Name President Rufus Shinra
A.K.A President Shinra
Job Class Gunner
Hometown Midgar
Date of Birth 1984
Age 25
Height 5'9"
IQ 142
Weapon Shotgun
Spells N/A
Summons Dark Nation
Limit breaks none

"I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them."

—Rufus Shinra

Intro Edit

Welcome my loyal subjects, to my profile. As you can tell by my name, I am a big fan of Rufus Shinra! He is one of the most diabolical, smart, evil, manipulative villains to enter the realm of Final Fantasy. He is also in probably my favorite Final Fantasy's ever. Yes, I am a fan of Final Fantasy VII, so all you haters better deal with it because it is actually a good game. Haters of that game are just butt hurt that it is popular and they think that hating popular things is cool. Now I admit that fan boys for the game are annoying, but you still have to admit that FFVII is an incredible game.

Now on to my story as a Final Fantasy fan for those two people that are actually going to read this. I never knew about Final Fantasy until I went over to my friends house and watched him play Final Fantasy VII. I thought it looked so cool and I wanted a Final Fantasy of my own. I went out and immediately got Final Fantasy IX the next day. I loved it so much that I ended up getting the other Final Fantasy's. Well during my Final Fantasy adventures I used a lot of this wiki, to help me learn and have a better experience playing my Final Fantasy's. So after a while I just Decided to join. That's it with that.

Well I am open for if anyone wants to talk about, discuss, or argue anything about Final Fantasy. I am by no means a noob at Final fantasy having played all of them but FFIII and FFXIII, but I am a wiki noob and I will take any advise on how to help out and make this wiki better for all the other users that like this wiki like I do.

My Thoughts on Certain Things Edit

Well I'm going to start this off with some Final Fantasy VII thoughts because of all the hate and fanboy love of the game.

Cloud Dissidia Artwork

Cloud is cool

Cloud Strife: Well I personally loved Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. Everyone called him "Emo" and hated on the guy. But he wasn't really "emo" at all in the game. Maybe at the intro of the game he wasn't so personable. But Shadow from FFVI was like that too and no one complained about him, and shadow never became more personable ever in the entire game. Later Cloud gained character as the game progressed and became an awesome KICK ASS character. So stop hating you Haters of Cloud! He is awesome and you haters suck! But I have to agree with you though that Cloud was an Emo bitch in Advent Children though. That movie would have been so much better if he wasn't all gay and stuff.


cool, but doesn't deserve hype

Zack Fair: For this one I know I am going to get some hate, but Zack is overrated! I know Cloud is overrated too, but Cloud is a great character in a great game that deserves (or at least some of) the hype he gets. This is unlike Zack who appeared for only a couple seconds in Final Fantasy VII, and has a only decent game for himself. His game was just ehh.., and extremely repetitive, and he acted like a overly-hyper teenage girl for the whole first half of the game. He is O.K. but he does not deserve all the Hype he gets from people.

Favorite Characters and stuff Edit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Overall Protagonist Cloud Zidane Cecil Tidus Bartz (was a pussy and a total moron)
Overall Male Character Rufus Shinra Balthier Setzer Kain Shadow (way over-rated with no personality)
Overall Female Character Tifa Yuna Celes Garnet Krile (The girl of FFV that started the annoying character trend)
Villian Rufus Shinra Sephiroth Sin Kefka Exdeath (Really? an evil tree?)
Male Protagonist Cloud Zidane Cecil Tidus Bartz
Female Protagonist Yuna Celes Ashe Tifa Riona
Male Support Balthier Setzer Vivi Kain Guy (talking to beavers is a dumb ability)
Female Support Tifa Freya Fran Rydia Krile
FFIV Character Kain Cecil Golbez Rydia Edward (That Spoony Bard!)
FFVI Character Setzer Edgar Celes Kefka Umaro (Useless Yeti)
FFVII Character Rufus Shinra Tifa Cloud Sephiroth Yuffie (That bitch took my Materia!)
FFVIII Character Laguna Squall Quistis Biggs and Wedge Zell
FFX Character Auron Jecht Tidus Yuna Kimahri (Worthless and boring)
FFXII Character Balthier Gabranth Ashe Fran Panello (soooo annoying)
Job Class Dragoon Warrior Black Mage Time Mage Chemist (Mix is always terrible)
Weapon Sword Spear machine gun Handgun Fork (really? of all weapons you could make?)
Warrior of Cosmos Cloud Zidane Terra Firion Bartz
Warrior of Chaos Jecht Sephiroth Golbez Gabranth Cloud of Darkness
FFIX Eidolon Alexander Ark Bahamut Shiva None
FFX Aeon Ifrit Bahamut Valefor Shiva Anima
Overall Summon Alexander Bahamut Shiva Ark Cait Sith (from Crisis Core)

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