"The mysterious young man who possesses unsurpassable skills in swordsmanship and airship navigation." —Description

"Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies." —Balthier

"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here." — Auron

Name Painerkiller
Job Class Gambler
Race Hume
Home Santa Maria - Azores - Portugal
Birth August 26, 1993
Height 1.67 m
Eyes/Hair Brown
Blood Type I don't care
My Best :) Intelligence, Persistence
My worst :( Satanism, Behaviour
Weapon Massamune; Zodiac Spear; Sagittarius; Tournesol; Ultima Blade, Excalibur
Spells Curaga; Firaga; Blizaga; Esuna etc...any spell that can save my life :P

Moi and Final FantasyEdit

About Me

Hello Travelers of Wikia for those that don't now me, I am the greatest Dark Kingth/Blue Mage! My name is Jon,but for you is painerkiller. I used to be Jonybig69 but i forgot my password :( I came from Azores - Portugal and I'm a fanatic for FINAL FANTASY. I began playing Final Fantasy when I was 8 year old and the first I played was Final Fantasy VII,and I played in a friends house. The first impression I had from the game was:'?What the fuk?! - This sucks!'. Seven years later I can't live without Final Fantasy, my favourite being - Final Fantasy XII. Me and my best friend henryacores, we are making videos about FF, using the FForDummies as nickname on Youtube. This is it, in my page you will now some more about my little world, that as the name by Final Fantasy. For me, FF is a way of living, and has I said i can't live without it. If you have anything to say talk to me :)

I am a Student, on the 10 grade, in the Scientific area. it may be hard for you to beleive, but I do other thinks that playing games and going to school, I love whatching movies and TV series, I like to swim, and pass a afternoon with my best friend henryacores


This time, I am working on some Videos for Youtube, more specifically Bosses battles In Final Fantasy I Dawn Of Souls. Here is the list of bosses that you will find in my user page:

Boss #1: Garland-Done

Boss #2: Pirates x9-Done

Boss #3: Piscodemon-Done

Boss #4: Astos-Done

Boss #5: Vampire-Done

Boss #6: Lich-Done

Boss #7: Marilith-Done

Boss #8: Evil Eye-Done

Boss #9: Dragon Zombie x2-Done

Boss #10: Kraken-Done

Boss #11: Blue Dragon-Done

Boss #12: Tiamat-Done

Boss #13: Final Boss-Done









Evil Eye-

Dragon Zombie X2-


Blue Dragon-


Final Boss(Chaos)-

Hope you like :P

Best ScoresEdit

  • Final Fantasy (PS1/GBA)- Completed
  • Final Fantasy II (GBA) - Completed
  • Final Fantasy III (Nes/DS) - Completed
  • Final Fantasy IV (SNES/GBA)- Completed
  • Final Fantasy V (SNES/GBA) - Completed.
  • Final Fantasy VI (GBA) - Completed
  • Final Fantasy VII - Completed
  • Final Fantasy VIII - Completed
  • Final Fantasy IX - Never played, but I wish it deeply.
  • Final Fantasy X - Djose Highroad
  • Final Fantasy X-2 - Completed But i dont like it (Sorry ladies, but women in charge just can't make it)
  • Final Fantasy XI - Hated it, you know the part of payment xD
  • Final Fantasy XII - Currently Playing
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Final Fanatsy Tactics The War of the Lions: currently
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: (Completed*)
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2:Completed
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Completed
  • Final Fantasy Chocobo Tales: in the begining
  • Chocobo Racing: I dont Like it and i only do a severel races.

  • Kingdom Hearts: Completed
  • Kingdom Hearts II: Completed
  • Kingdom Hearts : Chain of Memories: Completed
  • Chrono Trigger: Completed

Best and worst of Final FantasyEdit

Best Worst
Opening Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VI
Ending Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy VII
World Ivalice World of II
Story Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy V
Main Character Balthier Vaan
Supporting Character Montblanc Cait Sith
Boss Judge Gabranth Ultros
Villain Vayne Cloud of Darkness
Fighter Paine Vaan
Black Mage Lulu N/A
White Mage Rosa Yuna
Monk Tifa Zell
Thief Balthier Vaan
Dragoon Kimahri Mog
Blue Mage Kimahri Quina
Esper Anima and Mateus Remora and Palidor
Race Bangaa Seeq
Girl :p Lulu and Ashe Paine
Most Overrated Final Fantasy X-2
Least Overrated Final Fantasy III

$ Insert formula here $

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