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Zargabaath on alexander

Even a stray has pride ~Gabranth

Name Wesley
A.K.A Lionlostintime or Pyarox
Hometown Almere, Netherlands
Date of Birth June 29, 1992
Age 18
Video Games Final Fantasy series, Jrpg's and fighting games
Favorite Final Fantasy main series Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy VIII
Favorite Final Fantasy prequels, sequels, spin-offs & related titles Dissidia Final Fantasy,
Favorite Final Fantasy heroes Tidus, Terra Branford, Squall Leonhart, Zell, Balthier, Lightning, Zack Fair, Rikku,
Favorite Final Fantasy villains Kefka, Seymour, Gilgamesh, Seifer, Exdeath,
Job Class Judge Magister,

about me Edit

who the F**k are you?! Edit

just your avarage phycotic genius

nah im really just a student who loves gaming anime and manga, the game genre's i love the most are jrpg's and fighting games,

anime stuff: Edit

my favourite anime is Claymore, but i also really enjoyed One piece, Naruto, Soul eater, and D-Gray man the Anime's i've watched can be found here:,

if you want to discuss any of the anime's on that list, you know where to find me (here),

and now the stuff you dont care:Edit

im 18 years old and im studying media designing and im on my 3rd year

top 10 final fantasy chars Edit

Rank Name Game
#1 Gabranth Final Fantasy XII
#2 Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI
#3 Tidus Final Fantasy X
#4 Kefka Pallazo Final Fantasy VI
#5 Seifer Almasy Final Fantasy VIII
#6 Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII
#7 Kuja Final Fantasy IX
#8 Kain Highwind Final Fantasy IV
#9 Gilgamesh Final Fantasy V,VIII,XII
#10 Lightning (Clair) Farron Final Fantasy XIII

The judges Cinema Edit

Gabranth's Redemption Edit

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my fastest dissidia kill without summons or breakable accessory Edit

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misc Tables Edit

Category Best Second best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy XI
Main Character Tidus Terra Squall Firion
Male Character Tidus Zack Seifer Vaan
Female Character Terra Lightning Tifa Krile
Villain Kefka Kuja Sephiroth Cloud of darkness
Minor Villain Seifer Gabranth Gilgamesh Borghen
World Ivalice Spira FFV coccoon
Warrior Tidus Zack Squall Cloud
Black Mage Terra Rydia Lulu Kytes
White Mage Yuna Rosa Porom Minwu
Monk Zell Tifa Sabin Josef (FF II)
Dragoon Kain Fang Cid Highwind Ward
Summoner Yuna Rydia Garnet Eiko
Thief Rikku Locke Vaan Leila
Bubbly Ditz Rikku Vanille Yuffie Krile
Summon Odin Anima Leviathan Magus sisters (they never do whats told)
Limit Breaks Renzokuken: Lionheart Army of one My Final Heaven (Zell) Slice &^Dice

userbox Edit

About Me}
Userb male This user is a male.
User cancer This user is a Cancerian.
StraightsymbolThis user identifies as heterosexual.
Christianity This user identifies as Christian.
Userb firecrystal This user is of the Fire element.
en-5 This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English.
IThis user has completed Final Fantasy.
IIThis user has completed Final Fantasy II.
IIIThis user has completed Final Fantasy III.
IVThis user has completed Final Fantasy IV.
V This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
VI This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
VII This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
VIII This user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
IXThis user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
X This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
XII This user has completed Final Fantasy XII.
XIII This user has completed Final Fantasy XIII.
X-2 This user has completed Final Fantasy X-2.
CC This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
D This user has completed Dissidia Final Fantasy.
VI This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.
X This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
VIII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VIII.
D This user is a fan of Dissidia Final Fantasy.
LO This user watched Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.
AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
0 This user has completed 0
of 300 missions in Crisis Core.
FFXIII-LightningUserbox This user has 1000 / 1000 points in Final Fantasy XIII.
45 This user has completed 45
of 45 hunts in Final Fantasy XII.
Userbox 360 This user owns a 360.
Userbox psp This user owns a PSP.

Userbox wii This user owns a Wii.

Squallmenu This user thinks that Nomura's art is better than the others.
Pro Amano This user thinks that Amano's art is better than the others.
Nobuo UematsuThis user thinks Nobuo Uematsu's music is unmatched
FF4PSP-KainSprite You'll see soon enough that this user is superior.
FF4PSP-RydiaSprite This user has you whipped.
FF4PSP-TellahSprite This user thinks you are a Spoony Bard.
FFV Bartz Freelancer Sprite iOS This user is... kind of afraid of heights.
FFV Krile Freelancer Sprite iOS Tears don't suit this user.
FFV Lenna Freelancer Sprite iOS It's safe. See, watch this user eat it.
FFV iOS Gilgamesh Field Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! As for this user... It's Morphing Time!
Exdeath-ffv-ios-portrait Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand this user's motives.
FFVI Celes Chere Sprite iOS This user is a soldier, not some love-starved twit.
FFVI Kefka Laugh iOS This user is a son of a submariner.
Userbox ff7-cloud This user is not interested.
Userbox ff7-tifa Right now, this user feels they have to push themselves to the limit.
Sephiroth icon This user is an Heir to the Planet.
Userbox ff7-yuffie This user is totally clueless.
Userbox ff7-vincent This user's occupation is... forget it.
Userbox CCzack This user is SOLDIER 2nd Class!
CissneiUserbox This user believes wings symbolize freedom for those who have none.
Zellmenu D-do you have any hot dogs left for this user?
Irvinemenu What is this user's department? Guns and women of course.
Userbox ffX-rikku You beat this user up, remember? That really hurt you know!
Luluface This user thinks you're a little lacking in the imagination department.
Kimahriface This user thinks only those who try will become.
Userbox ffX-seymour This user robs the cradle.
Userbox ffX-jecht This user thinks you got tall, but you're all bones.
BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
JGabranth Icon Your lives end at this user's blade!
SnowUserBox This user will Save Cocoon.
SazhUserBox This user believes in Lady BAD Luck.
HopeUserbox There is hope for this user after all.
Userbox-DGarland This user will crush you!
Userbox-DFirion There is only one path this user must follow!
Userbox-DBartz The winds of victory are blowing this user's way!
Userbox-DTerra This user will never lose sight of his/her dream!
Userbox-DKefka This user can't stop laughing!
Userbox-DZidane Does this user need a reason to help someone?
Userbox-DTidus This user doesn't mean to sound selfish, but this is his/her story.
Userbox-DJecht There's no shame in losing to this user!
Terra Branford menu This user is a wanderer of time.
FFVAGilgameshmenu This user has battled on the big bridge.
ShinryuBox This user has defeated Shinryu in Final Fantasy I, V,.
OmegaBox This user has defeated Omega in Final Fantasy I, V, VI, VIII, X, XII.
ZeromusBox This user has defeated Zeromus EG.
KaiserBox2 This user has defeated Kaiser Dragon.
RubyBox This user has defeated Ruby Weapon.
EmeraldBox This user has defeated Emerald Weapon.
YiazmatBox This user has defeated Yiazmat.
Ozma This user has defeated Ozma.
Sephiroth iconThis user thinks Sephiroth is overrated

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