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Name Razordash
A.K.A Razor
Job Class thief/mage
Hometown anybodys guess
Date of Birth 1988
Age 23
Height not tall enough...
IQ good enough
Weapon daggers, rods, swords
Spells Flare, Haste, mighty guard
Summons Bahamut
Limit breaks I've yet to learn mine. (Who needs one?)
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Prima Vista
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Flan's Elbow Colosseum

A little about me

Just on an important note: My english isn't perfect but it's not horrible. I'm perhaps the fastest 5 finger pecker in the world (don't ask why 5) but it comes with alot of errors.

My account name is Razordash, I'm 23 years old and I tend to use slang words often. I love Final Fantasy and think that every single main title I've played is good. I do keep an open-mind on topics, but I have my own strong opinions as well. I'm a male, and a pretty emotional one... I care about how other's feel so as long as they are on my good side. I will never mock someone elses favorite game, characters, whatever. I do make some jokes over them, but I promise i'm not trying to be rude. I am willing to lend a hand if I'm capable of helping.

I've not been active for quite some time. But I have not completely forgotten the Wiki, I still enjoy most the good contributors here. I visit every now and the, I just won't be active like before.

My favorite Main titles from top to bottem
This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
The first final fantasy I ever 'got into'. therefore it's my most favorite, Clouds my second most favorite character, he use to be number one until 2008. Second Final Fantasy I've ever played. At that time I was pretty young. Sephiroth is my most favorite villain however
This user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
Zidanes my most favorite Character. he's the 'ONLY' monkey-tailed character I ever liked in anything. this is also my second most favorite FF. I've played this game in 2008, There were multible reasons why I was reluctant to try it, I'm finally glad I did. If I played this as soon as it came out, I might of had a different opinion compared to what I was back then, so maybe this was just perfect timing?
This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
This game was my very first final fantasy, however at the time I played it I would hardly ever read the game script. in other words I never really got into the story. I have just recently replayed the PS1 version of the game, and I'm enjoying the game more than I ever had. I've had a few re-considerations of favorite characters, but otherwise most favorites are the same. I've made it my 3rd most favorite
This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
This game was really my favorite story most of the way, but since I played IX I'm not sure which Final Fantasy IX, or X story is better. While Tidus was a good character, he just never really stood out to me, he's still alright, I'm not a real fan of X-2 i'm afraid either. oh almost forgot, Auron is the best character on here in my opinion. Moved FFVI past FFX for 3rd but otherwise I don't like FFX any less.
This user has completed Final Fantasy XIII.
I bought the PS3 specifically for this and one other game, The story in my opinion was almost as good as IX, and X. Also Lightning and Snow ended up being my most favorite characters from this Title, the only thing that kept me fromputting it any higher was the fact that it's just too much point A to point B. :(
This user has completed Final Fantasy IV.
My friend had this, So I played it off him, Cecil wasn't too bad of a character I thought, but I wouldn't consider him one my most favorite Kain was pretty cool too, what makes this interesting for me was in fact Kains and his Jealousy towards Cecil. And a fairly good story.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
Entertaining story, unique junction system made this game fun, although Squall started off the wrong foot when he had a rather rude attitude, but I eventually started to like him more when he started acting more mature, I kinda also like his Kingdom Hearts personality a little better. He's actually turning out to be another one of my favorites.
This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
My same friend had this game on his Ps1, so I thought I try it out, this game was pretty hard at the very beginning if you ask me, but once I got use to it, it was much easier. I had a chance to replay the ps1 version more recently. First thing that stood out to me is Lenna=Reina... Gilgamesh is still the bomb. And some of the characters have become more enjoyable. Job Class change was best part on here, and I must say I think it's the best leveling system of all Final Fantasys.
This user has completed Final Fantasy II.
My most recent completetion. Final Fantasy II was unique and that's what made the game interesting to play all the way to the end non-stop. On the other hand I must say it has the worse leveling system I've ever seen. And boss difficulty was hard at the start, but easy at the end. But still, the game was wonderful and I'm glad that I got the chance to play it.
This user has completed Final Fantasy XII.
So you could say this is my least favorite of the bunch but It's not bad, Balthier is one of my most favorites. The story one my first playthrough was hard for me to understand, Also Vaan... erm, not bad, just not interesting...at all. Many people tell me he's more love-able in Dissidia 012... I think a better word for me is less hate-able. At least his bravery game is awesome.
Favorite things

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Best Characters Zidane Cloud Zack Gau
Villain Sephiroth Kefka Kuja Exdeath
IV Character Kain Cecil Rydia Dr. Lugae
V Character Gilgamesh Cid Bartz Exdeath
VI Character Locke Celes Kefka Gau
VII Character Cloud Tifa Sephiroth Vincent
VIII Character Squall Rinoa Seifer Ultimecia
IX Character Zidane Vivi Garnet Quina/Rusty
X Character Auron Yuna Tidus Wakka
XII Character Balthier Batch Gabranth Vaan
XIII Character Snow Lightning Sazh Hope
Dissidia 012 favorite characters and builds

Main; Zidane

Subs lv1; Squall, Sephiroth, Cloud, Kain

Subs lv2; Golbez, Kefka, Tifa, Emperor

Personallity; Game names me either a Tactician or Vicious commonly.

(I accidently erased my saved data in the first game, so you could say when I started 012 I was starting all over again back to square one...)

Favorite Dissidia buildsfor most characters

The changes in Accesory effects is mostly dissapointing, I managed however to find a few builds.

Ex Mode build

Equipment Artifact (Excalipoor) (+2 Ex force range, and +7 chase damage)
Artifact (don't remember) (+4% BRV on block, and +71% EXP)
Artifact (Thornlet) (EX Core Appearance Boost+, and +30% Bravery Recovery)
Artifact (Maximillian) (+5% Physical defense, and 74% EXP)

Pearl Necklace
Silver hourglass
Center of the World
After Summon User
EX Mode
Maintain EX Mode
Assist gauge empty
Pre-EX Revenge
Close to you


Dissidia 012 Character levels and favorite abilities

* means all abilities mastered.

Characters Levels Favorite attack
Warrior of Light 100 Bitter End
Garland 100 Flare
Firion 100 Shield Bash
The Emperor 100 Bombard
Onion Knight 26 Sword Shower
Cloud of Darkness 100 (Anti Air) Particle Beam
Cecil 100 Shadow Bringer
Golbez 100 Cosmic ray
Kain Highwind 100 Jump
Bartz Klauser 100 Holy
Exdeath 100 Shell
Gilgamesh 100 Hurricane
Terra 100 Thundara
Kefka Palazzo 100 Scatter Blizzaga
Cloud Strife 100 Omni-slash V5
Sephiroth 100 Sudden Cruelty
Tifa Lockhart 100 elbow smash
Squall Leonhart 100 Beat Fang
Ultimecia 100 Knight's spear
Laguna 100* Pummel
Zidane Tribal 100* Meotwister
Kuja 100 Ultima
Tidus 100 Hot step
Jecht 100 Jecht Block
Yuna 100 diamond dust
Shantotto 100 Stun
Prishe 100 Spinning attack
Vaan 100 Greatsword
Gabranth 100 Innocence
Lightning 100 thunder
Feral Chaos 100 Spite
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TSW This user has watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.
Shortcut copy and paste codes

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Credit to people who helped me

Jim: For being the first person to help me with just about everything. She is the first person I generally go to if I have a problem, or need some advice. She also encourages me to try and do what I can on the Wiki and that not everyone is perfect. Jim helped me out with my front page, without her help it wouldn't look like what it did today.

DrakeyC: Drake isn't somebody who you'd want to tick off, but get to know him he's not a bad guy. He helped me with my Talk Bubble, and gave me some pointers how to write a guide (although I rarely get around to actually writing them...) If Jim is not available Drake is probably the second person I go to for approval before I do something I might regret. Drake has tollerated my ignorance and showed me how to properly edit the Wiki (I sadly still make some mistakes).

Caliburn: One of the first ones to introduce me to the Wiki and everything about it. Although I don't really chat with her much I owe her credit for showing me some codings and helping me out with my front page.

Blueseye: I actually don't know Blue very well compared to the others I know, but has been willing to help when I asked on a few things. All credit geos to him for helping me with my advertisement box, the thing was really hard to figure out.

SN: I was interested in doing an Arena and SN explained to me how the Collumn and Row spans worked. With his help I was able to build my own arena with my own coding. All credit goes to'm for helping me set up the Prima Vista Stage.

Sorceror Nobodies challenges

Dissidia 012

"You've awakened the genius!"
This special gold-plated award is to certify that this user is the first person
who has completed SN's Challenge #04 with Laguna!

Do you have some kind of grinding fetish? Wait, I know. You just like getting
the shineh awards, don't you? Yeah, you're obviously in awe of SN's artistry.

Congratulations, Razordash!

"This is gonna be a flashy show."
This special gold-plated award is to certify that this user is the first person
who has completed SN's Challenge #04 with Zidane!

Do you have some kind of grinding fetish? Wait, I know. You just like getting
the shineh awards, don't you? Yeah, you're obviously in awe of SN's artistry.

Congratulations, Razordash!

User: Colosseum awards

FEC Um... Yeah, Weird Award
This is to certify that Razordash has voted in at
least 50 fights in the Flan's Elbow Colosseum
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