Is the original blue mage!

Everything else...Edit

Dad! let me ride Shiva just once!


I are not one of them closet italians who can just go "*nod* Ciaaaaao" and make a dozen girls happy in their pants all at once.

Hecko X

Playing games on emulators it's just like having sex with condoms. It's still fun but not that fun


There is a huge elephant in our room called sex, but we can put it in a corner if you aren't ready

Dexter from Dexter

Tu vieja en raiz de 16!


My youtube account so if you want to see my favorite videos and shit...

IV-golbez sd
Name Pablo618 (Pablo Zenteno)
age 15
Where the hell did I come from Chile
Height 1.60mt aprox. (not really sure)
Job class Dragoon/White mage/Black mage/Summoner
Date of Birth 18/8/93
Weapon of choice Sword/my bloody hands
Skills Wasting hours playing video games, drawing
hair color brown
Laterality Both hands, baby (left ^_^)
Overdrive/Limit break Extreme swearing

Me and final fantasyEdit

well my first FF was FFVIII when I was between 7-9 I don't remember well... I felt kinda attracted by the gameplay but in no time I lost interest. My first OFFICIAL Final Fantasy (official means I played it seriously) was FFXII and I thought it was a good game (with some problems of gameplay) until I reach judge ghis (DAMN!!!!) and since that day I haven't made any progress but I play it some times to train my characters. Then FFX came to my life, a sign of the gods!!! at this point I am at the trials of zanarkand, every overdrive with tidus, almost every overdrive with kimarhi, main party normally of tidus, auron and lulu or if I need sphere lvls. I normally change lulu or tidus.

Actual Progress on FF'sEdit

  • FFI (GBA): Looking for da vampire fucker
  • FFII (GBA): I started playing and when I realized the system was so fucked up I stopped playing
  • FFIV (GBA): Final Dungeon, training
  • FFIV (DS): Killing super-bosses on the Lunar Subterrane (well... not SUPER-bosses...)
  • FFV (GBA): I have just gotten the airship
  • FFVI (GBA): Got the Blackjack a while ago
  • FFVII (PC): just got Red XIII
  • FFX: Final Dungeon
  • FFXII: Finished (Take that, bitches!!!) and hunting marks
  • FFXII:RW: Chapter 8, At the mission were you have to go trough the Giza plains and talk to guards (ANNOYING)
  • FFTA: Already 3 laws... Can't remember more...


Kiss me good bye by Angela Aki, A beautiful song but the video may contain spoilers Template loop detected: Template:Video

I mean this, wow.

Template loop detected: Template:Video


who you would sacrifice for your final aeon?

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who would win a trial between these two prosecutors?

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who has the biggest mouth?

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Templates over time...Edit

Everyone is doing this and I want to show the world my templates ^^

User leo




Gnoam RW

Bahamut FF1 Animado

Odin amano

Kain FFIV DS Render

FFT Moogle

Dissidia Jecht

Mini Basch


FFIV Protobabil ds


Guess what? One of them is bullshit!

  • two of my greatest dreams are to go to the supermarket dressed as Darth Vader and make and RPG whose Main villain is Freddy Mercury (I don't have a problem with him, in fact, I'm a huge fan of Queen)
  • I'm pretty shy and it's kinda difficult for me to talk to people of the oposite sex
  • I want to study drama
  • I'm too lazy
  • I hate cellphones, I barely use mine
  • I believe that the bass is far superior to the guitar, so, you may guess - I want to learn how to play it
  • I'm the older of 3 brothers
  • I'm very Christian - but - I'm open-minded too
  • I lead myself too much by my emotions (in a bad way...)
  • I have always wanted to visit: USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and many many other countries
  • I have serious sleeping issues
  • I think I'm bipolar
  • I love Law and Order SVU
  • I kept way too much things from my childhood




Pochika deserves it. period

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