PanSola & FF[edit | edit source]

I am a long-time Final Fantasy fan, but I do not own any console systems >_<" did not used to own any console systems until the winter of 2009, when I bought the PS3 Lightning Edition just for the sake of FF13.

Final Fantasy games I have played:

  • FF1 (NES version, finished)
  • FF2 (NES version, started but didn't finish)
  • FF4 (SNES American butchered version, finished)
  • FF5 (SNES version, finished multiple times, my favorite)
  • FF6 (SNES version, started but didn't finish, watched my younger brother played who finished it)
  • FF7 (PC English version, finished)
  • FF8 (PC English version, finished)
  • FF9 (Japanese version, started, got to summoning of Alexandria)
  • FF10 (English version, started, got to the Monster Arena)
  • FF10-2 (English version, finished)
  • FF13 (PS3 Japanese version, finished)
  • FF Tactics (started)

FF5 is my favorite because of the Job system. It might also be a first-impression thing, since that's the first Final Fantasy I knew of, back when I was in elementary school and my classmate invited me to his house and watch him play on his SNES.

FF13 currently has my favorite skill system, where the earliest skills you learn in the game remain heavily useful at the end; additional skills you learn just give you more tactical advantage without making older skills obsolete.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • uberfuzzy: how is ff3? i've been thinking of trying it
  • Pan Sola: US or JA 3?
  • uberfuzzy: US
  • Pan Sola: Undisputedly the best story as far as old school FF fans are considered
  • Pan Sola: but I find it has way too many "main characters" for my preferences
  • Pan Sola: it doesn't follow a small group of ppl closely, but rather follows a hug group of campanions
  • uberfuzzy: wait... your talking about the final fantasy game
  • uberfuzzy: i was talking about firefox
  • Pan Sola: oh
  • Pan Sola: LOL

PanSola & Wiki[edit | edit source]

I'm fairly fluent in "wiki-fu", being the designer of a number of elaborate (yet simple to use) template systems on the GuildWiki. I am also well-versed in general wiki text, MediaWiki extensions, CSS, and Javascript. So let me know if you need any help with any of the above!

Most recently I've been hacking at Portable Infobox CSS styles on the ReLIFE Wiki, such as hacking it into a navbox.

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