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Name Queen Mimi
A.K.A Mimi
Job Class Paladin
Hometown Grangemouth
Date of Birth 16/03/1993
Age 15
Height 1m 55cm
IQ normal
Weapon Sword of Kings
Spells Firaga, Reflectga, Dark
Summons Valefor, Brothers
limit breaks Renzokuken

Hey, my name is Queen Mimi and I am from Grangemouth, Scotland and I support Falkirk football club, my local team. I go to Grangemouth High School with some of my friends. I like a lot of girly things like make up. I love final fantasy, and my favorite is Final Fantasy VIII. My first was Tactics advanced which i now detest. I love muaic and film, my favorites being Kings of leon, Meatloaf, The bourne Identity and the Incredible hulk. All ubėr cool. If you have not heard or seen any of them slap yourslef. Hard.


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