in Final Fantasy IX. Quina wield's Quale's fork and her dress changes to match that of Quale's.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Goblin Punch Ground/Aerial Quina enlarges her fist and slams it into the enemy. [Initiates Chase]
Magic Hammer Ground/Aerial Quina's fork transforms into a hammer and attacks the enemy with it, draining their BP.
1000 Needles Ground Quina fires 1000 needles from her body at the enemy, causing exactly 1000 points of BP damage.
Frost Ground A pillar of ice encases the enemy for several seconds, trapping them but causing no damage.
White Wind Aerial White wind surrounds Quina, granting her Regen Status as long as the button is held down.
Lick Ground Quina extends her tongue and licks the opponent, damaging and temporarily stunning them.
Matra Magic Aerial Quina summons energy missiles to home in on the enemy and bombard them from above.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Frog Drop Ground Quina calls a giant frog to fall on top of her foe.
Aqua Breath Ground/Aerial Quina shoots a stream of water from her mouth that damages enemy. [Initiates Chase]
Mustard Bomb Ground/Aerial Quina throws a mustard-colored bomb that explodes upon impact.
Eat Ground Quina inhales the enemy and chews them several times before spitting them back out.
Twister Aerial A tornado suddenly forms around Quina, sucking in the enemy and damaging them continuously.
Earth Shake Ground Quina slams her fork into the ground, creating a line of earth that just out in a straight line in front of her.
Earth Shake Aerial Quina bellyflops onto the ground, causing the earth around her to shoot upwards.
Limit Glove Ground/Aerial An orb of energy is formed in front of Quina and slowly homes into the enemy, causing a massive explosion.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
"Trance" Ex Mode Quina enters Trance Mode and equips her Gastro Fork. Her Trance Form gives her temporary Regen status and a new Brave attack, Mighty Guard.
Mighty Guard Ex Attack A protective shield is formed around Quina, giving her temporary Protect and Shell status. Press Square-button.png + Circle-button.png to use while in Ex Mode.
"Cook" Ex Burst Quina grabs her Gastro Fork and Knife and charges at the enemy. For each time Quina slashes the enemy with her eating utensils (one per each, and then one final blow) the player must tap the correct button at the right time. Afterwards, Quina flips the enemy into the air and creates a large cauldron to cook the enemy in. If the actions were performed correctly, Quina will cook the enemy and then swallow them whole. If it was performed incorrectly, then Quina will cook the enemy but not eat them.

Penelo[edit | edit source]

Penelo is Vaan's childhood friend and love interest, both growing up as orphans on the streets of Rabanastre. She at first travels with Vaan and Ashe to defeath Gabranth. Afterwards, she and Vaan set out on their own adventures to become official sky pirates. She wishes to become a dancer and is a full-fledged mage and martial artist.

In battle, Penelo is a Bladed Enchantress, utilizing her daggers and her dances to attack the enemy. Penelo uses her dancing to debuff her enemies and buff herself instead, giving her a distinct advantage against her foes. Penelo is rather weak in power, but strikes multiple times with her attacks, able to easily rack up damage. Her biggest weakness is her range, as most of her attacks must take place on the ground, although she does have a few Aerial attacks.

Penelo's alternate costume resembles her Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings costume. The color of her top is changed to a golden trim and an off-white torso piece, while the color of her pants is changed to a darker red, somewhat crimson.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
War Dance Ground Penelo rhythmically strikes her enemy consecutively eight times in a row.
Mincing Minuet Ground/Aerial A number of daggers are thrown at the opponent, the number depending on the number of times Circle-button.png is pressed.
Hypnotic Dance Ground/Aerial Summons four energy orbs around Penelo to stun her opponents and slightly damage them.
Slow Dance Ground A clock circles Penelo's head and slows the opponent down and Penelo quickly strikes the opponent with her daggers.
Forbidden Dance Ground Several daggers orbit Penelo's body and are consecutively fired at the enemy.
Polka Ground Penelo dances around the stage, slashing with her daggers. If an attack connects, the power of their physical attacks are temporarily halved.
Heathen Frolic Ground Penelo glides across the stage, attacking with her daggers. If she lands a hit, then the power of the enemy's magical attacks are temporarily halved.
Witch Hunt Ground/Aerial Penelo enchants her blades with holy magic and then rushes at the enemy. The blow deals double the normal amount of BP damage, but drains only 1/2 the normal amount of BP.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Jitterbug Ground Penelo temporarily casts Haste on herself and charges her opponent, plunging her dagger into the enemy and draining their HP.
Blade Dance Ground Penelo connects her daggers together and spins them around her body while dancing across the stage.
Intercession Ground/Aerial Summons an energy orb that fires out streams of light that attempt to home in and pierce the enemy.
Evanescence Ground/Aerial Penelo spins in a circle and fires missiles of light that strike the enemy from above.
Resplendence Ground/Aerial Penelo dances and summons bursts of Blizzard spells to erupt randomly about the stage.
Holy Aerial Beams of light circle Penelo's body and shoot out in various directions.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
"Sky's Dancer" Ex Mode Penelo equips the ultimate pair of daggers, the Danjuro and enters Sky Pirate Mode. Her Ex Mode grants her Haste status and increases the range of all of her attacks, making up for her lack of range and versatility.
"Dance of Rapture" Ex Burst Penelo dances and Penelo's three Quickenings appear on the screen, each corresponding with a button. The player must input the Quickenings in the correct order. If done correctly, Penelo will use her three Quickenings and then unleash a final blast of Eschaton by summoning Ultima to assist her. If done incorrectly, Penelo will merely finish with a weak Holy spell.

Ritz Malheur[edit | edit source]


Ritz Malheur is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. In the real world, she is the head of her class and bullied severely due to her naturally white hair. In Ivalice, she travels the world with her friend and partner, Shara. She eventually teams up with Marche to stop their friend Mewt and revert the world back to normal.

In battle, Ritz is an Elemental Spellsword, using a variety of both physical and magical attacks of every element. Ritz uses two weapons in her attacks: her staff and her infamous rapier, the Femme Fatale. She channels her Spirit and Red Magic through her staff and her Fencing is used through her Femme Fatale rapier. Ritz has excellent range capabilities and a great variety of attack types. However, she is rather weak both offensively and defensively. Her various attacks often leave her wide open for counterattacks and when she does hit, it hits several times, but the hits are rather weak.

Ritz's alternate costumes resembles her outfit from the real world, with a white fleece jacket and violet undershirt/dress. Her hair is faded a tiny bit, but still pink.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Swarmstrike Ground Ritz slashes with her rapier, causing poison to spread through the opponent. Slowly drains BP over time.
White Flame Aerial White flames circle Ritz's body, healing her and damaging enemies too close. However, this leaves Ritz extremely vulnerable to counterattacks.
Shadowstick Ground/Aerial Ritz performs a combo with her rapier, damaging the enemy and sending shadows around the enemy's feet to slow them down.
Evil Gaze Ground/Aerial A giant eye appears in front of Ritz. As it opens, a thin energy beam is shot from it's pupil that stuns the enemy if it hits them.
Fire Ground/Aerial Ritz shoots flames from her staff in an outward arc in front of her.
Thunder Ground/Aerial A string of lightning bolts are sent in a straight line in front of Ritz.
Featherblow Ground Ritz summons feathers around her to put the enemy to sleep and then leaps at them and slashes with her rapier.
Sliprain Ground/Aerial Ritz twirls her staff and acid rain begins to fall around her, damaging enemies who come in contact with it.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Fire Whip Ground/Aerial Ritz conjures a fiery whip that lashes out and strikes the enemy. [Initiates Chase]
Swallowtail Ground Ritz spins in a circle, creating a whirlwind that damages the enemy several times.
Nighthawk Ground/Aerial A black hawk springs forth from Ritz's staff and homes in on the enemy, exploding upon impact.
Piercethrough Ground Ritz staggers backwards and then immediately rushes forward with her rapier, causing severe knockback to the enemy.
Heavy Dust Ground/Aerial Stones begin to fall overhead, ending with one final boulder that crushes the enemy from above.
Shining Air Aerial Ritz sends out blades of air to slice through the enemy. Any opponent around her on any side is also pushed a considerable distance away.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
"Class Head" Ex Mode Ritz's hair reverts to its original white color and she gains Regen, Protect and Shell to protect her from a majority of physical attacks. The power of her Elementalist abilities (Fire Whip, Shining Air, etc.) is also slightly boosted.
"Mortal Snow" Ex Burst Ritz summons a blizzard to both damage the enemy and conceal herself. Ritz performs a combo to the enemy with her rapier, each hit corresponding with a button. If each button is pressed correctly, then Ritz will summon Shara and the two will perform a double Piercethrough, in the shape of an X. If done incorrectly, Ritz will merely use a weak Fire Whip.

Adel[edit | edit source]

FF8 Adel.png

Adel is an antagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. Adel was the tyrannical ruler of Esthar who started the Sorceress War. Her people mutinied against her and she was sealed in Sorceress Memorial by a rebel force led by Laguna Loire. She was released decades later by Seifer Almasy but was finally defeated by Squall and friends.

Adel's battle style is called Fatal Force. Adel utilizes her arsenal of magic to bombard the enemy and keep them as far from her as possible so that she can continue her long-range assault. Her spells are designed to keep the enemy away from her, possessing only one close-range attack. Adel is extremely slow and can barely jump, which is why she needs to keep her enemies far away from her.

Adel can equip Daggers, Rods, Staves, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Hairpins, Helms, Robes and Light Armor.

Adel's Manikin is called Transient Tyrant and is colored a deep crimson color.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Tornado Ground Three miniature tornadoes are fired off one after another to lock in on and attack the enemy for several weak attacks. If all three tornadoes connect, they will combine to form a larger tornado, causing a considerably larger amount of BRV damage.
Quake Ground Adel slams her fist on the ground and four pillars of earth shoot out from the ground surrounding her, knocking back her enemies a considerable distance.
Firaga Ground Adel stretches out her hand and conjures an orb of fire that can be charged. If the spell is not charged, Adel fires a series of weak fire orbs at the enemy. If the spell is charged, a much larger orb of fire is shot towards the enemy and explodes on contact.
Comet Aerial Comets rain down from above the enemy. If one comet connects from the first set of six small comets, the comets will increase in size and another six will be fired off.
Holy Aerial A ring of light is formed around Adel, followed by waves of light being shot out straight forward.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Meteor Ground Adel conjures a giant meteor that starts out slowly homing in on the enemy but rapidly increases in speed the longer that the meteorite is not destroyed by running into a wall or the floor of the stage.
Flare Ground An orb of fire is slowly lowered down onto the stage. Once the flame hits the ground, it erupts into a giant explosion that consecutively damages the enemy, ending with a powerful final blast that knocks the enemy back a considerable distance.
Energy Bomber Aerial A plasma orb is shot from Adel's hand that moves around the stage in a random pattern before exploding. Can be detonated manually by hitting the Square button while the orb is in motion.
Ultima Aerial Similar to Ultimecia's Great Attractor. Adel charges her magical enemy into her fist and when the charge has finished, she raises her fist to the sky and fires a fast-paced orb of green energy that explodes with a large damage radius.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
IAMALIVE Ex Mode Besides the usual Regen, Adel's Ex Mode grants her two additional abilities. Sorceress Awakened, which grants Adel her wings, allowing her a slightly higher speed and larger jump and Junction: Drain, which allows Adel to absorb all HP damage she inflicts.
Osmose Ex Attack Adel fires a thin beam that, upon connecting with the enemy, draws their magical energy to her, raising the damage output of her spells slightly.
Lunar Cry Ex Burst Adel calls upon the power of the moon to start reigning down monsters onto her enemy. The player must alternatively mash the Circle and Square buttons to fill a gauge. If the gauge is successfully filled, the Lunar Cry occurs and monsters devour the enemy. If the gauge is not successfully filled, a single dragon arrives and scorches the enemy with its breath.

Quistis Trepe[edit | edit source]


Quistis Trepe is a main protagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. Quistis was the youngest instructor of SeeD at Balamb Garden. She traveled with Squall and his companions to defeat the Sorceress Ultimecia. She has her very own fan group named after her called the Trepies, and she also has her own interest in cards herself, being the King of the Card Club.

Quistis' fighting style is called the Merciless Whip. Her attacks consists of high-speed combos designed to attack and trap enemies. Quistis is suited more for hit-and-run tactics than a full frontal assault, utilizing both her quick attacks and her lightning speed to keep her out of harm's way. She is weaker offensively, but makes up for it with her speed and the bonuses granted to her in EX Mode.

Quistis' alternate costume is her SeeD Uniform. She dons her black blazer and red undershirt, with her matching black skirt and boots.

Quistis can equip Rods, Staves, Thrown Weapons, Hats, Hairpins, Clothes and Robes.

Quistis' Manikin is called Transient Teacher and is colored orange.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Chain Whip Ground Quistis whips her enemy for minor BRV damage. If the attack hits and the Circle button is pressed again, Quistis will initiate a quick combo, dealing slightly more damage.
Electrocute Aerial Bolts of lightning surround Quistis, causing consecutive damage for a short period of time.
Slaying Tail Aerial Similar to Cloud of Darkness' Tentacle of Suffering (After Two Hits). Quistis lashes her whip around in a violent frenzy, creating a sphere that damages the enemy multiple times.
Red Scorpion Ground/Aerial Quistis splits her whip into several sections (similar to Garland's sword) and strikes the opponent from behind several times.
Gatling Gun Ground Quistis fires a barrage of bullets that home in on the enemy.
Fire Breath Ground/Aerial Fire is launched from Quistis' mouth in a wide arc as long as the button is held down. The longer the Circle button is held, the shorter the flame becomes until the flame eventually dies out.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Laser Eye Ground/Aerial Quistis fires a laser from her eye. If the Square button is held down, Quistis can aim the laser until it connects with the enemy or the attack is interrupted.
Micro Missiles Ground/Aerial Quistis sends miniature missiles to soar into the sky and come crashing down on top of the enemy, creating tiny explosions in a field where the missiles land.
Homing Laser Aerial Beams of light shoot out from Quistis' body, consecutively homing in on and striking the enemy one by one.
Ray Bomb Ground Quistis shoots a thin ray in a circle surrounding her which erupts into a wall of flames that engulfs the enemy.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Crisis Level 4 Ex Mode Quistis equips the Save the Queen and gains Regen. Along with Regen, Quistis also casts Haste, speeding up the rate of her attacks, allowing for quicker combos. She is also bestowed with Mighty Guard, decreasing her chances of staggering and slightly raising her defense, allowing her to survive longer on the front lines of combat.
Shockwave Pulsar Ex Burst Beams of light spring from the ground, damaging the enemy for minor BRV damage. Quistis begins charging her magical energy and a bar appears on the screen. The Square button must be held until the bar reaches 250%. If it is successful, Quistis unleashes her ultimate Blue Magic spell- Shockwave Pulsar. If unsuccessful, Quistis will instead unleash Degenerator, lowering the enemy's HP by 1/4.

Eiko Carol[edit | edit source]


Eiko Carol is a main protagonist in Final Fantasy IX. Eiko was the lone survivor of the Summoner Tribe in Madain Sari who lived among the moogles. She fell in love with Zidane and traveled with him to defeat Kuja. She always has her faithful companion, Mog the Moogle, by her side.

Eiko is described as a Breaker. Eiko is normally a rather weak character overall. To upgrade Eiko's attacks, the player must use her unique Might spell to upgrade her attack power and to change the attack altogether. The player can cast Might up to 5 times, each spell lasting for about 30 seconds. Her Brave Attacks serve to debuff the enemy in order to give her more of a fighting chance against melee characters and her HP Attacks utilize her various Eidolons to attack the enemy.

Eiko can equip Rods, Staves, Daggers, Hairpins, Hats, Bangles, Clothes and Robes.

Eiko's Manikin is Capricious Child and is colored a dark violet.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Guardian Mog Ground/Aerial Mog charges in front of Eiko and rams into the enemy.
  • 0-1 Might: A simple headbutt.
  • 2-4 Might: Mog is shot like a missile. If it connects, Mog performs a short combo.
  • 5 Might: Mog bombards the enemy with attacks from all directions
Might Ground/Aerial Eiko casts a spell to boost the attack power and effects of her attacks.
Mini Ground Eiko plays a song on her flute that temporarily decreases the size of the enemy, lowering their defense.
Silence Ground/Aerial Eiko plays a song on her flute that temporarily reduces the potency of magical attacks.
Blind Ground Eiko emits a cloud of fog that temporarily reduces the potency of physical attacks.
Confuse Aerial A wave of energy is produced from Eiko's flute that temporarily scrambles attacks.
Berserk Ground Eiko fires a ray of red light that causes the enemy to temporarily only be able to use BRV attacks.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Terrestrial Rage Ground Eiko summons Titan to attack the enemy.
  • 0-1 Might: Titan punches the enemy with his fist.
  • 2-4 Might: Pillars of earth spring forth from underneath the enemy's feet.
  • 5 Might: An earthquake is summoned that draws in the enemy and damages them consecutively.
Millennial Decay Aerial Eiko summons Fenrir to attack the enemy.
  • 0-1 Might: Fenrir leaps at the enemy and bites them.
  • 2-4 Might: Three Fenrir clones leap at the enemy and damages them three consecutive times.
  • 5 Might: Six Fenrir clones appear around Eiko and form a giant tornado.
Rebirth Flame Ground/Aerial Eiko summons Phoenix to attack the enemy.
  • 0-1 Might: Phoenix glides forward in a straight line in front of Eiko.
  • 2-4 Might: Phoenix sprays fire in a wide arc in front of him.
  • 5 Might: Phoenix creates a column of fire to surround Eiko.
Holy Ground/Aerial An orb of holy energy is formed around Eiko.
  • 0-1 Might: Several tiny orbs of light home in on the enemy and burst for minor damage.
  • 2-4 Might: Streams of light quickly lock onto the enemy and explode for moderate damage.
  • 5 Might: A giant orb of holy energy explodes, causing massive damage in a wide radius.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Trance Ex Mode Eiko equips her Angel's Flute and enters Trance Mode, granting her Regen Status and the Double White ability. Double White allows her to cast two consecutive spells without any delay.
Terra Homing Ex Burst Eiko begins playing her flute to summon Madeen. Buttons will appear corresponding to the notes Eiko plays and the player must repeat her notes once she is finished. If the buttons are inputed incorrectly, she will unleash Holy instead. If the buttons are inputed correctly, then Eiko will summon Madeen to cast Terra Homing.

Maria[edit | edit source]

FFII DoS Maria.png

Maria is a main protagonist in Final Fantasy II. Maria is the orphaned sister of Leon, whom she is separated from early in the game. Maria traveled with Firion and Guy to find Leon and eventually kill the Emperor of Palamecia, Mateus.

Maria is a Magical Ranger in battle, combining her various Black Magic spells with her archery to form devastating attacks. For her Brave Attacks, Maria enchants her arrows with magic to create different effects on her attacks. Her HP Attacks focus mainly on her skills in archery, though her magic is still involved. Maria's main weakness is that is an entirely long-range character, possessing no short range attacks. To compensate for this, many of her attacks knock back the enemy in an attempt to keep them far enough away for Maria to continue her assault.

Maria's main costume is derived from her Amano artwork. Her alternate costume is based on her CG Render from Final Fantasy Origins.

Maria can equip Rods, Staves, Thrown Weapons, Hats, Hairpins, Bangles, Clothes and Robes.

Maria's Manikin is called Imitation Renegade and is colored lavender.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Fire Arrow Ground/Aerial A fiery, slow-moving arrow that rapidly increases in speed the longer it remains in the air.
Blizzard Arrow Ground An icy, slow-moving arrow that pushes the enemy far away once it connects. Can initiate a Chase Sequence.
Thunder Arrow Aerial An electrified, speedy arrow that causes several weak electric shocks to damage the enemy if it connects.
Poison Arrow Ground A poisoned arrow that causes damage to the opponent slowly over time.
Break Arrow Ground/Aerial Maria channels her energy into one powerful shot that has a high chance of causing a critical hit.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Rapid Fire Ground/Aerial Maria fires a barrage of arrows that are shot one after the other, homing in on the enemy.
Aim Ground A crosshair appears on screen as Maria aims her arrow at the opponent, allowing for greater accuracy.
Elemental Barrage Aerial Maria fires three elemental arrows- Fire, Blizzard and Thunder- that simultaneously attack the enemy. If the button is held while Maria is releasing the arrows, the player can choose to stop the arrows in midair until the button is released.
Sorcery Ground/Aerial Maria uses one of her three advanced black magic spells- Meteor, Quake or Flare.

Meteor: Maria fires three meteorites to follow the enemy, creating a minute explosion if they touch the opponent or one another. Quake: Maria slams an arrow into the ground, causing a pillar of earth to erupt from underground. Flare: Similar to The Emperor's Flare. A large orb of fire follow hovers in the air, exploding after a short time.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Equipped Artemis Bow Ex Mode Maria equips her ultimate weapon, the Artemis Bow. While in EX Mode, Maria gains Regen, restoring her HP over time, as well as Mercy, protecting her from Break for the duration of the EX Mode.
Magic Arrow Ex Burst Maria fires a Fire spell followed by a Blizzard spell and ends with a Thunder Spell. For each spell, the player must hold down a button until the gauge is filled. If all three gauges are filled within the time limit, Maria uses Elemental Barrage to fire a Fire, Blizzard and Thunder Arrow at the enemy, causing three hits of BRV damage and one final HP attack.

Sara Altney[edit | edit source]


Sara Altney is a protagonist in Final Fantasy III. Sara is the daughter of King Sasune, and therefore, the Princess of Sasune. She seems to have feelings towards her knight, Ingus, which he appears to return. She set out to banish the Djinn using the Mythril Ring to lift the curse from her kingdom.

Sara is a Regenerator in battle, utilizing her White Magic spells to defend herself. Sara is almost purely defensive, possessing very little offensive Brave Attacks. Her main gimmick is using her Cure spell to rapidly gain BRV points to power up her HP Attacks. Her offensive BRV Attacks are very weak, causing little damage and pushing the enemy away from her. Her strategy consists of guarding against attacks, pushing them away and using Cure to boost her BRV until she can effectively damage the enemy's HP.

Sara's main costume is her attire from the Nintendo DS remake, consisting of her blue dress and headdress. Her first alternate outfit is her NES attire, dying her dress red and white, transforming her headdress into a white tiara and dying her hair red. Her second alternate outfit resembles the Princess Sara of Final Fantasy I, turning her hair green, her tiara gold and her dress lavender.

Sara can equip Rods, Staves, Hats, Hairpins, Bangles, Clothes and Robes.

Sara's Manikin is called Counterfeit Princess and is colored aqua.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Cure Ground Sara emits a light from her staff that raises her BRV points the longer the button is held down.
Aero Ground Sara fires three blades of wind in an arc in front of her. Connects to Aeroga, which creates a vortex of wind that continuously damages the enemy.
Teleport Aerial [Similar to Exdeath's Reverse Polarity] Allows Sara to teleport around the stage freely. Causes no damage.
Blizzard Ground/Aerial Fires a pillar of ice to push the enemy back. Connects to Blizzaga, causing several shards of ice to follow the enemy as they are pushed backwards.
Protect Ground/Aerial Sara creates a magical shield in front of her to deflect all attacks. Proper timing is required for deflecting physical attacks.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Toad Ground Sara summons a toad to drop down on the head of the enemy.
Tornado Aerial [Similar to Terra's Tornado] A vortex of wind surrounds Sara, drawing in the enemy and then blowing them away.
Holy Ground/Aerial Sara conjures several small, speedy orbs that home in on the enemy and then a larger orb is fired straight forward, exploding on impact.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Job Change: Devout Ex Mode Sara upgrades her job from White Mage to Devout, swapping her Ice Staff for the Holy Wand. She gains Regen, as well as Angel's Robe. Angel's Robe upgrades several of her defensive abilities. It changes Cure to Curaja, causing a much larger BRV recovery rate, and Protect gains a much larger radius of protection.
Summon: Djinn Ex Burst Sara attempts to summon the Djinn from the Mythril Ring. In a manner similar to OK, Sara must select the Mythril Ring from the Items menu. If successful, the Djinn will be summoned and enchant his swords with fire, slashing six consecutive times and ending with a pillar of fire exploding on the enemy. If unsuccessful, Sara will merely use Holy.

Tonberry King[edit | edit source]

FF8 Tonberry King.png

Tonberry King is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. As his name implies, he is the king of all tonberries who seeks revenge on all tonberries that are killed in the Centra Ruins. He attempts to kill Squall and his group after they begin killing Tonberries, only to be defeated and instead join their group as a Guardian Force.

Tonberry King is the Lethal Giant of battle. He is considerably larger than most of the other characters, however, he is also one of the slowest. To counter this, he uses attacks like Light of Penance and Words of Bane to deter the enemy from attacking him at full power. His attacks are rather slow, however, they are extremely powerful if they connect. He has a variety of different Brave Attacks, but he possesses only one HP Attack, with several different varieties.

Tonberry King's main costume is based on his appearance from Final Fantasy VIII. His first alternate costume resembles the Tonberry Queen from The Crystal Bearers. His second alternate outfit resembles the Tonberry Chefs, changing his brown robe to a white chef shirt with a red bandanna and replacing his crown with a chef's hat.

The Tonberry King can equip Daggers, Swords, Gauntlets, Hairpins, Hats, Clothing, Robes and Light Armor.

Tonberry King's Manikin is named Transient Tonberry and is colored dark green.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Light of Penance Ground/Aerial TK shoots a beam of light from his eyes that temporarily stuns enemies if it connects. Can be charged for a longer stun time.
It's Sharp! Ground Tonberry King lunges forwards and rapidly stabs the enemy ten times. The first blow starts off extremely weak, but the power of the combo increases with each successful hit.
Royal Crown Aerial Tonberry King takes off his crown and throws it in a downward arc in front of him. Has a high chance of a critical hit.
Chef's Knife Ground Tonberry King leaps forwards and jabs at the enemy with his knife, pushing them far away. If the attack connects just right and the tip of the knife hits the enemy, then the damage is doubled.
Words of Bane Ground/Aerial Mutters a curse that summons a single spirit from TK's lantern to haunt an enemy, sealing an enemy's summons temporarily.
Death Ground Tonberry King enchants his dagger with dark energy, extending it's length and causing it curve upward to resemble a scythe. He proceeds to perform a Vertical Slash and a Lateral Slash before stabbing it deep into the opponent's gut.
Throat Stab Ground TK holds up his knife to the enemy's throat performs a quick slit, causing them to fall onto the floor. Acts as if they had slammed into the ground, adding Wall Rush damage. Extremely slow, but very powerful.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Junk Ground Tonberry summons junk to damage the enemy.
  • Pot: A small frying pan forms above the enemy's head that drops onto them after a short period of time. (60%)
  • Wine Bottle: TK throws a large wine bottle at the enemy that, upon impact, opens and shoots a stream of wine. High chance of a Wall Rush. (25%)
  • Soccer Ball: TK throws a soccer ball that rapidly increases in speed and becomes encased in flames the longer it remains on the stage. The longer it stays, the more damage it causes. (15%)
Junk Aerial Tonberry summons junk to damage the enemy.
  • Pot: A small frying pan forms above the enemy's head that drops onto them after a short period of time. (60%)
  • Kettle: TK drops a kettle straight down, with boiling water that streams out the sides as it falls. (25%)
  • Television: TK hurls a massive television at the enemy, creating a giant shockwave one it reaches the ground. (15%)

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Oversoul Ex Mode A dark aura surrounds TK as the souls of the dead give him power. He gains both Regen, which restores his HP over time, and Voodoo, which randomly enchants his attacks to cause Instant Break to his opponents.
Everyone's Grudge Ex Burst The Tonberry King attempts to call upon the spirits of the dead to destroy his enemy. TK slowly swings his lantern like a pendulum and the analog stick must match his movements three times for a successful EX Burst. If successful, spirits swarm the enemy and devour them with Everyone's Grudge. If unsuccessful, TK instead throws a television at the enemy for a single hit.

Leila[edit | edit source]

Amano Layla.jpg

Leila is a protagonist in Final Fantasy II. She is a pirate captain who originally tries to attack Firion and his friends, but after being defeated, has a change of heart and decides to instead help Firion and his crew by lending them her own pirate ship to use as they wish.

Leila is a Lightning Chainer in battle. Her attacks require that the player time their button pressing to extend the attack, effectively increasing the overall amount of hits and damage dealt. She is rather versatile, utilizing both her dagger and longsword, as well as her bow and Bolt spell. She is extremely fast, matching the speed of Zidane, but unfortunately being rather weak in comparison to the other warriors.

Leila's main outfit resembles her PSP attire, with purple clothing and blue hair. Her first alternate costume is her Sprite appearance, turning her brunette and making her clothes blue. Her second alternate costume is her outfit from her Amano artwork, slightly changing the color of her clothes and adding various parts to her costume.

Leila can equip Daggers, Swords, Thrown Weapons, Gauntlets, Hairpins, Hats, Clothing, Robes and Light Armor.

Leila's Manikin is named Imitation Captain and is colored a mix of indigo and violet.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Hack and Slash Ground Performs a diagonal slice with her longsword, followed by a jab to the stomach with the blade and ending with a spinning slice dealing low Brave damage.
Barrage Aerial Fires a single powerful arrow at the enemy, followed up by three arrows shot in a wide arc and ending with four arrows that home in on the enemy for low Brave damage.
Dancing Dagger Ground Stabs the opponent with her dagger and continues by slashing twice in an "X" formation and ends with a thunder-charged dagger slash for low to moderate Brave damage.
Bolt Aerial Calls a single thunder bolt to fall from the sky, followed by a casting of Bolt 4, summoning four lightning bolts to close in around the enemy. Ends with Bolt 6, calling six bolts of lightning to consecutively strike the foe for moderate Brave Damage.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Lightning Strike Aerial Leila flips backwards in the air and throws a dagger downwards towards the enemy. Once the dagger connects, a lightning bolt strikes the enemy for low Brave and HP damage.
Ripper Ground Draws her Cat Claws and spins round in a circle, creating a whirlwind that draws the enemy into her. As the vortex expands, lightning bolts strike the center around Leila for moderate Brave and HP damage.
Bolt Arrow Aerial [Similar to Straightarrow] Charges an arrow with electric energy and fires it, causing consecutive hits for low Brave and HP damage.
Thundaga Ground Creates a field of electricity around Leila that traps enemies, dealing several weak hits of Brave damage, ending with a final burst of lightning for HP damage.

Ex Mode

Type Name Description
Bloody Rogue Ex Mode Leila utilizes her magical capabilities and casts both Blink and Haste on herself, increasing the speed of her attacks and causing her attacks to cause even more hits for more overall damage.
Dead Men Tell No Tales Ex Burst Leila summons her pirate crew to come and attack the enemy. The corresponding buttons must be pressed in the correct rhythm so the crew attacks the enemy in quick succession, followed by a combo by Leila dealing massive Brave and HP damage.

Vossler York Azelas[edit | edit source]

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Tri-attack Ground A standard three-hit combo consisting of an overhead slash, followed by a horizontal slice and ending with a jab to the stomach. In EX Mode, the combo can be repeated up to four more times, creating a total of 12 attacks.
Wither Ground A slow and powerful horizontal blow with his greatsword that causes Defense Crush. If dodged, Vossler staggers for a considerable length of time.
Crescent Moon Aerial Swings his sword upwards, sending out a slim wave of energy driectly in front of him. Can be chained into Sickle Moon.
Arc Blade Ground Quickly swipes the ground with his greatsword, staggering the opponent, and then delivering a powerful overhead blow. Wall Rush.
Addle Ground A swift thrust with his greatsword causes the opponent to become staggered for an extended period of time. If dodged, Vossler becomes staggered for a considerable length of time.
Reflect Aerial Reaches out his palm directly in front of him and creates a magical barrier that deflects all physical and magical Brave attacks. Does not protect him against HP attacks. If an attack is deflected, can be chained into Power Slash.
Shear Ground Slashes horizontally with his greatsword. Deals no damage but reduces the damage done by all of the opponents' Brave attacks.
Balance Ground Casts a spell that conjures six swords of light to strike the enemy, causing more damage the lower Vossler's HP is.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Souleater Aerial Drains 5% of Vossler's own HP to attack with a powerful blow with his greatsword followed by a blast of dark energy.
Grave Ground Traces his sword along the ground and slashes upwards, sending pillars of earth bursting out of the ground directly in front of him.
Shockwave Ground Plants his sword in the ground, causing explosions to occur below the enemy's feet several time. Has a long recovery time.
Telekinesis Aerial Slashes six consecutive times with his sword, sending out waves of energy from his blade with each slash.
Herculean Slash Ground Performs a guard-breaking uppercut with his blade, followed by blades of light that stab the enemy for a finishing blow.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Sickle Moon Aerial Spins rapidly with his sword, creating a vortex of wind that draws the enemy into it and finishes with a final burst of wind.
Power Slash Aerial Spins forward and sends his sword crashing down on the enemy from above, causing them to plummet to the earth below. Wall Rush.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
Enraged EX Mode Vossler casts Enrage on himself, surrounding himself in a red, Berserk-esque aura.
  • Regen- gradually restores HP over time
  • Haste- increases movement speed
  • Enrage- allows for longer combos by allowing Vossler to continously attack without rest
Nightmare Ex Burst Vossler repeatedly strikes with his greatsword, in a manner similar to Tri-attack while in EX Mode. The O button must be pressed in time with his strikes. If succesful, Vossler will summons blades of darkness to strike the enemy and then use Grave to crush the enemy. If unsuccesful, the attack will skip to Grave.

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