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I am a long time fan of Final Fantasy and a long-time Wikia editor, though this is a new account of mine. I have previously edited extensively under another name, but have not used it for nearly a year, and will not say which for my own reasons. Wiki-editing, I spend a lot of my time on the Harry Potter Wiki, but I will help out here on occasion as time and interest permits.

I'm also currently the sole active admin/bureaucrat for the Eternal Sonata Wiki, a wiki about, of course, Eternal Sonata, another Japanese RPG which is set in a world based on the life of famous classical composer Frederic Chopin. If you're familiar with this game, or think this sounds interesting, then be sure to take a look - I've been working hard to post some great info there.

I am currently posting a fanfiction about Final Fantasy XIII-2 to If that interests you, take a look!

And now, a little diversion...

The Mechanics of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Time Travel

So, let me see if I have this worked out...

  • Using a device called the Time Gate, Serah and Noel can travel up and down to numerous places and times. This is, of course, impossible.
  • They can return at any time they like and find themselves exactly where they were before and things exactly as they left them. This is, of course, impossible.
  • Throughout their journey, they can shop for items from a mysterious merchant called Chocolina, who somehow always manages to find them no matter where they travel. This is, of course, impossible.
  • Using the help of a talking moogle, they can find fragments and treasure that have been phased out of time due to the effect of something called a paradox. This is, of course, impossible.
  • They can revisit as many times as they like and be sure of never meeting themselves because of the embarrassment this usually causes. This, even if the rest were true, is patently impossible.
  • They can lock the gates, allowing themselves to return to an area and play out events as if they had never visited in the first place.

This is not merely impossible, but clearly insane, which leads me to beleve that Serah and Noels' final destination is not, in fact, Valhalla, but rather, Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.