Puck "Cibancuim" Udroc
Eye color Awesome Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde, 16inches
Laterality Slightly Ambidextrous, mostly right-handed
Location Philly
Weapon(s) Gunblade arm-attachment
Job type(s) Student, Musician, Thief
Special skill(s) Pickpocketing, Stealing, Persuasion, People-skills, Music, fighting, punching, shooting, wrestlinng, Four-square
Limit Break Smooth Talk

Video games Edit

Puck "Cibancuim" Udroc has been an avid Video Game fan for a long time. Throughout the many gamingyears, he has played titlessuch as Mario, Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Spyyro, Earthworm Jim, Jak and Daxter, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater.

Final Fantasy Edit

His 2nd favorite series, Puck has enjoyed Final Fantasy games ever since playing Final Fantasy I on Gameboy. Unfortunately, he got into other game, but got back on the FF Wagon at Final Fantasy VII. Since them, he ha pplayed and beaten Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, and sampled Final Fantasy XI.

Favorites in FF (sorry for stealing AuronKaizer, it's one of my special skills) Edit

Video Game integration Edit

Throughout his experience playing Viedo Games, he has introduced his own character into the gaes in fanfics and forum rpg's.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

A Former member of The Turks, Puck Udroc was a skilled fighter. When working for Shinra, he had a hand in numerous mission including the gaining of Territories such as Junon and Corel. When a Veteran Member of the Turks, a few new members joined with quite a pontential: Reno and his friend Rude. He helped teach them the basic of the Turks, including who to, and not to, trust. When he was instructed to take Reno, Rude, and Tseng, to Nibelhiem and kill Vincent Valentine. Being a former friend and fellow Turk of Vincent, He started leading the squad to the Mt. Nibel and told them at the summit that he was going to quit the Turks, and live in Nibelhiem with Vincent. enraged with the fact that another was going to quit the Turks, Tseng pulled out his pistol and shot Puck. Seeing their fellow Turk wounded by Tseng, reno and Rude attacked Tseng together and almost defeated him, but Tseng pushed them back with Magic, knocking them out. Usinghs last strength, Puck summoned a being to fly him to Cosmo Canyon. There, he rested, until Tseng, now with Reno and Rude, who believed puck an enemy now, mmet him and defeated him, throwing his body into the Ocean.

Final Fantasy VIII Edit

Born and raised in Balamb, Puck Udroc had always had an interest in fighting. The main thing that pushe him into joining the Garden, saving his mom from a Bite Bug when Balamb got swarmed by them. He looked out the window and saw a bunch of Graden Security, SeeD, town civilians such as his father, and even Headmaster Cid Kramer fighting off the monsters. He loved how they used a combination of Magic and fighting to destroy the monsters and save the city. Then, the house shook as a Bite Bug entered the house and him and his mom ran into the garage. The Bite Bug chased them there, and Puck grabbed his father's biggest sledgehammer and swung as hard as he could into the bug, killing it instantly. a year later, he was enrolled into the Garden. He was the only person in the Garden to use a Hammer as a weapon, but he outfitted it with a special switch on the bottom to protrude a blade at the bottom, and also used a Metallic Alloy covering on it so it would never break, even when struck directly with a sword. He got to do his SeeD test and won with flying colours by saving Balamb when a mysterious monster was attacing by Sea. He grabbed a vessel, and rode it to the mmonster and rode along side of it, using his hammers blade and severed may of its limbs, with the help of other student's blades and magic. he jumped on the monster's back and saw a Magician controlling it, so he leaped and slammed down right on the magicians arm and released his magical old on the beast, where Puck grabbed him, jumped on another students vessel and the three rode back to the Garden, where both he and his partner where made Seeds and the Magician was captured and sent to Galbadia Prison. He ws used on many missions in his days as a SeeD, and one day, the Garden Security started attacking SeeDs and looking for Cid. He was instructed to hold his own and keep Cid hidden. Eventually, he chased a few Garden Security back to their boss, NORG and fought many Security ad NORg himself, where he was hit in the heart by thunder magic and died instantly.

Final Fantasy X Edit

Born and raised in Home, Puck Udroc never got much of a chance to see the rest of Spira. When he was 18, Home was attacked by Guado and their magic, and he was ordered to the Summnoners' Sanctum to guard the Summoners. As soon as he got there, a Wendigo burst in, forcing Puck to fight. After defeating several fiends, he was re-ordered to prep the airship. He soon left Home and chatted with Gippal for a lot of the ride. After dropping off the Lady Yuna's guardian at Bevelle, he was dropped off at the Calm Lands and him and several others, including Gippal, were ordered to Mt. Gagazet to negotiate with the Ronso to let Yuna pass. As soon as he tried to negotiate with them, a tall, blonde Ronso stood up in front of him and told him to leave. Right when he refused, the Ronso punched him in the stomach and knocked him off the edge down to the base. Luckily, he was able to throw and Al Bhed landing balloon and survived the fall. Afterwards, several others fell, Gippal being the only one to also save himself. Afterwards, Gippal told him to come with him to Guadosalam. There, they argued with the Guado to get them to forgive the Suummoner, but to no avail. Only thing to come out of that the Guado attacked them. Luckily, Gippal threw and Al Bhed flashbomb and the two were able to escape. After that, they wandered around untl they were able to find a safe haven for a few years.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Two years later, Gippal and Puck and become very good friends, especially after Puck saved Gippal's life when he got lost in the desert, earning Puck the nickname "Cibancuim" and Gippal's enternal trust. He gained a high position in the Machine Faction, and was given the task, by Gippal, to scout out more places for excavaton, machine work and research. After a while of searching, he found the man who gathered all Al bhed in Spira to meet at home, Cid. He was wandering the Thunder Plains, looking lost. Puck found out that he had shamed himelf by making Zanarkand a theme park. Puck sympathized with him, and told him that he always had a place in the Machine Faction. He left the Thunder Plains and headed back to Djose where he met Gippal on the way. Gippal told him that he had to go do something important and to take care of tings in Spira, especially make sure Yuna, Rikku, and Paine were okay. When he got back to Djose, Rikku and Paine were leaving the Temple, worried. It turns out that Yuna fell into the hole in the temple. Puck told Rikku that Gippal told him to keep care of things in the area, and asked if he could do anything to help. Rikku said to try and find out where Gippal, Nooj, and [[Baralai] were. Puck contacted Nhadala and told her about Gippal's orders, and told her since he can't get to the Island at the time that she has full permission to do whatever she felt required to keep control out there, short of killing all the excavators. After a while, he ws able to get everything he needed to in control, until he flew out to the desert and saw that they were being attacked out there. He imediately grapped his weapon and took the Al Bhed he brought with him to try and help stop the threat. Unfortunately, the fiends made sure that no Al bhed made it out of that fight.


Kingdom Hearts Edit

Alright, I wrote fanfics a while ago,this was my first set. Note, it has nothing to do with KH2, just 1. Also, it is in a script-type format. I made it in normal book format, but can't find it. once I do, i'll post it. Here's the link.

Other Edit

Besides playing Video Games, Puck Udroc enjoys music, stage crew, and Special Education.

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