Well I figure that as I'm now going to try to be on this wiki a bit more, I may as well let you know a bit about myself, hard as these types of things are to write.

I've browsed this wiki for years, since around the time FFXIII came out, though I did not start editing with an account until about two and a half years ago. Originally, I made this account for the Final Fantasy Answers Wiki, a Q and A wiki dedicated to said series. I worked my up to mod, then admin, until I became the head bureaucrat of the site, but things unfortunately didn't work out: I'm currently awaiting a merge with the main site. I hope things go well.

So, about me.... there isn't much to say other than I'm rather introverted, but given the right crowd and some time to know people, I enjoy social interaction. I am, by my own admission, a bit of a procrastinator, but I'll get the job done when I need to.

Outside of Final Fantasy, I'm mostly into other JRPGs, a few western games, though not many, and I'm sort of an otaku. I'm not big on movies or TV, but I'm generally into science-fiction and stories with supernatural elements. I'm an amateur astronomer/planetary scientist and I'm building a career in writing. One of my proudest works is an ongoing fanfiction of the first Final Fantasy in which I incorporate a lot of elements from the two Dissidia games and some inspiration from other media I like. I'm about halfway through with it right now.

So I think that about does it. I suck at things like this, so.... yeah. Woot.

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